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EXPERIMENT NO. 6 AIM :- To design and implement, using IC 555 8. (i) Astable mukvibrator with a duty eycle > 50% (i) Astable multvibrator witha 0 < duty ele < 100%. b. Monostable multvibratr. INSTRUMENTS AND COMPONENTS TO BE U Power supply (0-30 V , SA dual mode power supply) Dual channet CRO (TDX 1510) Ic $55 Resistors Bread board Connecting wires Square waves are the simplest waveforms to produce. They are used in system control, tone generation and instrumentation. They can be used to produce both rams as well as sine waves IC-355 is an integrated circuit specifically designed to perform signal generation and timing function An astable multivibrator (In this mode of operation output does not remain in any of the two. possible states permanently thus the name Astable!!) can be produced by adding two resistor and capacitor to the 1C-S55 as shown below in fig. 6.1 & FIG.6.1 Astable Multivibrator Us Atypical output waveform available at the output terminals (pin no.3) is shown below IHL FIG.6.2 Output Waveform DESIGN PROCEDURE Ton =0.69(R4+ REC. Tog =0.69RBC Duty cycle of the output waveform generated is given by = PAtRB 199 YDutyeyle Ton *+Tog Ra+2RB a To generate an output waveform with a free running frequency of 1.43 kHz and on time Ton =0.421ms and hence Tog = 0.269 ms which gives a duty cycle of 61% , we begin the design by selecting a capacitor of value 0.1uF and Ry=22 KQ. This gives Ry=3.9 KQ to meet simultaneously the specification on Ton, Torrand duty cycle as given in equation (1) PROCEDURE: |. Bread board the circuit given in fig. 6.1 with the component values obtained by the design procedure explained above. 2._ Bias the circuit with Vec =5V (be careful you are bias '555 requires unipolar (+ve) bias of SV at pin -8) IC-555 not IC-741!! 1C- 3° Observe the output at pin-3 and pin-6 and save them in your removable disk and note down the values of Toy and Tos there from, Compare these values with the designed values of the same. 00 0 0 /0/0,/0,0/0/0,/0,0,0,/9,9,.9.9-9.9-0 1 22-01 co Fig, 6.3 sample output waveform available at pin-6 and pin-3 ASTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR WITH DUTY CYCLE OF 50% OR LESS: With the circuit configuration shown in fig equation (1) dictates that the duty cycle will never be less than 50%. A simple modification as shown below in fig.10.4 makes possible the generation ‘of output waveforms with duty cycle equal to or less than 50%.