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labview Project


By: Soleiman Sabra(72214)
Haydar Jaber(75399)
The component of the elevator

To make this program we have inputs

and outputs.
This can be found from the font
diagram by detect and choose the
numeric control as an input and click on it
then rename its name by weight ,also we
choose a text indicator and select the
string indicator to represent over weight
when the number of the weight exceeds
1000kg.a stop bottom used here in order
to execute my program whatever I want
and to stop it.
Now the elevator is consist of an
vertical graduated bar ,and a horizontal
graduated bar to open and close the door
and sure we use a numeric indicator both
digital and the analog one to represent in
which floor we are.
As we see in the font diagram there is
still 3 components we didnt state them.
these component which are floor 1,floor 2
and ground are mentioned automatically
from the event structure on the block

How our program works

First of all we put a while loop for the

whole program to keep our simulation on.
in this while loop we make an event
structure consist of three inputs as I
choose and we control it bye press one ,2
and ground from the font a
way if we want our program going to floor
one we put floor 1 and so on.
This event structure contains six
sequential structure in it, each one
responsible for doing its own job.
This sequential structure works as
follows :when the first one stop its order
second one start and etc
Here in my program the first one is
responsible for the over weight ,we put a
case structure in it and we compare
between my suppose weight and my max
weight indicated(1000).
First case if my weight<1000 so it is
false case and nothing indicated in the
string box so the (stop) get false and our
program get to the second one .if my
weight >1000 so we are in the true case
and it is indicated in the string text over
weight and beep starts on.
Now we get to the second one that
responsible for closing the door . We put a
while loop , if i#10 our program continue
working to reach the 10, because when
i=10 and i is 10 thats mean it is true and
this while loop stops if true. And in this
way we close the door ,so I is the number
of the graduated door that is scaled from
0 to 10. and we put a time delay in this
loop between each iteration.
We get into the third one it is
responsible for the time delay to start our
elevator moves in the next step.
In the fourth sequential one the
elevator starts moving up or down
according to what I press on the
button.and we put a while loop and case
structure in it and compare it ,if false get
down or up according in which event we
are also for the true the same .
The fifth sequence is responsible for
when we reach our target in the fourth
one then we have a time delay in the fifth
sequence .
After that we reach the sixth sequence
and start opening the door when we reach
the target floor .it consist of a while loop
that start to decrease from 10 to reach 0
and the door in this case will open totally.
This situation it will be done 3 times
,for ground ,1st floor and for the second