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Virtual Sorbé Michael McCurley Central Plaza Liberia Tel - 2665-1700

Uses for Digital Resources 1) You can search for information and other resources like articles, digital books, music, videos and software programs of all types. 2) You can create your own personal digital library. 3) You can post your own resources to share with students and others. 4) You can communicate with people all over the world. Materials You Can Post 1) electronic books 2) articles or texts 3) study guides 4) course notes or outlines 5) schedules of assignments and activities 6) review questions or exercises 7) your own virtual book or articles Where You Can Post Them 1) Google Documents 1 (service is free) 2) Scribd 2 (service is free and can include your own profile) 3) Your own web site (service may or may not be free) --you have dozens of options Advantages of a Virtual or Digital Library 1) virtually portable 2) takes up no physical space except for the media you use 3) low cost or free 4) fits on a flash drive, CD, DVD, or on the hard drive of your computer 5) easy to add to or share with others Useful Resources to Start With 1) ERIC 3 (Education Resources Information Center) 2) Gutenberg 4 3) Library of Congress 5 4) MIT Open Source Collection 6 5) The National Academy Press 7 (digital collection and search engine) 6) Scribd 8 7) Virtual Reference Shelf 9 8) Wikipedia 10 It’s our pleasure to share with you. Other Useful Software 1) Bitorrent (automates download process for large or multiple files) 2) DAP Download Accelerator (increases download speed and checks data) 3) RAMA Radio (digital internet radio, for listening or recording music) 4) TV Tuners (provide worldwide digital television broadcasts on the Internet)

Email Sites (free service, communication and file attachments) 1) Lycos Mail 11 2) MSN Hotmail 12 3) Yahoo Mail 13 Media Players (most widely used) 1) Quick Time 2) Miro 14 (the player and download programs are the same) 3) Real Player 4) YouTube 15 5) Windows Media Player (found with all Microsoft operating systems) Readers (all can be downloaded for free) 1) Adobe Acrobat Reader 16 (best reader for .pdf files) 2) Lit Reader (for .lit files) 3) Microsoft Reader 4) DJview 17 (for .djv files) Resources for Music and Videos (you can download and/or view videos at no cost) 1) MIRO14 (excellent for downloading music and videos) 2) YouTube15 (great source for posting and viewing videos) Search Engines 1) GOOGLE 18 (very popular) 2) LYCOS 19 (effective, especially for research) 3) MSN 20(appears on web page with Hotmail email) 4) YAHOO 21 (appears on web page with Yahoo email) Useful Web Site Addresses 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

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