(Two Hearts Who Met by Chance on Twitter. Dalawang Puso Pinagtagpo sa Twitter.)

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Promise, I did not fell asleep when I read the story. Super kilig, super inlove ako! -- Rose Buenconsejo The best Tagalog romance story I read. The author deserves a nobel prize. -- Anonymous Ayokong ma-end ang story. More, please! -- Secret Anonymous fan I became an instant fan of the author. -- J. K. Rolling This will be the next movie I will create. The writer is dreaming. -- Christopher Yeslan, Insection Director

Just call me, Maxi, a Makati girl. I just resigned from my callcenter job, then joined a small construction company as an office assistant. I work directly with the bosses. My twitter love story started when out of boredom, I signed up for twitter. I can say na medyo na hook ako sa twitter. Since I'm always alone sa office because most of the people there are on the field, twitter has keep me company. Plus with my friends also on twitter, it became like a part of my daily routine. Ang twitter name ko ay pigrain kasi para akong baboy pag umulan, laging naka higa sa bed. One time, I messaged a friend over twitter about the cute guy, one of the engineers, in the office na crush ko. I even told her that I wish to marry the guy, and all. I was asking for an advice on how to get his attention. She did not reply to my message which is not unusual kasi super busy sya always. So when we met, I asked her why. Sabi nya wala naman syang nakuhang mga tweets from me for her daw. So anyway, we did not give much thought about it -- who knows baka down ang twitter kanina. So chinikahan ko na lang sya about this cute office guy whose name is Paolo. Paolo is this tahimik guy. I'm not sure if he is shy, but every time I see him, he would just smile and say a faint greeting then proceed to his place at the office. There is that mysteriousness in him that I cannot help but get inlove with him. Paolo pala is an ECE, so he does the kuryente planning and such. I already forgot about that twitter incident -- the messages I sent to my friend na hindi nya nakuha -- when out of the blue, I received a reply to my messages. Sh*t, na misspelled ko pala ang twitter username ng friend ko. So na wrong sent ako. It was sent to Hippo, instead of Jippo. So anyway, the twitter person said something na missent ko. And, he asked a little something about. You know the usual get-to-know SOP over the internet. So anyway, I was bored again at the office and have nothing much better to do so chinika ko naman ang twitter stranger. Naging parang 'tweetmate' ko yung twitter stranger. His twitter name is Hippo. We tweet each other random stuff about our day, and such. I will also tweet him about my office crush kasi

parang naging common topic na namin sya kasi that's where our 'tweet friendship' started. One time busy ako nag twitter sa office, when hindi ko na notice Paolo, my crush, was at my desk na pala. Kahiya. So Paolo was like, "Maxi, may twitter ka pala." I was like parang nakidlatan sa hiya, so napa-sorry na lang ako sa kanya. And, sabi nya sa akin na huwag ako matakot coz he's fine with it. Anyway, pumunta lang pala sya desk dahil may papers syang ipapagawa sa akin. When, malayo na sya sa akin. I messaged my tweetmate, Hippo, about my 'office crush' incident. I told him many times how I'm sooo inlove with the guy that I made it a mission to be devirginized by my crush. So I asked my tweetmate if he has any tip on how to get his attention. Hippo replied that you can get him something to drink, like an ice-cold Coke. I told my tweetmate what a stupid advice, and nag goodbye na ako kasi gawin ko muna yung papers na pinagawa ng crush ko. Mga after 15 minutes, Paolo approached me and gave me an ice-cold can of Coke. I was like speechless... Parang my jaw dropped when Paolo showed up in front of me offering an ice-cold coke, when just minutes ago Hippo, my tweetmate, messaged me about giving Paolo an ice-cold Coke as a way to get his attention. I was like was Hippo kidding me, was there some conspiracy or something? In a way, parang I like na din the idea that Paolo might know na he's my ultimate crush. But I kind of thought that I'm just giving too much meaning to a non-issue stuff. But dali2x kong nag send ni message ni Hippo about the coincidence incident. And, I was asking Hippo if he's playing with me that he might know Paolo. Then, he replied to me na, "Malay mo si Paolo ito. If this is Paolo, ano bang message mo sa akin." I took it as a joke, so I also replied to him with a naughty joke, "Please make my dream come true. Sex me up and give me babies, Paolo." So we continue the banter. I told Hippo na he should pretend he is Paolo, and I'll pretend to be her girlfriend. So I call him Paolo na on our tweet conversations, and she would call me girlfriend. And, we, Hippo and I, play this sort of role playing, that he is Paolo and he is my boyfriend and girlfriend, and things like that. Naaliw naman kami dalawa. We kind of tweet what the usual boyfriend-girlfriend would do. But Hippo never brought up the idea of meeting so kevs lang din ako. Hindi ko naman talaga sineryoso. But back to the real Paolo, I soon discover why he is tahimik, and distant. One time naka chika ko yung Interior Designer, Jela, and she kind of randomly talked about the different people sa office. Until she got to Paolo. I was kind of surprise when she described Paolo as bubbly and the kind of guy who would joke around, making pranks on other people. So I asked her how come I never see him like that. Paolo is always serious, and has the faraway look every time I chance on him.

Jela then proceeded telling me that Paolo changed when his relationship with a girl, Kera, for 5 years ended. Ayoko na sanang magtanong pa kasi baka magduda sa akin si Jela sa aking sobrang interest about Paolo. Plus, baka hindi naman dapat malaman ko ang story. But I could not stop my curiosity so tinanong ko sya about the whole story. And, thankfully Jela was also in the mood to make chismis so she told me about Paolo's love story. In summary, Paolo and Kera were friends way back high school. Crush na crush daw ni Paolo si Kera but Kera had a boyfriend pag high school. When they went to college, Kera took up Nursing. While Paolo got into an ECE degree. Their unviersities are magkalapit lang so they get to see each other on daily basis. Then, Paolo learned that wala na sila ni Kera sa high school boyfriend. In short, niligawan si Kera ni Paolo. And, they'd been sweethearts since 2nd year college until naging professional na silang dalawa. Then, Kera went to the States to work as a nurse while Paolo stayed here sa Philippines for a year, working on his papers so he could follow Kera. Paolo talaga had no interest of going abroad but because of his great love for Kera, he did all he could para makasunod sa kanya. So finally, Paolo got an offer from a telco company in US. Paolo did not tell Kera about it because he wanted to surprise her pagdating nya sa US. So every time they would talk on the phone or chat, Paolo would always tell her na malabo pa sya makapunta. Anyway the day arrived na nakaabot na si Paolo sa US. He went to Kera's apartment unannounced to surprise her. But ano ba yan, at si Paolo ata ang na surprise. Nakita nyang may kasama si Kera na lalake sa kanyang apartment, at parang galing pang romansa ang dalawa because of their disheveled looks. But Paolo refused to give meaning to what he saw until Kera tried to ask him to leave. Paolo was hesitant to leave Kera's apartment, but he saw Kera crying so he left not knowing what to do. Kera and Paolo met some other time, at doon nagpaliwanag si Kera that she has a romantic relationship with that guy he saw in apartment. That guy was a doctor in the hospital, with a high position. Kera got into a relationship with a doctor so she could get a better position in the hospital. Kere ended their relationship, for the reason that she cannot yet give up her professional dreams, and also her goal to get a green card which would be easier when she'd get married to the doctor. Paolo tried to fight for their relationship. He worked hard his ass off in US, got a

permanent residence visa in US para masuyo niya si Kera pabalik. But sadly, Kera and the doctor were already engaged. Pumunta ang parents ni Paolo sa US para sunduin sya kasi nag-alala sila sa anak nila na parang gago na sa katatrabaho para lang sa visa na yan. Paolo become workaholic and alcoholic. Paolo's mother had to threaten Paolo of committing suicide if he would not come home. Kaya umuwi na lang ng Pilipinas si Paolo. From then on, ganyan na si Paolo parang walang ka buhay-buhay sabi ni Jela. "Kaya huwag na huwag magpakita yang si Kera sa akin, dahil baka ano magawa ko sa kanya," dagdag pa ni Jela. Matagala din kaming nagchika ni Jela so she left me na after that Paolo story. When Jela left me, parang naparalyzed ako sa upuan ko. Naawa ako kay Paolo. Hindi ko namalayan nakatunganga na pala ako sa ceiling, when Paolo arrived in the office. Parang nahulog ako sa kinauupuan ko when he arrived kasi I don't expect na may tao pang darating sa office coz it's friday night and all. So I asked him, why he is in the office. He said he's bored daw, kaya he decided to be here in the office na lang to study some blue prints. Then, he asked me why I was still there. Napangiti lang ako kasi I was thinking of him kaya andoon pa ako. When he left, I went to twitter and message Hippo about the story I learned about Paolo. Then, I told Hippo na Paolo is in the office now. Tinanong ko sya kung paano ko ma cheer up naman si Paolo. He told me to go and ask him out. I just laughed. Nag bye na ako sa virtual twitter boyfriend. Before I left the office, I approached Paolo to say goodbye. Then parang just of the blue, I kind of jokingly said na, "Dinner and coffee naman tayo, boss. Sweldo ko ngayon, ililibre kita." For the first time, I saw him smile. And, he replied, "Malaki ako kumain baka maubos mo sweldo sa akin." I was caught off guard with his reply, so I replied to him, "Well, pwede naman ako mag advance if maubos mo ang sweldo ko." Then, we both laughed. At that moment, I was ready to rob a bank just to get Paolo to dinner with me. But then, he politely decline my invitation by saying, "Thank you. I had my dinner already." I'm not sure if obvious bang umasim ang mukha, while trying hard to smile. Kaya seguro napasabi sya na, "Next pay day, aabangan ko ang libre mo ha." I smiled, and said by goodbye na sa kanya. Pagdating ko sa ground floor ng building, biglang bumuhos ang malakas na ulan. Wala akong ibang magawa kon di magtambay na lang sa lounge area kasi malayo pa sa building namin ang sakayan. At ayoko ng bumalik sa office namin kasi mahiya ako na magkita ulit kami ni Paolo. To kill time, nag twitter na lang ako from my mobile phone. I messaged my virtual boyfriend Hippo. I was kidding him na magpaka knight-in-shining-armor sya sa akin, sunduin nya ako sa building.

The malakas rain lasted like almost 2 hours. Super gutom and sleepy na ako sa boredom. Kaya kahit medyo may drizzles pa, I took the risk kaysa mabato ako doon sa lounge area. Kaya nagpaalam na ako kay Hippo sa twitter. Joke ko si Hippo ng, "Break na tayo. Di mo naman ako save from the rain." Hippo replied jokingly too, "Baka malunod ako sa baha, mamatay ako. Armor na lang matira sa iyo." And, he continued, "Hintayin mo lang a few minutes, may kukuha sa iyong red car." Sabi ko na lang sa kaniya, 'Tse.' Anyway, I went out of the building, then find refuge from the waiting shed. Wala ng tao pero wala ding mga sasakyan na dumaan. Baka takot na sa baha. Medyo nagpanic na ako when a red pick-up car slowed down and stop in front of me. Na shock na medyo natakot ako baka kasi psycho pala si Hippo. I turned away, and ready to run when I hear a familiar voice calling my name from the car. Nang napalingo ako, it was Paolo pala tumawag sa akin, waving his hand at me. Para akong binayaw sa langit when I saw Paolo. If it was a dream, ayaw ko ng magising. I was speechless. Hindi ko alam paano mag react. He kept asking me to get inside the car at ihahatid daw nya ako pauwi. But para akong naparalyzed ako sa overyjoy. All I could do was stare at him. Until, he get off the car, and approached me. Sabi nya, "Maxi, si Paolo ito. Are you okay?" Hindi ko na alam ano gawin ko kaya napatango na lang ako at sumakay sa sasakyan nya. For a few minutes para akong na frozen good na hindi makapagsalita at makakilos dahil feeling ko baka gigising ako sa panaginip na ito pag gagalaw ako. When parang nakabalik na ako sa sarili ko, I asked him bakit uuwi na sya. Then, he told me he's not really going home pa. He'll go get some coffee daw. So sabi ko sa kanya, sige I'll go with him na lang sa coffeeshop so I can have my dinner there. And, then I'll get a ride from home there na lang. I was just silent throughout the ride kasi hindi ko talaga alam ano gagawin ko. Na conscious ako on what to do. Plus, na bother din ako sa sinabi ni Hippo about the red car - another coincidence. Kasi alam ko wala namang sasakyan si Paolo. Is Paolo/Hippo playing tricks on me? If Paolo is indeed Hippo, OMG, mamatay ako sa hiya. Ang dami kong mga sinasabi na feelings from love to kalandian to whatever for Paolo kay Hippo. When we got to this quite in-the-corner coffee shop, nagpaalam na lang ako sa kanya na di na ako sasama sa kanya inside the coffeeshop. I reasoned kasi gabi na, mahirap na akong makasakay. But the truth is I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of him. Then, he told me na, "Don't worry. Ihahatid na lang kita. Di na lang ako babalik sa office." Sabi ko na, "It's okay. Kakahiya na sa iyo kasi super layo pa ng uuwian ko." Timing na may taxi na dumaan, derecho kong pinara, nag bye-bye sa kanya, at sumakay. Inside the taxi parang gusto kong manghinayang, umiyak, tumawa, at magtatalon, at lahat lahat na. Parang gusto ko rin bumalik sa coffee shop, and play with the game pero natakot ako na si Hippo sya, and all

along he knows my feelings for him. Nawawala na ata ako sa sarili that time. I was really not able to sleep that time. So I decided to go online na lang. When, I checked my twitter, I got a message from Hippo, "Are you home now safe?I hope you can message me." Ako ay napatulala na lang. I woke up late, like super late the following day. I think it was around 10:30am na. It was a Saturday. And for some reasons, I felt a pang of loneliness that really shake me to the core. It was loneliness and emptiness. I felt so alone. All my girl friends are in a relationship -- kaya on weekends I have no one to call to make tambay with. I miss the younger days where weekends are spent on one of the girl's house, endless girl talk and such. I realized hindi pa pala ako nakakain since last night. I grabbed a cup of noodle, flick through the cable channels. Then, it rain hard again. The weather must be playing some tricks on me. It won, it made me more depressed. So I decided to go back to bed, and sleep off the loneliness. When I woke up, it was already lunch time of the following day. Since it was a Sunday, I went off to hear a mass in the afternoon in the nearby Church. When the mass ended, umuulan naman ng malakas. In my mind, "Lord, tama na po. Huwag nyo ng ipa-obvious na lonely ako." Since I have nothing much better to do, I decided to walk my way home under the rain. I was about to cross the street, when I hear a car skidded in front of me. The car stopped just few inches away from me. I was not scared. I felt angry kung bakit hindi na lang natuluyan. At that moment, as emo as it seems, but I felt that it's better off I'm dead. With my raw angry emotions, I went to the side of the car and give the driver a smack in the face when he got out. And shout at him all the profanities I can think of -- nonstop. I was shouting, and crying. I was crazily saying, "Gago ka bakit hindi mo na lang ako pinatay." I guess all my bottled emotions were vent out at that time. The guy was just holding both my hands to prevent me from jabbing him more, while repeatedly saying, 'Sorry." After a few minutes, nahimasmasan na ata ako. I realized na it was also my fault. When I finally calm down, I got a better look of him. And, I saw it was Paolo. Napatingin na lang ako sa lupa. Then, I felt him pulled me and hugged me, and was trying to calm me down. Then, humagolhul na lang ako sa iyak. I don't know what happen to me at that time, parang I was having a PMS 10000 times ka grabe. After a few minutes, sabi nya, "Iuwi na kita at baka sino pang ibang driver ang ma-manny pacquiao mo." I apologized to him, and refused his invitation to drive me home kasi malapit na lang bahay ko. It was just a block away na lang. But he insisted. Kaya to make bawi, I invited him for some food in the house.

I asked him bakit napunta sya sa lugar namin. I was hoping he'd say na binibisita nya ako -Wish ko lang. He said that he went to the house of Kera's parents because Kera asked him to visit his parents to help them out with their plans of constructing a commercial building. When I heard the name 'Kera' -- parang someone sliced open my chest, then crushed my heart. So I quickly turned my face away from him, and pretended to watch the scenery outside. When we got to my house, he asked me if he could borrow some clothes kasi basang-basa na sya. With all the drama and the mention of Kera, I forgot na super basa pala namin. I asked him if okay lang ba sa kanya if patay na ang owner ng damit ipapahiram ko sa kanya. He had the shock look. I told him I don't have any clothes in his size. So he asked me wala na ba talaga akong ibang mapaghiraman sa bahay. I explained to him that I lived alone in the house. Patay na father ko. My mother got married again to an Australian, and is now living in Aussie. My only sister is also married na, and happily living in Cagayan de Oro. I have with me yung yaya ko since bata pa ako but she does not stay with me. He replied, "Ang lonely naman ng story mo." So I told him, "Will you accept my papa's clothers or I will continue my drama?" Sabi nya, takot talaga sya sa mga multo2x. So he asked me, kahit PE shorts na lang, and any ovesize na t-shirt ko. So I handed him my college bloomer and my winnie the pooh oversized night shirt. He went into the bathroom to clean up, and change. I told him to just follow me in the kitchen after he's done. I was cooking chicken arroz caldo -- perfect for the rainy weather. Natapos na lang ako, hindi sumunod si Paolo sa kitchen. So hinahanap ko sya around the house, when I saw him asleep in our living room's couch. He looked hilarious in my bloomers and pooh shirt. He looked to be in a deep sleep, so I let him be na lang. Gawd, I was so kilig at the thought of having him in the house. Parang the house feels warmer, and it's glowing of love with him around. I knew it was creepy but all I did was sit across from where he was, and stared at him the long time. You know, feel ko it was just once in a life time chance, so might as well take the most advantage from it. It was almost 8pm in the evening, tulog pa rin sya when his phone rang. His phone was on the center table, so I took a peek at it and saw it was 'Kera' calling. Hindi pa rin sya nagising kaya this naughty idea was playing in my head. I answered the phone in my sexiest bedroom voice. 'Hi, this is Maxi. Paolo is still in bed asleep. Any message for him?" I put an emphasis on the word bed to kind of shock Kera. I could feel silence on the other line. Feel ko, Kera was taken aback that a girl answered Paolo's phone. I wanted to get back at Kera for Paolo by making her feel jealous. Kera answered, "Sorry, is this Paolo Osorio's number?" I replied, "Yes. And, this is his girl friend. I guess you better call some other time. He's still

asleep on my bed." (emphasis on the bed) Then, Kera just put down the phone without saying goodbye. I was trying to keep myself from laughing at loud. Gawd, I hope Paolo will not found out about it. So I deleted the call log. I was thinking if ever Paolo would ask me, I would just deny it. It was already 10pm but Paolo was still asleep. So I left him na on the couch, and went to my bedroom to sleep. I just put a note beside his celphone that natulog na ako, and that may pagkain sa kitchen if he wanted to eat. It was already after midnight when I felt someone was talking to me. When I opened my eyes, it was Paolo sitting on my bed. He was smiling and then greet me with, "Wake up, girlfriend. Your boyfriend is hungry rrrrr." (I did not know Kera called Paolo again pala. Kera told him about some jerk girl answering her call telling her that she is Paolo's girlfriend.) I was trying to be patay malisya. Para di obvious, I just played along with his joke, I replied to him, "Yes, boyfriend." I kinda let my hand creep on his thigh, and flash him my biggest inviting sexy smile. Then, tell him, "Hungry? You can eat me." Wala sa matinong isip at that time si Paolo. It was because of the call from Kera. Kera informed her that she is getting married, and that she and her boyfriend will be home this December to have their wedding here in Philippines. She was asking Paolo to help her find a wedding planner to take of the preparation while she is in the US. To relieve the pain and hurt caused by his conversation with Kera, he took advantage of Maxi's advances. Maxi was suprised at Paolo's 'wild' reaction. Maxi wished that she had asked her gay friends for sex tips in advance para naman hindi sya mapahiya. Para hindi gaanong magmukhang tanga sa mga pangyayari, nakikibagay na lang din si Maxi kay Paolo. She just followed Paolo's leads. Matagal na ring hindi naka siping si Paolo, kaya talagahang uhaw na uhaw sya sa pagtatalik nila ni Maxi. Kaya sinusulit na nya ang anuman ang nasimulan nya. Kinain talaga nya ng todo si Maxi, at kahit buto walang natira. Hindi na alam ni Maxi ang pangyayari. Ang alam lang nya is that she is happiest at that moment -- dream come true moment iyon ni Maxi. After the steamy sex, Paolo fell asleep na. While, nakatulala lang si Maxi. She still cannot believe na ang ultimate crush nya ay naangkin nya. Hindi nya mapigil ang sarili nya sa pag smile. Di na sya nakatulog. Napadasal sya thank you sa pangyayari. At 6am, Paolo was still asleep. Maxi decided to get up, and prepare some coffee and breakfast for both of them. It was almost 7:30am when Paolo woke up. He remember that he has a client meeting by 830am. Sa pagmamadali nya, nalimutan nya ang nangyari sa kanila ni Maxi. He hurriedly looked for Maxi in the kitchen, and bade her goodbye. And, told her that he'll just

see Maxi later in the office as he needs to rush off na talaga. Maxi felt that it was kind of a bad sign, but she brushed off any negativity. She goes through her morning ritual in a chirpy mode, until she sets foot in the office. Any body who will see her could say that she is really that happiest. While Paolo also has gotten some luck when he made a project deal with the client he met. It was a Monday, so he was busy the whole day that he forgot about what happen between him and Maxi. It was only at night time when he was reviewing the things he acomplished for that day that he remembered about Maxi. When he remembered about it, hindi sya makapali. The guilt starts creeping in. He tried to see Maxi as his girlfriend but parang hindi talaga ma-take nya. Si Kera pa rin ang sigaw ng puso nya. So he paces back and forth in his condo unit, wondering if Maxi is waiting for him that day, should he call her or what. Should he apologize for what happen or just approach it like nothing happened? He decided to log-in to his twitter account from his phone, hoping to see that Pigrain (Maxi) messaged Hippo that she actually hates Paolo. But the first message that pops up is: Pigrain: dear @hippo, i'm breaking up with you na. I'm now Paolo's official girlfriend. thanks for the good times. congrats me now! (Pigrain is Maxi, while Hippo is Paolo. Paolo knew all along who Pigrain is, but Maxi does not know who hippo is.) The twitter message makes Paolo feel very guilty. Paolo was not able to fall asleep because of feeling bad about the situation. The following day, he went to the office very early so he can straighten it up with Maxi. Maxi was already in the office when Paolo arrived. Super early ni Maxi because she is very excited to see Paolo. When she saw Paolo gets in the office, she cannot help but flash him a very big smile. Paolo did manage to give her back a weak smile. Paolo invited her for some coffee so they can talk. It was at their coffee conversation that Paolo breaks the real score between them, and apologizes for everything that happens. Just to save her face, Maxi told Paolo, "Don't worry, Paolo. It will not be difficult to replace you." Then, off she dash outside the coffee shop, away from Paolo. It was not also easy for Paolo kasi nakita nya ang sarili nya kay Maxi. Kaya na din he make it clear with her kasi ayaw nyang mangyari kay Maxi yung nangyari sa kanya na pinaasa at pinagsinungalingan sya ni Kera. Maxi wanted to appear nothing happened between the two of them. But hindi talaga nya kaya. It's her very first heartbreak. Kaya nag quit na lang sya from her work. Gumuho talaga ang mundo nya. Hindi nya alam bakit ganoon ang effect sa kanya, when you think of it, saglit lang

man yun. Wala naman syang years na relationship with him. Paolo went on with his life, while Maxi was like wasak na wasak ang mundo. For 3 months, wala syang ginawa kon di magmokmok sa bahay nya. One day, Jela, her officemate sa office nila Paolo called her. Jela will be married the following week. Jela reminded her na may role sya sa wedding nya as a secondary sponsor. Maxi wanted sana to not attend the wedding kasi she knows she will see Paolo on that day. But Jela begged her to please go to her wedding. Kaya Maxi has not much choice. For the following days, Maxi was preoccupied on how to avoid Paolo on Jela's wedding. She thought that she will no longer attend the reception so as to avoid him. But she learned later that Kera is here in the Philippines, and will also be attending the wedding. Parang na-crazy na si Maxi on what to do. She was able to come up with some very wise strategy. She thought of getting a 'pretend boyfriend' para di gaano syang magmukhang loser in front of Paolo and Kera. She then remembers her 'virtual boyfriend,' Hippo. She messages Hippo begging him to be his cover-up boyfriend during Jela's wedding. She even bribed Hippo a 'financial reward' para lang mapasagot si Hippo maging cover-up boyfriend. She begs him on twitter, "Please naman, @hippo, magpretend ka bf kita for a day lang talaga.Maawa ka sa akin.Huwag mo akong pamukhaing tanga in front of Kera and Paolo." After a lot of beggings, Hippo finally gave in and agree to stand as Maxi's 'boyfriend' on Jela's wedding day. Maxi asked him that they meet so they can discuss on what they should tell the people about the 2 of them. Maxi asked him his real name but Hippo said that he will tell his real name when they would meet. Maxi told him how could he identify him when they would meet when she does not know his name. Hippo said that they could agree on what clothes they will wear as their means to identify each other. So Maxi said that she will wear a 'Maxi hearts Cebu' shirt. Hippo said that he will wear an orange shirt. They decided to meet at a coffee shop the day before the wedding at 3pm On the day of their meeting, Maxi was first to arrived at the coffee shop. It was already 315pm, a lot of male wearing orange shirts already passed her. At 330pm, she wanted to give up when a guy approached him. When he gets near her, she realized that it was Paolo. She kind of pasted a forced smile on her face. Paolo smiled, and said, "Hi, Maxi. How are you?" Maxi replied, "I'm fine. I'm meeting my BOYFRIEND." She put a heavy emphasis on the word 'boyfriend' to somehow signal Paolo that she is over him. Paolo replied, "I'm also meeting my girlfriend. Her name is Pigrain." Maxi gets a jolt of thunder when she heard Paolo mentioned Pigrain, her twitter account name. She wanted to cry dahil sa inis kasi feeling nya pinaglaruan sya ni Paolo. And, she cannot bear the thought that all along Paolo knew about her feelings since Hippo has been her sounding board eversince about her feelings for Paolo.

"Paolo, it's not a funny joke," Maxi hissed back at Paolo angrily then leave in a hurry. Paolo caught her hand, and begged her to give him a chance to explain. "Maawa ka naman sa akin, Paolo. Please stop playing with my heart." Maxi can no longer keep her tears from falling, and so her emotions went avalanche. Na-panic si Paolo with what happen kaya dali-dali niyang dinala si Maxi sa parking area where his pick-up was parked. At the car, patuloy na humahagolhol si Maxi. Hindi na alam ni Paolo kung ano gawin nya kung di puros "sorry" na lang sinasabi nito. "Paolo, if may awa ka pa sa akin, please drive me home. Gusto ko ng umuwi. Ano ba kasalanan ang nagawa ko sa iyo at ginaganito mo ako?" Maxi said while crying. "Maxi, sorry for all the pains I caused you. I was hoping to see you because I miss you badly. I think I'm inlove with you. I am hoping you can still take me as your boyfriend." When Maxi heard what Paolo asked of her, she could not believe it. Gusto nyang awayin at mag ‘revenge.” But she thought, it's her turn to take advantage of Paolo. "Really, sure ka na ba dyan sa mga sinasabi mo? Medyo demanding ako na girlfriend ba. Gusto ko ng 10 babies." Panakot ni Maxi sa kanya. Paolo just flashes her a smile - a contented smile. He believes he finds the one. He always likes how Maxi's being bold but sweet at the same time. "I-date mo naman ako, Paolo. Hindi pa ako na-date ever ng lalake. Bigyan mo naman ako ng effort dyan." Maxi sweetly demanded from Paolo. Napa-smile pa rin si Paolo. And, he just drove off. "Where are we going?" Maxi asked. "Date. Just trust me." Paolo replied. "I love you." Maxi said in a whisper. Paolo was mostly silent driving. Until they reached a humble ancestral house in a quiet place. "Ano ito, Paolo? Mag ghost haunt tayo?" Maxi asked. "What the, Maxi. Bahay namin iyan? At mga tao nakatira dyan ah. " Paolo answered back. "Haha. Sorry. Ang super silent kasi." Maxi replied. Paolo brought him inside their house where his parents were having dinner. Paolo's siblings are already married, that's why parents na lang ang nasa bahay nila. Paolo's parents were both surprised to see him, and him bringing a girl. After Kera, wala ng pinakilala si Paolo sa kanila. Her mother was extra happy because alam nya how in pain and sad her son is for 2 years. She is happy to know na somehow her son has moved on.

Pagkatapos nila magmano sa parents ni Paolo. Pinakilala na ni Paolo si Maxi sa kanila as his girlfriend. "Ay, salamat sa Dyos at dininig talaga nya ang prayers ko na magka-apo na ako sa iyo, Paolo." His mother happily announced. "Don't worry po, Mama. Bigyan ko kayo ng sampung apo." Maxi jokingly replied. Paoo's mother then hugged me. I felt so warm and happy to be accepted by his family. Hippo and Pigrain did have their happily ever after. There were bumps and rough roads, but in God's will, we are still together. The end.

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