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Chapter 27: Flowering Plants: Reproduction

1 In flowering plants, the gametophyte _____.

A) is haploid
B) produces spores
C) produces the flowers
D) All of these

2 In flowering plants, the sporophyte _____.

A) is diploid
B) is what we generally recognize as the plant
C) contains vascular tissue
D) All of these

3 In flowering plants the pollen grain is transported by _____ to the

A) water
B) soil
C) animals
D) All of these

4 Flowers are modified _____.

A) leaves B) roots C) stems

5 Which of the following is incorrectly matched?

A) sepals - attract pollinators
B) petals - colored leaves
C) carpel - ovary
D) anther - pollen production
6 Which of the following is characteristic of seeds that are dispersed by wind?
A) Wooly hairs
B) Plumes
C) Wings
D) All of these

7 A _____ is an example of a multiple fruit.

A) legume
B) pineapple
C) samara

8 The seed develops from the _____.

A) anther
B) receptacle
C) ovule
D) ovary

9 Which of the following fruits developed from a compound ovary?

A) Peach
B) Legume
C) Samara
D) Tomato

10 A fruit is a mature _____.

A) ovule
B) ovary
C) anther
11 The shoot and root tip can be distinguished in a _____ -shaped embryo.
A) torpedo
B) heart
C) globular

12 The portion of the embryo below the cotyledon that contributes to stem
development is the _____.
A) radicle
B) hypocotyl
C) epicotyl
D) first leaf

13 The endosperm that forms from the union of a sperm nucleus and the polar
nuclei of the central cell is _____.
A) haploid
B) diploid
C) triploid

14 During pollination, pollen is transferred to the _____.

A) style
B) anther
C) ovary
D) stigma

15 A light-colored or white flower that opens only at night is most likely pollinated by
a _____.
A) bat B) bee
C) bird D) butterfly
16 The mutualistic relationship between flowers and their pollinators developed
through the process of _____.
A) divergent evolution
B) convergent evolution
C) coevolution
D) artificial selection

17 The growth of a tissue in an artificial liquid or solid culture medium is called

A) totipotency B) cell suspension
C) sexual reproduction D) tissue culturing

18 In eudicots, the ___________ usually store all of the nutrient molecules the
embryo uses.
A) cotyledons B) ovule
C) endosperm D) None of these

19 In flowering plants, the gametophyte is _____.

A) microscopic
B) haploid
C) dependent on the sporophyte
D) All of these

20 Pollen grains develop from microspores in the _____.

A) stigma
B) anther
C) ovary
D) receptacle