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NAME: ________________________________
1. Tell them again. Perhaps they _______________. 6. I am sure that everything ____________ be all right in the
a. will understand
b. going to understand
a. is going to
c. will be understand
b. is
d. understands
c. might
2. According to weather report it ___________ sunny
d. will
tomorrow. 7. People say that in 2050 computers ___________ really
a. is going to
b. is be
a. will be
c. will
b. are going to be
d. will be
c. are being
3. I am sure you ___________ a good time staying with
d. will been
Richard. 8. It is possible that in fifty years there ________ any tigers
a. are going to have
in the world.
b. will have
a. aren't going to be
c. are have
b. won't be
d. has
c. isn't
4. I imagine the stadium _____________ full for the match on
d. aren't
Saturday. 9. I promise I ____________ you everything in the end.
a. is be a. am tell
b. is going to b. am going to tell
c. will be c. will tell
d. is going to be d. told
5. When ______ you know your exam results? 10.Do you think you ___________ work here when you are fifty
a. are you going to
years old?
b. will
a. are will
c. are
b. will be
d. have
c. are going to
d. will