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1. It is the last Friday in October, everybody in Appleton is excited for the derby of an
American football game between the Ferocious Ferrets of Fillmore High School and the
Chargers of Merrimac High School also known as the Big Game.
2. Newton Newman (Newt) is a short, skinny, freckled 10-year-old boy. He has a big brother,
Chris Newman (Chris), who is a local football star, who plays for the Ferocious Ferrets after
an electrifying debut two years back.
3. Newt is preparing breakfast for his family when he comes across an article of his brother in
the Sports section of the local newspaper.
4. At first, Newt is eager to show the article to Dad but he is held down when the phone
rings. His father is a supervisor for a construction company.
5. On the other hand, Mom is also busy receiving a call from their neighbour.
6. Newt gets frustrated as both of his parents are too busy that they have not touched their
7. To make himself feel useful, Newt goes upstairs to woke his brother up. He shouts Hit the
8. Annoyed with Newts bellow, Chris throws a pillow at him but ends up hitting the floor


1. Appleton Elementary is packed with different kinds of kids and actions.

2. At times, he tries to be friendly and greets his classmates but often, they just stare back
fiercely and ignore him.
3. Before the classes start, Newt finds a quiet place for him to settle down.
4. He takes out one of his Secret Superhero Sketchbooks and starts playing with his
5. Newt has never shown his sketching of the superhero characters to anyone else except to
his two best friends, Cecil and JJ, who have utmost admiration towards Newts creativity.
6. Cecil alerts them of the coming Halloween and suggests that they celebrate it as usual.
7. Talking about celebrating Halloween, the three of them are bored with their own costumes
as they have been wearing the same outfits for years.

8. Eventually, Cecil suggests that each of them needs to come out with
an outstanding Halloween costume based on their inner other that will catch
everybodys attention.


1. During social studies class, Newt is still searching for an idea for his Halloween costume.
2. He imagines himself as Zeus, the god of lightning according to the Greek myth, but soon
realises that he does not fit in the descriptions shown by his subject teacher.
3. Not giving up, he raises his hand asking Mrs. Young what the American pioneers wore
when they built the country.
4. He tries to get inspiration from the characters he has created in his Superhero Sketchbook.
5. The school ends early so the students and locals can watch the Big Game Pep Parade on the
6. Newton is ecstatic to attend his brothers last game of the season.
7. It is time for the Big Game as his parents are getting ready for it and with heavy heart, Newt
has to put aside his coming Halloween celebration and shift his focus on the final game.


1. Newt stops thinking about Halloween when he recalls the moment Chris mentions Reggie
Ratner, an opponent from Merrimac High, who has always been holding grudges against
his brother.
2. Newt, who is now away from his bleacher, is shown his way out after he fails to present
his seat ticket to the person in charge.
3. When the final quarter starts, both teams are level and unfortunately, Newt is forced to
watch the game from outside the wire fence surrounding Fillmore Field.
4. He can see that the Home team, especially his brother, is playing their hearts out until
the game reaches its last 45 seconds the Away team is leading by two points.
5. Without giving up, the Big Game is getting more intense during the last seven seconds.
6. The Ferrets show high determination and Chris manages to get a last minute touchdown.
7. The crowd falls silent when all the players get up except for Chris


1. Chris is unconscious as the result of the winning touchdown.

2. The whole ground is in complete silence when Chris is being attended and brought to the
3. Chris test results come out and fortunately he is not suffering from any broken parts, he is
in a coma.
4. Newt wants to visit Chris at the hospital but his dad does not allow him.
5. The next day, Newt answers various callers trying to get some news about Chris.
6. Cecil and JJ drop by at Newts house to cheer him up.
7. The local community is talking about the touchdown incident and starts calling it the Big
8. Cecil also tells Newt that some of the Ferrets get some revenge on Reggie, the Chargers
defensive back who is accused of causing Chris to get into his coma.
9. Speechless, Newt tries to avoid Halloween by saying that he has lots of chores to settle.

10. Both Cecil and JJ are not convinced and they decide to meet the next day at 6.00 p.m for


1. Newt is frantically searching for idea as he is running out of time to come out with his
Halloween costume and falls asleep soon after.
2. By noon, Newt is still clueless about his costume and he decides not to celebrate
3. He then falls asleep when sketching his latest fantasy superhero character.
4. Mom is already home when Newt wakes up.
5. After peeping at Mom holding his brothers sweatshirt, Newt asks if there is anything he
can do to cheer her up.
6. But Newt is told that he could do nothing for the moment.
7. Taken aback by Moms words, he decides to prove that he is useful in such stressful
8. Just before he can cheer Mom up by wearing his brothers old clothes.
9. In the meantime, Cecil and JJ arrive at Newts doorstep.
10. Cecil disguises himself as the famous musician, Mozart whereas JJ is dressed up as
Splendida, a fictional character from her favourite book.
11. Lastly, the big and important question pops out, What is Newton Newman going to be for


1. Newt is out of words when is asked to explain about his outfit as he is wearing his brothers
pieces of clothing.
2. JJ asks Newt if there is something wrong with his brother.
3. Newt replies that his brother is doing fine.
4. He does not want to let his best friends down so he insists that both of them should
continue celebrating Halloween without him.
5. Newt finally confesses that he does not have a costume for himself and he immediately
explains everything that he did in search for a suitable costume before Cecil and JJ can
respond to the confession.
6. After a long silence, Cecil and JJ decide to transform Newts outfit on the spot.
7. Both of them alter the pieces of clothing that Newt is wearing and eventually they manage
to produce an outstanding costume.
8. They reach the ultimate transformation when JJ cuts two small holes on the sweatband
that Newt is wearing o his forehead and change it into a mask.
9. The mask makes Newt feels protected.
10. The three of them feel ecstatic as they finally manage to celebrate the Halloween together.


1. When they arrive at the first stop, the lady and her husband living in the house
are rejoiced when they look at Cecil, JJ and Newt.
2. The lady has perfectly guessed Cecils and JJs Halloween costumes.

3. Then, the couple turns their attention to Newt, who is still searching for an identity of his
own as he has not named his alter ego yet.
4. The ladys husband notices C.N. on the middle of Newts forehead and he directly asks
them about those initials.
5. C.N is actually Chriss initials on the sleeve of his brothers old T-shirt.
6. Surprised by the question, Newton is tongue-tied at first while both Cecil and JJ are quick
enough to suggest Captain Nuclear.
7. Eventually, Newt manages to overcome his own fear and he reveals himself as Captain
Nobody, C.N.


1. After they leave the first house, Cecil and JJ really like the idea of Captain Nobody
2. On that night, people show great interest in the three of them.
3. The attention that they get has been joyful especially for Newton.
4. He feels more confident being Captain Nobody than being Newton Newman.
5. Cecil and JJ are also aware of Newts change of attitude when they are counting on their
trick-or-treat collection under the street lights.
6. When Newt arrives at his house, his mother has already hit the sack.
7. He is a little bit disappointed because he wants to show his Halloween costume to her.
8. Just before he falls asleep, Newt reassures himself by saying that he is not supposed to be
anybody, he is Captain Nobody.


1. Newt is surprised to see the newspaper is filled with news of his brother.
2. Newt, who has always been positive about his brother, cannot stop ruling out the worst
outcome of his brothers condition and he feels uneasy about it.
3. Then, he quickly realises that he needs to get ready for school.
4. He tries to look for his school outfit but his mother forgets to dry his clothes.
5. So he goes to school wearing Captain Nobodys costume.
6. There are mixed reactions from his classmates; some make fun of him wearing the outfit
but Cecil and JJ show support for his wild wardrobe choice.
7. Actually Newt feels good in the outfit.
8. Mrs. Young successfully manages the situation in the class from going haywire as all eyes
are set on Captain Nobody and a few kids start mocking him.
9. In the Principals office, a discussion is going on between Principal Toomey and Mrs. Young
while Captain Nobody waits outside.
10. On a serious note, Mrs. Young jumps into a conclusion that Newt is having a hard
time coping with his brothers latest condition and she reports that Newt insists of being
called Captain Nobody.
11. After that, a more heated discussion is going on after the school counsellor and nurse join
in and later on, the principal tells Newt that Captain Nobody is welcomed in the school.
12. During lunch break, Cecil and JJ insist of becoming Captain Nobodys sidekicks.
13. Cecil gives Newt a walkie-talkie for them to call him if they see danger.


1. Newt runs home after he realises that his parents still do not know about Captain Nobody
and he does not want to get weird reaction from them.
2. As he is running, Cecil summons for Captain Nobody.
3. Although feeling reluctant, Newt decides to respond to the call and meet Cecil at the
corner of Wareen and Kander streets.
4. Cecil leads their way, together with a wagon, passing by Dumpsters.
5. There is a big bass drum which has been thrown away, sitting on the of the Dumpster that
catches Cecils attention.
6. Feeling determined to own the drum, Cecil is feeling hopeful that Captain Nobody
will lend his hands to get it down from the top of the Dumpster.
7. Newt is afraid of heights. So, he suggests Cecil to be the one who should climb the
8. Newt changes his mind as he knows that it is Cecils dream to own the bass drum.
9. Captain Nobody climbs on and carefully passes the drum to his sidekick, Cecil who is
waiting with open arms on the ground.
10. As Captain Nobody is about to settle down, he screams his lungs out when a hand
suddenly comes out from the pile of cardboard boxes and grabs him by his ankle.


1. Cecil shouts at the old man who is holding Captain Nobodys ankle and the old man quickly
releases his hand off.
2. Captain Nobody recognises the familiar face of the old man, Mr. Clay, who used to be
a locksmith, because his mother has used some of his services when she was in trouble.
3. Cecil tries to warn Captain Nobody that the old man might be dangerous to them.
4. Captain Nobody claims that the old man is not harmful to them, it is just that he is
suffering from a disease, Alzheimer.
5. Mr. Clay drops his empty plastic medicine bottle into Captain Nobodys hand which
immediately explains the old mans situation.
6. After introducing himself as Captain Nobody, he and Cecil walk Mr. Clay home.
7. Captain Nobody knows where the old man lives as he always parks his cherry red van in
front of his house.
8. Mrs. Clay is relieved when she sees her husband standing at the front door of their house.
9. Mr. Clay explains that he is rescued by Captain Nobody.


1. Newt heads home and gets excited when he sees his fathers car in the driveway.
2. In the kitchen, Dad meets Captain Nobody for the first time.
3. Dad apologises to Newt for neglecting him. He tells him that he has received several calls
from the school.
4. Dad feels relieved after Newt manages to assure him that he is still being himself and his
alter ago is just some sort of confidence booster.
5. Dad even takes a photo of Captain Nobody and sends it to Mom.
6. As Newt is about to sleep, Dad tells him that Mom is having a good laugh about Captain
Nobody and she starts showing the image to everybody in the hospital.
7. Dad explains about the hospital has to run tests and procedures on Chris.


1. The next morning, nobody is making fun at Newt disguising as Captain Nobody and even
Mrs. Young addresses him as Captain Nobody.
2. Later on, after Cecil explains to JJ how to operate her walkie-talkie, the three of them
decide to test their new mode of alternative communication.
3. As Newt is about to respond on the walkie-talkie, a football hit at the back of his head.
4. It comes from the students in the seventh grade and one particular kid named Ricky Ratner
approaches Newt in a non-friendly manner.
5. Ricky, who happens to be Reggies cousin, wants Newt to tell the Fillmore players to stop
harassing Reggie as Reggie is not the culprit of the Big Tackle that leads to Chriss critical
6. Things are about to get uglier during the heated conversation between Ricky and Newt
when suddenly all of the fourth graders stand up for Newt, Cecil and JJ.
7. Cecil makes a point that the vibes coming from Captain Nobody make everyone in the
fourth grade becomes more courageous.
10. JJ calls for Captain Nobodys help through the walkie-talkie to go to the Sullivans Jewelry


1. JJ cannot get herself over with the spelling and grammar mistakes found on the cardboard
signs in the jewelry store.
2. She has tried talking to the Sullivan but she is ignored by the couple.
3. JJ insists that Captain Nobody can make a difference if he goes in and talk to the owners.
4. Captain Nobody steps into the store where he can clearly see Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan at the
far end with their only customer.
5. Captain Nobody wants to leave the store but he can sense that the couple insist that he
should stay.
6. Captain Nobody cannot believe his eyes as he stares at the customers sweatshirt because
he is holding a gun inside of the pocket.
7. Mr. Sullivan manages to sound the alarm in the store.
8. Before the robber flees the scene, he threatens Captain Nobody not to report the incident
to the authority or something bad will happen to him.


1. Although terrified with the incident, he is able to sense something is not going well after
hearing Moms response.
2. Newt helps himself in the kitchen and watches the television.
3. To his surprise, the news is reporting on the robbery in the Sullivans Jewelry Store.
4. He is quite annoyed with the news report as Captain Nobody is referred as the little guy,
a midget and even as a leprechaun.
5. JJ phones Newt to talk about the news report and he reminds JJ not to spread a word
about the incident.
6. That night, Newt to talk about the news report and he reminds JJ not to spread a word
about the incident.

7. That night, Newt is having dinner with Mom and both of them seem to have secrets that
they do not wish to reveal to one another.
8. The next morning, he comes to a huge relief after hearing the first news because the robber
has been arrested.
9. The second news, however, is not that promising. He finds a crumpled paper in the trash
10. He is now aware that Chris will be in more serious trouble if he does not wake up after 6


1. Darryl and Colby are on a special tour to show supports to Chris Newman after the Big
Tackle incident by bringing along the team ambassador, Ferocious the Ferret.
2. A lucky student will get the chance to bring Ferocious home for one day.
3. Newt gets to babysit the animal and he is unhappy about it since he has a plan to visit his
brother after school.
4. As the three of them are walking home, Ricky Ratner and six of his friends are blocking
their way.
5. Ricky notices the ferret and he signals his friends to scramble the animals cage.
6. Suddenly, the cage door opens and Ferocious jumps out and gets away.
7. Captain Nobody, Cecil and JJ chase the animal off until they reach the highway.
8. Captain Nobody needs to come at the rescue for once again and this time, he dodges the
incoming traffic light just to get Ferocious back.
9. Being overwhelmed by the dangerous situation, Captain Nobody
waves frantically, hoping for the vehicles to stop.
10. As soon as the traffic stops, just about in the nick of time, a small aeroplane carrying
passengers makes an emergency landing on the highway!
11. Everybody who is at the scene cannot believe their own eyes and when the word seems to
stop for a moment, Ferocious sits on Captain Nobodys ankle and he scoops the ferret up


1. At Newts house, the news about the aeroplane landing has become a sensation.
2. Every person who is interviewed in the news gives their thoughts about the incident, also
mentioning what Captain Nobody has done in stopping the busy traffic.
3. Captain Nobody, on the other hand, feels that he should revert himself by becoming
Newton Newman after what he has been through.
4. Newt also informs that his days as Captain Nobody are already over.


1. The next morning starts off with Newt having breakfast with Mom.
2. Newt mentions that he knows about Chris only has 6 days to wake up and he suprises Mom
by announcing that he is going to visit Chris later on that day.
3. Although he pledges that he will not be wearing the costume again, he stuffs the outfit
into his backpack and heads for school.

4. He realises that he feels so lonely and ignored after returning to school as Newton
5. When Newt is heading for his lunch break, he notices a lot of teachers rushing into the
faculty lounge and gather around the television.
6. There is news on the television reporting about Reggie Ratner wants to jump off the
Appleton water tower after feeling depressed since the Big Tackle incident.
7. Newt is in dilemma as he claims that he is the only one who knows the truth about the Big
Tackle incident.


1. As JJ trying to lift Captain Nobody to get a good trip on the second rung of the ladder, a
policeman approaches them.
2. Although the water tower supportive structures, but the ladder is not as strong as it used to
3. Cecil tries to distract a policeman who is at the scene.
4. Captain Nobody manages to slither his way to reach Reggie Ratner as he knows Reggie
needs his help.
5. On top of the tower, they both talk to each other about the Big Game and the series of event
that has been happening after the incident.
6. Captain Nobody learns that Reggie climbs the tower to vandalise the water tank.
7. The truth is actually Reggies left foot is stuck and he needs Captain Nobody to untie his
shoelace of which Captain Nobody manages to help Reggie and it is broadcasted through
the news channels in the country.
8. Then, when they reach at a critical point, Reggie becomes unconvinced since Captain
Nobody needs to climb the ladder down first.
9. As Captain Nobody is counting every step down, he is surprised to see Reggie is also getting
his hands on the ladder.
10. Trying to find his balance with his feet dangling on air, Captain Nobody loses his grip and
falls down.


1. Captain Nobody feels time is passing by rapidly and fortunately, a huge, inflated rubber
mattress catches him from hitting the hard ground.
2. Captain Nobody is about to celebrate his safe touch on the ground when he suddenly sees
a massive figure falling to his landing spot.
3. Captain Nobody passes out as the result of the impact of the huge Reggie Ratner.


1. Newt does not realise that he is in the hospital until Mom explains that he suffers from a
broken ankle and ribs.
2. From his bed, he sees Cecil on the television responding to the media on behalf of Captain

3. Captain Nobody is the hero behind Mr. Clays losing his way home, the robbery at the
Sullivans and the traffic which stopped on the Westside Highway.
4. Mom and Dad begins to know what had really happened after Captain Nobody passes out
and they cannot stop worrying about him since the live broadcast appears on the television.
5. Suddenly, Reggie shows up and visits Newt with a lot of reporters waiting eagerly behind
the sliding door of the recovery room.
6. Watching at his parents feeling a bit bitter towards Reggie, Newt begins to reveal that it
was actually Darryl Peeps who knocks Chris out during the Big Tackle.
7. From the recovery room, Newt is transferred into the same room where his brother has
been lying motionlessly.
8. Although finally he has the chance to meet his brother in the hospital, he feels useless as he
cannot help his brother to wake up. He wishes to tell his brother about Captain Nobody.
9. While he is thinking to himself, Newt lets out a scream, HIT THE SHOWERS! without
realising it.
10. Chris wakes up upon hearing this.


1. It seems the happiest celebration in the hospital the moment Chris wakes up from his
2. Newt, too, is getting the attention that he has never experienced before.
3. Chris goes to attend a local television morning show.
4. The hostess and Chris talk excitedly about what had happened and at the end of the show,
Chris shocks everyone who is watching.
5. Chris insists that the victory parade should be led by the real hero, Captain Nobody,
instead of the winner of the Big Game.


1. The parade is one of the memorable moments for Appleton because for the first time, the
Fillmore High School band is joined by Merrimacs marching band.
2. Ferocious sits on Newts lap while he leads the parade.
3. Darryl Peeps is not blamed for the Big Tackle and even Reggie gets backs his peaceful life.
4. Cecil even performs a drum solo at the City Hall.
5. To reward their special contributions to the society, Newt, Cecil and JJ receive a token of
appreciation from the Sullivan couple, the pilot and passengers of the small aeroplane
and MR. Clay the locksmith respectively.
4. When they reach home, the normal routines get back on track, with Mom asking Newt
where she has misplaced most of her belongings and Dad gets himself busy with his
phone and beeper.
5. But, it is not the same story for Newton Newman since all the exposure that he has after
becoming Captain Nobody.
6. Newt is now as popular as his brother, Chris, and event at one point, Chris tells Newt about
a weird incident during the parade.
7. A little old lady from outside town claims that she did know that Newton Newman has an
older brother and that has made Newt laugh heartily.



A 10-year-old, fourth grader at Appleton Elementary
Short, skinny, freckled,quiet
Lives in the shadow of elder brother, Chris Newman, whom he loves dearly
Quiet, unassuming, ignored by others
Creative, talented artist, enjoys drawing superheroes
Selfless, loving, responsible, hard-working, disciplined, independent, positive, intelligent,
observant, has integrity
Fear of heights (ACROPHOBIA)
Feels confident, strong, when he is dressed as Captain Nobody.
Helpful makes breakfast for the family every day
Heroic saves Mr. Clay, the Sullivans, Ferocious the Ferret, Reggie Ratner in his alter ego
character, Mr. Nobody

Newt's classmate and one of Newt's two best friends
Shorter than Newt, has a loud voice
Also ignored by the other kids at school
Outspoken, impulsive, innovative and always bursting with ideas, witty
positive; encourages and motivates his friends
dreams of becoming a drummer



Newt's classmate and one of Newt's two best friends
Is 'invisible' to the other kids at school but she does not let it bother her
Tallest girl in the fourth grade
Positive, creative, careful, sharp, intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive, observant, outspoken
A voracious reader, has amazing vocabulary and grammar, able to read when she was three
Helps to create Newts Halloween costume

Newt's older brother in Fillmore High School
An American Football star in his school Ferrets of Fillmore High School
Tall, athletic, agile
Brotherly, loving, kind, shares a close bond with Newt
Disciplined, determined, performs well under pressure, has a sense of humour.
Scored the winning touchdown in the Big Game
Knocked unconscious into a come during the Big Game


A busy supervisor with a construction
Gives a lot of attention to Chris but
neglects Newt
Tries to make up for his neglect of Newt
when he is informed of Newt's unusual

A busy estate agent
Absent-minded - depends on Newt to
remember where she leaves her keys
and documents


A student at Merrimac High
Heavily built defence player of the rival football team
Arch-enemy of Chris Newman on the field
Harassed by Chris's teammates
Appleton residents mistakenly think he is planning to jump from the water tower

Newt's teacher
Diplomatic, wise - tells the principal that Newt is distracted by Chris's injury.
Kind, compassionate, perceptive realizes what Newt is going through when he
comes to school in his Halloween outfit
*Controls her class well.

Principal of Appleton Elementary School
Strict but open to reason
Is not good at remembering names.

School Nurse
Kind and soft-hearted - cares about Newt and shows concern

Reggie's cousin at Fillmore Elementary
A large, seventh grader
Intimidates and threatens Newt to tell Chris's friends to leave Reggie alone.

One of the players in the football team of Fillmore High
He is actually the one who knocks Chris out


1. Family Love
Newt loves his family members although sometimes he does not get the attention he deserves.
He makes breakfast for them every day.
Newt, together with Mom and Dad, would attend and give support in every game that Chris is
Mom and Dad are willing waiting for Chris to wake up from his coma
Chris loves his brother as they would share jokes when they meet each other
Newt always wakes his brother up when he oversleeps.
He is proud of Chriss success.
He is worried about Chris when Chris is hospitalised. He is eager to be with Chris at the hospital
Chris shows his love to his brother by letting him lead the Victory Parade

2. Determination in one's life
Chris and his teammates shows high level of determination to win the Big Game although their
opponents are leading at crucial part of the game
Newt is determined to stop the traffic on the highways despite the dangerous situation he
is facing so that he could get Ferocious the Ferret back into its cage
Cecil is determined to get the big bass drum that is thrown away even he has to seek the
help of Captain Nobody
JJ shows her determination to correct other people's mistakes by stepping into Sullivan's store
and talks to the owners

3. Helping those in need
Newt would remind Mom about important events and help his mother to find her misplaced
Captain Nobody helps Mr. Clay to find his way back home after getting lost at the Dumpster
Captain Nobody talks to the Sullivan couple after JJ asks for his favour and it turns out he
saves the sore owners' lives from an armed robbery

4. Dealing with identity crisis
Although the creation of Captain Nobody was unintentional, Newt gained much confidence and
courage when he was in the costume
Mrs.Young, the class teacher, showed great concern for Newt and brought up the matter to the
principal, who was later joined by the school counsellor and nurse
Newt reasoned out with his concerned Dad, who came home and talked to him, after the school
had informed Dad about Captain Nobody
When Newt was finally recognized and got the attention he deserved from the local community
including his family, he reverted to becoming Newton Newman once again

5. Optimism
Although he was just 10-year-old kid, Newt was full of optimism
After knowing that Chris only had 6 days to wake up, he was still confident that one day his
brother would recover from coma
Cecil felt that they going to have a joyful Halloween celebration after coming out with the idea
of creating their own costumes


6. Friendship
Cecil and JJ stood behind Newt no matter what happened. They helped each other, even in the
event of creating Captain Nobody's costume. They were the best of friends who enjoy each
others company.
They dropped by Newts house after Chriss accident to comfort him
Newt overcame his fear of height just to get Cecil his dream drum

7. Self-discovery
As a boy who is small and scrawny in size, Newton is often ignored by his parents and
When Newton uses Captain Nobody costume for the first time, he feels that he is somebody
new, somebody he himself has not met yet.
Newton feels strong and confident when wearing the Captain Nobody costume.
He is able to overcome his fear of heights when he helps Cecil to bring down a discarded drum
from a huge dumpster. He helps Mr Clay finds his way home, foils a robbery at a jewellery store,
save a ferret and averts a plane tragedy.
Slowly, Newton begins to uncover his hidden capabilities and transforms into a hero who stands
up for all quiet kids and children that people tend to forget about.
Eventually Newton manages to climb up the tallest structure in Appleton and save Reggie
Partner, without assuming the identity of Captain Nobody.

8. Responsibility
As a 10 year old boy, Newton takes the responsibility of making breakfast for his family
Newton would open Chriss bedroom door and shout, Hot the showers! whenever Chris
He risks his life and tries to rescue Ferocious.
When Reggie Ratner is on the roof of the Appleton water tower, and people think that he is
commiting suicide.
He decides to climb up the water tower to convince Reggie to change his mind.


1. We must respect, support and protect our beloved ones

In this novel, this value is portrayed by Newton, though he is only ten years old.
He is sensitive towards his parents feelings.
We also see this value in Chris. Even though he is busyand tired practicing for his football games,
he always seem to have time to help Newton with his homework or play a quick game with him.
Mr Newman speaks carefully to Newton about his costume and acknowledges Capatin Nobody.

2. We must always help those who are in need
Mrs Young, Newtons teacher, discusses his situation with the Principal, Mr Toomey. She does
not get angry with Newton.
This value is also portrayed by Newton, who tries to cheer his mother up after seeing his
mothers eyes in tears.

Newton is also sompassionate towards Mr Clay. He realises that man is lost and confused and
makes sure he gets home safely.
We must be helpful to others regardless whether they are our family, friends or strangers.
Newt helps Cecil brings down his dream bass drum
JJ and Cecil also portray this value when they help Newwt with his Halloween costume

3. We should not rely on a costume to feel confident of ourselves.
We must not underestimate our abilities.
It is important to feel good about ourselves.
This value is portrayed by Newton. When he wears the Captain Nobody costume, he feels strong
and confident.
However, when he climbs up the water tower to save Reggie, instead of losing confidence and
descending the ladder, Newton continues his climb and manages to help Reggie get down from
the tower. This shows his courage and capabilities to others.

4. We should not be envious of the success of others.
This value is portrayed by Newton, who feels happy about his brothers success.
Chris, on the other hand, acknowledges that Newton is the real hero of Appleton.
Mr and Mrs Sullivan acknowledges their saviour who saved their lives during the robbery.

5. We must be optimistic in life
We must face problems or challenges in life with hope and courage.
Newton does not feel sorry for himself and does not resent or blame people, even when he is
neglected at home. He accepts the fact that his classmates and teachers ignore him in school
and that not many know that he is Chris Newmans brother.
When his brother is knocked down into a coma during the Big Game, he fills his mind with
positive thoughts that Chris will be alright.
When his mother forgets to dry the laundry, Newton wears his Captain Nobody costume to
school, though he knows his friends or teachers might laugh at him.
Although Newton, Cecil and JJ are ignored in school, they respond positively to this situation.
Chris and his teammates shows optimism in winning the Big Game although at times the
opponent is leading

6. We must be brave.
Newt has acrophobia. At first, he hesitated to climb the Dumpster to get the bass drum. But
when disguised as Captain Nobody, he felt more confident.
He managed to help Cecil.


General guidelines:

1. Read the question carefully. Identify the focus of the question

2. For 1 focus provide minimum 3 evidence. For more than one focus, provide minimum 3, 1 evidence
to support each focus. Include your opinion.

3. Make sure you do not make factual error when providing evidence

When answering your novel question, it is helpful to have a framework to organize your answer.
A simple but comprehensive framework, may look like this:












Newt has an amazing talent at sketching pictures of superheroes character. He has his Secret
Superhero Sketchbook where he draws his superheroes like Guy Wire who was exposed from
radiation and could bounce and stretch himself.
Newt does not let others treatment of him affects his life. He is happy to spend his time sketching
characters of his superheroes. It is like an avenue for him to channel his frustrations and turn it into a
positive vibe. Indulging in the sketching of the superheroes characters also hone his creativity. He
spends his time engaging in creative pursuit instead of being involved in wasteful activities.


This is shown when Newton Newman helps Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster.
Cecil calls Captain Nobody to help him get the drum because he cannot get it down by himself. Cecil
insists that Captain Nobody is the one who should climb the dumpster. At first, Newt hesitates to
climb the dumpster as he is an acrophobic. However, when he disguises as Captain Nobody, he feels
more confident to overcome his fear of height. He is determined to help his best friend and continues
climbing the dumpster. He almost gives up in the beginning but later succeeds. He carefully passes the
drum to his sidekick, Cecil who is waiting with open arms on the ground.

During the Big Game, Chris shows his determination to win. At first Merrimac is leading. Without
giving up, Chris and his teammates go on fighting. Chris finds his way for a touchdown. He ,manages to
bring victory to Fillmore for the second time.
This shows that Newt is a determined person. If I were Newt, as a ten-year-old boy, I would
not have that great determination to climb the dumpster. His action has inspired me to be
determined in facing challenges in life.
Determination will lead us to success. Chriss determination to win paid off although he is
knocked down. We should practice determination in our life so that we can achieve success.
Being determined will bring us the victory that we deserved.


This is shown when Newt rescues his brothers rival, Reggie Ratner from a suicide attempt. Newt
knows that he has to tell Reggie that it is not his fault. It is Chris own teammate, Darryl Peeps who
knocks Chris unconscious. Since the Big Game, everybody has blamed Reggie for knocking Chris into a
coma. Newt gathers his courage to climb although the ladder is rusty and the tower structure is weak.
With the help his best friends, Cecil and JJ, Captain Nobody climbs the ladders to the top and slithers
his way to reach Reggie. When he is half way, he looks down and feels terrified. But he gathers his
courage and continue with his climb. He then finds out that Reggie climbs the tower to vandalise the
water tank. They both end up falling from the tower into a mattress as they descend the rotten
ladder. Newt suffers a broken ankle and two broken ribs when Reggie lands on top of him.

As he is walking home with his best friends, Cecil and JJ, they are stopped by Ricky Ratner.
Ricky is angry as his cousin Reggie, Chris rival, is still being hassled by Chris friends. They
scramble Ferocious cage until the cage door opens. When Ferocious escapes from his cage,
Captain Nobody goes in hot pursuit until he reaches the highway. He bravely dodges the
incoming traffic just to get Ferocious back. He waves frantically to stop the vehicles and ends
up stopping four lanes of traffic. As soon as the traffic stops, a small aeroplane with engine
trouble makes a safe emergency landing. Captain Nobody not only rescues Ferocious but also
the passengers on the plane.

This shows that Newt is a brave/ courageous boy. If I were Newt, I would not have great
courage to climb to the top of the water and rescue Ricky. His action inspires me to be a
courageous person in facing any challenges in life. Life sometimes makes us go through
difficult times, but being brave helps us to overcome our own fear. We will be able to endure
challenges in life.


Newton walks Mr Clay, the locksmith, home after his hand suddenly comes out from the pile
of cardboard boxes and grabs Newt by his ankle. He recognises the person as Mr Clay. His
mother always calls Mr Clay whenever she needs to duplicate keys. Mr Clay is suffering from
Alzheimer. He forgets his way home when he runs out of medicine. Although Cecil is skeptical
at first, Newt convinces him that Mr Clay would do no harm. So he walks the old man home.
He knows where Mr Clay lives as Mr Clay always parks his cherry red van in front of his
house. Mrs Clay is relieved to see her husband return home safely.

This shows that Newt is a helpful person. If I were Newt, I would do the same thing to my old
neighbour if I find him wandering around. Without Newts action, Mr Clay would be lost and Mrs Clay
would be so worried of her missing husband. His action has inspired me to be a helpful person to my

family, friends and neighbours.


After Chris is knocked into a coma in the Big Game, his parents spend most of their time at the
hospital, leaving Newt to fend for himself. He realizes that his parents are heavily distracted
because of the bad news. He is still hopeful that his brother will eventually wake up from his
coma. He even tries to cheer Mother up by putting on Chriss old clothes.

Newt is caring towards his parents and brother. He understands the difficulty they are going through.
He does not complain and manages his life the best he knows. He does not want to burden his family
with more worries. His parents are truly lucky to have a son like him.

He always prepares breakfast for his family every morning. He understands that his parents and his
famous brother are always busy and occupied. When he notices how busy and distracted Mom is, he
volunteers to make breakfast every morning. Whenever Mom needs his help with her misplaced items,
Newt will always be there because he cares about his mother. Mother is absent-minded. She depends on
Newt to remind her about important events and help her to find her misplaced belongings. Dad is always
busy answering the phone so Newt always pours him more coffee and fetch him a pencil. Chris always
sleeps in as he is tired from football practice but Newt will always give Chris a daily wake-up call.

This shows that Newt is a loving person. If I were in the same situation, I would be sad if my family is
too busy to spend time with me. Without Newt, his family would be in chaos as Mom would always
misplace things, Dad would always miss his breakfast and Chris would be late to school. His action has
inspired me to be a loving person to my family.



This is shown when Newton Newman helps Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster.
Cecil calls Captain Nobody to help him get the drum because he cannot get it down by himself. At first,
Newt hesitates to climb the dumpster as he is an acrophobic. However, knowing how much his friend
loves the bass drum, he decides to help his best friend and continues climbing the dumpster.

Newt, JJ and Cecil are always supportive of each other. JJ and Cecil help Newt out with his costume for
Halloween when they see he is not ready with his costume. Their help has led to the creation of
Captain Nobody. Newt, JJ and Cecil are always supportive of each other. They also stand behind Newt
when the whole school laugh at him for dressing up as Captain Nobody.

The three friends have shown a good example of friendship of friendship. They do not hesitate to help
each other when in need.


Newton Newman helps Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster. Cecil calls Captain
Nobody to help him get the drum because he cannot get it down by himself. At first, Newt panics to
climb the dumpster when he sees how high it is. However, he fights his fear of heights and continues
to the top to not disappoint his friend.

Newt overcomes his fear of heights when he rescues Reggie Ratner from a suicide attempt. Newt
knows that he has to tell Reggie that it is not his fault. It is Chris own teammate, Darryl Peeps who
knocks Chris unconscious. Since the Big Game, everybody has blamed Reggie for knocking Chris into a
coma. Newt gathers his courage to climb although the ladder is rusty and the tower structure is weak.
While climbing, his mask gets caught in a nail and rips off. At first he feels vulnerable especially when
he looks down. But he gathers his courage and continue with his climb. He then finds out that Reggie
climbs the tower to vandalise the water tank. They both end up falling from the tower into a mattress
as they descend the rotten ladder. Newt suffers a broken ankle and two broken ribs when Reggie
lands on top of him.

By overcoming his fear Newt becomes a hero. This admirable quality in him undoubtedly teaches all
teenagers to overcome our fear. Newt is a good role model to all teenagers.


Every morning he prepares breakfast for his family. He understands that his parents and his famous
brother are always busy and occupied. When he notices how busy and distracted Mom is, he volunteers
to cook breakfast every morning. Whenever Mom needs his help with her misplaced items, Newt will
always be there because he cares about mother. Mother is absent-minded. She depends on Newt to
remind her about important events and help her to find her misplaced belongings. Dad is always busy
answering the phone so Newt always pours him more coffee and gets him a pencil.

Newt supports his brother and is proud of his achievement. He plays the part as a spokesperson in
informing his fan of Chriss situation. He is very worried when Chris is hospitalized and insists to be at
the hospital with Chris. He also is the one who would wake Chris up when he oversleeps.
Mom and Dad also show their love to Chris. They stand by his side throughout his ordeal every single
day. They never give up in hoping the best for Chris. Mom even cries when she holds Chriss clothes.
She misses having Chris around.
We must love our family members. His love for his brother keeps him hopeful that Chris will come out
from his coma. They are the most important people in our life. Without them our life will be meaningless.
The love shared by Newt and his family emphasizes the importance of love in a family. Love runs deep
nad it leads to good things in life.



Newt as Captain Nobody rescues Ferocious the Ferret on the highway. He chased Ferocious amidst the
busy traffic. He even waves his hand in the attempt to stop the traffic. The traffic stops and
coincidentally, his action saves an airplane which landed in an emergency on the highway.

Newt gathers his courage to climb the water tower although the ladder is rusty and the tower
structure is weak. He wants to help calm Reggie down. With the help his best friends, Cecil and JJ,
Captain Nobody climbs the ladders to the top and slithers his way to reach Reggie. He then finds out
that Reggie climbs the tower to vandalise the water tank but his left foot is stuck. He managed to get
Reggies foot which was stuck. They both end up falling from the tower into a mattress as they
descend the rotten ladder.
Newt suffers a broken ankle and two broken ribs when Reggie lands on top of him. Newt helps to save
Reggie from falling from the water tower. He is later awarded with a golden key.

Captain Nobody shows tremendous bravery by stepping into the Sullivans jewellery store and
prevents a robbery from happening.

This incident shows Newts bravery. He risks his life to save Ferocious. At the same time, he saves
innocent lives on board the aeroplane. If I were in the same situation, I would be afraid to run into a
busy highway to chase after my pet. His action has inspired me to be courageous in facing any
challenges in life. His courageous act should be admired as not many people are prepared to perform
such brave act. In saving Reggie, Newt shows his bravery in conquering his own fear. He is a brave boy
who has contributed to the society. His bravery is to be applauded as he takes action no matter what
the consequences is.


Newton walks Mr Clay, the locksmith, home after his hand suddenly comes out from the pile
of cardboard boxes and grabs Newt by his ankle. He recognises the person as Mr Clay. His
mother always calls Mr Clay whenever she needs to duplicate keys. Mr Clay is suffering from
Alzheimer. He forgets his way home when he runs out of medicine. Although Cecil is skeptical
at first, Newt convinces him that Mr Clay would do no harm. So he walks the old man home.
He knows where Mr Clay lives as Mr Clay always parks his cherry red van in front of his
house. Mrs Clay is relieved to see her husband return home safely.

This shows that Newt is a helpful person. If I were Newt, I would do the same thing to my old
neighbour if I find him wandering around. Without Newts action, Mr Clay would be lost and Mrs Clay
would be so worried of her missing husband. His action has inspired me to be a helpful person to my
family, friends and neighbours.


Newton does not let anything dampen his spirit and remains positive even though he is ignored
by his schoolmates and his parents. Though he is ten years old, Newt accepts his parents
neglect and copes with the pain of missing Chris. He does not blame or resent anyone. Even
when his parents are at home, they do not spend time with him or even talk to him. Although
he is sidelined by his friends at school and neglected by his workaholic parents at home, he
accepts the situation without complain.

This shows that Newt is an optimistic person. If I were in the same situation, I would not be as
positive as Newt. Without Newts optimism, he would remain sad and feel down being
neglected by his own parents and his friends. His action has inspired me to be optimist in facing
bad times.

The layout of the paragraph
Paragraph 1
1) Mention the title of the novel and the author.
2) Respond to the focus of the question.
Paragraph 2
1) Introduce POINT 1.
2) State minimum one Textual Evidence to support POINT ONE
3) Provide opinion
Paragraph 3
1) State POINT 2. Use connectors
2) State minimum one Textual Evidence to support POINT TWO
3) Provide opinion
Paragraph 4
1) State POINT 3. Use connectors
2) State minimum one Textual Evidence to support POINT THREE
3) Provide opinion
Last Paragraph
1) Conclude your answer by RE-STATING the THREE POINTS
2) Strengthen the conclusion with additional opinion that is addressing the focus of the question

1. The following is the novel studied in the literature component in English
Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford
Determination is the key to success. How is this shown in the novel that you
have read? Support your answer with close reference to the text.

Determination overcomes Determination is the key to

fear in life success

Bringing the bass drum down from dumpster Keeps on fighting until final touchdown
overcoming acrophobia

1 - Bass drum 2 - Big Game

Determination saves the
lives of the innocence

Chasing Ferocious through the

heavy traffic

Determination 3 - Ferocious
- Newt
- Chris


The novel that I have studied is Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. The - title of the novel
and the author.
statement Determination is the key to success is clearly shown in the novel - respond to the
by a few characters. It is undeniable that determination will help us to focus

Firstly, the character Newt shows high determination in order for him
to succeed in helping Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster. - POINT 1.
Cecil needs Captain Nobodys help to get a big bass drum on top of a dumpster - Textual Evidence
because he cannot get it down by himself. Cecil insists that Captain Nobody is to support POINT 1
the one who should climb the dumpster. Newt hesitates when he saw how
high it is. It is such a big task for Newt since he is acrophobic- he has fear of
heights. However, he is determined to help his best friend to fulfil Cecils
dream of owning the bass drum. Slowly, Newt continues climbing the - opinion
dumpster. This has clearly shown that his great determination has overcome
his greatest fear of heights.

Secondly, the character which has shown great determination in order
to succeed is Chris Newman. Prior to the Big Game, Chris has been training - POINT 2
hard with his teammates. The Big Game has become the greatest rivalry
between Fillmore High School and Merrimac High School for two consecutive - Textual Evidence
years. In the first year, Chris was only the substitute player. He came in the to support POINT 2
quarter of the Finals and showed great determination to get himself a
touchdown and led his team to the victory. His determination has placed him
as a regular first team player for next years season. During the second final,
which everyone is referring to the Big Game, Chris shows high determination
and also inspires his teammates. During the last moment of the game, the
Merrimac High manages to score a touchdown, leading the Fillmore High by a
slight margin. Chris, without giving up, is determined to score a touchdown
and has succeeded in doing so within the final 7 seconds of the Big Game. As a
result, the Ferrets of Fillmore manage to secure another victory for that year.
This has clearly shown how determination is the key to success. - opinion

Newt portrays the courage, determination and perseverance too as
Captain Nobody. For example, he is supposed to look after the Ferocious, the - POINT 3
Fillmore teams mascot. It escapes when Reggie Ratner and his friends cause
disturbance until the cage opens. It runs on to the busiest highway with four - Textual Evidence
lanes of vehicles racing after it. Newt is brave and determined to catch it to support POINT 3
because he is responsible to return it safely the next day. Without thinking of
his safety, Newt, runs to the middle of the highway, screaming and waving his
hands to stop the vehicles. He could have been run over many times. Yet he
goes after Ferocious with cars zooming dangerously close. Slowly, the traffic
comes to a halt and at the moment, a passenger plane with engine problem
makes an emergency landing on the freeway that is cleared of traffic. In saving
Ferocious, Newt has also saved the pilot and passengers. Newt has shown that - opinion
his determination has superseded his safety. He sacrificed his life for others.


In short, I really think that determination will lead us to success. Newt and
Chris have shown determination that can be considered as heroic acts. Newt, - RE-STATING the
by conquering his fear when helping Cecil and risking his life when saving THREE POINTS
Ferocious. Chris, by giving his all to make sure Fillmore wins the Big Game.
They are indeed role models for teenagers like me. We should practice the - Strengthen the
value in our life so that we can achieve what we have always wanted. conclusion with
additional opinion

2. The following is the novel you have studied in the literature component in
English language.
Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford
It is important for us to learn to forgive and forget. With close reference to the
text, explain how this is portrayed by one of the characters in the novel.

Forgives his brother does Forgives Darryl

not blame him

Chris has an accident during the final
- always getting the touchdown - coma
- always getting

1 Chris the star 2 - Big Game Forgives his parents

Understands their busy

Always busy neglect him

3 - Parents


The novel I have studied is Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. After - title of the novel
and the author.
reading the novel, it is important for us to learn to forgive and forget. This is - respond to the
portrayed in the novel by one of the characters, Newton Newman. focus

Newts parents always have time for Chris but Newt is never jealous - POINT 1.
of him. In fact, he loves his brother very much and hero-worships him. Chris is
the star of Fillmores Football Team. He is always in the limelight and the - Textual Evidence
to support POINT 1
centre of attention even at home. Newt forgives this situation and even Chris.
He understands the situation and does not blame Chris for his popularity. He
even acts as the spokesperson for Chris when he is hospitalized. He gives
updates on Chris to his fans. This shows that Newt is independent and has a - opinion
good heart. He does not complain although he feels overshadowed by his
famous football player brother. He forgives him in the situation and does not
blame him for the lack of attention he is experiencing.

We know that Newton Newman loves his brother very much. He is
extremely worried when his brother is in a coma. It starts with the incident
from the Big Game. He manages to bring the well-deserved victory for his
team but unfortunately, he falls into a coma as there are clashes of helmets - POINT 2
during the Big Tackle. Some of them start to blame Reggie Ratner, the - Textual Evidence
Merrimac High player for the incident. It is a difficult time for Newt as Chris is to support POINT 2
beloved brother. To see his brother in a coma is tough for him. He could have
been mad with Reggie but he remains calm. The truth is finally revealed that it
is actually Daryll Peeps who clashes his helmet against Chris during the final
moment of the Big Game. Newt knows that such thing happens in sports and
sometimes they are unavoidable. He forgives Daryll who causes his brother - opinion
to fall into a coma. This makes Newt a person of an exceptional quality.

At home, his parents are so busy with their jobs that they hardly have
time to interact with him and do not even realize they tend to overlook him. - POINT 3
Besides, nobody takes him seriously because he is very young. When Chris
goes into coma after a terrible tackle, Newts parents neglect him at home to - Textual Evidence
look after Chris for weeks at the hospital. They do not allow him to visit Chris to support POINT 3
as he is too young, so all he can do is wait at home and worry. They seem to
forget to help him prepare for one of the most important holidays of the year,
Halloween. Newt, however, blends into the background without complaining.
He does not complain or resent anyone for neglecting him at any time. Such - opinion
is the pathetic situation he is in but he does not complain or resent anyone
for it. He forgives his parents and understand the situation they are in. He
tries his level best to be a good son and carry on with life.

I strongly believe that Newt would appeal to teenagers for various
reasons. He is insignificant and often-forgotten. Most people do not even
know that he exists. At school, kids push him out of the way or completely
ignore him. At home, his parents are too busy to focus on him especially - RE-STATING the
when they have a popular son. The attention is always on Chris. Newt never THREE POINTS
bears any grudges on them. This clearly shows that when we learn to forgive
and forget, we will also be able to maintain harmonious relationship - Strengthen the

amongst us and we could also avoid severe incident from happening. conclusion with
additional opinion

3. The following is the novel you have studied in the literature component in
English language.
Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford
Suggest an alternate ending of the novel you have studied. Support your answer
with close reference to the text.

Forgives his brother does Forgives Darryl

not blame him

Chris has an accident during the final
- always getting the touchdown - coma
- always getting

1 Chris the star 2 - Big Game Forgives his parents

Understands their busy

Always busy neglect him

3 - Parents


The novel I have studied is Captain Nobody written by Dean Pitchford. - title of the novel
and the author.
There are many interesting incidents in the novel. If I am given the chance to - respond to the
alter any parts of the story, I will choose to have an alternate ending. focus

The ending of the novel starts when Newt and Chris who are
hospitalized come back home. After a few days home, everything goes back to - POINT 1.
normal, Mom relying on Newt about her misplaced things and Dad gets back
to his busy work. If I am given the chance to have an alternative to the ending,
I would choose to alter the part where everything goes back to normal after - Textual Evidence

they come home when the parade is over. My ending will portray the family to support POINT 1
having a closer bond. First, they are seen together having breakfast prepared
by mom or dad. Newt and Chris will be at the table happily having a
conversation with mom and dad. The conversation will evolve around Newt as
well. In my opinion, Mom and Dad should not get back to their normal - opinion
routines after what had happened since the Big Game. Mom should become
more responsible and she must not rely on Newt to find all her stuff. After
what happened, she should show more appreciation towards Newt.

The same thing should also be happening to Dad. He should be
portrayed as he no longer busy entertaining calls. Dad is seen announcing his - POINT 2
new job at breakfast because his current job requires him to spend less time - Textual Evidence
with his family. To show that he is grateful to Newt, should have put more to support POINT 2
focus and spend more time together with him. Besides, they have already
faced too many challenges as a family. It is about time they enjoy life as a - opinion

The conversation at the breakfast table is no longer a hectic situation
with Newt being ignored. This time mom and dad will have a conversation - POINT 3
where Newt is given an acknowledgement. The ending will portray Newt - Textual Evidence
sharing his experience in school the day before and both mom and dad and to support POINT 3
Chris, listening and joining in the conversation. He is no longer being pushed - opinion
aside. As parents, mom and dad should show their care by giving their children
the attention they deserve. They should not practice favouritism by only
paying attention on a particular child.

That would be the ending that I would like to suggest if I am given the - RE-STATING the
chance to do so. The ending will show mom and dad playing their parts as THREE POINTS
responsible and caring parents. They will be the main factor that will bind the - Strengthen the
family together. Close family bond is the major factor for happiness in life. conclusion with
That will definitely make the story becomes more interesting and perhaps, additional opinion
Captain Nobody II will be coming out soon and the telling stories of his
teenage years.

1. Based on the novel you have studied, write about the most important theme found in the novel.
Support your answer with close reference to the text.

2. Based on the novel you have studied, describe the most important challenges faced by the characters
and how they worked together to overcome the challenges. Support your answer with close reference
to the text.

3. Based on the novel you have studied, write about the hope of one of the characters for a better
beginning in life. Support your answer with close reference to the text.

4. Based on the novel you have studied, write about a character whose action you disapprove of.
Explain and support your answer with close reference to the text.

5. Based on the novel you have studied, choose a character that you would like to emulate. With close
reference to the text, give reasons for your choice.

Narrative essays

Let us begin with the narrative essay. Narrative essays are a favourite among students as they
are easier to handle. This type of essay enables the writer to use and share experiences with
the reader.

Tips & Techniques

1. Read the question carefully.

2. A narrative tells a story. The main purpose of a narrative is to entertain therefore you should know the
difference between:
QUESTION What it means
1) Write a story based on Your story is about ..
2) Write a story beginning with .. You must start your composition with the line(s) given
3) Write a story ending with .. Your story ends with the line(s) given

3. Note the specific structure and language feature of a narrative composition


Gives information about who, what, when, Introduction First or third person narrator
where and why the event is happening Sets the mood
Series of problems faced by the character Problem 1 Use emotive and descriptive
language to describe the
characters and their feelings.

Problem 2 Use the past tenses

Climax Most exciting part of the story Problem 3 Some dialogue should be used

Problem is solved Conclusion
Could be happy or sad or
open-ended where the
story stops at an exciting

Guidelines to remember when writing a narrative essay

You have to decide whether to write your essay from your own perspective or someone
elses. The first person or third person singular is the most popular voice

If you choose to write from your own perspective, then use the first person singular, that is, I.

If you choose to write from someone elses perspective, use third person pronouns (he, she, it).
Be consistent in your choice of pronouns. Do not switch perspectives mid-way through the

Engage your reader. Make the story real for him. Get him involved in your experience

Bring your characters to life. Make them real. Make them memorable

. It is always more interesting to read about flawed characters.

Have a simple plot. You will be better off using chronological order. Flashbacks are a
wonderful device but you should only engage in this if you can carry it off
Use the simple past tense if you cannot handle the past perfect tense
Use verbs and adjectives to enable your reader to visualise things in his minds eye
You may use dialogue but use it sparingly and effectively. Remember, you are writing a
narrative, not a script
Avoid using informal language
Avoid clichs

Elements to include are:

- Plot

- Character
- Setting

- Climax
- Ending

Using Plot Curve will make your essay framework clearer.


Phrases you could use in your writing:


1. She was as happy as a lark.

2. He was flushed with delight when he was declared the winner.

3. She was in seventh heaven when she heard that she had scored the top mark in English.

4. She felt on top of the world when her children bought her the vacation package to Spain.

5. His face lit up with the most radiant smile.

6. Lily was estatic. She finally stopped her joyful jig and looked around. She was grinning from ear to ear

and clearly on cloud nine.

7. I was utterly relieved and overwhelmed with happiness. A radiant smile coursed through my lips

and I punched the air with delight. I felt jubilant and euphoric and this was truly the luckiest day in

my life.


1. He was in the depths of misery.

2. Tom had a lump in his throat and was blinking away the tears.

3. They were consumed by bitterness and anguish at the lost of their only son.

4. She felt her world going to pieces. She found herself at the lowest ebb, having no money or friends.

5. It was a heartbreaking sight. The overcast sky darkened blocking out the suns vibrant ray and my

heart sank deeper.

6. I cried my heart out. Life seemed to be so meaningless. Everything was not attractive anymore and

hope had vanished from the world. My soul was empty and I felt as if someone had ripped my heart

out and pounded it with hammer.

7. A sharp pain stabbed deep in my heart when it dawned upon me I had caused the break up of my

family, all because of my stupid and foolish notion of being upright and truthful. I have now realized

rather belatedly that being absolutely honest to a fault can only cause anguish, pain, agony and

suffering. What transpired on that fateful day would forever be etched in my memory.


1. All eyes were on John. He was so embarrassed that he did not know where to put himself. He wished

that the ground would open up and swallow him.

2. Peter was burning with humiliation and as red as a beetroot.

3. The room filled with an awkward silence. They all avoided each others eyes.

4. She was abashed to know they had heard her singing in the bathroom.

5. Ijmal often blurts out whatever comes into his head. Unfortunately that morning, he had blurted out

the four letter words which caused him to feel like putting his foot in his mouth.

6. Every time I walk past the ladiess washroom, my cheeks burn and the most embarrassing incident

flashes vividly, emblazoning my mind.

7. Her face turned crimson red. She was too embarrassed by the incident that if she could be an emu

she would stuck her head in the ground.


1. When the hullabalo died down, the teacher continued his lesson.

2. The keyed up fans cheered boisterously for every point.

3. She was so wrought up with nervous anticipation that she is unable to think clearly.

4. It was a wonderful morning. I opened the parcel with anticipation. Wow I shouted with joy. It was

my favourite Nike.

5. I was in utter disbelief and excitement. I could only manage to open my eyes wide and grin from ear

to ear.

6. The atmosphere in the concert hall was electrifying. Standing backstage, Jinky heard the excited buzz

of the crowd and tried to tame the butterflies in the stomach.


1. We were poor and our house was mortgaged to the hilt. The meager salary my father received by

working as a junior clerk would have maintained us modestly had not half of it gone or the support

and medical expenses of ill and destitute relatives.

2. My mum was a strong woman. Nothing is impossible was the maxim that helped her through the

difficult days. She always upheld her principles and never gave up on any baffling problems.

3. He recalled how life struck a heavy blow when he was fifteen. His father succumbed to injuries

sustained in an accident. They only had a roof over their heads. His mothers courage, grit and

steely determination was the driving force that spurred them on during those difficult times.

4. We were not born with a silver spoon but that did not give them the right to treat us like dirt.

5. Worry was written all over his face as he apologised profusely. His shabby clothes told me he was an

odd job worker transporting goods from one side of the town to eke out a living.

6. My mother was an extremely kind and good natured woman who solaced the family by saying that if

one has character one has the better part of wealth. However the cruel world did not share this

outlook. She succeeded in making austerity bearable. By efficient and frugal management of our

meagre income, she made our house a happy and beautiful place to live in.


1. A few agonizing moments trickled by. Being all alone a terrible fear gripped my heart.

2. Fear enveloped me. My heart pounded and my throat was constricted. It was difficult to breathe.

3. Peter was scared stiff when the murderers face twisted into a hideous smile.

4. She stood rooted to the ground, her terrified gaze fixed on the dreadful sight.

5. Every bone in my body froze in terror. I could not get back to sleep. The eerie sounds of the night

seemed to echo all around me.

6. Cold sweat trickled down my forehead. It was getting harder to breathe. A lump formed in my

throat. I tried my best to gulp it down. I opened my eyes as wide as I could in the darkness.

Sample Essay 1:
End your essay with, .and that is the saddest moment in my life.

Everyone would have gone through sad moments in their life. It Opening
differs from one person to another on how we manage to express Opinion Technique
our feelings. Some might share their feeling with others and some
might just keep to themselves. One thing for sure everyone would
feel miserable when sad episodes strike them. Me? All I could do
is cry. I will also find ways to forget the things that had happened.

Life is a gift and love is a joy. However all those are luxuries
that had been robbed from me. Death had taken all those away. Exposition
It happened on a normal Friday. Note the setting and

Just like any other Friday, I went to school as usual. However

on that fateful Friday, I was quite late. My mother was late to send
me to school. I noticed something was amiss on mothers face but
I decided to keep quiet about it. I asked myself why my mothers
face pale, why did she give a bunch of advises on ways to live
independently. I kept questioning myself but still there were no
answers to my questions.

As usual, when I wanted to leave the car, I kissed mums hand.

I really did know why on that day she cried when I said my usual
Goodbye Mum. She even stroked my hair lovingly while she
smiled to me. It felt weird. I felt as if something was about to
happen. My feet felt very heavy to leave her. I felt very lazy to go to

school but mum reminded me, I was late. Without any objection, I
went into the school compound. Mother managed to shout, Nana,
study hard. Take care. Love you. I never really thought the depth
of the words at that moment but now years later, I do. I will never
forget those magical words. They are so meaningful to me.

Rising action
That day at school, my friends kept asking me why I was acting Building the interest
weird. Normally I was fun, jovial, funny and loud but somehow that
day, I became a quiet person. I could not even focus on my Increasing
studies. complications

Kring the bell rang and it was time to pack our bags and go
home. It was 6.30 in the evening. Usually a green car with the plate
number BFK 6886 would be ready in front of the school gate.
However, on that day, there was no green car. I was worried but I
tried to think on the bright side and be positive. Mother might have
gone to the market for groceries and fruits. So, I waited at the bus
stop in front of the school. I waited and waited and every five
minutes or so I would look at the time. After about 30 minutes, I
started to worry and was almost on the verge of tears. Mother
would never be this late. Climax

Point of greatest
Suddenly, I heard my name being called by my friend, Amira. suspense
She was my best friend and our mothers knew each other well. I
turned to look at her and was greeted by her red puffy eyes. She
started crying uncontrollably and could hardly talk. I was puzzled
by her reaction but there was nothing I could do. We sat at the bus Falling action
stop and she told me the story.
Event that wrap up the
Mother was admitted into a hospital a few hours after sending
me to school. The fibroid in her womb was getting worse. Mother
had a terrible ache in her abdominal area. After consulting a
doctor, she was advised to have an operation. She agreed to it. So
did my brother, grandfather and aunties. Everybody loves her but
God loves her more. A complication took place during the Resolution
operation and she could not be saved.
The conflict is resolved
and reflection is made.
She passed away. There was nothing I could do but cry when I
heard the news. I felt like I was not stepping on firm ground. I even
hoped that it was all a dream but unfortunately it was not. I really
did not know what to do because I was so sad. I have lost the one

person whom I love the most. The one who had been there
through all my ups and downs.

No longer will I feel her soft touch, her warm hugs and most of
all the depths of her love. No wonder she was acting very weirdly
that fateful Friday. I had been shaken really bad and it took me
quite some time to be back on my feet. Now, I know how much I
truly love her. I finally realized it is actually not a matter of letting go
of the past or forgetting but a matter of accepting and moving on.
And that, is the saddest moment in my life.

Sample Essay 2:


Ring......, the shrill ringing of the school bell Exposition

pierced the air, bringing to an end the silence that reigned
the class for the past forty minutes. As the stalwart Note the setting and
figure of the Mathematics teacher stepped out of the class, characters
there was a sense of relief for Mr. Siva was a strict
disciplinarian who would not tolerate any of our pranks.

There were squeals and peals of laughter amidst

the din of conversation. It was at this moment that Seng
Chye bustled to the front of the class. Easily the most Rising action
detestable boy in the class, Seng Chye was an incorrigible
prankster whose impish behaviour was a source of Building the interest
irritation and annoyance to most of us, especially the
girls. As his diminutive figure inched his way to where I
was seated, he had the familiar mischievous grin which
revealed a set of yellowish protruding teeth. As he
approached, he was grinning from ear to ear. Then, in a
twinkle of an eye, he put something on my desk. As he
bolted out of the classroom, I could hear hysterical
screams. Perplexed as I was to the cause of this sudden
flurry of excitement, I knew that Seng Chye was up to
mischief again.

It was then that I saw the slimy, creepy creature

staring at me with its moist, beady eyes. All of a sudden

with a husky croak and a single, giant leap, the four -
legged creature landed on my lap. I was frozen with fear.
Then, when the truth finally sank in, I let out a few ear Climax
splitting screams that echoed along the corridor. All around
me, I could hear hilarious laughter while I was consumed Point of greatest
by bitterness and anger. The joke was at my expense. suspense

As I seethed with anger and hurled verbal abuses

at the top of my voice, Seng Chye cowered in silence. His
face has turned as red as a beetroot and he had guilt
written all over his face. The pandemonium that resulted
was enough to catch the attention of the discipline master Falling action
who stalked into the class. Seng Chye and I were summoned
to his room. Each of us took turns to relate the incident. Event that wrap up the
Seng Chye was asked to apologise which he readily obliged story
and was let off with a stern warning.

As I stepped out of the room, I knew that this was one

incident that would remain in my memory for a long time
to come. It was the day I lost my temper.

The conflict is resolved

and reflection is made.

Sample Essay 3:
Write a story of love and lost beginning with:
They had different personalities ..

They had different personalities. Adam, liked his coffee black. Exposition
It took Adam seven months to propose.
Note the setting and
Like old photographs, their relationship had grown stale and characters
quiet. Dinners together were rare. One night, while taking the
subway, Anna suddenly stopped and watched as all hopes fell
apart. She found her eyes watered slowly. Rising action
Six months had passed. Adam stood outside the house that Building the interest
he once shared with Anna for a short period of time. He knocked
on the door. He expected the door to be opened by Anna.

Hello. Hi there. he greeted. Im Nate. Shes been

expecting you. Of course Anna was expecting him. Adam caught
the smile that used to make his heart stopand it still did. Hey,

Anna. Okay, as you know... Of course. I know. Adam looked
into Annas eyes. Im sorry . . . Adam moved on. As Anna lifted
the papers and scanned over them, Adam spoke. Anna, the house
. . . I promise you that. Anna said softly Here we are. Looking at
him with a smile. Anna held Adams gaze softly before asking,
Why, Adam? Because of Emma. Adam, one weeks all Im asking Increasing
for. complications

Adam thinned his lips. Anna slowly said. Adam, I want you
to love me the way you used to. You dont have to be in love with
me. I already know youre not anymore. Thisll be the last promise
youll ever have to hold for me.

Adam woke up the next morning feeling peaceful. It wasnt

until he looked in the mirror that he saw his appearance and
realized something: The more he looked at the mirror, the more he
felt he just wanted to get through six more days and went home.

Adam was distant. How do you act to pretend? But Anna

tried. Done with the breakfast, Anna asked Adam to go to the
park. Adam frowned. AnnaDont do this. Were only
pretending, remember?

But still, it was the most Adam could do. He noticed Anna
moved a little slow at things. Nate was around to do things for her.
He didnt know whether he was a housekeeper, a butler.
Point of greatest
As he waited in the foyer, he could hear Nates concerned suspense
voice. Ill be alright. Its okay. I have Adam. Im just a little tired.
In the yard behind their house, with help from Adam, lying on their
backs, they realized that they were happy. Genuinely happy.

Adam didnt feel like going back to the city anymore. It was
where Emma was. In the kitchen, it was obvious that Anna had
been crying.
Falling action
Good morning.
Good morning.
Its all signed. Anna looked away. Without looking up at
him, Anna nodded. Giving Adam one last look. Adam felt gutted.
He wanted to fix things. His heart yearned to stay. With a stoic
face, Adam gulped and nodded. Thank you . . . for the papers.
Adam continued. Take care.

Bye Adam.
Four months had gone by and Adams marital status had

changed. Thinking about Anna was a daily thing. At first, he had
hoped that Anna had changed her mind.
Event that wrap up the
A lawyer came to him to clarify everything. Adam broke story
down on the floor. Adam was angry at his deceased wife for lying.
Annas slowness, her fatigue. Anna had been suffering.
It had taken Adam time to recover, but he knew that he
never would. He regretted putting work over his own wife. Heaving
his shoulders, he kept on walking in the direction of home. The conflict is resolved

To describe a person, there are three main aspects that can be discussed namely :
Appearance / physical attributes
What they do or have done and how they have influenced you
Students shouldnt be expected to include every descriptive element listed below. Rather, a few
well-chosen details will go a long way toward bringing their subject to life.

Face Shape


Skin and Complexion

Complexion is the natural appearance and color of the skin, especially of the face. For example,
Mary has a soft, creamy complexion.

Wrinkled: covered with lines or loose folds of skin; often associated with age
Freckled: sprinkled or covered with light brown spots
Ruddy: skin that has a reddish tint; may have the appearance of sunburn
Sallow: skin that has a yellowish tint; may be associated with illness
Tanned: skin with a warm, golden-brown tint
Rosy or fresh-faced: pink-cheeked, fair complexion that glows with a hint of pink
Other skin-related adjectives: pale, fair, spotless, silky, smooth, creamy, dewy, baby-
soft, peaches-and-cream, glowing, paper-thin or translucent (as with a very old person),
sunburned, peeling, rough, callused, weathered, weather beaten, craggy, leathery, mottled,
dry, brown, dark

Pay attention to the eyes, as they often reveal much about a person.

Shape, size, and appearance: large, small, almond-shaped, round, squinty, crinkly, bulging,
heavy-lidded, hooded, deep-set, close-set, hollow, tear-filled
Eye color: black, brown, hazel, green, blue, violet, grey, amber
Eye expressions: piercing, mesmerizing, sad, sorrowful, haunted, gentle, sympathetic,
warm, compassionate, expressive, bright, twinkling, lively, dancing, laughing, shifty, sly,
distrusting, sleepy
Other: brown-eyed boy, bright-eyed sister, wide-eyed child, gold-flecked eyes

Mouth and Lips

Lip shape and size: thin, full, pouting, rosebud (babys lips, often), pursed (puckered up, as
when concentrating)
Mouth expressions: laugh, smile, beam, grin, frown, grimace, scowl, sneer, curl, pout
Adjectives describing the mouth or mouth expressions: toothy, toothless, gap-toothed,
kind, sweet, dimpled, relaxed, firm, serious, cruel, snarling


Hair colour: black, brunette, brown, chestnut-brown, blond, honey-blond, golden-blond, ash-
blond, fair, cornsilk, auburn, red, strawberry-blond, grey, silver, white, salt-and-pepper
Texture or appearance: wispy, fuzzy, wavy, curly, kinky, frizzy, wild, untamed,
unmanageable, straight, spiky, stiff, buzzed, shaved, parted, neatly-combed, tamed,
cascading, long, short, cropped, dull, shiny
Hair styles: braids, ponytail, pigtails, bun, messy bun, twist, bob, ringlets, flip, cornrows,
extensions, bangs, buzz, layered, feathered, chopped, gelled, spiked, slicked down
Lots of hair: thick, full, lustrous, bushy, coarse, wiry, stiff
Little hair: thin, scraggly, fine, baby-fine, downy, wispy, limp, flat, balding, bald, bald spot,
receding (gradual loss of hair at the front of the head)

Treated hair: permed, dyed, bleached, highlighted, weaved, streaked, colored

Facial Hair

Hair: beard, goatee, moustache, soul patch, sideburns

Beard growth: stubble, fuzz, peach fuzz, bristles, five oclock shadow (describes new beard
growth thats shadowy in appearance. Its usually more noticeable late in the day on the jaw,
chin, or cheek area, but some men purposely grow five oclock shadows.)
Adjectives: bearded, bushy, stubbly, bristly, scratchy, unshaven, shaggy, whiskered,
beardless, clean-shaven, smooth, trimmed, neatly-trimmed, pencil-thin

Choose strong verbs and adjectives.

Build: small, slim, slight, thin, lean, willowy, skinny, angular, bony, fine-boned, chunky,
chubby, large, portly, plump, round, stout, pudgy, full-figured, ample, broad-shouldered,
burly, solid, muscular
Posture: stand, sit, slouch, flop, lean, recline, rest, stretch, sprawl, curl up, roost, squirm,
arch, slump, stoop, bend, hunch, scoot, walk, run, race, jog


Fabric: denim, twill, wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, seersucker, gingham, lace, chiffon, tulle,
velvet, velveteen, fleece, flannel, tweed, polyester, jersey, corduroy, spandex, leather
Bottoms: jeans, skinny jeans, cargo pants, flat-front pants, pleated pants, slacks, trousers,
overalls, sweatpants, crop pants, capris, skirt, shorts, board shorts
Tops: sport shirt, dress shirt, polo shirt, button-down shirt, tank top, blouse, tunic, long-
sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless, collared, T-shirt, V-neck, scoop-neck, turtleneck, sweatshirt,
hoodie, pullover, sweater, cardigan, sweater set
Other clothing: dress, gown, frock, uniform, coveralls, costume, pajamas, bathrobe, robe,
vest, jacket, blazer, coat, apron

Footwear: socks, stockings, shoes, slippers, sandals, flip-flops, loafers, heels,
pumps, boots, ankle boots, riding boots, slouch boots, athletic shoes, sneakers, tennis
shoes, gym shoes, runners
Accessories: mittens, gloves, hat, cap, head wrap, bandana, scarf, muffler, necklace,
choker, bracelet, ring, earrings, cuffs, cufflinks, purse, clutch, bag, tote, sunglasses,
eyeglasses, glasses
Adjectives (appearance): stylish, natty, smart, chic, classy, elegant, polished, draped,
flowing, sheer, casual, relaxed, carefree, starched, crisp, sharp, dressy, lacy, shiny,
shimmering, sparkling, glittery, sloppy, torn, ripped, tattered, disheveled, slovenly, tacky,
unkempt, faded, scratchy, worn, frayed, nubby, rough, smooth, pliable, warm, soft, quilted,
Adjectives (patterns): striped, solid, plaid, checked, floral print, geometric print

Sentence Starters Describing Clothes (Encourage students to write more maturely by using
strong sentence openings.)

Smartly dressed in (name of garment), the woman

Casually attired in (name of garment), Chloe
Simply clad in (name of garment), Mark
Uncle Max sported a (name of garment)
Wearing a (name of garment), the detective

How to express feelings?

How do you describe a person who is angry?

He turned red with fury.

* My boss hit the ceiling when I told him Id lost the documents
Her face was contorted with rage and fury.
* I'm vexed with her. Her tone irritated me to the core.
Jimmy was so angry that his blood boiled.
* He was inwardly seething at the offense.
Laras voice crackled with anger.
* She received an irate letter from her husband.
An angry frown creased her forehead.
* Im kicking myself for not booking the flight yesterday the price just went up RM200.
A wave of futile rage swept over him.

* It drives me up the wall when people answer their cell phones in the midst of a discussion.
Venom spewed from his lips as he cursed belligerently.
She was like a bull in a china shop.
Seething with anger, she approached Ben menacingly.
Her eyes flashed with anger and resentment.
His anger turned into violence.

How do you describe a person who is sad?

Tears welled up in his eyes and began rolling down her cheeks like rivulets.
* She's feeling blue after what has happened to her son.
No one could express his agony.
* I am feeling low because my best friend is very ill.
She was on the brink of tears.
* Fans were downhearted by the defeat.
He felt the whole world collapsing upon him.
* My heart sank when I saw my test grade I only got 54.
Dark clouds seemed to constantly loom over her head.
She felt as if her heart had been ripped from her body.
He cried his heart out on hearing the tragic news.
She fell to her knees, clutching her head in despair.
He felt the whole weight of the world upon her shoulders.
His eyes were puffy and red after all the crying.

How do you describe a person who is shock/frightened?

Panic started to engulf Timmy.

* We were on pins and needles waiting to hear if we won the contest.
The cold black night pierced his very bones.
* I was shaking like a leaf after I heard an explosion on the train.
Terror seized us all.
Paralyzed with fear, he could not command his legs to run.
The shock robbed him of speech.
The blood drained from his face when he heard the tragic news.
A chill ran down his spine.
His hair stood on ends as a cry rang high into the night.
She screamed her head off when she saw the corpse.
Overcome with fright, she lost her balance and fell down in a swoon.
She stood rooted to the ground.
A haze of fear surrounded her.
He stood motionless with horror.
Frightening thoughts race through her mind.
She felt a wave of fear rush through her.
He stood stunned and speechless by his sudden rebuke.
She was at loss for words.
* I was floored by all the help we received after our son was in a serious accident.
They huddled together and stared apprehensively into the darkness.

How do you describe a person who is happy?

He was over the moon when he heard the good news.

* Together with a mirthful laughter, she gave a gleeful smile.
She was floating on air when her teacher praised her.
* They received a euphoric welcome after the highly anticipated tournament.
Im pumped about the concert this weekend Its going to be awesome!
* I had a jubilant crowd when I walked up the stage to receive the medal
Her eyes glittered with tears of joy.
* I heard a joyous laughter after she gave a delighted smile.
She seemed to be the happiest bride I've ever seen.
* It seemed as if a smile was plastered on her face.
They were saturated with happiness.
* Finally, it was a joyful occasion where everyone hugged each other.
She felt as if the whole world was on her side.
* She was a contented wife. Going to the World Cup Final was a dream come true.
He nearly fell over in elation after learning that he had won the prize.
* When their names were announced, the winner felt elated and excited.
Her bright smile was infectious, lighting up the room.
* She seemed to be the happiest bride I've ever seen.
Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.
* Im dying to see the new movie


Describing a friend
I usually make friends easily, so I have a lot of friends
schoolmates, neighbours, and relatives. I cant imagine my life without Introduction
them. But there is one, who will always be in the first place in my heart.
Her name is Laticia and she is my closest friend.

Laticia is a very beautiful and charming girl and always attracts physical
males attention. She is taller than me and has straight brown hair and appearance +
deep chestnut brown eyes. Like most teenagers she pays a lot of behavior
attention to her appearance and likes dressing in the latest and most observation (image
extravagant fashion. I dont think Ive ever seen her in a T- shirt or jeans. conscious)

By nature Laticia is communicative and outgoing and the thing personality traits +
she likes best is being the centre of attention. Her biggest dream is to behavior
become a singer and I truly believe that one day shell make her wish observation +
come true. Laticia has won many prizes and has taken part in many history
concerts, because she sings really incredibly.

As a normal human being, however, Laticia also has her

shortcomings. She never goes on time to her dates. Sometimes she is personality traits +
absent-minded and inconsiderate and that makes people think she never behavior
takes things seriously. But this is not true. She has a strong sense of observation
responsibility and you can always rely on her.

Another characteristic she has is that shes gregarious, sensitive personality traits

and emotional. She also gets confused easily and doesnt forget those +behavior
who have caused her harm. observation

The thing I admire most about Laticia is that she is protective and personal viewpoint
likes to look after people. Believe it or not, once she ever saved my life! + personality traits
Ill never forget that day. We went swimming in a pool. Suddenly, my left + history
leg went dead I couldnt go on swimming. I lost consciousness. When I
opened my eyes I found myself lying and Laticia holding my hands. She,
herself had pulled me out of the water. That was a real narrow escape
from the death, and if she werent there, I would have drowned.

For me, friendship is the most important thing in the world. I am Conclusion +
proud to say that I have such loyal and helpful friend one in a million. opinion

Describing my mother

My mother is without doubt the most important person in my life Introduction

and the most complete individual I know.
She is very beautiful and has the kindest eyes that I have ever Physical
seen. She not only works hard to ensure that I have a good upbringing, appearance +
but she is also very strict and often punishes me whenever I have done personality traits +
wrong. Even though I did not like the punishment then, I now look back history + reflection
and realize that it was meant to lovingly correct me and help me to follow
the right path when I grow up.
My siblings and I have always taken pride in the appearance of History +
our mother, especially her lovely long hair. I remember whenever my observation +
mother came to visit us at school, other pupils would urge us to ask our physical
mother to remove the pins from her hair so they could see the long well- appearance
kept hair. Even though I have seen very many beautiful people, very few
ladies match the beauty of my mother.
One of the reasons my siblings and I are especially fond of my Personality traits +
mother is the way she used to take great care of us, especially when we behavior
were ill. She is a very knowledgeable lady who makes a variety of home observation +
remedies to take care of the minor illnesses that we had as children. Her history + reflection
motherly love also extended to the animals in the farm, especially the
chickens. My mother will always check on the chickens and give them
medicine whenever she is determined that they had some ailment.

My siblings and I do not like to see our mother sad and would do Behavior
just about anything to bring a smile to her face. Interestingly, even when observation +
she was very worried or sad about something, she would always smile to personality traits
make us stop worrying about her. My mother not only loves those around
her, but also compassionate. We often observed her compassion towards
our neighbours, especially when a new neighbour moved in or when one
of the neighbours was going through a hard time. My mother would
sacrifice her time to go to a needy neighbour with a hot bowl of a soup

that would instantly make the neighbour feel appreciated.
Personality traits +
My mother is a good cook who always leaves us looking forward behavior
to the next meal. She knows how to mix the right ingredients to end up observation
with a meal that often leave us licking our fingers. Just the memory of the
foods that my mother prepared for us makes me salivate to this present

Influence of a mother

It took me seventeen years to realize what an extraordinary Introduction +

influence my mother has been in my life. She's the kind of person who personality traits +
has thoughtful discussions on the people to work with affectionately, behavior
the kind of mother who always has time for her four children, and the observation +
kind of community leader who has a seat on the board of every major reflection
project to assist my neighbourhood area and in the community.
Growing up with such a strong role model, I developed many of her
enthusiasms. I did not only come to love the excitement of learning
simply for the sake of knowing something new, but I also came to
understand the idea of giving back to the community in exchange for a
new sense of life, love, and spirit.
My mother's enthusiasm for learning is most apparent in travel.
Personality traits +
I was nine years old when my family visited Langkawi. Every night for history + reflection
three weeks before the trip, my older brother Raju and I sat with my
mother on her bed reading Langkawis myths and taking notes on the
interesting places to visit. Despite the fact that we were traveling with
fourteen-month-old twins, we managed to be at each ruin when we
reached our destination at sunrise. I vividly remember standing in an
empty ampitheatre pretending to be a traditional people, picking out my
favourite spot and history in Langkawi museum, and inserting our
family into modified tales of the curse of Mahsuri. We visited a lot of
other countries too. Eight years and half a dozen passport stamps later
I have come to value what I have learned on these journeys about
global history, politics and culture, as well as my family and myself.
While I treasure the various worlds my mother has opened to Personality traits +
me abroad, my life has been equally transformed by what she has history + reflection
shown me just two miles from my house. As a teenager, I often
accompanied my mother to orphanages and children's centre. While
she attended meetings, I helped with the School Holiday Program by
chasing children around the building and performing their own projects.
Having finally perfected the art of kindness, I began to work as a full
time volunteer with the five and six year old children last school
holiday. It is here that I met Jane Doe, an exceptionally strong girl with
a vigour that is contagious. At the end of the school holiday, I decided
to continue my help at some orphanages. Although the position is often

difficult, the personal rewards are beyond articulation. In the seven
years since I first walked through the doors of some orphanages, I
have learned not only the idea of giving to others, but also of deriving
from them a sense of spirit.
Everything that my mother has ever done has been Closure +
overshadowed by the thought behind it. While the raw experiences I reflection
have had at home and abroad have been spectacular, I have learned
to truly value them by watching my mother. She has enriched my life
with her passion for learning, and changed it with her devotion to
humanity. In her endless love of everything and everyone she is
touched by, I have seen a hope and life that is truly exceptional. Next
year, I will find a new home miles away. However, my mother will
always be by my side.

My Father

This essay is about how a perfect father looks like for me. Introduction

People could say that the perfect father does not exist, I actually General opinion +
do not know if that is true, but what I surely know is that my father is general description
perfect for me: Everything in my father is special; the way he dresses, the
way he moves, the way he behaves, the way he speaks and other
noticeable characteristics of a father. Sometimes I just think that it could
be great, if I could be a petit percent of what he is. But lets start to
describe the way that my father looks like.
At first sight, you could see that his clothes are classy and formal; Physical
however, if you know him as I do, you could notice that he dresses all appearance
kind of clothes; tight-fitting, dark clear, cheap, expensive, soft, formal,
informal, sportive. All his clothes are different, and I like them, but being
honest, there is a jacket that I do not like at all, it is heavy, brow and in my
opinion a little bit oldie. His clothes fit well with the way he looks, my
father is tall and thin, he always has his hair cut short, and he is grey-
haired. In other words my dads appearance is simply unique.
Moving to his appearance, I could say that the way he acts and Personality traits +
moves is an important part of his personality. For example soothing behavior
particular of him is that he tends to walk very quickly, this may be the observation +
reason about why he is that thin, he walks a lot everywhere, and I reflection
frequently believe that he does not walk, he jogs! Taking about the way
he eats, he has a particular way to twist his tortilla and to make some kind
of cone, then he chews it without noise, he loves to eat and every time
that I eat with him, I wish I could enjoy my food as he does. When he
eats, he tends not to speak; however, when he speaks is another story.
When he speaks is easy to notice his expressions, because he always
frowns; when he has doubts, he always smiles when he is happy, and he
always is serious when he is worried. His expressions are something that

makes even more interesting to listen to him.
Personality traits +
He is the kind of person that is interesting to listen. I could say that behavior
when I listen to him I can learn something. Every time that I want to have observation +
an honest opinion, I always go with my father, because he gives me his reflection
opinion from the bottom of his heart. In the other hand when he needs to
tell me something, he waits the perfect time to tell me, somewhere where
it is calm and relaxed. And if it is something bad; he always tries to give
me his advice, when he gives me some advice, it is important for me
because I can feel the support that everyone needs, when my father
gives me his support, I can feel confident and safe
My father is the kind of person who does not show his feelings a Personality traits
lot. But I could say that he can be though; however, when he is with me it
is not like that at all, he might not kiss and hug me every single day, but
when he does, it is what I consider the most sincere actions that
someone can ask for. When he hugs me, I feel warm and loved; his hard
skin becomes a soft thing. To conclude, some people may think that this
essay is a little bit too cheesy, and maybe it is, but I do not care because
there was not someone else that I wanted to describe like this. I have the
wonderful opportunity to have this awesome father.

The person whom I admire the most

Ever since I first met my admirable friend Kumari on-holiday camp Introduction
several years ago, she has been my favourite, irreplaceable companion.
My kindred spirit.
The first thing you notice about her, are her brown eyes, small Physical
upturned nose and large sensuous mouth, which make her face very appearance
photogenic. At first glance you can also see her long, straight hair, as well
as slender body which make her look really amazing. As a rule she
enjoys wearing typical clothes.
The most noticeable characteristic of Kumari is her Personality traits +
unprecedented sense of humour. It is rare to cheer everybody up in behavior
different situations, yet she always manages to do it. Moreover, she is the observation
life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. Pointing out
her tendency to be incredibly precise and insistance and perfection.
Some people claim she may seem quick-tempered but in reality deep
down, she is really an amiable person.
Kumari has a very unpredictable lifestyle, for this reason she Personality traits
spends a lot of time exercising. In her spare time she goes either to a
swimming pool or climbing in the mountains which I admire most. In the
future she would love to fulfil one of her childhood dreams, namely to
become and actress.
To sum up, Kumari really deserves admiration due to her ambition

and optimism. She shows people how to be a better person. I hope our conclusion
friendship will never end.

Now, it is your turn to write.

1. Describe someone whom you look upon as a role model.

2. Write about a person who had contributed selflessly to the world.
3. A famous person whom you admire
4. Describe the most popular student in your school.
5. Describe an interesting character in your class.

Descriptive Essay place, event
1. Structure your essay in a way that makes sense for your topic.
a. If you are writing about an event, give your paragraphs a chronological order.
b. If you are writing about a place or thing, try ordering your paragraphs so that they
go from general to specific.

2. Use descriptive words. Do not use vague words or generalities (such as good, nice, bad, or
beautiful). Be specific and use sensory, descriptive words (adjectives). For example:
a. I ate a good dinner. (or)
b. I devoured a steaming hot, cheese-filled pepperoni pizza for dinner.

3. Draw five columns on a piece of paper with each column labeled taste, touch, sight, sound,
and smell. Using your five senses, write down sensations and feelings you associate with

4. Provide sensory details:
a. Smells that are in the air (the aroma of freshly brewed coffee)
b. Sounds (traffic, honking horns)
c. Sights (The sun scattered tiny diamonds across dew-covered grass as it peeked out
from beyond the horizon.)
d. Touch (The texture of the adobe huts walls resembled coarse sandpaper.)
e. Taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, tart (Giant goose bumps formed on my tongue
when I accidently bit into a sliver of lemon.)

Describing an Event

Sample 1 : A Concert

I could still remember the sound of music blaring through the Introduction:
speakers, people excitedly engaged in conversation, the laughter, the Experience sight,
colourful lights, the smell of the food, all blended perfectly. This event is sound, smell
what I will described as one of the best ones of my life: The concert of
my favorite band, Panda. In the concert.

I could experience a lot of sensations that were more enjoyable General description
because of my five senses. That is why this experience is significant for sound, sight,
me. Listening and seeing my favorite singers on that cold night was touch
awesome because I had never seen them. This makes me want to relive
that amazing experience.
From this point, the
description is in
chronological order of

I remember arriving at the Megavelaria at 6 oclock. The line to Specific description:

get in to the concert was longer than I thought it would be. Most people touch, sight,
were dressed in black t-shirts with different designs of Panda and Divisin smell, sound
Minscula, the two most important and great groups at the concert. As we
were walking to get closer to the access area I could listen to people
talking about their likes and dislikes concerning the famous and
controversial rock bands. At that time, the weather was nice. It was
neither warm nor cold; it was just perfect for a concert night with friends.
On the street, there were some people selling black t-shirts, big posters
and some snacks which smelled delicious and looked mouth watering.
Then, we started getting closer to the concert stage.

People started screaming every time that they listened to any Specific description:
sounds of the different instruments from backstage. From one moment to sight, touch,
another, the VIP zone was overcrowded. People started pushing each sound, smell, taste
other, and I could feel how they were trying to knock over people around
me. Then, the concert started. The music was extremely loud. I could
listen to peoples screams as they were singing in unison while all of us
were just listening to the songs. As it was darkening, from the stage,
green, yellow and red fluorescent lights started illuminating us. As I
started singing with all the other people around me, my throat started
hurting and I felt breathless, so I bought a bottle of water to feel better.
The incredible concert was almost over.

After all the amazing bands had played, people started pushing Specific description:
each other again to get out of that enormous place. I started screaming Physical sound,
aloud to my friends to wait for me, and my throat started horribly hurting a touch, sight, smell,
second time. The night was cold and really dark. The light posts around taste
the avenue helped us see the small, but attractive food carts. The smell
was great, but as I did not have enough money, I just bought an icy cold
soda. It tasted like heaven because my throat was refreshing again. My

friend bought some potato chips and she shared them with me for us not
to be hungry. The taste was salty, just fabulous and the sauce was spicy.
Then, as we were looking at people of all ages walking around, at some
point we saw my dads blue car coming for us to take us home.

I experienced almost all senses which helped me to make this Conclusion:

one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in my life. I still Summary, opinion
remember the sounds, the sights and the smells of the food which make
me want to go back in time to live that occasion for the second time. Even
though, I suffered because of peoples attitude at some moments of the
concert or because of my screams that hurt my throat time and again, it
was really worth the moment.

Sample 2 : Carnival Rides

I have always been fascinated by carnival rides. It amazes me Introduction:

that average, ordinary people eagerly trade in the serenity of the ground Experience sight,
for the chance to be tossed through the air like vegetables in a food sound
processor. It amazes me that at some time in history someone thought
that people would enjoy this, and that person invented what must have
been the first of these terrifying machines. For me, it is precisely the thrill
and excitement of having survived the ride that keeps me coming back for
My first experience with a carnival ride was a Ferris wheel at a Specific description:
local fair. Looking at that looming monstrosity spinning the life out of its sound, sight,
sardine-caged occupants, I was dumbstruck. It was huge, smoky, noisy smell
and not a little intimidating. Ever since that initial impression became
fossilized in my imagination many years ago, these rides have reminded
me of mythical beasts, amazing dinosaurs carrying off their screaming
passengers like sacrificial virgins. Even the droning sound of their
engines brings to mind the great roar of a fire-breathing dragon with
smoke spewing from its exhaust-pipe nostrils.
The first ride on one of these fantastic beasts gave me an instant
rush of adrenaline. As the death-defying ride started, a lump in my throat Specific description:
pulsed like a dislodged heart ready to walk the plank. As the ride gained touch, sight,
speed, the resistance to gravity built up against my body until I was smell, sound
unable to move. An almost imperceptible pause as the wheel reached the
top of its climb allowed my body to relax in a brief state of normalcy. Then
there was an assault of stomach-turning weightlessness as the machine
continued its rotation and I descended back toward the earth. A cymbal-
like crash vibrated through the air as the wheel reached bottom, and
much to my surprise I began to rise again.
Each new rotation gave me more confidence in the churning
machine. Every ascent left me elated that I had survived the previous
death-defying fall. When another nerve-wracking climb failed to follow the Specific description:
last exhilarating descent and the ride was over, I knew I was hooked. sight, touch,

Physically and emotionally drained, I followed my fellow passengers sound
down the clanging metal steps to reach the safety of my former footing. I
had been spared, but only to have the opportunity to ride again.
My fascination with these fantastic flights is deeply engrained in Conclusion:
my soul. A trip on the wonderful Ferris wheel never fails to thrill me. Summary, opinion
Although I am becoming older and have less time, or less inclination, to
play, the child-like thrill I have on a Ferris wheel continues with each and
every ride.

Describing a Place


1. Jungle/Forest/Woods
a. ...cutting their way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth, fighting through the
very air, which hung heavy, moist and still. Trees tall as cathedrals surrounded them,
and a strange green light - almost holy - shimmered through the vast canopy of leaves.
The rain forest seemed to have an intelligence of it's own. It's voice was the sudden
screech of a parrot, the flicker of a monkey swinging through the branches overhead. It
knew they were there.

b. The jungle was an assault on all senses. The virescent hues were the foreground, the
background and as high up as you could see. The heat and humidity pressed in on the
skin making sweat pointless. The sounds of the insects, the birds and the larger animals
created a symphony of nature calling you deeper. The leaves brushed up against you
and your feet sprung up with each step. The air tasted both sweet and fresh, like flowers
blooming on your tongue.

c. He thought he knew what being in a jungle would be like, he'd seen so many movies
and read so many books. His first breath under the dense canopy was like inhaling a
warm soup made from aromatic blossoms.

d. The sweet jungle fragrance was almost cloying. Moving between the dense vegetation
was nothing like walking the forests back home. The moisture was so thin that sweating
had become obsolete, it just ran warmly into her already drenched clothes, only
achieving further dehydration. Everywhere lay water, water in pools and water caught
on leaves as large a two-seater couch. Around here were more noises than her ears
could separate. From every direction came the hums and chirps of insects, the song of
birds and the calls of mammals. There were poisonous creatures and large carnivores,

yet it was meeting other humans that scared her the most- humans with their bigger
brains and more creative ways of killing.

e. The towering trees slanting over the land. The sun passes through any miniature hole it
can reach and illuminates the green background.

2. Town
a. The town was a maze of narrow winding streets, as complex as the heart. The streets
were the veins, paved with dark red stones, and the people were the blood. The sound
of the smiths, beating swords and breastplates into shape, was the consistent and dull
pounding that let you know the town was alive.
b. After weaving through the labyrinth of roads, the paths eventually converged and
unveiled the piazza. Flocks of pigeons gathered everywhere; their numbers delighted
foreigners as they huddled around the birds, and either fed them crumbs of bread, or
took photographs. The visitors inclination towards the pigeons differed from the locals;
the birds were considered nuisances, and treated as such. A sea of people, of all ages
and ethnicities, filled the square. Most were sightseers from all corners of the world;
after all, Varenna was a renowned tourist attraction, and was often visited at this time
of the year.

c. The colours of the next town reminded me of children's toys. Every red was the exact
same one, a brilliant cherry scarlet. Every blue was a bright royal hue, neither dark or
light. There were no trees, perhaps the foliage would not cooperate to be the same
shade on every leaf. The street-lamps were the same canary yellow as the rain-slickers
and the taxis. There was no pink, no grey, no orange or violet; but it was more than that.
Nothing was sun-bleached, nothing scratched or chipped. The street was free of litter,
the walls were unvandalized perfection...

3. Beaches
a. Avery whispers into the breeze, her eyelids fluttering closed as she breathes in the briny
aroma. Scrunching her toes, she feels the softness of the sand, still damp from the
retreating tide. She wiggles as a shiver cascades down her spine and her eyes burst
open.The sand blurs out in a blissful trance, the shore fading into liquid gold, vivid in the
brilliant light. Her pale lips curve upward.
Avery bestows her gaze to the far off horizon, the flaring hues of the sun melting into
the sky and ocean like a divine painting. The forever stretching sea is masked with an
apricot colour, that beautiful umber flowing into turquoise. Through narrowed eyes she
watches as each wave overlaps one another, sending the white bubbling crests
descending, masking the shore with the transparent fading water.

b. But above all it is the fantastic colouring of the beaches that as in image overpowers the
minutiae. Above the tide-line the grey rocks are splashed gorse-yellow with close-
growing lichen, and with others of blue-green and salmon pink. Beneath them are the
vivid orange-browns and siennas of wrack-weeds, the violet of mussel-beds, dead-white

sand, and water through which one sees down to the bottom, as though pale green
bottle-glass, to where starfish and big spiny urchins of pink and purple rest upon the
broad leaves of the sea-tangle.

c. The beach was a blaze of parasols, hot colours to match the burning sand underfoot.
Against the percussion of the waves was the laughter, coming in bursts and rolling like
the ocean.
d. Directly across the way stood a top-heavy dockhouse, a weatherbeaten cube of pure
nineteenth century raised up on out-curving supports for the purpose of enabling
elderly ladies to sit out on good afternoons to watch the sailboats leaning at their work -
a setting rendered completely other-day and unreal by this thick, moist air.

4. Crowded Place
a. Each person in the crowd moves as if unseeing hands drag them this way and that,
pulling their eyes to one thing and then another. They respond in predictable ways, each
of them with a goal to achieve for the day. But underneath that is free will, the ability to
truly choose their own path. Sometimes I engage them in conversation just to wake up
the part of themselves that is capable of taking charge, making choices. Then they're off,
back on auto-pilot, the most dangerous mode a human being can slip into.

b. The media conditions us to crave the spotlight, but we are happiest when part of a
crowd. We love to work together, achieve a common goal and cheer each other on. I'd
only ever want to be a star in a brilliant night sky, surrounded by stars equally as bright.
Every person has a light, a calling, and by following it the world becomes a little less
distorted, a little more healthy.

c. The crowd is a river of people, everyone moving in the same direction. There are only
joyful faces as we head toward the stadium for the greatest rock concert on earth -
music to fill us chock full of adrenaline pumping happiness. We move not like pebbles in
a jar, but like water molecules flowing smoothly past one another, friends staying
together with fingers entwined.

5. Spooky Place
a. The overgrown branches covered the door as if it was warning me off, but a deal was a
deal so I pulled away the branches without a sweat and opened the door. It made a
creaking noise like every abandoned house did and then slammed shut behind me. 'It's
just the wind' I tried to convince myself. A foul stench invaded my nostrils, I looked
around to see where the smell was coming from and nearly vomited at the sight, it was
a body, a bit of flesh was still there being eaten by the millions of grey rats, Harry, the
person who I had come to find.

b. The mouldy, rotting, brown house stood in front of the boy, only fear keeping his feet
planted to the ground. Moaning and creaking noises being projected from the house.

The grass was damp from the evening fog and every time he took a step the mud
squelched. The bottom step squeaked as he applied pressure with his foot, he let out a
sigh of relief as the old structure hadnt swallowed him up. The door, slightly off colour
from the rest of the house, loomed over him like a giant as he reached for the brass
door handle.

c. Surrounded by thistles, and half-hidden behind a red and green tangle of rampant ivy,
we should never have entered the dilapidated property we stumbled upon, deep in the
woods. The door was bolted from the inside, but boys will be boys, and there was no
glass in the window frames. The air within was dust-filled and stale, and all was dark and

Sample 1 Weekend Market

Many tourists brochures have mentioned that one place every Introduction:
tourist must venture is the weekend market. This market is huge and Opinion, Fact
has everything from bags, souvenirs and handicrafts to many kinds of
animals, plants and it also has a variety of local delicacies and
paraphernalia. The weekend market is a great place for shopping and
experiencing the local culture.

The weekend market in PJ Old Town is located near the town's General
main bus station so people come from all over the country to buy and sell description:
goods. , it is also near an LRT train station which makes it very Sight
convenient for city people, especially young people who don't have cars.
The market is very large and full of hundreds of small shops and stalls. It
can be rather baffling to get around. If you get lost, it is a good idea to
look for the clock tower which is right in the middle of the market. It will
help you find your way. From this point, the
description is in
chronological order of

When I walk into the market early on a Sunday morning there are Specific description:
people and cars and motorcycles everywhere. While it is usually hot and Physical sight,
crowded, the atmosphere is friendly and good-natured. You have to be touch, sound, smell,
careful where you walk. Many people are bringing their goods to sell in taste
big bags on carts and trolleys. At times, you might even have to jump
out of the sellers' way as they charge along the narrow walkways with
their goods. To the sellers, tourists and locals are pouring in looking for
something to eat or ready to start shopping. As time passes, the market
gets more and more crowded and you have to start squeezing past
people to keep moving.

As you walk through the market you will experience many Specific description:
sensations. There are many smells, scents and aromas. One moment Physical sight,
you will be smelling the aroma of stir-fried dishes from a small restaurant touch, smell, taste

and the next you smell the scents of orchids and other flowers as you
pass through the cooler and more relaxing garden section. Deeper into
the market, your eyes will have trouble recording so many products with
their many colors, designs and sizes. After a while you may feel dizzy and
look for a quiet place to have a rest and a refreshing drink. There are
many small cafes and stalls selling fresh coconut juice, orange juice or
iced water to quench your thirst.

A day at the weekend market is both a day of shopping and a Conclusion:

unique experience for your senses. It is a kind of magical journey that is Summary, opinion
great as a maiden experience for tourists and an escape from the daily
life for the locals.

Sample 2 Haunted House

A little while ago, my family moved from Pennsylvania to a house Introduction:
in Maryland. The house was on a hill and very secluded from the rest of General description
the town. It was perched upon the very top of a hill and had a black gate - sight
guarding it. When we moved, the previous owners had given us some
background history on the house. They told us that over 30 years ago a
baby had been born in my parents room, and that there had also been a
death in the house, but forgot to tell us where.

The house was large, beautiful, but naturally very noisy. The stairs Specific description:
creaked loudly when we walked up them, and the air leaked through the Sight,sound
parched wood of the floorboards, walls, and windows making an eerie
whistling sound. The house was very hollow, so there was a lot of
echoing. My room was all the way downstairs though, so I didnt have to
worry about that as much. Other than that, the house seemed like the
average Victorian house in Venoiro County.

By the time I moved out of the house, I had my share of strange Specific description:
occurrences. After about a year of living in that house, I had found out Sound
that it wasnt as normal as I had first suspected. Im pretty sure there
were at least 10 ghosts living in that house. Each of them had very
unusual habits. While my dad was working he sometimes liked to listen to
the radio, obviously so did the ghosts. Sometimes we would be woken in
the middle of the night by loud blasts of music from the radio in the office
if my dad had forgotten to unplug the radio before going to bed. Or when
wed come back to the house after being on a vacation wed find the radio
to be on. But that was only one of the peculiar habits the ghosts had.

Not only was the radio always being turned on, but the toilets Specific description:
would flush randomly, the sinks would turn on, and alarm clocks would go Sound, sight
off at any given time. My dog Casey would go crazy barking at nothing
sometimes, but when my mother would turn on the lights, she would stop.
None of us knew what to think of these events, so we just tried to ignore

them most of the time. Although we never admitted it, I knew that we all
figured that ghosts were the cause of the chaos in our house.

For years my youngest brother Marshall had lived in the large Specific description:
room in the tower. By the time he turned 9 he told us he didnt want to live Touch, sight
there anymore because he didnt feel comfortable. I assumed that the
reason for his discomfort had been the fact that he felt isolated from the
rest of the family. With this is mind I took the opportunity to move into the
new room, since I really enjoyed having my privacy. The first night I slept
in that room, the cold drafts from the windows told me I should have
brought an extra blanket. It felt even weirder in the tower room than any
other room in the house. I woke up several times at night barely able to
breathe, with my blankets wrapped tightly around me. I would see
shadows lurking outside out of the corner of my eye, but whenever I
would look directly at them, they would disappear. My brother used to tell
me that at night whenever he would get up to go to the bathroom or put
on a sweatshirt he would fell somebody poking at his sides, now I knew
what he was talking about.

So thats how the first few nights in my new room went. I decided Specific description:
to try a few more nights before I said anything to my parents. So the next Touch, sight
night I sleep with layers of long sleeved shirts on and only a small blanket
to avoid being woken up wrapped tightly in my blankets and being unable
to breathe. I unplugged all the appliances in my room so that they could
not miraculously turn on at night, and I put down all the shades so the
shadows outside wouldnt disturb me. Although I had done everything I
could I was still awoken early in the morning. Im not sure what made me
wake up, but once I did I couldnt fall back asleep.

I walked down the creaking steps grasping the railing firmly to Specific description:
make sure I didnt fall. I flicked the light switch on and tiptoed toward the Sound, touch, taste
cabinet with the tea ingredients. Once I had made myself some tea I
quickly clambered toward the dining table to drink. My family had gotten
the recipe for the tea from the people who used to live in the house. They
said it had been an old recipe of their grandmothers.

I drank the first cup of tea briskly and decided to make some Specific description:
more. I was just about to pour in the last ingredient, when I felt something Touch, sight
as cool as ice rest on my shoulder; it sent chills through me. Just to the
right of me was an old ghastly woman with short white hair and wrinkling
face. She had a friendly smile and reached out to grab the teacup. Her
brittle fingernails scraped against the back of my hand. She was dressed
in old Victorian period clothing, and had yellow teeth. She also had a
locket on which had been engraved the initials JRS.

I quickly ran up the stairs and into my room to try and fall asleep. I Specific description:
dont remember what happened afterwards, but when I awoke in the Touch, sight, sound
morning I still had scratches on the back of my hand from the womans
fingernails. I ran down the stairs from the tower to find my mother and
Marshall at the dining table having cereal, and my father sweeping
something up on the other side of the room. When I asked him what he

was sweeping up, he told me that he had found one of our teacups
shattered on the floor this morning. After I heard this I told my whole
family what had happened with me last night.

They made me tell them every little thing that I remembered from Conclusion
last night. We ended up writing to the local newspaper about our house.
A few weeks after the newspaper had been published we received a call
from the former owners of the house. They gave us some pretty
interesting information. Many people had died in the house, they said,
and that was probably the reasoning behind the appliances seeming to
have minds of their own. The woman, they said, whom I had seen that
night was their grandmother, she had died in the kitchen over 50 years
ago of a heart attack. They knew it was their grandmother when they read
the part in the story about the locket initialing JRS, because they said she
never took that locket off. It had been her mothers, whose name was
Jane Renee Smith. When a ghost expert got a hold of my story he told
me that the reason her ghost had showed up was most likely because
ghosts tend to show up when you are doing something that was
considered their responsibility. In this case, the grandmother still thought
that the making of the tea was still her responsibility. About 5 months
after we got the reasons for the story straight, our house was sold. We
didnt tell the new owners of our experiences, we figured itd be better if
they found out about them for themselves.


Describing an event:

1. Describe the recent class party you attended.

2. Describe one of your most memorable first days of school.
3. Describe a memorable trip you took.
4. Describe the grandest wedding you attended.
5. Describe the best carnival you have been to.

Describing a place:
1. Describe the house in which you grew up.
2. Describe the place you have dreamed about that does not exist in real life.
3. Describe your dream vacation.
4. Describe the place that has changed your life.
5. Describe the place where you had the worst moment in your life.


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