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Department of Homeland Security/FEMA

Robert Fenton (A)
Protection and
Office of Chief Counsel Chief of Staff DEPUTY ADMINISTRATOR National Preparedness
Adrian Sevier Eric Heighberger David Grant (A) Deputy Administrator
Kathleen Fox (A)

DHS Center for Office of Disability

Faith-based and Integration and Office of Equal Rights Office of Chief Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator
Neighborhood Coordination Financial Officer Grant Programs National Preparedness
Willisa Donald
Partnerships Mary Comans (A) Tom DiNanno Katherine Fox (A)
Christopher Lagan (A)
Rev. Jamie Johnson
Office of Executive Senior Law
Serves Operations Enforcement Advisor Assistant Administrator
all of National Continuity
Marcia Hodges Roberto Hylton Office of External Affairs Programs
Stephanie Tennyson (A) Roger Stone (A)
Office of
National Capital
Region Coordination
Kim Kadesch Office of Policy and
Program Analysis
David Bibo (A)

Federal Insurance and Office of

Mission Support U.S. Fire Administration Regions I-X Mitigation Administration Response and Recovery
Associate Administrator Administrator Regional Administrators Associate Administrator Associate Administrator
MaryAnn Tierney (A) Denis Onieal (A) Roy Wright (A) Corey Gruber (A)
Deputy Associate R1 Paul Ford (A)
Deputy Associate Deputy Associate
Administrator R2 John Rabin (A) Administrator Administrator
Tracey Showman (A) Roy Wright Corey Gruber
R3 Robert Welch (A)
R4 Gracia Szczech
Office of Chief Office of Chief R5 Janet Odeshoo (A) Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator
Administrative Officer Information Officer R6 Tony Robinson Federal Insurance Fund Management Response Recovery
Eric Leckey (A) Adrian Gardner R7 Kathy Fields (A) David Maurstad Shalini Benson Damon Penn Alex Amparo
R8 Nancy Dragani (A)
R9 Ahsha Tribble (A)
Office of Chief Office of Chief Component Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator
R10 Sharon Loper (A) Field Operations
Procurement Officer Human Capital Officer Mitigation Risk Management Logistics Management
Bobby McCane Corey Coleman Michael Grimm Nicholas Shufro Michael Byrne Jeffrey Dorko

Office of Chief
Security Officer
Dwight Williams

(A) Denotes acting incumbent

May 15, 2017