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Gloria Ester Nikityuk

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Governor Jerry Brown

c/o State Capital, Suite 1173
Sacramento, Ca 95814

To Whom It May Concern:

The crimes of your sister Sdom were pride and gluttony; she and her daughters were
careless and complacent, so that they did nothing to help the poor and needy (Ezekiel 16:49
Stern). Would America dare to call Sodom her sister? Would America choose to follow Sdom?
Careless and arrogant is soon to be America's name. This nation turns into the other direction
when help is needed; yet, she goes to other nations and assumes they will be kind to her. Death
will soon awaken upon the unconcerned daughters [states] of America. Mr. Governor Brown,
you are apart of this nation called America. And I? I too am part of this nation. My parents came
from Ukraine, from the country which became its own in 1991; seven years later my parents and
others came to America hoping for a better life for their children, for them to live a life better
then theirs. The current lawmakers are leaning towards the idea of accepting a certain amount
(about 10,000) of refugees from Syria which I would like to agree to.

To my understanding, the current refugee situation in America is currently is on and off

about accepting the refugees from Syria, yet the past president, Barak Obamas decision [was]
to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees and distribute them among the states (Matthews). In addition,
many governors are ambivalent yet they know that this is a country of immigrants with a long
and cherished tradition of helping refugees (Matthews). Although, many elected Democrats
are skeptical (Matthews). Even some thirty-one governors have protested the admission of
Syrian refugees, going as far as to say that their states will refuse to take them in (Kusler). The
government itself is quite indecisive.

The refugee crisis different from the WW2 Holocaust. The Holocaust was a genocide
[which is a] desire to wipe out an entire people specifically a national, ethnic, racial or
Antelope High School
Home of the Titans
Principal, John Becker
Phone: (916)782-6565 ext. 1047
religious group.[Syria's government], rebel groups, and the Islamic State have not pursued the
coordinated decimation of a specific national, ethnic, racial or religious group[s]. . . [instead] the
[refugee] deaths are the result of cultural and political warfare, not the coordinated extermination
of a specific group of people. (Dunst). In addition, Jews fleeing the Holocaust were turned
away almost indiscriminately across the globe (Dunst) they were like the diseased people whom
no one wanted to really associate with; however, Syrian refugees have received high levels of
support from Western governments, the European Union, the U.N., and Sunni countries
(Dunst). Thereby, the atrocious Holocaust is divergent from the refugee crisis.

The current law makers decision is to accept a certain amount of refugees, which I agree
with. America is a well known country, a country of immigrants with a long and cherished
tradition of helping refugees (Matthews). Likewise, the vast majority of the refugees would be
honest and law-abiding, thrilled to get a chance at a new start in America (Matthews). Hence, I
concur that America is to help the Syrian refugees, to give those a chance at life.

With the inconclusive government, the current lawmakers have given the thought to
allow a certain amount of refugees into America, which I personally agree to. My awareness to
the voting system is not at all proficient; however, I would like for this idea to run through your
mind: if we were to allow that certain amount of people and if there is not such great and
traumatic changes in the economic system and if there are no kind of attacks then, maybe allow
more in. Nonetheless, if there be one-not two nor three- just one attack or one planned, then that
poses a serious and significant threat to America. I believe that the people of this nation are to
live and flourish and should be able to come home alive. By all means we can help and we
should, but not by putting ourselves in jeopardy (Calabrese). Thank you, Governor Brown, for
your time.


Gloria Ester Nikityuk

Antelope High School Student
Respectful. Responsible. Proud