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Chapter: Electrostatics
Topic: Electrostatics Motor

Jirayu Sungsawas (Yok) 1106

Warachot Tumnak (Toey) 1106
Tanapat Worathamthongdee (Nam) 1106
Chawalit Tamarom (Man) 1106

Our purpose of this experiment is to understand and be

able to demonstrate about electrostatic. Also, we have to show
how the electric work by how fast does the cup spin.

1) Tape
2) Pencil
3) Scissors
4) Battery (9V)
5) Aluminium Foil
6) Wire

Orange = electricaly
Blue = electrostatic way
*Work with either*

1. Cut foils and stick them onto the cup, two or more and leave some gap
between them
2. Put a stick in the middle of the base and support it with something ex.
tape or polymer clay
3. Put a cup on to the stick
4. Cut two pieces of wire (Long enough to reach energy source and earth
5. Put the wires on each side of the cup (standing) about 1 cm from the cup

6. connect one of the wire with positive charges wire connected to a power
7. connect the other one to negative wire connected to a power source such
a battery or a van de graaff generator

8. Connect one of the wire to the Earth point. For examples, home plumbing
system (Metal) or poke the wire into cold-water a little tap each time
9. Connect the other one with Ways #1 rub a balloon onto anything like a
sweater to create a source of energy (Have many ready to take turns).
Ways #2 use an aluminum foil to create energy by putting it on top of a
screen monitor/ TV screen.

While the plastic cup spinning, the piece of foil that cover around the cup
will collecting the charges and the first piece will moving. The spinning process
will be continuing as long as the charge of the supply to the motor. The real
limiter that to the speed are stable but if the the rotor are imbalance the turning
will be slow and consist friction. The way to make the top speed for the motor is
depend on the friction on the stable point and also on the air friction on the
plastic cup.
In our case, we cant make the experiment success because the power for
the motor to turns which is the battery have the lower watt for spinning the
rotor. So, to make our experiment successful, we should using the battery the
which having the watt higher to make the spinning. And we also think that we
should use the cup that look more thick because our cup is too thin and a little
heavy so, it might be the problem that make our rotor doesnt spin
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