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A message from Bill Koutalianos 4. But isn’t the science settled?

Climate Sceptic Independent Candidate for Bradfield Don’t 2500 IPCC scientists agree CO2 is causing
Global Warming?
Not exactly. Of the 2,500 IPCC scientists, only 600 examined
The Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) the climate science, of which 308 reviewed the second draft
of which 62 considered the cause of climate change of which
- saving our planet? 7 were independent of which 2 disagreed, so ONLY 5
independent scientists said CO2 has even 90% chance
- or just a new wasteful Tax? of being involved with climate change.

Consider these facts : Compared that with the 31,000
Only 5 independent scientists who have signed a
1. CO2 is not a pollutant. It is a part of scientists saying petition (
earth’s natural carbon cycle to which the humans CO2 could be the saying there is NO conclusive
contribute only about 3.6%. Higher concentrations cause evidence CO2 is causing climate
have proven benefits such as making plants grow change.
faster and have no demonstrable effect on climate. 31,000 scientists refuting CO2 as
the cause of climate change

5. But what about global temperatures?
390 0.8

CO2 Levels

Air Temperature Anomaly (°C)

CO2 Concentration (ppmv)
385 ppm CO2 535 ppm CO2 685 ppm CO2 835 ppm CO2 370
2009 2060 2120 2180
Global 0.2
360 0.1

2. ETS will have no discernable effect 355
1995 1998 2001 YEAR 2004 2007

on atmospheric CO2 and the Climate.
Global temperatures change naturally. In the last 10 years,
Greenhouse gases make Greenhouse Gases the temperature rise predicted by CO2 climate models has
up 1% of air and reduce heat 95% of greenhouse gas not occurred despite rising CO2 - in fact global temperature
loss from the earth – without effect due to water vapour * has not risen at all. The whole premise that human-caused
them, we would be in an ice CO2 is causing dangerous global warming is wrong.
age with earth 33°C colder. 1% due to methane
and other trace gases Therefore an ETS
m Will not reduce global emissions.
m Will not change the climate.
CO2 is a minor greenhouse 3.6% due to natural CO2
m Will cost us plenty.
gas and human-caused CO2
is minuscule at about 0.12% 0.12% due to
of total greenhouse effect. human-caused CO2

* Estimates vary according to source.
6. But regardless of the science, is not
alternative sustainable energy good
So an ETS in Australia may only
m for the environment?
Human-caused CO2
reduce greenhouse gases
Of course, but the ETS is potentially wasteful, diverting rivers
by an order of one millionth.
m of consumer money to a whole new industry of auditors,
The equivalent of reducing a
m lawyers, traders, bankers and ‘green’ businessmen, waiting
piece of string a kilometre
m to trade in a new commodity you can hardly measure.
1.5% is caused by Australia
long by one millimetre.
m Spain has moved towards a renewable energy economy and
The ETS aims to reduce has 19% unemployment and power costs have risen 100%.
Australia's CO2 by Or by some estimates, prevent
5 - 15% on 2000 levels one-ten-thousandth of a degree
of global warming.
m Bill Koutalianos is a member of an association
“The Climate Sceptics”,which supports practical and
3. But is the ETS a worthwhile commonsense scientific environmental protection, but
fights fearmongering and political spin about climate
symbolic first step? and the ETS / Carbon Tax.
No. Symbolically reducing CO2 by one millionth Get informed - check out the facts
will cost Australia $50 Billion per year, or
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...while China alone increases its CO2 emissions
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