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Describe the sustainable approaches of A.) New York and B.

) Chicago applied in
1. building design
2. public open spaces
3. transportation
4. landscape
5. people orientation
6. local government initiatives

C. Discuss the hindrances and possibilities of these green approaches be applied in Manila
D. As a student and a citizen, what is your contribution in making Manila sustainable?

A. New York
1. Building Design: Designing buildings that will bring green technologies in a
skyscraper form. An epitome, the 4 Times Square is said to be the first
skyscraper to make an attempt to change into green, having a number of
internal features that recycles waste and air, and allowing energy to pump
back to the building in an efficient way.
2. Public Open Spaces: On public open spaces, reflection of the sun is provided
by large mirrors on top of skyscrapers called heliostat. a device that includes a
mirror, usually a plane mirror, which turns so as to keep reflecting sunlight toward a
predetermined target, compensating for the sun's apparent motions in the sky.
3. Transportation: The city aims to promote walking as their major
transportation. High quality pedestrian network and public realms make
walking pleasurable.
4. Landscape: Providing green roofs on skyscrapers, wherein soils insulate on
summer and retains warm during winter season. Green roofs even collect
stormwater and evaporate the stacked water while in the water retention tank
and recycle water to supply toilet waters and cooling tower.
5. People Orientation: The city is considered as a model of sustainability
as it provides accessibility to the people; buildings close to streets, a
mix of shops, offices, apartments and homes.
6. Local Government Initiative: Government impact or influence, wherein
they are the ones who take most part of an environmental project,
makes the city greener. Not only the local government or the private
sectors must take part to this, everyone must have the initiative and
take action for a better and sustainable future.
B. Chicago
1. Building Design: The city hall of Chicago is one of their models of
sustainability and has green roofs that retain and filter stormwater and
cools the roof. Due to what they call the urban heat island
phenomenon wherein a metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its
surrounding rural areas due to human activities. Mitigation of the urban heat island effect
can be accomplished through the use of green roofs; and the use of lighter-colored
surfaces in urban areas, which reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat.
2. Public Open Spaces & Landscape: The city of Chicago, Illinois features prominent
buildings in a variety of styles by many important architects. Daniel Burnhams
concept of City Beautiful Movement was applied in Chicago. Using park
systems or roof gardens on buildings, where people can walk through.
One great example is Chicagos Millennium Park, a park provides a respite
from the city, yet it also reflects the city. In that sense, all of Millennium Park mirrors the
rebirth of Chicago ... the ambition of its patrons, the creativity of its artists and architects,
and the ongoing miracle of its ability to transform a no place into a someplace that's
3. Local Government Initiative: What is great about Chicago is that their
mayor has a passion for green architecture. Mayor Richard Daley wants
a greener city, a more sustainable Chicago and that is by using green
techniques and policies (green roofs, park systems as one of the basics
of a building), and take advantage of sustainability. His idea of using a
green roof on Chicago City Hall gave a traditional, powerful symbolism
that the public would be excited about; making the city hall as a green
authority and a political brilliance.
C. As I see, the city of Manila has a poor planning. Though it is possible to make
Manila greener and sustainable, the problem is that advanced technology is
not yet used here, and another hindrance to that is our economy and the
money or the cost of these green techniques will take. Local government
doesnt have much of the initiative to implement green movements and
D. Technology is the secret to transform the city to a greener and sustainable
one. As a student of architecture, I must learn and discover new green
techniques and apply it on my designs to practice green architecture and to
become a green contributor someday. As a citizen, I will participate in green
movements and projects. By part-taking to some of these, it will increase the
citys possibility and growth of a greener and sustainable Manila.