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Document Number: HSS 19

Date of current issue: December 2015
Author: Julie Bryant
Date of first publication: December 2011

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Employers have a legal duty (Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations) to make arrangements
to ensure that their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at

Further to these requirements the University will extend its first-aid provision to its students and
visitors whilst ensuring that provision for its employees is not reduced below an adequate and
appropriate level.

Where a workplace is shared with employees of another employer (e.g. UWESU) mutually
supportive provision arrangements will be established.

[First-aid provision for those who are at work temporarily within the University but are not its
employees (e.g. contractors) remains the responsibility of their employers.]

The decision as to what is "adequate and appropriate" will be based upon an assessment of first-
aid need by the Health and Safety Manager.


First-aid provision in the workplace covers the arrangements that the University needs to
manage injuries or illness suffered at work that include:

Adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities for the rendering of first-aid to its
employees if they are injured or become ill at work;

Adequate and appropriate numbers of suitable persons for the rendering of this first-aid;

Information to employees of the first-aid arrangements to include the location of equipment,

facilities and personnel.


3.1. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires first-aid means:

3.1.1. in cases where a person will need help from a medical practitioner or nurse,
treatment for the purpose of preserving life and minimising the consequences of
injury and illness until such help is obtained, and

3.1.2. treatment of minor injuries which would otherwise receive no treatment or which do
not need treatment by a medical practitioner or nurse.

3.2. University First-aiders are those employees who have successfully undertaken First-aid
Work training in accordance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations and hold
certificates of qualification from a nationally recognised awarding body.

If an employee is qualified and has volunteered his/her service then, on the Health and
Safety Managers recommendation, he/she may be nominated a University first-aider.


The Health and Safety (First-aid) Regulations - Regulation 3: Duty of employer to make
provision for first-aid.

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5.1. Responsibility

Executive Deans and Directors of Professional Services will ensure:

5.1.1. Staff are informed at induction, and reminded periodically, of the arrangements for

5.1.2. One or more members of Faculty/Service staff are identified to the Health and Safety
Team to be responsible for the preparation and display of First-aid Notices at
Frenchay Campus, and the display of a prepared First-aid Notice at satellite sites
where appropriate.

5.1.3. Staff are identified to ensure that the contents of first-aid boxes are maintained up to

5.1.4. The Faculty/Service acknowledges that it does not have exclusive ownership of the
services of 'their' first-aider but regards his/her service as an invaluable University asset.
Accordingly the Faculty/Service will cooperate to ensure that the essential service the
first-aider has volunteered is to the University's maximum benefit.

5.1.5. First-aid provision is assessed and arrangements are in place where staff and
participants are involved with work activities and events that fall outside the
Universitys core obligation to provide first-aid for its staff at work (see Guidance
G044 Provision of First-aid outside of Core Activities).

The Health and Safety Team will:

5.1.6. Monitor and review the provision and distribution of first-aid provision commensurate
with its activities

5.1.7. Arrange first-aid training with a competent training provider (at training centres
recognised by a regulated awarding organisation or with a Voluntary Aid Society).
To include requalification and refresher training.

5.1.8. Ensure First-aiders receive payment in acknowledgement of the additional

responsibility and in recognition of the value the University attaches to their services.

5.1.9. Ensure the provision of first-aid materials, as required, to first-aiders, or others

appointed to maintain first-aid boxes.

5.1.10. Maintain a reference list of all First-aiders on the Health and Safety pages of the
University website under First aid.

5.1.11. Provide a template of a local First-aid Notice to enable consistent information and
recognition throughout the University.

5.1.12. Periodically (at least annually) notify relevant persons within Faculties/Services at
Frenchay Campus of changes to the reference list.

5.1.13. For satellite campuses (other than Frenchay Campus) provide for display a First-aid
Notice that lists the locations of first-aiders.

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6.1. First-aiders

6.1.1. Assessment

In deciding upon the provision of adequate and appropriate numbers of first-aiders relevant
factors need to be taken into account. These include the distribution of employees within the
University, the nature of the activities, the remoteness from emergency medical services, the
assessed risk of injury or harm, the hours of work etc. - not solely on numbers of employees.
Account will be taken of the absence of first-aiders in other than temporary and exceptional

The assessment of first-aider coverage (numbers and distribution) will be made by the Health
and Safety Manager in consultation as necessary with Executive Deans of Faculties and

6.1.2. Selection

Where an area is assessed to require further or replacement first-aiders, volunteers will be

sought with the assistance of Faculties and Professional Services. Suitable candidates for
training will be selected from these volunteers by the Health and Safety Team.

Taken into consideration must be the individual's reliability, disposition and communication
skills; their attitude and ability to absorb new knowledge and learn new skills; and their ability
to cope with stressful and physically demanding emergency procedures.

The most suitable candidates are likely to be members of the full time support staff who work
essentially in one place and are able to leave their work promptly without danger or
unacceptable disruption.

6.1.3. Emergency First-Aid at Work

So far as is reasonably practicable the Universitys provision of fully trained persons as first-
aiders will be adequate and appropriate. However there will be circumstances where a fully
trained person is assessed as not being necessary, e.g. where the injury risk is low and there
are few staff present.

It might then be decided that an Emergency First-aider with training in emergency skills is
the appropriate option. The Health and Safety Team will fund and train accordingly.

(NB: This role is not to be regarded as a substitute for a person with full First-Aid at Work

6.1.4. Special requirements

If the need for first-aid provision does not arise from the Universitys core obligation to
provide first-aid for its employees at work, then the arrangements and its funding will be the
responsibility of the Faculty or Professional Service concerned (see Guidance G044
Provision of First-aid outside of Core Activities).

6.1.5. Training

The Health and Safety Team will arrange First-aid at Work training with a competent training

Training of new first-aiders will be undertaken by individuals attending external courses

conducted at training centres recognised by a regulated awarding organisation or with a
Voluntary Aid Society.

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Training for the requalification of first-aiders, where there is a continuing need for their
service, will similarly be conducted by approved training providers.

In recognition of the anticipated infrequent use first-aiders will make of their skills during
the period of their qualification (3 years maximum) and to counter the inevitable skill

A requalification course will be offered in the last three months before expiry of the
certificate held.

First-aiders will be required to attend an Annual First-aider Refresher session. A

first-aid trainer will provide information, guidance and practice in the refreshing of

6.1.6. Records

First-Aiders should make a record of the treatment that they give and forward this to the
Health and Safety Team. A form (First-aid Treatment Record) is provided for this purpose.
This record is important for the monitoring and assessment of first-aid need and utilisation,
and is helpful for insurance and investigative purposes.

Note: It is not the First-aider's duty to act for an injured person in the recording of an accident
on an Accident Report, but the First-aider would normally remind the casualty of the
requirement for accidents to be reported and indicate the method of doing so. Neither should
the First-aider act in the place of management in the investigation of accidents, although their
assistance with information may be sought.

6.1.7. Remuneration

Nominated First-aiders will receive payment in acknowledgement of the additional

responsibility and in recognition of the value the University attaches to their services. This
annual payment will be paid monthly with salaries; the amount being reviewed periodically
by Human Resources.

Note: The First-aider's primary duty for which they have been trained is the treatment of injury
or sudden illness. It is not their duty to treat medical conditions or minor illnesses and indeed
they are advised not to do so. Although they are caring people it is an imposition to call on
them to help where the friend, colleague or tutor of someone suffering a minor condition is
equally able to give the help or sympathy the 'casualty' is seeking.

6.2. Equipment and Materials

6.2.1. First-aid boxes will be:

Of a suitable size and construction, securely fixed and appropriately marked (white
cross on a green background).

Sited, so far as is reasonably practicable, in clearly identifiable and readily accessible

but secure locations, convenient to all areas (especially those of higher risk), in a
clean environment and convenient to washing facilities. (At the entrance to a room
containing a first-aid box a sign may be displayed.)

Stocked with a sufficient quantity of suitable first-aid materials and nothing else. (A
list of the minimum contents to be affixed to the box).

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Regularly checked by a member of staff to ensure there are sufficient quantities of
materials in usable condition. (A notice naming the person responsible for
maintaining the contents to be affixed to the box.)

Individually supplied to each first-aider for carrying to the location to which they are
summoned. ('Grab-and-Go' bags)

Provided to be carried in each University vehicle.

6.2.2. First-aid materials will be:

Of a suitable quality and of a range and quantity in accordance with HSE guidance
as decided upon by the Health and Safety Team.

Supplied to first-aiders, or others appointed to maintain first-aid boxes, from a central

store managed by the Health and Safety Team.

6.3. First-aid Notices

The names and contact details of First-aiders will be displayed on a First-aid Notice in a
form that is consistent and easily recognisable throughout the University. An electronic
template and first-aid headed paper is provided by the Health and Safety Team and a
reference list of all First-aiders is maintained on the Health and Safety web pages under

Frenchay Campus:

8.3.1. The identified responsible person(s) within Faculties and Services will examine the
reference list of nominated First-aiders to identify at least seven first-aiders who are
most conveniently located to attend a casualty in the Faculty/ Professional Service's
workplaces. (The reference list must not be displayed as a notice).

8.3.2. The names and contact details of these First-aiders are to be inserted onto the current
approved First-aid Notice and printed on first-aid headed paper.

8.3.3. As necessary prepare notices listing different first-aiders for different locations where a
Faculty/Professional Service's workplaces are widespread or dispersed.

8.3.4. Decide on suitable display locations for the notices that are convenient for staff

8.3.5. Inform staff of the notice locations and the associated arrangements.

8.3.6. Revise the notices at least annually or earlier if there are significant changes or a
periodic notification from the Health and Safety Team shows it to be necessary
(ensuring that any out-of-date notices are removed).

8.3.7. On the occasion of revisions randomise the listings so far as possible to ensure a fair
sharing of First-aider call-out.

Satellite sites:

8.3.8. For those campuses other than Frenchay Campus a completed First-aid Notice will be
provided by the Health and Safety Team to key contacts at that campus to arrange its
display at suitable locations. The First-aid Notice will list all First-aiders at that campus.

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7.1. The Health and Safety Team will monitor and review the provision and distribution of first-
aid commensurate with the Universitys activities.

7.2. The maintaining of up-to-date First-aider Notices by Faculties and Professional Services will
be monitored through the Universitys Health and Safety Audit Programme.


This Health and Safety Standard will be reviewed biennially in line with the Universitys Health
and Safety Policy.

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