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1 Complete the sentences with a verb in the past continuous.

1 My friend and I ______________________________ (shop) for clothes.
2 What __________ you ________________at? (look)
3 My brother couldnt come because he ____________________ (work).
4 I made a mistake because I ________________________ (not think).
5 We __________________(drive) home when we saw an accident.
6 He told me he _________________ (write) a book about his life.
7 Why _______________ you _______________ up the road? (run)
8 I _______________________ (not expect) you yet.
9 They ___________________________ (stay) at a beach resort.
2 Complete the sentences. Put the verb in brackets in the past simple or the past
Example: He was watching (watch) a film on TV when I arrived.
1 Jim and I ________ (study) at Bath University when we ________ (meet).
2 Youre lucky Im still at home. I ________ (get) ready to go out when you phoned.
3 Usain Bolt ________ (win) the 100m in record time.
4 I ________ (think) about her at 9.00 and then she ________ (ring) me!
5 _______________ Julie ________________ (wear) her new dress when you saw her?
6 Naomi _______________ (not study) when I rang.
7 What _______________ you _______________ (do) at eight oclock last night?
8 It _______________ (not rain) when we got up this morning.

3 Complete the dialogue. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets (past simple
and past continous)
Lucy Did you enjoy (you enjoy) your trip to Italy?
Jean I had a great time!
Lucy Thats good. Where 1 _______________ (you stay)?
Jean In a really nice hotel in Sorrento.
Lucy Who 2 _______________ (you go) with?
Jean Sandy and Mel. We had a few problems while we were there.
Lucy What 3 _______________ (happen)?
Jean Mel lost her passport and her purse.
Lucy Really? What 4 _______________ (she do)?
Jean We went to the police station.
Lucy What 5 _______________ (they say)?
Jean Well Mels things were there!
Lucy That was lucky! Who 6 _______________ (find) them?
Jean Two children at the beach.
Lucy That was very lucky! 8

4 Choose the correct form of the verb.

Example: I used to love / was loving meeting up with my cousins on holidays.
1 Where did you grow up / did you use to grow up?
2 We prepared / were preparing lunch when the phone started ringing.
3 Sandra used to live / lived in Paris for three years.
4 How old were you when you were starting / started primary school?
5 A What were you doing / did you do this time last year?
B I was travelling / travelled round the US with friends from university.
6 They didnt have / werent having so much money when we first met them.
7 I was meeting / met a lot of interesting people when I was a student.
8 What job were you wanting / did you want to have when you were younger?
5 Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjective in brackets.
Example: My sister is younger (young) than me.
1 Your computer was _______________ (expensive) than mine.
2 Saras a _______________ (bad) cook than me.
3 I think the mountains are _______________ (beautiful) than the beach.
4 Its _______________ (hot) in Greece than in Sweden.
5 Antons a _______________ (good) dancer than you.
6 Swimming in the sea is _______________ (dangerous) than swimming in a pool.
7 Im _______________ (happy) now than when I was a teenager.
8 This years course is _______________ (hard) than last years course.
6 Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjective in brackets.
Example: Whos the oldest (old) person you know?
1 Phils the _______________ (bad) football player I know.
2 What is the _______________ (hot) place in the world?
3 He bought the _______________ (expensive) shoes in the shop.
4 Winter is the _______________ (dangerous) time of the year for drivers.
5 They went to the _______________ (cheap) restaurant in the city.
6 Shes the _______________ (good) swimmer in the class.
7 My dads the _______________ (funny) person in my family.
7 Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase.
Example: Marc is more generous than Alex.
generouser more generous as generous
1 Suzi works _______________ Dan. Dan has too many breaks!
as hard as more hard than harder than
2 My shoes were _______________ than yours. I got mine in the sale.
lesser less expensive as expensive
3 This test isnt _______________ difficult as last weeks test.
as more too
4 I drive _______________ than my father.
carefuller more carefully as carefully
5 Our office is _______________ this month than it was last month.
busier more busy the busiest
6 Jason dances _______________ than Franz.
badder worser worse
7 Chelsea didnt play _______________ Real Madrid last night.
well than as well as so good than
8 Complete with the comparative or superlative of the bold word (and than if
1 Henry is _____________________________ Antony. Tall
2 Thats ______________________ cat Ive ever seen. Big
3 This flight will get you to Greece ________________ the next one. Soon
4 Working hard is _____________________ way to pass exams. Good
5 One Canada Square is one of Londons _______________ buildings. Tall
6 Who can run _______________________________? Fast
7 He drinks only the very ___________________wines. Fine
8 Thats a __________________________ solution. Sensible
9 This year, light colours are ___________________ they were last year. Fashionable
10 You can buy that DVD_____________________ on Amazon. cheaply














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