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1. What is the definition of Hepatitis?

A. Is a virus that caused infection in the liver

B. Hepatitis B is transmitted through food/water.
C. Hepatitis B is transmitted through casual contact such as hugging or shaking hands.
D. Hepatitis B is transmitted through kissing, sneezing or coughing.
2. What are the risk factors of Hepatitis B?
A. Those eating streets foods.
B. Using Unsterile syringes, needles & sexual intercourse with positive Hepa B.
C. Hugging with a client positive on Hepa B
D. Do not share needles, syringes and others contaminated with blood positive on Hepa B
3. What Diagnosis we can use?
A. Blood chem. Analysis
B. Ultrasound
C. X-ray
4. What is the route of transmission?
A. Sexual intercourse (positive Hepa B)
B. On a glass of water using by a positive Hepa B, but clean and wash
C. Through hugging and shaking hands
D. None of these
5. Is it true a client with Hepa B cant experience signs and symptoms? Answer YES OR NO

6. What can be prevented Measures we can educate?

A. Vaccination of all infants with Hepa B Vaccine.

B. Allowed multiple sex partners
C. Advise to eat non nutrious food
D. Limit Daily activities like walking, jogging & healthy exercise.

7. What is Tuberculosis?
A. Is an Infectious Disease caused by (MYCOBACTERIUM TBERCULOSIS) primarily affects the
B. 9th leading cause of death
C. Cant be cured
D. None of these
8. What are early signs and symptoms?
A. Fever/Weight Loss
B. Cough 2 days
C. Coughing of blood ( Hemoptysis)
D. ALL of the above
9. What is the mode of transfer?
A. Airborne & droplet
B. Sexual contact
C. Sharing utensils
D. All of the above
10. What diagnosis can we use?
A. Sputum Smear Microscopy
B. Ultrasound
C. Chemotherapy
D. ECG ( Electrocardiogram)
11. Is Tuberculosis can be treated? Yes or No

12. What preventive measure we can implement?

A. Health Education about proper Hand washing, Hygiene & nutrition.

B. Do not wear proper mask
C. Not proper using of mask
D. All of these
13. What is HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)?
A. this is the final stage of virus
B. this virus compromise the bodys ability to handle diseases & caused AIDS
C. this can be cured
D. None of these
14. What are risk factors?
A. Going to public toilets
B. Using a glass of Hi