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Title: Learn About Your State

Grade: 3rd - 5th

Time: 4 class sessions, 40 minutes each

Objectives of the Unit:

Students will
1. Collect, organize, create, and document data about the state they are given to learn about.
2. Document data about the other states researched by their fellow classmates
3. Enhance their knowledge of the 50 US states using cooperative learning and collaboration.
4. Use technology and art to complete their state projects (Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, the
internet, pictures, symbols, etc).

NYSLS Standards:

Social Studies Standard 3 Geography

“…use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the geography of the
interdependent world in which we live—local, national, and global—including the distribution of
people, places, and environments over the Earth’s surface.”

Social Studies Standard 4 Economics

“…use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of how the United States
and other societies develop economic systems and associated institutions to allocate scarce
resources, how major decision-making units function in the U.S. and other national economies,
and how an economy solves the scarcity problem through market and nonmarket mechanisms.”

The Arts Standard 2 - Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources
“Students will be knowledgeable about and make use of the materials and resources available for
participation in arts in various roles.”

Technology Standard 5 - Technology Education

“Students will apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, use, and evaluate
products and systems to satisfy human and environmental needs.”

Student Preparation:

Student must have knowledge of the 50 US states and have prior understanding of vocabulary
including: capital, population, geography, etc. Students must be able to work with Microsoft Word,
Microsoft PowerPoint, and be able to use the provided internet websites to find the necessary
facts about their state. Students must be able to use their imagination to be creative and unique
when completing their project.


An online map will be shown on the smart board. The students will be asked if they know where
the state “Hawaii” is? Students will be asked to raise their hand to answer the question. They will
then be asked if they know what the capital is, the state nickname and how many people live in
Hawaii? The teacher will then discuss with students the origin, history, geographic features and
any other important information about the chosen state (population, capital, waterways, etc).
Next the students will be told they will be working as an individual to research one of the fifty

Day One:

5. The students will draw state names out of a hat based on birthdays (to avoid any conflict of
who wants what state).
6. The students will then be shown a mock PowerPoint and example postcard as this will give
them an idea on what their final project will look like. Directions will be posted on the smart
board to avoid confusion. Students will be required to include pictures within their PowerPoint
and 10 facts about their state. The postcard will be graded on creativity and at least 5 facts
must be illustrated.
7. After the names are drawn, the teacher and students will walk to the computer lab to start
8. The students will be provided with a worksheet that has recommended websites to ensure
the students stay on track and save time. The websites also provides questions for the
students to answer to make sure the right information is being researched. The students will
have 30 minutes to complete the worksheet.

Day Two:

9. The students will work on completing their worksheet (if they have not already done so).
10. The students will then start working on their PowerPoint presentations.
11. The teacher will guide the students through out their 40 minute class period; answering any
questions or concerns.
12. The students will complete, edit, and revise their PowerPoint presentations.

Day Three:

13. Starting alphabetically the students will present their PowerPoint presentation to the class.
14. Fellow classmates will be required to complete a 3.2.1 graphic organizer about each state
using their own loose leaf paper. The questions will be posted on the white board:
State 3 facts you learned about this state.
Indicate 2 facts you would like to know more about.
Specify 1 fact you already knew or were surprised to find out.

Day Four:

15. The students will create a postcard using Microsoft Word. They will be required to state 5
facts about their state, including colored pictures and graphics. Students may use their
PowerPoint to assist them with their postcard.
16. The students will email their teacher the completed postcard.
17. The teacher will print and copy the postcards for each student. This will ensure that each
student has a postcard to study of each state.
18. The teacher will leave any left over time for class discussions. The students will be able to
share any questions, concerns or share their 3.2.1 graphic organizer with the class.

Materials and Resources:

Ÿ Computer/Internet
Ÿ Pencils
Ÿ Loose leaf paper
Ÿ Worksheet “Collect Data About Your State”
Ÿ Smart board
Ÿ Microsoft Word
Ÿ Microsoft Office
Ÿ Smart board
Ÿ White board
Ÿ Online Map


Students will be assessed on their PowerPoint, presentations, postcards and 3.2.1 graphic
organizers. Students are required to find creative images and pictures to symbolize the facts they
have researched.


Feedback will be given back to the student once the postcards are turned in. The teacher will also
create a 3.2.1 graphic organizer:
3 things I enjoyed about your project
2 things I would like to know more about
1 thing that surprised me

Sharing Student Work:

The students will email their postcards to the teacher, the teacher will copy and print each project
for every student. This will serve as a study guide for the students.


A 504 plan will be put in place for Sally as she has a broken arm. She will be paired with a fellow
classmate as she cannot type. They, however will still be required to research 2 states.

An emergency 504 plan will be used if any other modifications or accommodations become

Student Product/Performance:

See attached: Worksheet/Graphic Organizer, Mock Postcard and PowerPoint.

Collect Data About Your State

Use the following websites to obtain information about your state.

19. My state is ________________________________________ .

20. The population of my state is ___________________________.

21. The capital of my state is ___________________________________________.

22. The largest city in my state is ___________________________.

23. The state bird is _____________________________.

24. The state flower is ____________________________________.

25. Does your state have a nickname, if so what is the nickname ___________?

26. What year did your state become part of the US _________________?

27. Does your state have a state bird ______________________?

28. What is the median age in your state _____________________?

“Example postcard”
State: Hawaii
Capital: Honolulu
Nickname: “Aloha State”
Born: August 21, 1959
Population 2008: 1,288,198

State Flag:

Flower: Hibiscus

Tree: Kukui Bird: Nene Fish: Humuhumunukunukuapuaa