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Manual User

Digital Thermostat W1215

Module temperature control W1215 is used to control the switching on and off external devices
connected to the contactor relay output. The temperature range in which the sensor can operate
attached to the kit is in the range -20C to 100C. Module W1215 has two LED displays 3-digit.
Red indicates the upper display the actual temperature in which the temperature sensor or the
programming mode, the type of mode selected. The second lower display green shows the
temperature setting is used to enable or disable the output relay or in the programming mode
parameter programming.

Technical parameters:

power supply 12V DC voltage

range of measured temperature -20*C to 100*C
NTC sensor used B3435 10K / 25 C +/- 1%
output voltage up to 250VAC
load current up to 6A
adjustable hysteresis 0.1C to 20C
dimensions: 48mm x 42mm x 14mm

Terminals description:

VCC power supply module 12V

K0 and K1 connector relay
White Molex connector - temperature sensor input
Set the temperature switch

After properly connecting the sensor and power supply to the system on the upper display shows the
current ambient temperature sensor. The lower display shows the temperature setting to enable or
disable the relay. Error sensor is indicated by three dashes on the upper display. To regulate the + or
- with a jump of 0.1 * C. Short switching the SET button changes the range of the temperature set at
20 * C. Starting from -20 * C and subsequent short press the SET button jump -20C 0C 20C
40C 60C to 80C 100C

Programming mode

Entry into the programming mode is obtained by pressing the SET button about 6 seconds. The
programming mode allows you to adjust the following parameters:

Parameter setting Description Set range Factory setting

P0 refrigeration / heating C/H C

P1 return difference setting 0.1C ~ 20C 2
P2 temperature correction -10C ~ 10C 0
P3 set running time 0-240 min. OFF
P4 delay start time 0-240 min. OFF
P5 Data lock OFF / ON OFF

Set program mode by short press the SET button. Programming mode goes from P0 to P5 and then
returns to P0. Change parameters by pushing + or -. Saving parameters automatically after
approximately 10 seconds, then module automatically exits to standard temperature display.
Examples of connecting the module