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Drought Effects:

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05/05/2017 - Constructing our researching - At the first day of the assignment, we started thinking about KFC economy. Bow said she knew some economic effects of KFC in Economic Benefit summary 1.) We finished in collaborating with
question. Thailand. Therefore, we tried to find some information and thought about what should be our topic. KFC (Uk and Ireland). (n.d.). each other
- Started planning about what Retrieved May 5, 2017, from 2.) We finished in Planing what we are
we are going to do. - Mos : I had finish collaborating with bow and started finding some information about the economic effect of KFC and I just found various http:// going to do next.
3.) We got some ideas about KFC
sources but unfortunately, those resources werent the one that I was looking for. Therefore, I realized that KFC economic topic wouldnt
be okay for our project. Next class, we would change our research topic assets/files/7_kfc-socio-
- Bow: I did almost the same things with Mos, my partner in my group, but, I was planning on our time to make this project perfectly. Mr.
Dan showed some seniors work which was the example of project model. I thought that was amazing. We couldnt do that for sure. I The impacts of KFC on China's
thought about doing the infographic I thought infographic was very good for explaining something. economy. (2002). Retrieved
May 5, 2017, from http://
08/05/2017 - Think about researching - Mos : I was thinking about some idea that could shake the economic of Thailand and the things that came to my mind was the disaster. NDMC. (2017, May 9). Drought 1.) We got an idea of our research
question As all Thai citizen know, the worst disaster that southern part of Thailand always got into the trouble was drought situation that happened for Kids. Retrieved May 11, 2017, idea
- Think about model every year. I started talking to Bow and constructing the researching question. from 2.) We knew what were going to do
DroughtforKids/ next about our model
- Bow: I thought it was very good idea to do about the drought situation. When I had finished talking with Mos, I went through the various HowDoesDroughtAffectOurLives/ 3.) We finished discussing the model
TypesofDroughtImpacts.aspx idea which we will do an infographic.
website and found many negative impacts of drought situation and some various examples that we were looking for. In addition, I
undertook to do the model.

In next class, we were going to make our model and do some more research.
11/05/2017 - Research about natural - Mos : I discussed our main topic with Bow. Ultimately, I made a discussion to begin our project that related to natural disaster affected the NDMC. (2017, May 9). Drought 1.) We can work well with each
disaster impact of drought world economy. The first things that come to my mind are drought disaster. I knew that drought is the one of a disaster which regarded as for Kids. Retrieved May 11, 2017, other.
- Collaborate with a group The worst disaster of world economy. Drought is the type of natural disaster which affects a lot of economy in many countries around from 2.) We got a lot of information
about the product such as the world. These majority impacts are so influential to the world economy. Drought affects many parts of environment and communication. DroughtforKids/ about Impacts of drought in many
what kind of product that we All of these impacts should be considered for the solution and predicted for the way to convince the new generation for understanding the ways
will do. harmful of drought disaster to world economic. 3.) We have an idea to do our
- Preparing for the product NDCM. (2017, May 9). Planning. product which we decided to do an
such as choose the format of - Bow : I discussed our main topic with my partner which it related to How drought affects the world economics?. When I know the topic, I Retrieved May 11, 2017, from infographic.
the product. started searching the information about drought which I will put it in our product. I got a lot of information this day. I know that what is
drought, how dangerous it is, and what the overall effects of drought. Moreover, I also think about our product with Mos which lastly, we Impacts.aspx
not sure that we will do infographic or magazine because it has a little different between them and finally, we decided to do infographic as
our product.
12/05/2017 - Start to do the infographic - Mos : Today, I was thinking about the model such as what it need to be put in the infographic and how to manage it. Finally, I took final ESchooltoday. (2015). Retrieved 1.) We finished choose types of an
- Continue research just only words that Bow summated to put into the infographic. Thus, I did the first page of the infographic which contains the information about the May 26, 2017, from http:// infographic.
the drought. drought as our introduction. Moreover, I decided to do infographic because I think the infographic is the best way to explain something. 2.) We finished researched about
- Understand What is a Moreover, we start to write our introduction too. disasters/droughts/what-is-a- drought and understand
drought?. everything about drought.
- Write the introduction of our - Bow : I have been investigating and researching about the disaster effect to the economy last class, so this class I searched about the 3.) We finished 50 percent of our
work. drought, try to understand it and explained to Mos. Then, I start to summary it and put it in our infographic. I was asking Mr.Dan about my introduction
topic and he suggested me to do research about the southern part of Thailand drought. Happily, we thought that it was a great idea. In
addition, I also start to write the introduction of our project with Mos.
15/5/2017 - Read and Summate impacts - Mos : I and Bow thought that we could research about ways to fix drought problems. For instances, many regions of southern Thailand, ESchooltoday. (2015). Retrieved 1.) We finished in read and
of drought to economic. there are the huge of wasteland that couldnt harvest and invest their farm. Therefore, thats the huge problem why? the agriculture May 26, 2017, from http:// summary the impacts of drought.
- Continue to write the economy was the majority business of Thailand. In next class, I will do more research and find some example to be more concise on my 2.) We did 100 percent of the
introduction report. Moreover, I continued to do the introduction and done it at the end of class. disasters/droughts/economic- introduction of our work.
- Try to finish summate about 3.) We started to put some
impacts of drought and put it - Bow : Today, I did the summary about the effect of drought and I realized that we had not decided the question research topic form. So we information in our infographic,
in the infographic made a decision to do a research relating to how drought affects the economy. Likely, in the south of Thailand, southern Thai people had such as our introduction
a bad situation there because of the drought effect to their economy. In addition, I put the information that I summary about the effect of
drought into our infographic and try to put some pictures that relate to the impacts of drought into the infographic.
18/05/2017 - Find the example of drought - Mos : I continued doing an infographic and done about 25% of it which It is 2 pages. In addition, I also decorated our infographic by put SCB. (2015, July 9). Drought, a 1.) We have a lot of details about
situation in Thailand. some picture and do some mind map that related to drought and impacts of drought. Moreover, I get the information from Bow and worrying situation for Thai the drought situation in Thailand.
- Summary the examples of summary it. When I did in summary, I put it into our product which is an infographic. agriculture. / Note / EIC Analysis | 2.) We summary 50 percent of the
drought in Thailand in 2015 Economic Intelligence Center examples of drought in Thailand in
(EIC). Retrieved May 26, 2017,
- Finish 25% of infographic - Bow : I found that Thailand has been facing a drought disaster for a long period of time which affects most of the agriculture economy. So, 2015.
and decorate a little bit I decided to search about which drought situation in Thailand that we will put it into our essay. We chose 2015 drought situation in 3.) We did 25 percent of our
Thailand. In addition, I knew that this disaster occurred in the middle of rain season which called off-season drought. The main problem of infographic.
drought was a water shortage. 4.) We did the mind map about
impacts of drought to economic.
19/05/2017 - Continue summary the - Mos : Today, I continued to summary the article about the example of drought in Thailand in 2015 which I already did at the end of class. SCB. (2015, July 9). Drought, a 1.) We finished summary the example
example of drought in Thus, I search and summary ways to solve these problems which it will protect our economic that most of the agriculture was damaged worrying situation for Thai of drought in Thailand in 2015.
Thailand in 2015 by drought situation. I can find that there are many ways to solve drought situation including dont cut trees, use less water, use less air agriculture. / Note / EIC Analysis | 2.) We finished research and
- Summary the way to solve condition, and plant more trees. Economic Intelligence Center summary the way to solve drought
(EIC). Retrieved May 26, 2017, situation.
drought situation to protect
from 3.) We did 50 percent of our product
economic. - Bow : I continued doing the infographic which I need to be done 50 percent of it. I added a lot of information that Mos did the summary detail/product/1429 which is an infographic.
- Finish 50% of infographic which was more information about the example of drought situation in Thailand in 2015 and ways to solve this problem. In addition, I also
found more picture to add to infographic to make it didnt look so basic. In my opinion, I thought that we can do well in working together Environment, C. (2014). Solving
with Mos because every people always do their homework or job that we discuss in class. the Drought. Retrieved May 26,
2017, from http://

22/05/2017 - Continue doing the - Mos: I continued constructing the infographic, adding more layer, adding the information and finding more picture. Weve almost done so Lohan, T. (2016, December 20). 1.) We did 70 percent of an
infographic to finish 70% far. I think that we could do the infographic up to 80 percent. I also help Bow to check grammar or any error in our passage and cut some Drought's Economic Impact on infographic.
- Research more information unimportant detail. Moreover, I also edit infographic background to be more attracted. Farmers. Retrieved May 26, 2017, 2.) We finished research and
to add to our product from https:// summary the additional information.
- Bow : Today, I find more information and more example pictures because we find that our product is lacking some important details, so we 3. ) We put more information into our
community/2016/02/26/droughts- infographic which it is 4 pages
search for more important detail, summary it, and then put it in the infographic to done 70 percent of it. I also check the information such
economic-impact-on-farmers already.
as grammar and cut some unimportant sentences.
25/05/2017 - Write an introduction of our - Mos : I decide done the infographic today. In addition, I also decided to decorate our infographic by putting more pictures and some (n.d.). Retrieved May 26, 2017, 1.) We did the introduction that will be
project that it need to be stickers that related to our topic, because now, our infographic look very basic and some of the space are blank. Moreover, I write the from added to economic 100q website.
sent to Pat. introduction with Bow too. In my opinion, I think that our group works well and faster than another group. search? 2.) We did last edit the infographic
- Done 100% of infographic q=drought&source=lnms&tbm=isc which now, its already done.
h&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjnybSL_Y 3.) We finished in edited errors in the
- Last edit the passage in - Bow : Today, I was starting to write the introduction of our work. I plan to write an introduction in 3 to 4 sentences about the main idea of
zUAhXFo48KHZeBBVQQ_AUICi passage.
infographic our topic. I decided to write introduction today because next day, Im going to write the reflection that needs to be 3 paragraphs. In
addition, I also last edited the infographic to be done 100% and I again check the error in the passage, because I want our work to be YR3-434KdsOM:
26/05/2017 - Edit the introduction that - Mos : I edited the introduction with Bow. We helped each other to write more introduction to make it longer than last time. Moreover, I start 1.) We finished in edited web
needs to send to Pat into the to write the reflection because the introduction needs to be done on Monday with 3 paragraph. I think that today, I will do 2 paragraphs of introduction.
web page. my reflection. 2.) We all done 1 paragraph of our
- Start writing your own own reflection.
reflection about this project. - Bow : Today, I edited the introduction go our group because the last one I think that it is too short, so I add extra sentences in the 3.) We already sent the web
introduction to Pat and Bhoom to put it
introduction and also edited some errors of it. In addition, I start to write my own reflection today, I think that 3 paragraphs are too long,
into our webpage about our project.
but anyway I will try to write it. Today, I began to write the reflection only in 1 paragraph and I will do second paragraph and my third
paragraph in my holiday (Saturday and Sunday)

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