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Week/Da Domain/Stran Competencies Suggested Learning Activities Suggested Assessment Activities

y d Grade IV Grade V Grade VI Grade IV Grade V Grade VI Grade IV Grade V Grade VI
Week 1
Listening EN4LC-IIa-19 EN5LC-IIa-4 EN6LC-IIa-3.2
Comprehensi Identify the Identify signal Distinguish Pre-listening.( Motivation, unlocking of word difficulty, motive Identifying story Giving of One-minute
on elements of a words from various types question. elements. report by each live TV
literary text text heard of Teacher reads a selection. ( a news story or an editorial) Answering Wh- group. broadcast on
listened to Informational Interactive Reading of Story (Ask questions during story questions. the news
/factual text reading) listened to.
Teacher asks comprehension questions. Rubrics must Identifying
Rubrics must be be prepared informational or
prepared for the for group factual text.
oral delivery reporting
Oral EN4OL-IIa-11 EN5OL-IIb- EN6OL-IIa-3.7 1. Discuss: 1. Discuss signal 1. Discuss what Retelling of Rubrics must
Language Restate or 1.26 Employ an Who is/are being words such as type of text was selection be prepared for
retell Give precise appropriate talked about in the next, meanwhile, read. news reporting.
information information on style of news story? etc. which were 2. Discuss
a given topic speaking, Where did the used in the informational
adjusting event happen? selection. text such as
language, What are the 2. Explain what news story,
gestures, rate, important event/s signal words how-to articles,
Day 1 and volume in the news story? denote. etc.
according to What elements 3. Group the class 3. Pupils prepare
audience and of story are present into 3. Each group for the
purpose in the selection prepares to report news/editorial to
Attitude EN4A-IIa-b-22 EN5A-IIa-17 EN6A-IIa-17 heard? the information be delivered Sentence
Demonstrate Show Show 2. Point out gathered from the into a one- Completion
respect for the tactfulness tactfulness characters, selection. minute TV live Ex.
ideas, feelings, when when setting and plot broadcast I like the idea of
and culture of communicatin communicatin and relate it to the the author
the author of g with others g news story read because ______
the text listened with others to class. After hearing the
to 3. Include in the story, I felt
discussion the . _________
kind of feeling because
being expressed ________.
by the author and
point out the
importance of
respecting the
authors ideas.
4. The class is
grouped into 3
and prepares to
retell the news

EN5RC-IIa- 1.Pre-reading: 1. Independent silent reading of a two- A. Presentation of A. Put into a A. Write a
2.21 EN6RC-IIa-5.5 (Motivation, paragraph selection. group outputs web map journal entry
EN4RC-IIa-1.1 Identify Respond Unlocking of word 2. Comprehension questions by telling the key about your idea
Identify the main idea, appropriately difficulty, motive something sentence regarding the
Reading important story key to question) about the and selection
Comprehensi elements such sentences the messages 2. Guided reading of Lead pupils to Form dyads. story supporting (Selection must
on as and of the different the selection identify key Have each pair elements. details of talk about
setting, supporting authentic text ( Selection must sentences and read to each other Listen to short the given topics on
character, and details of a have the target the selection and story or paragraph. childrens
supporting details in
plot given words compound let them remind passage and ( Provide a abuse on the
each paragraph each other the
paragraph words) let pupils retell short use of media)
read. errors they commit
3. Re-reading of the the story by paragraph)
Oral Reading selection by the so each can make writing 2-3 (Rubrics must
Fluency EN5F-IIh-1.3 pupils observing self-correction. sentences. B. Show on a be prepared.)
EN4F-IIa-4 Read grade EN6F-IIa-2.9 automaticity in graphic
Read with level text with Self-correct reading. Rubrics for each organizer
automaticity accuracy, when reading 3. Comprehension output must (Bubble
grade-level and appropriate questions be prepared. map or
Day 2 frequently rate and 4. Let pupils identify Fishbone)
occurring proper the elements of the sentences
content-area expression story read. Help about
words them recall what yourself.
characters, setting B. Write 2 sentences about
and plot is, as the one character in the Reading aloud
discussed in Day 1. story read.
a story with
5. Story elements grade level
Writing EN4WC-IIa-15 EN5WC-IIa- EN6WC-IIb- portraits Present to the pupils a selection texts
Composition Write 23 - Group 1 makes organized in a graphic organizer. observing
sentences Plan a two to Plan a stick puppets of the Discuss how the graphic organizer would accuracy,
about Three composition characters help them organize their ideas. proper
the characters paragraph using an - Group 2 makes a Show other examples to the pupils. speed and
in a literary text composition outline/other drawing on a Manila expression
listened to or using an graphic Paper the place Provide two to three Discuss: .
read outline/other organizers where the story took short paragraphs. Ask the class what (Prepare a
graphic place Have pupils show message is rubric for
organizers - Group 3 writes on the key sentence expressed in oral
strips important and supporting the selection reading)
events in the story. details in web map/ read.
graphic organizer. Ask the pupils to
Present the Have pupils present respond to the
elements of the their outputs. following:
story through a
story train. What would you
do if
If you were the
EN4G-IIc-38 EN5G-IIa-3.9 EN6G-IIa-5.5 Post colored sentence strips on different places of the
Identify and Compose Compose clear classrooms.
use s-form of clear and coherent By pairs, pupils look for their colored sentence strips and get as Presentation
verbs and coherent sentences many as they can. Presentation of of the dialog Write a
sentences using Grade 4 yellow the dialog using using the sentence that
using appropriate Grade 5 blue the s-form of describes the
appropriate grammatical Grade 6 pink given object or
verb. subject-verb
grammatical structures: Pupils read the sentences printed on their sentence strips. picture using
structures: -Order and Each grade level puts together their sentence strips and agreement appropriate
( Rubrics must be
-subject-verb degrees of discusses what could the lesson be as indicated in the adjectives.
Day 3 agreement regular underlined phrases in the sentences. prepared to rate ( Rubrics must Give at least 4
( inverted adjective Example: (For Grade 4) the pupils) be prepared to adjectives that
sentences) The birds build their nests rate the pupils) tell number,
The bird builds its nest. color, size or
(For Grade 5) kind.
Monina was late for school.
Some girls were also late for school.
The teacher reminds the class to come to class on
(For Grade 6)
Mother gave me six, round, colored, tiny chocolates.
Do a pick a leaf. (Improvised tree with words written on the leaf
ex. Walk-walks, laugh-laughs)
Complete the sentence with correct verb.
Players ______ (take-takes) healthy drinks.
Oral Reading Discuss with the Group brainstorming Group
Fluency class the rules on brainstorming.
using s-form of Working by 3s,
verbs. objects are
Let the pupils the described using
rule on using the s- as many
form of verb. adjectives as
By pairs, let the Let the pupils tell Lead the class to
pupils complete a what they think pattern their order
dialog with s-form of the lesson is. of adjectives on
verb. Lead them to make the given
a generalization. examples.
EN4F-IIc-5 Presentation of aloud words
Read correctly By pairs, let the output and with s.
words that end pupils complete discussion.
with -s a dialog with the
correct subject-
verb agreement.
Vocabulary EN4V-IIa-32 EN5V-IIb- EN6V-IIb- Display on the table a big dictionary, a book with glossary and
Development Identify 20.2.1 12.3.3 index.
meanings of Identify EN6V-IIb- Show to the class these materials and ask them how it would help
unfamiliar different them in their studies. Give the
words meanings of EN6V-IIb- Pupils read a short By groups, have the pupils scan a book meaning of the
through content paragraph with one- with a glossary ( and index for the Grade Using a Using a following words
structural specific Infer meaning word, two-word and 6). dictionary, find sample through the
analysis (e.g., words of borrowed hyphenated the meaning of glossary, have structure:
compound (denotation words and compound words. Grade 5 pupils find words in a glossary of 1. barometer
the given pupils find the
words and and content specific Lead the class to 2. astronomer
a Science Book and write them on a compound words denotations of
their connotation) terms using tell what compound 3. gyroscope
components: (Science) -context clues Manila Paper. They write also their own the given
words are and the
one-word -affixes and understanding of the word. words.
different ways to
compound roots
[backyard], -other write them. Words Meaning in the Other ( Give at least
Study two-word strategies Glossary meanings/ five words
Strategy compound (Science) Lead the class how how we related to
[security to use the dictionary understan
Day 5 Science)
guard], EN6SS-IIa-1.3 in finding the d it
hyphenated EN6SS-IIa-1.4 meaning of the Ex.
compound EN5SS-IIc- Gather relevant given compound fungus
word [sister-in- 1.4 information acid
words. Ask an adults
law]) Gather from various Grade 6 pupils find words using an index
relevant sources help to give
and look for its meaning in a glossary of a
EN4SS-IId-8 information -glossary the
Science book and write them on a Manila
Locate from various -indices connotation of
meaning sources the above
of words from -glossary given words
Word Page as Meaning of the
the dictionary
indicated in word given in the glossary
Grouping by 3s or the index
4s and finding Ex.
meaning of biolog
compound words in y
the dictionary.
Pupils present
outputs to the class.
Teacher discusses
and explains that
words could have its
denotation and
connotation. Also
how a glossary
would help them
give the meaning of

Practice Exercises Pupils present

outputs to the
class. Teacher
discusses how
glossary and
index would help
them find location
and meaning of
words in a book.

Practice exercises
Day Oral EN2OL-IIb-1.5 EN5OL-IIb- EN6OL-IIb-3.7
1& 2 Language Use courteous 1.26 Employ an Pupils listen to a story / informational text about how people in the
expressions Give precise appropriate world show respect to others.
information style of Comprehension check
on speaking,
a given topic adjusting
language, 1. Ask what 1. Pair-Share 1.Group Using courteous A. Read the
gestures, rate, courteous By pairs, pupils talk Brainstorming on expressions, B. Plan a two- following
and volume expressions were and share all the the different individual pupil paragraph selections and
according to used. information they various types of role play the composition write the kind
audience and Discuss how each gathered from the informational text character they about one of
purpose expression is used selection heard. 2. Discuss the have selected member of informational
appropriately. Then, they following different from the story your family. Put text it tells.
EN4LC-IIb-19 EN5LC-IIb- 2. Pupils recall the exchange pair and types of heard. your ideas in a B. Plan an
Listening Identify the 3.19 EN6LC-IIa-3.2 elements of a do the same. informational text: Pupils read the graphic informational
Comprehensi elements of a Identify Distinguish story. Any information one - literary nonfiction sentences they organizer text to tell
on literary text informational various types of 3. Pupils choose a gets from the - expository texts wrote about the about your
listened text-types informational/ character from the sharing that was - argument or character they (Rubrics must family. Put
to factual text story heard and noted while listening persuasion texts have selected. be prepared to your ideas in a
write sentences to the story must be - procedural texts rate the pupils graphic
about him/her. listed down by the 3. Pupils (Rubrics must be output. organizer.
Writing/Comp EN4WC-IIb-15 EN6WC-IIb- 4. Prepare to role pupils distinguish used to rate
osition Write 2-3 EN5WC-IIa- play the characters 2. Writing down the informational texts pupils
sentences Plan a chosen. information or ideas from samples. performance)
about Plan a two to composition about the selection 4. Group the class
the characters Three- using an Sentence inside a in a and assign each
in a literary text paragraph outline/other balloon. (Pupil will graphic organizer. group one
listened to or composition graphic choose the informational text
read using an organizers character in the presented earlier
outline/other story heard. Write a and have the
graphic sentence about the group put the
organizers character inside the ideas into a
balloon. graphic organizer.
Reading EN4RC-IIb-27 EN5RC-IIc- EN6RC-IIb-5.5
Comprehensi Identify the 3.2.1 Respond
on important story Distinguish appropriately to
elements such text-types the messages
as according to of the different Silent reading of an appropriate selection for each grade level.
setting, purpose authentic texts Identify the elements of the story.
character -To classify
and plot or
Day 3
Oral Reading EN4F-IIc-4 EN5F-IIc- EN6F-IIb-1.6 Ask the pupils the Lead the pupils to Ask the pupils
Fluency Read with 1.8.1 EN6F-IIb-1.3 characters, setting understand the what they feel and Individual oral reading of grade level text-
automaticity Read with EN6F-IIb-1.7 and plot of the purpose of the what they plan to appropriate short selection. Observe accuracy, speed
grade-level and automaticity Read grade selection read. selection read. Let do after reading and proper expression.
frequently grade level level text with the pupils find out the information in Rubrics must be prepared for each grade level.
occurring frequently accuracy, the type of text they the selection read.
content-area occurring appropriate just read.
words content area rate and proper
words expression
By pairs, pupils read to each other the selection.
Day 4 Grammar EN4G-IId-3.2.1 EN5G-IIb- EN6G-IIb-5.5.1 Review on the previous lesson on: Show a busy Write at least
Use the 3.9 EN6G-IIb-5.2.1 Grade 4 use of s-form of verb picture. 3 sentences
present Compose Compose clear Grade 5 subject verb agreement Make five that tell the
form of verbs clear and coherent Grade 6 order of adjectives in a series sentences degree of
Complete the
that agree with and sentences about the comparison of
sentences in the
the subject coherent using Reading of sentences taken from the stories read in Day 3 with people in the the pictures
paragraph with
sentences appropriate the focus grammatical structure for each grade level picture. shown.
the verb that
using grammatical ( Pupils are (Example:
agrees with the
appropriate structures: rated according pictures of 3
grammatical -Order and to the girls with
structures: degrees of correctness of varying length
-subject-verb irregular subject-verb of hair.)
agreement adjectives agreement
(intervening Comparison and Comparison and Comparison and
Phrases) Abstraction Abstraction Abstraction
Generalization Generalization Generalization
Practice Exercises Practice Exercises Practice Exercises

Day 5 Vocabulary EN4V-IIb-32 EN5V-IIb- EN6V-IIb-12.3.3 Using a Using a

Development Identify 20.2.1 EN6V-IIb- dictionary, find thesaurus,
meanings of Identify the meaning of give a specific
unfamiliar different EN6V-IIb- the following meaning of
words meanings of words. Give its the following
through content Infer meaning denotation and words as used
structural specific of borrowed connotation in the
analysis (e.g., words words and sentence.
compound (denotation content specific
words and and terms using
their connotation) -context clues Review:
components: (Science) -affixes and - Differentiate Review:
one-word roots connotation from - Using
compound -other denotation dictionary
[backyard], two- strategies - review some - Finding
word (Science) Review: Science-related meaning of
compound - Use of dictionary words that have words by
[security - Compound words denotation and understandin Using a
guard], and and its components connotation g the dictionary, give
hyphenated Activity: - Review how to find meaning of the meaning of
compound Contest on finding meaning of words in affixes. the following
[sister-in-law] meaning of the dictionary Introduce how compound words.
Study EN4SS-IIh-1.4 EN5SS-IId- EN6SS-IIb-1.4 compound words in thesaurus can be
Strategy Use dictionary 1.4 EN6SS-IIb-1.4.1 the dictionary. Activity: used to find
in Gather Gather relevant Pupils find meaning of words
getting the relevant information denotation and Practice exercises
meaning of information from various connotation of more
words from various sources Science-related
sources -Dictionary words
-Dictionaries -Thesaurus
Oral EN4OL-IIc-12 EN5OL-IIc- EN6OL-IId-5
Language Listen and 1.3.1 Share brief Teacher reads a Listening to news broadcast.
answer Ask impromptu story.
questions questions remarks about
about a story to check topics of interest Comprehension
read/listened to understandin check
g Choose the
of Group brainstorming on the kind of type of
Listening information EN6LC-IIc-3.2 informational text heard. informational
Comprehensi presented Distinguish Reading/presenta text that is
on various types of tion of the story Identify the being
Big group sharing. ( Each group tells the
EN4LC-IIc-19 informational/ made by the type of described by
Grouping by 3s kind of informatonal text heard and
Note the EN5LC-IIc- factual text Show different group informational the given
Day 1 explains why)
elements 3.19 elements of the text from the definition.
of the literary Identify story in a graphic Rubrics for story- following 5 (Provide 5
text listened to informational Group work Group work writing must be selections selections
text-type Identifying different Identifying and label
types of different types of them as
Group presentation.
Writing informational texts informational texts Selection A,
Story writing by B, C, etc.)
Group presentation Group
group. presentation
Write a short
story with its
Day 2 Oral Reading EN4F-IId-15 EN5F-IId- EN6F-IIc-1.6 Presentation of
Fluency Read words, 1.8.1 EN6F-IIc-1.3 Pre-reading: (Motivation, Unlocking of word difficulty, Motive group outputs Read the Read the
phrases, Read with EN6F-IIc-1.7 question) selection and news article.
poems, and automaticity Read grade Poem reading (Teacher models, by groups, by pairs, individually) Rubrics must be write the key Write on your
stories with grade level level text with Comprehension check prepared for sentence and paper 5
accuracy an frequently accuracy, specific output supporting important
d occurring appropriate (poster, collage, details in the details from
appropriate content area rate and proper etc.) boxes provided the news.
expression words expression
Reading EN4RC-IIc-28 EN5RC-IIb- EN6RC-IIc-5.5 Grouping Grouping Individual pupils
Comprehensi Identify the 2.21 Note significant In any form of Each group note down
on theme of the Identify details of artwork (poster, identifies the main important details
literary text main idea, informational collage, etc.) pupils idea and key of the poem read
read key texts show what they sentences of each
sentences understand (theme) stanza of the poem
and of the poem read. read and puts it in
supporting their own design of
details of a graphic organizer
paragraph Output presentation Output

Supply the correct Make

Day 3 form of verb in the Through sentences
given paragraph pictures, pupils using adverbs
will make of intensity to
sentences describe the
EN5G-IIc- using the action of
2.2.2 1. Reading of the poem ( from Day 2)
correct people/
3.9 grammatical animals
EN6G-IIc-6.6 structure shown in brief
Compose clear
clear video clips
EN4G-IId-3.2.1 and coherent ( irregular
Use the sentences
coherent nouns and verb ( at least 3 to
present using
Grammar sentences agreement) 5 video clips).
form of verbs appropriate
that agree with grammatical
appropriate 2. Using sentences 2. Review: Regular 2. Review:
the subject structures:
grammatical from the poem for nouns and verb Degrees of
-Adverbs of
structures: the target grammar agreement (Oral- adjectives (
-irregular structure. through game) independent
nouns and 3. Review of the 3. Using sentences activity)
verb rules of the target from the poem to 3. Presentation of
agreement grammar structure present target the target
4. Practice grammar structure grammar structure
exercises 4. Comparison and 4. Comparison
abstraction and abstraction
5. Generalization 5. Generalization
6. Practice 6. Practice
Exercises exercises
EN6V-IIc-12.3.3 Presentation of word posters with target words for each grade
EN6V-IIc- level
EN4V-IIc-32 EN5V-IIg-
Identify 20.1.3 EN6V-IIc-
meanings of EN5V-IIg- Group brainstorming on the common structure of the words found
unfamiliar 20.2.3 Infer meaning on the word posters
words Identify of borrowed Using a Give the Using the
through different words and dictionary, give denotation and dictionary or
structural meanings of content specific Abstraction on root the meaning of the denotation thesaurus,
analysis (words content terms using words and affixes Review: words through its of words give the
and specific -context clues Differentiate affix/es - exercise meaning of
affixes) words -affixes and Making Table of - healthy the words
connotation from
(denotation roots - weigh
Affixes. Use the denotation
and -other
connotation) strategies dictionary to find the
Finding the
(Health) (Health) meaning of affix. Finding the meaning
meaning borrowed
of both connotation words using their
Day 4 W Ro Aff Mea and denotation of affixes with the
EN6SS-IIb-1.4 o ot ix/ ning the words in the help of dictionary
Study r wo Aff of
EN5SS-IIe- EN6SS-IIb-1.4.1 word posters using
Strategy d rd ixe affix
1.4 Gather relevant Finding the
the thesaurus
Gather information s meaning of
EN4SS-IIi-1.4 relevant from various borrowed words
Use dictionary information sources using both
in getting the from various -Dictionary thesaurus and
meaning of sources -Thesaurus dictionary
words -Thesaurus

Day 5
EN5WC-IId- -1.8.3 EN6WC- Give Writing of Writing of
1.8.2 IIe-1.8.2 enrichment/reinforc composition based composition
Revise EN6WC-IIe- ement activity on on the planned two- based on the Checking of pupils composition
writing for 1.8.1 paragraph planned two-
Writing clarity EN6WC-IIe composition about a paragraph Rubrics be prepared with criteria
-correct Revise member of the composition about appropriate for the specific
Spelling - correct family. ( Refer to the ones family. ( grade-level skill
spelling pupils output in the Refer to the
- appropriate assessment pupils output in
punctuation process in Week 2) the assessment
marks process in Week
-transition/ 2)
for clarity
Week 4
1. Teacher reads a Activity- One 1.Pre-reading: 1.Read short 1. Teacher 1.Make 2-3
Listening EN4LC-IVd-32 EN5LC- EN6LC-IVd-2.23 story. minute paper (Motivation, story and reads a sentences
Day 1 Comprehensi Evaluate the IVd-3.11 Summarize the 2.Comprehen-sion Unlocking of word evaluate what is sentence and about the
on likelihood that a Restate information from check 1.In one box put difficulty, Motive the possible let the pupils information
story/event sentences a text heard different sentence question) story/event could say it again in from the text
could really heard in strips and let the really happen. a different way. heard.
happen ones own 3.Grouping by 5s leader of the group 2.Reading of the
words Show the likelihood get one sentence story again 2. Read short
of the story in a strip and read it to story and 2.Rubrics
graphic organizer the group. Within evaluate if the 2.Rubrics must must be
one minute let the 3.Pupils make a event/s in the be prepared for prepared for
4. Group member make a summary about story could really the oral the output
presentation. sentence with their the information happen. delivery
own word.Select the heard
best sentence and
restate it to the
class. 2.Rubrics must
be prepared for
EN6A-IVd-16 2.Group the output
EN4A-IVd-34 Observe presentation
Express EN5A-IVd- politeness at all
Attitude interest in text 16 times
by reading Observe
available print politeness at
materials all times

A. Use the picture

Let the pupils Teacher
identify the observed pupils
values that politeness
shown in the everyday.
Rubrics must be
prepared for each
grade level

B. Teacher reads a
Teachers asks

2. RAP
Day 2 1.Pre-reading: 1.Presentation of 1.Checking of pupils research
Study EN4SS-IVd-18 EN5SS-IVd-1.9EN6SS-IVd-2.3 (Motivation, Unlocking of word difficulty, a some 2. Jotting down important
Strategy Take down Assess credibility
Conduct short motive question) propaganda. 2.Let information from the story/passage
Research important of sources of research projects 2. Guided reading of the selection the pupils heard/read.
information information on a relevant (Selection must have the target information) analyzed about
issue 3. Re-reading of the selection by the propaganda. 2.Rubrics be prepared with criteria 1.Checking of
teacher while pupils take down important Ex. appropriate for specific output pupils notes
3. Comprehension questions
4. Let pupils identify the important
information of the selection read. 2. Rubrics be
5. Story elements portraits prepared with
- Group 1 makes stick puppets of the criteria
characters appropriate for
- Group 2 makes a drawing on a Manila the specific
Paper the place where the story took place grade-level
3.Show sample skill.
- Group 3 writes on strips important part of short
information in the selection research and let
the pupil conduct
a research about
the propaganda.
Day 3 EN4V-IVd-42 EN5V-IVd- EN6V- IVd - Activity 1-Teacher Using a sample Using a sample Give the meaning
Vocabulary Identify 20.1 present a selection dictionary, find the glossary, have of the following
Development meaning of EN5V-IVd- Infer and let the pupils meaning of the pupils find the words through the
words with 20.2 meaning of identify words with prefixes denotations of the structure:
prefixes un-, in- Identify borrowed underlined words . un- in-, im-, dis-, given words used 1. immature
, im-, dis-, mis- different words using 3-Let them mis- and re- in the sentence. 2. inactive
and re- meanings of Prefix write the word in (context clue) (Give at least five 3. miscarriages
content different words related to 4. disorganize
specific colored Ex: Health) 5. rewrite
words cartolina base on 1.impossible
(denotation the prefix used 2.disappear Homework:
and 3.incomplete Ask an adults
connotation) 4.reconnect help to give the
(Health) 5. misbehave connotation of the
above given word
Grade IV-1.Lead Grade V1.Pupils Grade VI1.Pupils
the class how to use find words in a find words using
the dictionary in selection from an index and look
finding the meaning health book given for its meaning in
of the given words by the teachers and a glossary of a
with prefixes un-, in- write them on Science book and
, im-, dis-, mis-, and colored paper. They write them on a
re- write the meaning of Manila Paper.
(Pupils will the wordin their own
group by 5 in finding understanding. Pupils present
meaning of word in outputs to the
the dictionary. Pupils present their class. Teacher
output to the class discusses how
and the teacher glossary and
discusses the index would help
importance of using them find location
glossary in finding and meaning of
the meaning of the words in a book.
Practice exercises

Practice exercises
Jigsaw puzzle
Grammar EN4G-IVd-7.3 EN5G-IVd- EN6SS-IVd-1.10 1.Show different
Use 1.8.2 Use various pictures . 2.Let the Review: Cause and effect relationship Supply the Using different Using different
prepositions Use types and kinds pupils construct 1. Present short story. correct clauses , clauses ,
in, on, under, compound of sentences for sentences using 2.Let pupils identify the sentences used in preposition in the combine the combine the
and sentences to effective prepositions in, on, the story.(One Minute paper) given paragraph two two
above in show communication under, and above 3.Contest on finding the compound independent independent
sentences problem- of information/ 3.Think-pair-share sentences in the story clause to form clause to form
solution ideas 4.Generaliza-tion 4.Discussion compound compound
relationship (compound, 5.Practice exercises - What are the connector used in the sentence to /complex
of ideas complex Oral practice using compound sentences? show problem- sentence to
sentences) prepositions. - What does the sentence show? solution show effective
- etc relationship of communicatio
4.Practice exercise ideas. n of
EN5VC-IVd- EN6VC-IVd-1.4
1.7.1 Make
Analyze how connections
Viewing visual and between
multimedia information
elements viewed and
contribute to personal
the meaning experiences
of a text

1.Show video clips 1.Show a video

and let the pupils clips and let the
watch the video pupils watch the
2. Let the pupils video.
give the meaning of 2. Comprehension
the text given by the questions
teacher. - Did you
3.Comprehension experiences the
questions situations in the
video? How do
you connect it to
your personal
Day 4 Reading EN4RC-IVd-43 EN5RC-IVd- EN6RC-IVd- 1.Present a picture/real object and let the pupil analyze the Individual silent reading of grade-appropriate short
Compreh Distinguish 3.2. 9 3.2.5 difference between picture and real object selection
ension reality Distinguish Distinguish text-
from fantasy in text-types types according 2. Present a selection
stories read according to to purpose and a. Pre-listening ( Motivation, unlocking of word difficulty,
features language motive question.
(structural features b. Teacher reads a selection.
and -Problem and c.Teachers asks comprehension questions.
language) solution
2.Discuss 2. Discuss: 2. Discuss: Read the event Read the text Read the text
(Refer to LM Read a. Features Use Venn from story.Write and distinguish and
and Learn) (structural and Diagram R if it is Reality text-type distinguish
3.Comprehen-sion languages) 3.Group activity and F if it is according to text-type
check up b.Time-order Pupils present Fantasy. features and according to
4.Practice exercises (sequence, their output to the (Refer to LM) time-order. features and
recounts, process) class Raise happy time-order.
3.Group activity Read a short face if it is Raise happy
Pupils present story identify features and face if it is
their output to the events that are raise sad face purpose and
class real and fantasy. if it is time- raise sad face
Let the pupils order if it is
find out the type of languages
text features
EN4OL-IVd-23 EN5OL-IVd- EN6OL-IVd-3.6 Show a video Show a Show a video
Oral State 2.6.2 Summarize clips/fiction videoclips/fiction clips/fiction
Language conclusion Use information
to realistic appropriate conveyed
fiction body through
movements/ discussion
Presentation of group outputs

Rubrics must be prepared for specific output

State conclusion to Group presentation Group

realistic fiction by (Pantomine) presentation
Pinoy Henyo (Debate)

Writing EN4WC-IVd-37 EN5WC- EN6WC-IVd-

Day 5 Composition Write 56 IVd-2.2.8
sentence Compose a Plan a
paragraph three- composition 1.Review: Writing paragraph
about a paragraph using 2.Present a song. Let the pupil sing the song
given topic descriptive an outline/other 3.Composition check-up Checking of
(Prewriting) essay on graphic Checking of pupils output pupils
self-selected organizers composition
topic Rubrics be prepared with criteria
appropriate for the specific grade- Rubrics be
level skill prepared with
Let the pupils write Select one song Let the pupil criteria
5-6 sentence and describe it in answer the
paragraph about the three-paragraph questions through
song the flower graphic
Answer who,
what where,why,
how and where
Oral EN4F-IVd-1.13 EN5F-IVd- Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
Reading Read grade- 1.13 EN6F-IVd-1.13 Pre-reading: (Motivation, Unlocking of word difficulty, Motive specific grade-level skill
Fluency level Read grade Read grade level question)
texts with 118 level text text with 145
words correct with 128 words correct per Text reading (Teacher models, by groups, by pairs, individually)
words per words minute Comprehension check-up
minute correct per
Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
Attitude EN6A-IVd- EN6A-IVe-18 Activity 1- Dramatization (prepared by the teacher and assigned specific grade-level skill
18 Show openness the pupils about their character a day before the
Show to criticism lesson)
openness to Activity 2- Word of the day/Pair share repeat
criticism Let the pupil give the frequent word used in the Drama.
Activity 3- Group work
Role playing

Week/D Domain/Stra Competencies Suggested Learning Activities Suggested Assessment Strategies

Day nd
Grade IV Grade V Grade VI Grade IV GradeV Grade VI Grade IV Grade V Grade VI
Week 5
Day 1 Vocabulary EN4V-IVe-43 EN5V-IVe- EN6V- IVe -
Development Identify 20.1 Activity 1-Teacher presents a selection and let the pupils identify Using a Using a sample Give the
meaning of EN5V-IVe- Infer meaning of different words written in italic. dictionary, find glossary, have meaning of
word with 20.2 borrowed words Let them write the word in different colored cartolina base on the the meaning of pupils identify the following
suffixes -ful Identify using suffixes used. the given words the denotations words through
and less different Suffix 2. Comprehension check-up with suffixes of the given the structure:
meanings of words. Ex
content Ex: ( Give at least 1.tactful
specific 1.resourceful five words 2. fearless
words 2.careless related to TLE) 3.joyful
(denotation Etc 4.homeless
and Complete a Word Homework: 5.beautiful
connotation) with suffixes Ask an adults
(TLE) Using context help to give the
1.Lead the class 1.Review the 1. Pupils find clues. connotation of
how to use the meaning of words using an ) the above
dictionary in finding denotation and index and look for given word
the meaning of the connotation its meaning in a
given words with 2.Pupils find topic in glossary of a TLE
suffixes ful and - TLE Book and book and write
less select some specific them on a Manila
(Pupils will word and write Paper.
group by 5 in finding denotation and
meaning of word in connotation in 2.Group
the dictionary. colored paper. presentation
Use table below;
2.Practice exercise



from the

how we


nd it

3.Pupils present
their output to the
class and the
teacher discuss the
importance of using
glossary in finding
the meaning of the
4. Practice
EN4G-IVe-7.2 EN5G-IVe- EN6SS-IVe-1.10 1. Pre-listening(Motivation, unlocking of difficult word, motive Supply the Using different Using different
Use 1.9.1 Use various question) correct clauses , clauses ,
Grammar prepositiona Use complex types and kinds 2. Teacher reads a selection prepositional combine the combine the
l sentences to of sentences for Comprehension questions phrases in the two two
phrases in show effective given sentences independent independent
sentences cause and communication clause to form clause to form
effect of information/ complex compound
ideas sentence to /complex
(compound, 1.Pupils get some 1.Review use of 1.Review use of show cause sentence to
complex prepositional complex sentence compound/comple and effect show effective
sentences phrases from the 2..Studying the x sentence relationship communicatio
selection and let clauses taken from 2..Studying the n of
them use in the selection read, clauses taken information
sentence. let the pupils from the selection /ideas
combine two read, let the pupils
clauses to from combine two
complex sentences clauses to form
show cause and compound/comple
effect relationship. x sentences for
communication of
Day 2 EN5LC-IVe- EN6LC-IVe-2.23 a. Pre-listening (Motivation, unlocking of word difficulty, motive
Listening EN4LC-IVe-33 3.11 Summarize the question. Checking of pupils output
Compre- Draw Restate information from b. Teacher reads a selection.
hension conclusion in sentences a text heard c.Teachers ask comprehension questions. Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
informational heard in specific grade-level skill
text heard ones own
Group work Group work Group work

Let the pupils draw Restate sentences Let the pupils

conclusion in heard in ones own summarize the
informational text words information
heard from the text
Rubrics be prepared with appropriate criteria
EN5VC-IVe- EN6VC-IVe-1.4 1.Show video clips
1.7.1 Make 2. Comprehension check-up
Viewing Analyze how connections
visual and between
multimedia information
elements viewed and
contribute to personal
the meaning experiences
of a text
1.Activity: 1.Activity:
Pinoy Henyo Think-pair-share
2. Discussion 2. Discussion

EN5A-IVe- EN6A-IVe-16 Activity 1- Dramatization (prepared by the teacher and assigned Checking of pupils output
Attitude 17 Observe the pupils about their character a day before the
Show politeness at all lesson) Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
tactfulness times Activity 2- Word of the day/Pair share repeat specific grade-level skill
when Let the pupil give the frequent word used in the Drama.
communica- Activity 3- Group work
ting with Dramatization
Day 3 Oral EN4OL-IVe-24 EN5OL-IVe- EN6OL-IVe-3.6 1. Pupils watch TV broadcast
Language State 4 Summarize 2.Teacher asks comprehension questions Giving report by Group One-minute
conclusion to Use verbal information each group presentation presentation
informational and conveyed of their
text non-verbal through summarized
cues discussion information
in a TV
Activity: Activity: Activity: Rubrics must be prepared with criteria appropriate for
1.Brainstor- ming 1. Use graphic 1.Discuss about the specific grade-level skill
(State conclusion on organiser(Verbal- the information
the different various non-verbal cues in they watch.
types of information TV broadcast 2.Pupils
text) 2. Role Playing Summarize
- One group information
(verbal) conveyed through
- One group(non- discussion

Oral Reading EN4F-IVe-1.13 EN5F-IVe- EN6F-IVe-1.13 Pre-reading: (Motivation, Unlocking of word difficulty, Motive Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
Fluency Read grade- 1.13 Read grade level question) specific grade-level skill
level texts with Read grade text with 145 Text reading (Teacher models, by groups, by pairs, individually)
118 words level words correct Comprehension check
correct words text with 128 per minute
per minute words
correct per
Attitude EN5A-IVe- EN6A-IVe-17 Activity 1- Dramatization (prepared by the Checking of pupils output
16 Show tactfulness teacher and assigned the pupils about
Observe when their character a day before the lesson) Rubrics be prepared with criteria
politeness at communicating Activity 2- Word of the day/Pair share appropriate for the specific
all with others repeat. Let the pupil give the frequent grade-level skill
times word used in the Drama.
Activity 3- Group work(sharing of their
experience and select the best to be used
in drama presentation)
Role playing
Reading EN4RC-IVe-44 EN5RC-IVe- EN6RC-IVe- 1.Using the pictures of boy scout/girl scout. Checking of pupils output
Comprehens Make 2.15.2 2.15.2 2. Read story about the activities of scouters
ion inferences Use Use appropriate 3. Teacher ask comprehension questions. Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
and draw appropriate graphic specific grade-level skill
Day 4
conclusions graphic organizers in
based organizers in texts read
on informational texts read
Writing EN4WC-IVe-38 EN5WC-IVe- EN6WC-IVe- Activity: Activity: Busy Picture Read and Picture Story
Composition Write 56 1.8 2.2.11 (Using picture Revise the Provide
sentence Revise Compose a 1.Draw the scene Use graphic organizer about activities of write 5-6 paragraph several
paragraph writing for three- that will happen scouters answering who, where, when, sentence with pictures.
about a clarity paragraph during scouter why paragraph.) misspelled Let pupils
given topic - correct persuasive activities words. choose a
(Writing) spelling essay picture
on self-selected 2. Pupils formulate and
topic conclusion 5-6 compose
sentence paragraph a 3-
about a given topic paragraph
3. Include the
importance of
reading in the

Attitude EN4A-IVe-34 EN6A-IVe-18 Rewrite the 1. Compose two D Divide the

Express Show openness conclusion given by to three short class into 5
interest in to criticism grade IV with paragraphs groups.
text by reading correct spelling of Work on a
available print words used in the same
paragraph. 2. Have pupils activity.
present their Present the
outputs. output to the
class. Let
each group
3. Observe pupils critique other
about openness to groups.
critism Observe how
they give
and how
they accept
Day 5 Study EN4SS-IVe-5.4 EN5SS-IVf-5 EN6SS-IVe-2.3 1.Show a map and 1. Present a 1.Review: Parts of
Strategy Interpret a map List primary Conduct short analyze where selection a research project Checking of pupils output
Research and research Luzon,Visayas and 2. Comprhension 2. Listing. Let the
secondary projects Mindanaso located check-up pupils list present Rubrics be prepared with criteria appropriate for the
sources of on a relevant 2. Teacher create a 3. Group issue that the specific grade-level skill
information issue simple map to work(listing) community/school
show the route - List primary and encountered
where family went secondary sources 3.KWL
a vacation from given 4. Group work
3.Discussion selection .used 5.Group
4. Group work venn diagram presentation
Every group have 4.Group
map to be interpret presentation
5.Group 5. Practice exercise
Week 6
Oral EN4OL-IId-12 EN5OL-IIa- EN6OL-IId-5 Shared reading of Task Cards on Small group Answer orally the
Language Listen to and 1.13.1 Share brief the story giving instructions discussion questions about
Role Playing
answer Provide impromptu the story
questions accurate remarks about Group Sharing
about the story instructions topics of
read/ listened interest
Listening EN4LC-IIe-21 EN5LC-IIa-4 EN6LC-IId-2.2 Sequencing Chart Present an editorial Note cards Story Mapping Quiz: Quiz on Note
Day 1
Comprehens Sequence Identify Note down or ant text Arranging the identification taking
ion events in signal words relevant appropriate for events as it Items
a story listened from text information Grade V pupils. happened in the
to heard from text heard Ask them to identify story.
the signal words.

Vocabulary EN4V-IIe-33 EN5V-IId- EN6V-IIf-12.3.3 Play the Word Group Work Group Work Quiz: Match the Construct Construct
Development Use prefixes 20.1.1 EN6V-IIf- Meaning Game Divide the pupils Divide the pupils words in Column Vocabulary list Vocabulary list
and root EN5V-IId- into small groups. into small groups. A with their
words as clues 20.2.1 EN6V-IIf- Give them the list of Give them the list meanings in
to get meaning Identify words. Ask them to of words. Ask Column B.
of word different Infer meaning demonstrate the them to
meanings of of borrowed meanings through demonstrate the
content words and drawings meanings through
Day 2
specific content specific drawings
words terms using
(denotation -context clues
and -affixes and
connotation) roots
(Science) -other
Reading EN4RC-IIe-30 EN5RC-IIh- EN6RC-IIc-5.5 Story Map Present an article Present a school Story Map Outlining Quiz: Noting
Comprehens Use 2.15.1 Note significant (Pupils will show the (Essay, news, announcemen (Use Rubric) important
ion appropriate Make an details of sequence of story) t. details
graphic outline from informational events in the Ask the pupils to Ask the pupils to
organizers to a text story through make an outline identify the
show the selection story map) based on the important
sequence of read reading details in the
events in a text selection announcemen
read (story) Knowledge map t by
answering the
5ws and 1h
Writing EN4WC-IIe-21 EN5WC-IIb- EN6WC-IIf-2.2.5 Present a story Give pupils Give pupils Short story writing Composition Writing a 4-
/Compositio Write a short 2.2.5 Write a 4 diagram. instructions/gui instructions/g Writing paragraph
n story with its Write paragraph Discuss the delines in uidelines in (cause and composition
complete paragraphs composition elements of the writing writing a 4- effect) showing cause
elements showing showing story paragraphs paragraph and effect
-cause and -cause and showing cause composition
Effect effect and effect showing
cause and
Day 3 Oral Reading EN4F-IIf-15 EN5F-IIh-1.3 EN6F-IIg-1.6 Read aloud a poem Read aloud a story/ Read aloud a Group Reading/ Individual Choral
Fluency Read words, Read grade EN6F-IIg-1.3 essay/ or any grade story/ essay/ or Individual Pronunciation Reading
phrases, level text EN6F-IIg-1.7 level text any grade level Reading Test Independent
poems, and with Read grade text Reading
stories with accuracy, level text with
accuracy and appropriater accuracy,
appropriate ate and appropriate
expression proper rate and proper
expression expression

Day 4 Grammar EN4G-IIh-11 EN5G-IIf-5.5 EN6G-IIf-6.5 Class discussion on Discussion order of Class Discussion Quiz: Fill in the Order of Sentence
Use the past Compose Compose clear irregular verbs adjectives on Adverbs of blanks with the adjectives Writing
form of clear and coherent Irregular Verb Chart Adjectives Anchor place and correct past form worksheet
irregular verb and sentences Chart time of irregular
coherent using adverbs (teacher- made
sentences appropriate worksheet)
using grammatical
appropriate structures:
grammatical -Adverbs of
structures: place
-order of and time
Day 5 Study EN4SS-IIe-9 EN5SS-IIf- EN6SS-IId-1.7 Guided Discussion on how Discussion on Students will Concept Concept
Strategy Use timeline to 1.7 Gather relevant Practice/Interactive to do internet how to do internet need to think of Diagram Diagram
show order of Gather information Modeling research research their own life
events relevant from various events of the past Thought Web Thought Web
information sources As a class, create a year, such as
from various -Online timeline of daily birthdays, first
sources references events that happen day of school,
-Online in the classroom. vacations,
references holidays, to
The create their own
timeline can be timeline.
created using a
manila paper or
cartolina, or by
having students
write down events
on paper and
putting them in the
right order as a

Week 7
Day 1 Oral EN4OL-IIg-2.6 EN5OL-IIb- EN6OL-IIg-5 Do a Group Activity Listen to a short Do a Fishbowl Do a Listen and Listening Story Sharing to the
Language Retell best- 1.26 Share brief Teacher gives each story and answer Activity Tell Activity and answering class
liked Give precise impromptu group a short story Wh- questions after Teacher provides *Listen to a short WH- questions ideas/remarks
part of a story information remarks about to be read by the listening. different topics of story and retell to about a topic
heard on topics of group leader to interest inside a the class the part of interest.
a given topic interest his/her members. fishbowl. Pupils in the story
Members will retell will pick one and he/she like best.
to the group the part share some ideas
in the story they like about the topic.
Listening EN4LC-Ie-2.7 EN5LC-IIb- EN6LC-IIa-3.2 Listen to a story and Text Structure Text Structure Sequence 3 Identification Identification
Comprehens Sequence at 3.19 Distinguish sequence\e 3 Booklet Booklet events in the Test Items/ Test Items/
ion least 3 Identify various types of events using signal Prepare a list of Prepare a list of story heard using Multiple Choice Multiple
events using informational informational/f words. different different signal words. Choice
signal text-types actual text informational text informational text Students will
words types. types. read each Students will
Ask students to Ask students to passage and read each
define each text define each text identify how passage and
type and write an type and write an the information identify how
example for each example for each is being the information
text-type. text-type. organized is being

EN5V-IIh- EN6V-IId-12.3.3 Fill-in the blank with Give the denotation Make A Word Write the suffix Teacher made- Quiz
20.1.3 EN6V-IId- words with and connotation Game Chart next to each denotation-
EN5V-IIh- suffixes of the words. word connotation Write the suffix
Development EN4V-IIg-34
20.2.3 EN6V-IId- Eliminate Clues Fill in the definition base/root worksheet or prefix
Use suffixes
Identify Match root of suffixes and Play jolly next or
and root
Day 2 different Infer meaning words and roots __ before
words as clues
meanings of of borrowed suffixes Root Suffix each word
to get
content words and word meani base/root
meaning of
specific content specific meani ng
words .
words terms using ng
(denotation -context clues Cred- Ible-
and -affixes and believ possib
connotation) roots e le
(Health) -other Write- Able-
Speci Ize-
(Literary terms)

EN6RC-IIa-5.5 Read open Read story and Read a text and Prediction game Small group Recitation
Respond ended story and summarize the story give the discussion. Reaction
appropriately to predict what will using 3-5 reaction about After reading paper
EN4RC-IIf-2.8 EN5RC-IIg- the messages happen next. sentences. the text. the text,
Predict 2.12 of the different small
outcomes Make authentic texts groups of
of events in the Generalizati students
story ons will make
Oral Reading EN4F-IIg-4.4 EN5F-IIi-1.3 EN6F-IIg-1.6 Word Game Read aloud a given Read aloud a Individual reading
Fluency Read texts with Read grade EN6F-IIg-1.3 Puzzle text. given text. or choral reading Individual
words with level text EN6F-IIg-1.7 Identify Words Oral reading Oral reading reading or
consonant with Read grade through context Use of Rubric is choral reading
reading or
blends /tr/ and accuracy, level text with clues suggested
choral reading
Day 3 /cr/ EN5F-IIi-1.6 accuracy, Use of Rubric
appropriate appropriate is suggested
Use of Rubric
rate and rate and proper
is suggested
EN5F-IIi-1.7 expression
Grammar EN4G-IIa-4.2.1 EN5G-IIg- EN6G-IIg-7.3.1 Present a personal Picture Sentence Picture sentence Filling the blank Fill in the blanks Fill in the blanks
Identify and 5.2 EN6G-IIg-7.3.2 pronoun chart using degrees of using prepositions with correct with the with the
use personal Compose Compose clear adjectives. and prepositional personal pronoun appropriate appropriate
pronouns in clear and coherent Discussion phrases. to complete the adjective preposition
sentences and sentences sentence. e.g or
coherent using Arranging words Choose the prepositional
Day 4 sentences appropriate to form sentence correct personal Fatima is the___ phrase
using grammatical pronoun to intelligent
appropriate structures: complete the student in the
grammatical -Prepositions sentence. class.
structures: and
-degrees of prepositional
Adjectives phrases
Writing EN4WC-IIf-22 EN5WC-IIg- EN6WC-IIg- Draw and Tell Pictures Talk Copy a Paragraph Reaction paper Write Rewrite the
Composition Write a reaction 2.2.6 1.8.2 Draw the main Use pictures and Rewrite a paragraphs Paragraph
about the Write EN6WC-IIg- Character and tell write a paragraph paragraph showing correctly and
character in a paragraphs 1.8.1 something about that shows Edit a paragraph comparison observe
story read showing EN6WC-IIg- him/her. comparison and and contrast correct
-comparison 1.8.3 Do a Story Balloon contrast. spelling and
and contrast Revise writing punctuation
for clarity Venn Diagram marks
- correct spelling
- appropriate
signal words
Day 5 Study EN4SS-IIf-10 EN5SS-IIg- EN6SS-IId-1.7 Fill-up forms Search and Find Search and Find Fill up the bio Do a library or Do a library or
Strategy Fill out forms 1.7 Gather relevant *school Search particular Search particular data form/ internet internet
following Gather information *bank topic of interest and topic of interest registration form research research
instructions relevant from various *answer sheet gather information and gather
appropriately information sources from different information from
from various -Online sites/sources in the different
sources References internet. sites/sources in
-Online the internet.

Week 8
Day 1 Oral EN4OL-IIh-2.6 EN5OL-IIf- EN6OL-IIh-6 Silent reading of a Take a stand Silent reading of a Retelling Debate Essay Writing
Language Retell best- 3.5.1 React on the short story. activities news article
liked Provide content of the
part of a story evidence to material
hear support presented

Listening EN4LC-IIh-22 EN5LC-IIe- Top-Down Bottom up Essay writing Paper and

Comprehens Distinguish 2.10 Strategies strategies pencil- essay
ion reality Distinguish - Predicting - Listening for
from fantasy fact - Drawing specific details
from opinion inferences
EN4V-IIg-34 EN5V-IIg- EN6V-IIc-12.3.3 Silent reading Silent reading Silent reading Formal theme Give meanings Think pair -
Use suffixes 20.1.3 EN6V-IIc- writing through share
and root EN5V-IIg- denotation and
words as clues 20.2.3 EN6V-IIc- connotation
to get Identify
meaning of different Infer meaning
words meanings of of borrowed
Day 2 content words and
specific content specific
words terms using
(denotation -context clues
and -affixes and
connotation) roots
(Health) -other
EN4RC-IIh-35 EN5RC-IIf- EN6RC-IId-5.5 Oral reading of both Tell the students to Ask students to Read statement News casting Reading orally
Distinguish 3.2.3 Note significant reality and fantasy read silently a silently read a or situation and the notes
Reading reality Distinguish details of stories reading text. Ask newspaper article. identify reality and Broadcasting taken
Comprehens from fantasy text-types informational them about the While they are fantasy.
ion according to texts purpose of the text. reading, they are
purpose going to highlight
-To explain the important
Oral Reading EN4F-IIh-16 EN5F-IIh-1.3 EN6F-IIh-1.6 Use metacards for Oral Reading Oral reading Group reading of Pair reading Pair reading
Fluency Read words Read grade EN6F-IIh-1.3 words with words
with consonant level text EN6F-IIh-1.7 consonant blends Read grade Read grade
blends /br/ and with Read grade /br/ and /gr/ level text with level text with
/gr/ accuracy, level text with partner partner
appropriater accuracy, Oral reading of
Day 3 ate and appropriate words Partner checks Partner
proper rate and proper accuracy and checks
expression expression appropriatenes accuracy and
s appropriatene
ss using

Grammar EN4G-IIb-37 EN5G-IIh- EN6G-IIh-8.3 Discuss on Pronoun Discuss Coherence Discuss Write at least 5 Write Write an essay
Use the 8.3 EN6G-IIh-8.4 and Its Antecedent Coherence sentences with sentences using
pronoun that Compose Compose clear Identify subordinate the right use of using subordinate
agrees in clear and coherent and coordinate and Identify pronoun subordinate and coordinate
Day 4 gender, and sentences conjunctions subordinate and and coordinate conjunctions to
number coherent using coordinate and conjunctions to achieve
with the sentences appropriate conjunctions achieve coherence
antecedent using grammatical coherence
appropriate structures:
grammatical -Subordinate
structures: and coordinate
-subordinate conjunctions
Writing EN4WC-IIh-24 EN5WC-IIj- EN6WC-IIa-3.7 Write 2 3 Let students fill up Let students fill up Essay writing Peer checking Peer checking
Composition Write 3.7 Fill-out forms sentences forms. Bio-Data sheet of the forms of the forms
sentences Distinguish accurately and expressing fantasy
expressing among efficiently and reality Deposit and
fantasy and forms (bio-data, withdrawal slips
reality (kinds and application
descriptions forms, etc.)
Fill-out forms
deposit and
slips, etc.)
Day 5 Study EN4SS-IIf-10 EN5SS-IIh- EN6SS-IIf-4 Let students fill up Interview Researching Peer checking of Peer checking Peer checking
Strategy Fill out forms 1.8 Organize simple form the forms of the forms of the forms
following Organize information Brainstorming Brainstorming
instructions information from secondary
appropriately from primary sources in News casting Broadcasting
sources in preparation for
preparation writing,
for reporting and
writing, similar
reporting academic tasks
and in collaboration
similar with others
with others
Week 9
Day 1 EN4OL-IVi-28 EN5OL-IVi-4 EN6OL-IVi- 3.6 Field Trip (within the Video news Shared Individual Recitation Draw and Tell
State the cause Use verbal Summarize school campus) broadcast Discussion Reporting
Oral of a given and non- information
Language effect verbal cues conveyed
in a TV through
broadcast discussion
Listening EN4LC-IVi-2.16 EN5LC-IVi- Video Clips Tape recorded Pen and Paper Recitation
Comprehens Identify cause- 3.13 informational Test
ion and effect Summarize narratives
relationship information
from various
text types
Day 2 EN4V-IVi-47 EN6V-IVi-
Identify 12.3.3 EN6V- IVi Charted exercises Charted exercises Cross Word Cross Word
meaning of - EN6V- on suffixes-able and on context clues, Puzzle Puzzle
words with IVi - -ible affixes and roots
suffixes -able Infer meaning of Word meaning Word meaning
and -ible content specific analysis analysis
terms using -
context clues -
affixes and roots
-other strategies
Reading EN4RC-IVi- EN6RC-IVi- Guided Discussion Guided Short Story Portfolio of
Comprehens 2.16 Identify 2.15.2 Use Discussion Analysis using accomplished
ion cause- appropriate Lecture Discussion graphic graphic
andeffect graphic Lecture organizer/concept organizer
relationship organizers in Discussion mapping
texts read
Day 3 Oral Reading EN4F-IVi-1.13 EN5F-IVi-1.6 EN6F-IVi-3.5
Fluency Read grade- EN5F-IVi-1.3 EN6F- IVi - 3.2 Read aloud Lecture- Demo Lecture- Demo Choral Reading Pronunciation Pronunciation
level texts with EN5F-IVi-1.7 EN6F- IVi - 3.6 Guided recitation. Recitation Recitation Drills with Drills with
118 words EN5F- EN6F- IVi - 3.11 The use of rubric checklist checklist
correct words IVi1.14 Observe is suggested
per minute Observe accuracy, 3 Minute Pause 3 Minute
accuracy, appropriate rate, Choral reading Pause
appropriate proper Simulation
rate, proper expressions and Simulation
expressions correct
and correct pronunciation in
pronunciatio oral
n in dramatic communication
readings and group tasks
Day 4 Grammar EN4G-IVi-25 EN6SS-IVi- 1.10
Use compound Use various Chart of compound Chart of Composition Composition
sentences types and kinds sentences compound writing writing on
of sentences for sentences types of
effective Discussion Write compound sentences
communication Discussion sentences
of information/ Guided
ideas Sentence composition
(compound, completion (model of a
complex composition
sentences) using various
kinds of

Writing EN4WC-IVi- 42 EN6WC-IVi-

Composition Write 56 2.2.11 Compose Discussion on Discussion on Write 5-6 Compose a
sentence a three paragraph writing writing persuasive sentence three
paragraph paragraph essay paragraph about paragraph
about a given persuasive your family persuasive
topic essay on self- essay
(Publishing) selected topic
Day 5 Study EN4SS-IVg-22 EN5SS-IVi- EN6SS-IVi- 2.3 Discussion on test Discussion on how Discussion on Pen and paper Conduct a Conduct a
Strategy Use strategies 2.3 Conduct Conduct short taking strategies to do a short how to do a short Test library/internet library /internet
in taking tests short research research research research research
A. Before the research projects on a
test B. During projects on a relevant issue
the test self-selected
EN5A-IVi-16 EN6A-IVi-16 Integration of Integration of Use of exit Use of exit
Observe Observe concepts of concepts of cards cards
politeness at politeness at all politeness, politeness,
Attitude all times times EN6A-IVi- tactfulness and tactfulness and
EN5A-IVi-17 17 Show openness in lesson. openness in
Show tactfulness when lesson.
tactfulness communicating Video presentation
when with others on decorum/ Video
communicati EN6A-IVi-18 politeness, presentation on
ng with Show openness tactfulness, house decorum/
others to criticism rules/discussion politeness,
tactfulness, house
Viewing EN5VC- IVi - EN6VC-IVi- 1.4
2.4 Make Make Film Viewing Film Viewing/ Think-Pair Think-Pair
connections connections Video Clips share share
between between
information information
viewed and viewed and
personal personal
experiences experiences
Week 10
Day 1 EN5OL-IVj-4 EN6OL-IVj- 3.6 Question and Question and Group/ Group/
Use verbal Summarize Answer Answer Individual Individual
Oral and non- information Reporting Reporting
Language verbal cues conveyed Shared Opinion Shared Opinion
in a TV through
broadcast discussion
Listening EN5LC-IVj- Provide various
Comprehens 3.13 listening texts 2-3 sentence
ion Summarize summary
from various
text types
EN6V-IVj- Present Meaning
12.3.3 EN6V- IVj picture/word chart giving
- EN6V-
IVj - Word match
Infer meaning of
content specific
terms using -
context clues -
affixes and roots
-other strategies
Reading EN6RC-IVj-
Comprehens 2.15.2 Use
ion appropriate
organizers in
texts read
Oral Reading EN5F-IVj-1.6 EN6F-IVj-3.5 Shared reading by Shared reading by Dialogue/Oral Oral Reading
Fluency EN5F-IVj-1.3 EN6F- IVj - 3.2 the teacher the teacher Reading
EN5F-IVj-1.7 EN6F- IVj - 3.6
EN5F-IVj- EN6F- IVj - 3.11 Modeling by the Modeling by the Simulation
1.14 Observe teacher teacher Simulation
Observe accuracy, Use of Rubrics
accuracy, appropriate rate, Use of Rubrics is suggested
appropriate proper is suggested
rate, proper expressions and
expressions correct
and correct pronunciation in
pronunciatio oral
n in dramatic communication
readings and group task
Grammar EN6SS-IVj- 1.10
Use various
types and kinds
of sentences for
s ( compound,
Writing EN6WC-IVj- Revision Checklist Rewriting of
Composition 1.8.2 EN6WC- the draft
IVj- 1.8.1 Review the draft
EN6WC-IVj- of the composition Use rubrics in
1.8.3 Revise for spelling using in
writing for clarity punctuation assessing
- correct spelling marks, pupils output
- appropriate transition/signal
punctuation word.
marks -
transition/ signal
Study EN5SS-IVj- EN6SS-IVj- 2.3 Activity Card Activity Card Concept Concept
Strategy 2.3 Conduct Conduct short Mapping Mapping
short research Concept Mapping Concept Mapping
research projects on a Journal Entry Journal Entry
projects on a relevant issue
EN5A-IVj-16 EN6A-IVj-16 Present video clips Present video Individual Individual
Observe Observe and character clips and checklist checklist
politeness at politeness at all standard character Self Self
Attitude all times times EN6A-IVj- standard assessment assessment
EN5A-IVj-17 17 Show Debriefing Debriefing
Show tactfulness when
tactfulness communicating
when with others
communicati EN6A-IVj-18
ng with Show openness
others to criticism
Viewing EN5VC- IVj - EN6VC-IVj- 1.4 Let the student Let the student
2.4 Make Make watch a film and watch a film and Group Sharing Group Sharing
connections connections relate it to personal relate it to
between between experiences personal Reporting Reporting
information information experiences
viewed and viewed and
personal personal
experiences experiences