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Joshua Roat

10 Hickory Ln
Chester Springs, PA 19425
Mobile: 610-592-6635
Drexel University Philadelphia, PA Expected Graduation: June 2017
Bachelors of Science Mechanical Engineering UG GPA: 3.35
A.J. Drexel Scholarship: 2012-207
II-VI Scholarship: 2015 and 2016
Masters of Science Mechanical Engineering Grad GPA: 3.33
Concentrations: Advanced Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Convective
Heat Transfer, and Applied Analytical Modeling
Rhur University Bochum Germany April - June 2015
- Study Abroad opportunity while taking 16 credits
- Improved the efficiency for packed columns to be used during distillation processes
Work Experience:
Teledyne Energy Systems Sparks, MD March Sept. 2016
Project Engineering Co-op
- Designed, built, and tested custom lithium ion batteries
- Operated the facilities 3D printer in order to manufacture fixtures and inspection jigs
- Experimented with battery seal materials reduce package size and improve battery quality
- Developed and integrated a new SolidWorks based documentation system
- Granted Security Clearance
Coin Cell Development
- Designed and implemented a coin cell production line that is currently being used to produced
hundreds of batteries
- Established schedules for electrode to case spot welds
o Utilized Decision-Matrixs and Pugh Concept Selection to fine tune schedule
o Perfumed pull/peel test to check weld quality
o Microscopically examined nugget size, depth, and amount of material expulsion
- Designed, manufactured, and tested figures to weld, fold, stack, and fill electrodes
- Generated production manuals for technicians, build books, and process documentation
Max Levy Autograph Philadelphia, PA Sept. 2014 March 2015
Lab Technician/Engineering Co-op
- Utilized screen printing techniques to produce 3D semi-conductors
- Created optical calibration targets, microneedles, and photolith masters using photolithography
and other MEMS manufacturing techniques
- Created and tested new ceramic based materials to be used during the semi-conductor
manufacturing processes
- Designed and contrasted electroplating tank
Elliptic Screen Printing Fixture
- Utilized existing screen printing hardware to print onto an elliptic parabolic (potato chip) shaped
ceramic tiles
- Develop a screen that can bend into a saddle shape
- Utilized existing photolith hardware to pattern screens, which would normally be subcontracted
- Fixture is currently being used to fulfill a half million dollar contract and can accurately print
within a 1 Mil tolerance
Allen Sherman and Hoff Exton, PA Sept. 2013 March 2014
Mechanical Co-op
- Collaborated with mechanical and structural engineers to design fly ash waste systems and
integrate new equipment with pre-existing structures
- Created, edited, and released system and pipe support drawings
- Contacted equipment vendors such as Ametek, Foxboro, and Siemens to obtain equipment lists
for sensors ranging from $100 to $10,000.
- Generated spreadsheets for equipment specifications and data logs to assist ASH and plant
- Programming Experience:
- SolidWorks - C Programming - Adobe Suite
- AutoCAD / Inventor - Code Compressing - Meridian
- Creo Parametric Studio - ArcGIS
- Solid Edge - G-Code
- Matlab - Microsoft Suite
- Senior Design:
- NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge Huntsville, AL Sept. 2016
March 2017
- Team Leader
- Organized and directed a team of five students to design and construct a human powered Mars
rover within 6 months
- Presented critical design reviews, found sponsorships, manufactured all components, and was
the only Drexel team to compete at the NASA completion in Huntsville, AL
- Presented with the crash and burn award by NASA officials
o Only non-club team present at competition
o We were the smallest team, had the quickest build schedule, and smallest budget of all
teams present at the NASA competition
- Additional:
- ASME Member: 2012 Present - Drexel Formula SAE Racing: 2013 and
- CDC Autocross Club: April Sept. 2016 2014
- Drexel University Ski Club: 2012 - Restoration of a 1974 Triumph: 2007
Present 2014
- Eagle Scout Award: Nov. 2011