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BYU English Language Center - Statement of Support by Sponsor

If you are sponsoring a student, please complete this form and submit this form with an official financial statement. The financial
statement must have a bank stamp, seal, or signature and list the name of the account holder and the bank name. (A notarized
original letter from a financial institution verifying that the required funds are available in your bank account, may be
submitted in place of a financial statement.) Financial documents sent to our office will be sent to the student to be used to apply for
a student visa.

Name of Sponsor ___________________________________________________ Occupation ____________________________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________ _________________
Street Address
City, State (or Province) Country Zip Code
Telephone____________________________Email ______________________________________________________________

Instructions: Check the appropriate box (below) next to the semester(s) for which you will provide funding and write in the amount
of funding you are willing to provide. Please note: Students must prove $5800 USD for one semester or $11,600 USD for two
semesters. If the student has dependents who will also come to the US, an additional $700 per dependent per semester must be

I guarantee that I will make contributions to the support of ___________________________________for the amounts listed below.
(Name of student)

Fall & Winter $___________ Winter & Summer $___________ Summer & Fall $___________
SeptemberApril JanuaryAugust MayDecember
(Deadline/April 1) (DeadlineAugust 1) (DeadlineDec. 1)

Fall only $___________ Winter only $___________ Summer only $___________

SeptemberDec. JanuaryApril MayAugust
(DeadlineApril 1) (DeadlineAugust 1) (DeadlineDec. 1)

_________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ ______________

Signature of Sponsor Relationship to Student Date

Payment Methods:

Funds may be sent to the English Language Center by the following ways:
a. Checks payable in U.S. funds from a bank with U.S. affiliates. Make the check payable to "ELC."

b. Travelers checks in U.S. funds. Sign and cosign the checks/travelers checks and make the checks payable to "ELC."

c. Bank to bank transfers can be processed by going to:

You will enter your personal information. You will work through the screen process and then be directed to print out an instruction
form on how to finish the transaction. You will need to take the printed instruction form to your bank and make the transfer to
Western Union Business Solutions. Western Union will forward the converted currency in USD to BYU. At that time, your payment
will be considered paid. Make sure you follow the instructions completely to ensure prompt posting of your payment. There will be a
fee in your bank to do this transfer, and you need to ask your bank what the cost is to wire the funds.

d. Online credit card payments can be made at:

You will enter the students personal information and your credit card information into the website. Once the card has been charged,
you will receive an emailed receipt. International cards may not work through the credit card processor. If the transaction cannot be
completed with an international credit card, you will need to choose one of the other options (a, b, or c).

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Phone: (801) 422-2691 Fax: (801) 422-0474 Email: