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Research interests - aviation history

Aircraft Procurement and Operating Costs at British European Airways,

Accounting, Business and Financial History, Vol. 3, March 1993; 1-20.
The Changing Role of Government in British Civil Air Transport, 1919 to
Centre for Economic and Business History, 1949, in Robert Millward & John Singleton (eds), The Political Economy of
Nationalisation in Britain, 1920-1950, Cambridge UP, 1994; 65-87.
2013 Experiencing Turbulence: Deregulation and the international air transport
industry, 1930-1990, in James McConville (ed.), Transport Regulation
Matters, Pinter-Cassell, London, 1997; 154-74.
(With Hans-Liudger Dienel), co-editor, Flying the Flag: European
Peter Lyth

Commercial Air Transport since 1945, Macmillan, 1998.

BA , 1978, (UEA), Ph.D,1985, (UEA).
The Empires Airway: British Civil Aviation from 1919 to 1939, in Guy
Vanthemsche (ed.), Revue Belge de Philologie et d Histoire, Brussels, Vol.
economic and business historian 78, 2000; 865-87.
transport historian Deutsche Lufthansa and the German State, 1924-41, Terry Gourvish (ed.),
historian of tourism Business and Politics in Europe, 1900-1970, Cambridge UP, 2003; 246-66.
Think of her as your mother: airline advertising and the stewardess,
1930-1975, Journal of Transport History, Vol. 30, No.1, June 2009; 1-21

Research interests business and technology history Research interests tourism history

Gimme a ticket on an aeroplane: the jet engine and the

(With Helmuth Trischler), co- revolution in leisure air travel, 1960-75, Laurent Tissot (ed.),
Construction dune Industrie touristique aux 19 et 20 sicles.
editor, Wiring Prometheus: History: Perspectives internatinales, Editions Alphil, Neuchtel, 2003;
Technology and Globalisation, 111-22.
Aarhus University Press, 2004. Flying Visits: The Growth of British Air Package Tours, 1945-
(With Richard Coopey), co-editor, 1975, Luciano Segreto et al., (eds.), Europe at the Seaside: the
Business in Britain in the Twentieth Economic History of Mass Tourism in the Mediterranean,
Berghahn Books, New York & Oxford, 2009; 11-30.
Century, Oxford University Press,
Fast Forward: Speed, streamlining and national pride, 1912-

1952, in Ralf Roth & Karl Schlgel, (eds.), Neue Wege in ein
neues Europa: Geschichte und Verkehr im 20. Jahrhundert,
Campus Verlag, Frankfurt & New York, 2009.


Current research projects - 1. The British leisure industry Current research projects - 2. Robin Hood and the heritage
tourism industry
(With Richard Coopey), Pay & Play: The Business of Leisure in 20th
August 2006 University of Helsinki, Finland: 14 th International
Century Britain, Routledge, delivery in June 2014.

Economic History Congress, Selling history in an age of

Broad history of the leisure industry from 1890 to 2010 with a industrial decline: heritage tourism in Robin Hood county.
interdisciplinary focus, ie. business, social and cultural history, October 2007, Helmond, The Netherlands, 5th Annual TM
sociology, geography. Conference, Mobility History, Heritage and Design, Paper
9 chapters present a synthesis of the 3 central pillars of the 20 th entitled, Robin Hood on wheels: speed, tourism and the British
century leisure business: heritage industry
1. Sport and enterprise spectator (buy the kit), or participant Destination branding and the heritage industry: the case of
(endorphin economy)? Robin Hood and Nottingham(shire), paper to be delivered at
the York Management School workshop, Whose business is
2. Tourism Thos. Cook to the experience economy, Blackpool to heritage? 26th April 2013.
Benidorm, but also Baedeker to Rough Guide. Robin Hood, Nottingham and destination branding in an age
3. Pleasurable pastimes from stamp collecting to fishing to of industrial decline.
shopping to opera, home and away

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Current research projects - 3. Low cost airlines and Current research projects - 4. A new business history of
environmental impact. Thomas Cook?

Plane Crazy Brits : thoughts on the marketing of leisure flying Carry on up the Nile: the tourist gaze and the British
in an age of climate change, in Colin Divall, Julian Hine & Colin experience of Egypt, 1818-1932, in Martin Farr & Xavier
Pooley, (eds.), Embedding history in transport policy, Guegan (eds.), The British Abroad: Travellers & Tourists,
forthcoming, Ashgate, 2014. Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming, 2013.
Environmental concerns facing the airline industry, particularly Thomas Cook, archive may be moving from Peterborough to
short-haul LCAs. Nottingham?
Take the train.
Slow tourism - is it possible?

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