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Speech and stage art is a gateway to a great communication.

strongly agree with this statement. This statement means that
communication is best exercise with the use of speech and stage art. Speech
and stage art introduce effective ways to enhance communication. The
Johari window, Process of communication and components of communication
are excellent topics which helps communication launch into a freeway
without traffic. Its success does not focus on the speaker alone but rather it
balances communication in a give and take point of view.

We can relate communication into paying our school tuition during

exam. Paying our tuition has steps and procedures before we making a
payment. we have to check our bill, we need to get a payment slip then
making a payment comes next, getting the admission slip then having our
teachers sign it on the day of the exam. In relation a great communication
requires knowledge to once self and awareness into others. In connection, I
suggest that the first step in communicating is by knowing once self. The
johari window shows four (4) concepts of room. Room 1 is the part of
ourselves that we see and others see. Room 2 is the aspects that others see
but we are not aware of. Room 3 is the most mysterious room in that the
unconscious or subconscious part of us is seen by neither ourselves nor
others. Room 4 is our private space, which we know but keep from others.
Though we are most vulnerable to joharis concept in room 3 and room 4 it is
most important that we focus on the concept of room 1 and room 2.
Because, if recognize our self and how others portray us it will give us an
insight or awareness on how we carry ourselves when we communicating
with others.

Another way which reveals that stage art is a gate way to a great
communication is evident in topic communication process. universally use
Communication process illustrates the how communication works for both
the speaker the or encoder of the information and the receiver the or
decoder of the information. Communication process shows cycle of
communication which is a give and take action. In addition, it also shows the
hurdles or the abstractions that may be present during conversation.
Examples are noise in the environment, false interpretation etc.
Finally the last component which makes speech and stage arts a
gateway to a great communication is by the use of components of
communication. The three components are; first is the verbal messages.
Verbal message indicates the choice of works we choose to gamble with.
Para verbal messages defines how we say the words we speak to the
listener, it could be loud, or in a sweet tone. And the non-verbal language
which includes our sign language, body movement and eye contact.

In conclusion; Speech and stage art introduce effective ways to

enhance the understanding of better communication. The Johari window,
Process of communication and components of communication are some of
the most important topic that shows