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UNIT PLAN 2013-2014 Colegio Granadino

UNIT PLAN 2013-2014 Colegio Granadino

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Teacher Germn Camilo Salazar Lozada

Grades 7
Subject Music
Quarter 1

Stage 1: Determine desired results

Key Standards and Benchmarks assessed in this unit:

Standard 3: Improvises melodies, variations, and accompaniments

MC7.3.1 Crea ritmos cortos, relacionados con las figuras musicales bsicas

Standard 4. Reads and notates music

MC7.4.1 Reads a writes simple phrases using note, half note, quarter note, eight note, sixteenth note, rests and its possible combinations

Standard 5 Knows and applies proper criteria to music and music performance

MC7.5.1 Understands aesthetics and styles in world music

MC7.5.2 Identifies and judges technical features in world music

Standard 6 - Understands the relationship between music and history and culture.

MC7.6.3 Knows and understands the historical background of several musical instruments of the world music, their function, construction and
technical features.

Standard 7: Develops ear skills

MC7.7.1 Identifies easy technical elements of music by listening to them

MC7.7.2 Identifies musical instruments from the world music by listening to them

Specific content

6th Grade short review

Musical Writing: Rhythm

Metric structure
Whole note, Half note, Quarter note, Eight note, Sixteenth note, Rests

Organology of the World music

Guitars: Acustic, Electric, Electroacustic
Bass, double bass
UNIT PLAN 2013-2014 Colegio Granadino

Keyboards: Piano, synthesizer

xylophone, Marimba
Percussion: Drums, Timbales, Conga, Bongo, Cowbell

Ear Training
Musical Instruments of the World Music.
4/4, 3/4, 2/4 dictation with whole note, half note, quarter note, eight note, sixteenth
note, rests and combinations

Stage 2: Determine Acceptable evidence

Performance Tasks (e-g. test, exam, Assessment devices (rubrics, charts,
performance, presentation, essay, etc.) checklists, logs etc.)

1. Exams in which the teacher can evaluate -The student recognizes any instrument from
the learning process the World Music by listening to it, and is able
to explain its historical background,
2. Homework with further information about construction and technical features.
the different subjects. - The student is able to identify mistakes in a
musical line.
3. Appropriated participation, audience and -The student is able to read and play an easy
concentration within the class percussion score.
-The student is able to write an easy part after
3. Appropriated behavior, attendance and listening to it.
dressing within the classroom.


Didactical guides, Staff Blackboard, Classroom audio system, Auditory, Videobeam.

Stage 3: Learning Experiences and instruction plan

Give a general outline of how long the unit will take, and what activities will be used in order to
accomplish the desired results:

General 6th Grade review

The teacher guides a quickly journey throughout the topics studied in 6th grade

Musical Writing: Rhythm

Explanation of Metrical structure.

UNIT PLAN 2013-2014 Colegio Granadino

Note values, Rhythm cells compared to words, group reading of easy parts
Composition of Rhythmic lines

Organology of the World Music

Screening videos and slide presentation Organology of the World Music

The teacher expounds an explanation of the instruments performed in World music, their
history, parts, usability

Ear Training
Consolidation Class Work with the topics studied developing the ability to identify each one by
listening to it

First Quarter subject revision.

The teacher resolves any doubt about the topics learned through the quarter.

Quarter Exam

Can you identify enduring understandings in What essential questions will you ask the
your unit? What are they? students (give them a context or framework
for the unit)?
The student will understand the general
working of musical grammar and music How can you write the music from a song
theory and will apply easy concepts to music Wich instruments join in a rock song? Salsa
performance. song? Pop song?

The student will recognize any instrument of

World Music within a song or music piece and
from any ensemble

The students will apply the concept by

UNIT PLAN 2013-2014 Colegio Granadino

They will recognize theoretical and contextual (historic, esthetic, organologic) elements in
every kind of music they listen outside the school, specially World music from the xx century.
They will know how to read and write a rhythm.

I will implement the principles of the INNOVA Program in my Unit Plans in the following ways:

Enrichment Learning Drive Learning Reinforce learning


New teaching strategies or assessment strategies used?