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Notice of refund

For enquiries, please contact: INCOME TAX

Inland Revenue
Private Bag
Telephone Commissioner of Inland Revenue
0800 227 774

IRD number
MR 109-492-426
Date issued

Any payments made after this date will

be on your next Statement of Account.



This is not an assessment objection rights do not apply.

Refund details

REFERENCE NUMBER 0000000 060158 00409439 0000

AMOUNT $23.98
IR 943A
March 2017

About this notice Interest

This notice shows information from your tax return and any For tax periods or years starting on or after 1 April 1997
adjustments we have made. It gives a summary of payments, If the credit balance in your account is more than $100,
refunds and any other transactions up to the date on this interest is added to your account daily until the credit is
notice. Your Statement of account has a more detailed list of refunded or used towards payment of other tax.
payments and other transactions.
See our booklet Penalties and interest (IR240) for more
information on interest.
If you disagree
If you think there is a mistake in this notice, please call us on For tax periods or years starting before 1 April 1997
the number shown on the front of this notice. Interest is credited to your tax account in certain
circumstances and is different for each revenue type.
If the heading on this notice is Notice of refund this is not an
assessment. You may dispute the Notice of assessment, Return If you would like more information please call us on the
acknowledgment or Personal tax summary sent to you earlier. number shown on the front of this notice.
These procedures are explained further below.
Provisional tax
Procedures for disputing an assessment If you pay provisional tax your Statement of account will show
If your return has been accepted with no changes made, this your instalments.
constitutes a self-assessment. The heading on this notice will
be Return acknowledgment if your return has been self- Tax audits
assessed. If you wish to dispute this assessment you must do so We may review your return for audit purposes at a later
by issuing us with a Notice of proposed adjustment (NOPA) date. See our booklet Inland Revenue audits (IR297) for
within four months of the self-assessment date on the front of more information. You can get a copy from our website at
this notice. or by phoning 0800 257 773.
If the details in your return have been amended by the
Commissioner, the notice will be called a Notice of assessment.
The four-month period for issuing the NOPA and disputing Go to our website for information and to use our services and
this assessment begins from the issue date of the notice. tools.
Note: if the dispute relates to a GST period that commenced Log in or register for myIR to manage your tax and
prior to 1 April 2005 you must issue your NOPA within two entitlements online.
months from the day after the due date for filing your GST Demonstrations learn about our services by watching
return for that period. short videos.
You cannot dispute any assessment or adjustment that you Get it done online complete forms and returns, make
have agreed to in writing, or that we consider you to have payments, give us feedback.
accepted because you didnt respond within the timeframe Work it out use our calculators, worksheets and tools, for
specified above, unless exceptional circumstances apply example, to check your tax code, find filing and payment
regarding lateness. dates, calculate your student loan repayment.
For further information on how to dispute an assessment, Forms and guides download our forms and guides.
please refer to our factsheet If you disagree with an assessment
(IR778). Forgotten your myIR user ID or password?
Request a reminder of your user ID or reset your password
Credit advice online. Youll need to know your IRD number and have access
to the email address we hold for you.
This notice shows the credit result of your assessment.
We have sent it for one of these reasons:
0800 self-service numbers
To let you know the amount to be direct credited to your
bank account (only if you chose this option). This service is available to callers seven days a week except
between 5am and 6am each day. Just make sure you have your
As a copy of your assessment, if we have already sent an
IRD number ready when you call.
original with a cheque.
For access to your account-specific information, youll need
to be enrolled with voice ID or have a PIN. Registering
for voiceID is easy and only takes a few minutes. Call
0800257843 to enrol.
Order publications and taxpacks 0800 257 773
Request a summary of earnings 0800 257 778
Request a personal tax summary 0800 257 444
Confirm a personal tax summary 0800 257 771
All other services 0800 257 777
When you call, just confirm what you want from the options
given. If you need to talk with us, well re-direct your call to
someone who can help you.