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We learn through controversy.

Nothing grasp our attention and sharpens our minds

more than controversy. Many leaders became such by participating in debates and
public forums. Here are some controversial issues to choose from.

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1. There is more intellect than emotion in our way of life.
2. To be eligible for college, a student should have done twelve months social
service in reforestation, road building, soil conservation, health or literacy
3. It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor
diligently for the uplift of the mass.
4. In the contest of global interdependence, security and sovereignty must be re-
5. A uniform civil code both secular and non-sexiest, is necessary (equal rights in
marriage and inheritance, legal protection from divorce, women, guarantee of
adequate maintenance, abolition of the concept of illegitimacy with the duty to
look after such children equally vested in the father )
6. Capital punishment is unjust and degrading.
7. A presidential form of government would be better than the current
parliamentary system.
8. In todays world a culture of death is gaining supremacy over a culture of
9. Hospital employs should have the right to strike.
10.The image of the human person affirmed by the electronic media is
incompatible with Indian values.
11. The development of a sound educational and heath system insures the nations
security more than military strength.
12.The effects of economic reforms are trickling down.
13.TV and films influence children more than parents.
14.Women make better politicians than men.
15.Money is the biggest motivator of people at the workplace.
16.Anyone who watches five days of cricket should be declared brain death.
17.The private life of the politicians is no concern of the public.
18.Arranged marriages are better than love marriage.
19.Job security is the biggest motivator than money.
20.Our problem is not overpopulation but under-population.'
21.We have a democratic system but not democratic values.
22.Women are underpaid, undervalued and underutilized.
23.Cable TV has done more damage than good.
24.GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) is more important in judging the well-being
of a country than GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
25.We must trust our neighbouring countries in some way to have peace in the
26.The middle class in India is becoming selfish, socially callous and obsessed
with material gain.
27.The Mandal Commission and Kargil distracted the country from the real issue:
poverty, illiteracy, disease, exploitation.
28.Communication : the sharing of ideas or feelings.
29.Movies penetrate the deepest corners of ones soul.
30.Good economics is good politics.
31.The war against child labour be being lost.
32.If at 20 you are not Socialist, you do not have a heart; if at 30, you are still a
Socialist, you do not have a mind.
33.Human history becomes more and more a race between education and
34.You get more news from the radio than from TV.
35.We are as sick as we are secret.
36.Development programs hardly ever benefit the poor.
37.The world is getting more (ethical) every year.
38.Being unwanted is the most terrible of diseases.
39.The treatment of women is steadily improving.
40.Women have no rights to have an abortion.
41.The new economic policy is helping the poor.
42.Women make better teachers than men.
43.The test of democracy is its protection of minority rights.
44.Cloning is immortal and dangerous.
45.Charge-sheeted politicians should resign.
46.Reservation of seats in Parliament is neither desirable nor helpful to women.
47.Class size in primary and secondary school should not exceed 30 students.
48.Youths fascination with music, dance, computers and computer games is
lowering the level of Indian sports performance.
49.Football is a better game than cricket for Indian youth.
50.Corruption, the abuse of public power for private gain, cannot be eradicated.
51.Casteism is racism.
52.A democracy without effective citizenry for large sections of the political
community is democracy only for the few.
53.Under Indian conditions coalition governments are neither effective nor long
54.Majorityism is just another word for mobocracy.
55.Ineffective communication is the fault of the communicator.
56.There are no bad children, only bad parents.
57.Money is more important than love.
58.Elections are not the best test of democracy.
59.Despite legal enactments, discrimination against Dalits is as strong as ever.
60.Employment creation should be the chief aim of our planning.
61.Casteism and corruption goes together.
62.The gifts people hold in common are more significant than those by which they
63.Friends are the most important thing in life.
64.Communication skills, computer familiarity and personal initiative are the three
greatest needs of young people.
65.Job flexibility and job security cannot co-exist.
66.A person cannot be whole while most of the world is broken.
67.Voters should be given the choice None of the above
68.Advertising creates artificial needs.
69.Which is more important money or love ?
70.The Babri Mazid affair distracted the country from the real issue: poverty,
malnutrition and unemployment.
71.The media offer a deformed outlook on like.
72.It is impossible to eradicate violence in the country.
73.Development that sustains the present inequalities is undesirable.
74.Why eastern India is falling behind western India ?
75.The public sector has proved a great failure.
76.The elimination of global poverty is the greatest moral challenge facing the
work today.
77.Unless untouchability and discrimination against women are eliminated, we
cannot be true democracy.
78.Crickets is being favored to the detriment of hockey, which is the game of
poorer youth.
79.To much money and too much attention is being given to Cricketers.
80.The continuing introduction of new technologies and new media adds little to
the quality of education.
81.The digital divide is a secondary problem in the educational needs of the
developing countries.
82.The only war worth fighting is the war on poverty.
83.Boys are higher achiever than girls.
84.What is the purpose of life Getting and Spending or Loving and serving ?
85.Social networking technologies will bring about great changes in educational
methods, in and out of the classroom.