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Variable Pitch Propeller

11 November 2013

Variable pitch propeller is a special type ofpropellerwith blades that can be rotated around their
long axis to change their pitch. If the pitch can be set to negative values, thereversible propeller can
also create reverse thrust for braking or going backwards without the need of changing the direction
of shaft revolutions.

Such propellers are used in propeller aircraft to adapt the propeller to differentthrust levels and air
speeds so that the propeller blades don't stall, hence deteriorating the propulsion system's
efficiency. Especially for cruising, the engine can operate in its most economical range of rotational
speeds. With the exception of going into reverse for braking after touch-down, the pitch is usually
controlled automatically without the pilot's intervention. A propeller with a controller that adjusts
the blades' pitch so that the rotational speed always keeps the same is called a constant speed

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