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LORBY z v s = = T v SPR [= = ¥ z et [= = v z M v z ‘SPK__|= = v + 18 v y Ts v x ™M. v y ‘sPK |= = q v SP, y y a = z v S| ToRSTaiRa z T SPE v v 5 v v Ts | 10™ FLOOR v v w = v T 3 FLOOR q q = = t 7 cn = v ‘S| 6™ FLOOR y y SPR |= = y y Ts = y rs = = q ‘Se FLOOR q a Individual Device Record Continued sever Aceptale “X" No Unsccptable(Eplain NO answers in commen) “NA Netapplcable Fy. Hof 1h Device [Loca Aleit c|D [ETF ‘Remar STAIR ¢CONTD. TS___[P* FLOOR a a ar S__— [Tor orstammes eo} ‘TS [FLOOR zo s "FLOOR TOF STAIR ROOF TOF TORDING DOCK Ts FS, s TS FS s SPE Ts BS. Ts PS 3 s DS STR BER Mt 3.1 Feld Device Testing ~ Legend and Notes a Raa WT Hest eseae FS Spier wich Mima apes EI: Ea ine reir Soot trcer SS Spunterseperioy deve Se. Cane pepe ‘terpenes ema ISP loa pepe Dnerypatuae eae " wi Soke dori ing est detector, Restrable est detector nen restore RI | Remote indent uni Sees Soot Ds | Duetsoke detestor SED | Supporting field device monitor) [is Spriter tw switch ‘SS [ Sprinkler superiony deviee - EM | Foul solton module ¥ [Wawa gaa devi : SP Cone pe speaker SP | orn type spenker ‘AD [Aner device Et ——[Waiergency Teleone EOL | Rad af ne restr ‘ier [Note 1. Smoke detector sensitivity measurement aud leaning date shouldbe recorded inthe remarks column, ‘Note2. Smoke dtcor cleaning or replacement date shoul be recorded a remarks ear. Note. Status change, incung tne delay, shouldbe recrde in he remarks column Note Duct smavedeccor presre diferent recorded nthe remarks clam, [Note Time delay setting of mater flow switch shold be recorded inthe remark clan [Note 6. Sprinkler supervisory switches cause rouble condin be annunclated bt not un alarm cones. dentiy correct deviee operation (alarm, rouble supervisor, annuncatonindiaton. Note 12, Ident sone, crit ntmber or adres. Note 13 Identity conventional el device oeaton. Note 14 inti seve eld device and supporting Feld device, data communication ik (DCL) address and lcation, Note 15, Tot and contcm conventional eld device supervision sf wiring. 16. Confirm ld device re of damnge 17, Confirm ld devi tree of foreign substance gpa) Note {8 Contiem eld device meshanialyeapprtedindependenty ofthe wiring Note 1%, Conf fll devie pratctive st belie or covers removed Dao See ECS DIST is Faget of 1 = ‘Orne ant Pee Tea Nae ase Fae TF Resin =" Not eepale agn "NOT aw TOCRTION SE ITIP ox NENTS TOPSTAR TomABe z aya TEAR pe ‘BY LEVATOR ROOM [OLR AB pr TODBABC. pe TOCEADC yr TOCA yr Tuba S835 ae TOC Ba vp TOR ARC T5, ve Ym TAS 3S pr aE TOGB AE 307 Tr ae TBAB 9325 2, eos TOOEABC Sse hr a TOCA Toate {hr 7 B26 TOLEABE Tos yp ‘BY HATO sin.aBe a ype STALL TOLBANC pst ype MAINELECTRCAT, TOLARC— SoA vp TMERG, DISTRO THSABC T9300 vp ‘SPRINKTER ROO TEARS eae The BYSTALLTS TOLRABC St yp BYSTALLS TOCA oo hr Tdi TOCA srt XG Gata nam SUB ABC se [= SSI PLELECTROCAL RM, TaLsapc co ps TANITOR RH BY STZ —[ SB7ABC. Tere he BY STALL IST SEBTARC oe i “icin Soy Da Ta Sra ‘Wet and Dry Sprinkler Inspection and Test Report Form, Bulag Nate wd Raia a BER Tae ay cn a ae a a és 3S =e 7 o ro 7 = sre os Compas | dei SD se AP Psi 18 a a 3 ra Tis Feu 0 we cy = ca Tip Ta asec — [issue snc —f sne —} 5 aaa a or ED See mdse | YES —[ Wd “arvana anaier | VIS —[ ta Daag [APC ‘va ang wor greni | VIS —[ esePonange z Se Contin poe 2 Sl a Recaro heen etiam hs ay Ooeeton Caon oe robo chai ep ome eee ‘Te Eup wsioin FULLY OPERATIONAL caren] Egupmat = NOT FULLY FRRATONAL The soars at Tp {con at ie oor mt be foward tu ower the owner's representative for this bulling. ‘Signatu ‘Technicians Stamp or FP¥ and Name