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Peppy Viradella Dien (42130579) as Producer, Imam Prastomo (42120896) as Director,

Norein Engelbert (42130733) as Screenwriter, Ryan Novian (42130463) as a Camera
Person, Johanes Marsky (42130447) as Editor, Television Documentary Program "Kurir

Technological developments or the mass media today are increasingly advanced. Technological
developments have great influence by the development of the mass media. And one of them is
television, television has attracted public interest, not only capable as providing a wide range of
audio-visual information, but also become an entertainment and education. In the television
programs, there are various formats. One of them is a television documentary program format.

Television Documentary Program "KURIR BERSEPEDA" which we chose was to provide

information to audience and viewers about courier service activities using bicycles in Jakarta.
Also inform the scope of the issues chosen by the author. In this documentary program, the
writer will introduce courier service using bicycles that recently has become an alternative way
of delivering packages in Jakarta, amid the other side in terms of issues, ranging from
congestion, and psychological conditions of citizens everyday.

With the results of our work, the writer hope that writer and the team along with people of
Jakarta will be more enthusiastic with courier service using bicycle.

Keywords: Television Documentary, Kurir Bersepeda.