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Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


Vee Technologies Pvt, ldt

A Case study submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the Bangalore University
for the award of the degree of



Reg. No: 15KXCMD016

Under the guidance of

Assistant Professor


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


I hereby declare that this Case Study report titled A BENCHMARKING STUDY OF
fulfilment of requirement of MBA. It is a record of an original and independent study conducted
by me under the guidance and supervision of our respected Prof. SHREELATHA Dept of
Management, SURANA College PG Centre Bangalore. This has not been submitted earlier to
any other university or institution for the award of any Degree/Diploma/Certificate or published
any time before.

Date: ___________________

Place: Bangalore Ms. CHAITHRA.V



Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


This is to certify that the case study titled A Case Study on Benchmarking

Study Of Recruitment Process In Vee Technologies Private Limited is record

of an original work done and submitted by CHAITHRA.V, Surana college- PG

Department, during 2016 to Bangalore University, Bangalore for the award of

degree of Master of Business Administration is a record of work carried out by

she under my guidance.

Date: ___________________

Place: Bangalore Mrs.SHREELATHA

Assistant professor


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


I immensely acknowledge and thank Prof. SHREELATHA and faculty of

SURANA COLLEGE Centre for Post Graduate Studies, Bangalore for giving me an
opportunity to undertake this Case Study.

I have immense pleasure in expressing my deepest gratitude to our honourable

Director Dr. GP SUDAKAR and for him guidance, which goes a long way to set my future

I immensely grateful to the Management of VEE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED

and particularly Mr.HARIPRASAD, Assistant HR Manager and Mrs.SHARMILA, Senior
Manager for giving me the permission to do the Case Study in the organization for allowing me
a privilege to conduct my data collection regarding case study.

I am greatly indebted to faculty of SURANA COLLEGE for their encouragement, my

dear and loving parents and friends. I really thank my family and friends for being with me at
every stage of my project and making me feel confident.



Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

4 CASE STUDY 17-25


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Executive Summary

Benchmarking study of Recruitment process key goal is to know the Recruitment procedure in
various trades and to show up the difference in any in the key territories of the Recruitment
procedure .for this aim few noteworthy parts were picked with an organization of every range to
bolster the target of the case study. This case study is the place an individual meeting is led with
the hr Recruitment specialist significant organization. The organization which was favored a
branch of the venture were Vee Technologies pvt ltd, Accenture, Pepsico, Nestle, boomindia, pvt
ltd and Luminous ETS. The recruiter were asked numerous inquiries giving unique consideration
during the time spent recruitment,sources of candidate pool, level of screening , foundation
verification,consultant,online strategy application etc,after directing the meeting and examining
the discoveries we can infer that the real strides and methodology of the Recruitment procedure
are comparative in every one of the organizations regardless of the distinctive modern segment
yet the HR group structure is diverse in various organizations like Vee Technologies, Pepsico
Accenture ,and Nestle have separated the hr Recruitment groups in light of circle ,districts and
level of opportunity. The organizations are utilizing erp, for example, irec, headhunter, vurb and
so forth which makes the strategy for applying and recruiting more straightforward and simple to
process .The greater part of the organization outsourced exercises RPOs (consultant).and ponder
the center Recruitment process and best practices of the distinctive organization. The contextual
investigation is an extraordinary endeavor to have knowledge into the present practices in the
Recruitment procedure .the exploration is likewise upheld by the Secondory distributed realities
which help us in comprehension the new come up to that the hr is starting the whole way across
the world as another approach in the Recruitment territory.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


'Benchmarking study of the Recruitment procedures is a case study which is embraced with a
prime target to comprehend the Recruitment procedure of organizations having a place with
various territories. for this situation ponder the key zone which is taken into thought are the main
modern zone of India like Vee Technologies it fmcg,engineering fabricating and so forth .this
case study is highlighting the distinction in the Recruitment approach of various
these organizations lean toward various wellsprings of candidate pool, it is likewise high lighting
how they are diverse in the screening and determination prepare, the managing choice devices of
various organizations and different methods of sourcing of applicant. The case study is likewise
concentrating on the new methodologies and new patterns in the Recruitment procedure of the
current circumstance.


To know about the Recruitment procedure of various modern area.

Benchmarking the procedure by taking few chose organizations.
Highlight the new pattern in the Recruitment procedure and new methodologies
embraced by the organizations.
To concentrate on the redesigns and the better strategies for advanced procedure


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


KPO is an augmentation of Business process outsourcing, Learning process outsourcing (KPO)

portrays the outsourcing of focus data related business activities which are intensely noteworthy
or shape a key part of an organization's esteem chain. KPO requires progressed consistent and
logical abilities and also a high level of committed mastery. Reasons at the back KPO
incorporate an expansion in particular information and mastery, extra esteem arrangement, the
imminent for cost diminishments, and a shortage of gifted labor.Regions which are especially
celebrated in Learning Process Outsourcing incorporate India, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe,
specifically Poland, Romania, and the Baltic States. To be effective in Information process
outsourcing, a great deal of guide is required from interorganizational framework.

The Eventual fate of BPO/KPO in India

The National Relationship of Programming and Administration Organizations (NASSCOM) has

anticipated that India will get a 70% partake in the developing KPO Industry. As per
ASSOCHAM, Indian KPO advertises has been developing at an aggravated yearly development
rate of roughly 30% and is relied upon to touch $30 billion by 2015. In the event that these
figures end up being right, we have motivation to trust that the future pattern of Indian KPO
industry will be splendid for quite a long time to come. Another primary benefactor to the KPO
blast will be the BPO segment itself, which will contribute about half towards the recently
creating KPO industry. This is a result of the transformation of a great deal of call focuses into
KPO focuses, which are currently offering additional esteem included KPO benefits alongside
their standard BPO administrations.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Company profile

Vee Technologies Sona Gather Organization is a ruler Business Prepare Outsourcing (BPO)
administrations provider and trusted accomplice to Fortune 500 Organizations, Little and
Medium Organizations. Vee is a market pioneer in specialty regions like Protection Handling,
Human services, Coordinations, Media Investigation, Building and Lawful Process
Outsourcing. The Sona Valliappa Amass claims and runs a gathering of Instructive organizations
like the Sona School of Technologies, Sona School of Administration and Thiagarajar
Polytechnic. The Valliappa Programming Innovative Stop is a pioneer in the framework and
brooding administration. Vee is headquartered in Bangalore Karnataka with branch workplaces
in Salem - Tamil Nadu and New York-USA.

Vee Confirmations and Accreditations:

Vee is qualified from free national and global establishments to affirm its certifications and
capacity as market Pioneers in Back Office Outsourcing Zone.

VEE has the underneath accreditations and has been inspected for SAS 70 sort II

ISO 27001
ISO 9001:2008
HIPAA (Medical coverage Convenience and Responsibility Act) Consistence guaranteed
OCTAVE ensured for SPMM (Security Prepare Development Demonstrate) Level 3/3


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

1.4.5 Top Administration Group

C.Valliappa (Chairman)

Mr. Valliappa is the originator of the Sona Valliappa Bunch (an augmentation of Sona
Gathering). As a notable industrialist in South India, his interests go from materials to the
development business and the distance to data Technologies. He has had the benefit of being the
President of both the Modern (More noteworthy Mysore Assembly of Business and Industry)
and Exchange (Alliance of Karnataka Assemblies of Trade and Industry) Councils of Trade. C.
Valliappa was quintessential in putting India on the IT outline Texas Instruments chose to
collaborate with the Sona Valliappa Bunch. C. Valliappa was welcome to visit the U.S. as a
visitor of the White House to comprehend American business and to recognize the future
development of business amongst India and the US - an uncommon respect vested on one and
only businessperson every year.

CV. Chockalingam (Chocko Valliappa)

(CEO and Overseeing Chief)

V. Chockalingam is the moving power behind Vee Technologies USA. Because of an extensive
variety of presentation to new Technologies and programming consistently, Chocko has
collected an unlimited involvement in creating and investigating promotions. As a basic part of
the Sona Valliappa Gather, Chocko has assumed a critical part in the gathering's promotion and
accomplishment consistently. He has held key positions in administration, International business
and operations, corporate undertakings, key planing, promoting and planing of corporate
arrangements. Chocko has an inside and out learning of European, Asian and Dish American
markets and a complete aptitude in producing organizations together and joint endeavors of key


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


Vice President

Strategic business function

INSURANCE Billing Coding Information Technology Infrastructure E-Governance

Assistant General Manager

President General Manager HR General Manager Assistant Manager

Chief Executive officer Enabling function


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Mission and Vision of Vee Technologies


"Vee Technologies offers quality and auspicious support of its customers. We have confidence in
being a necessary area of our accomplice organization."


Vee will be one of the Asia's top line chief BPO organizations offering world-class benchmarks
of value in the exchanges handling space. Persevering through this pattern, Vee will offer better
quality, lessen process duration and give more noteworthy hens the working procedure are great.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Case context

Vee Technologies was established in 2000 with head quarters in newyork and Technologies
center point in Bangalore. Vee Promotions a Sona Assemble Organization is a chief Business
Prepare Outsourcing (BPO) administrations supplier and trusted accomplice to Fortune 500
Organizations, Little and Medium Organizations. Vee is a market pioneer in specialty territories.

In Vee Technologies Recruitment is finished by a particular procedure and which is especially

present day .it begins with the labor order and end with the meeting .and after that Vee
Technologies gather different sort of preparing and improvement program for the workers to
build up their expertise .in genuine sense Vee Technologies take after a create Recruitment
process for selecting right individuals in ideal place.

Why benchmarking

The benchmarking study will permit finding out about the benchmarking of Recruitment issues,
significance, current procedures and models used to make it more productive. The study will take
in the functional methods took after by the main associations. In addition the study will help to
contrast between the practice and the speculations that direct to acknowledge how the association
can enhance their Recruitment.

Outlines of the different companies for taking the benchmarking study of the
recruitment process.


Accenture was founded in 1981,

Accenture is a worldwide administration consulting, Technologies services, and outsourcing

business. Mutual unmatched knowledge, wide-ranging capabalities from corner to corner the all
the industries and business functions and widespread follow a line of investigation on the worlds
a good number of successful companies, Accenture collaborates with customer to assist them
develop into high routine business and govenaments.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Luminous ETS dreams

Iridescent power advances is Another Delhi construct organization it was established with
respect to June 1988. Iridescent building and Technologies administrations pvt ltd maintained
luminous ETS is a rising association giving an answer in the areas of multidisciplinary building
outline and geometrics administrations to worldwide market. It is one of the quickest developing
building administrations off-shoreing merchants in India.

Booms India Pvt, Ltd

It was established in the year 1994 - 95, to partake in nation vitality improvement program to
bolster vital coustomer for their outsourcing and building/consistency administrations. BSPL
gathering is an up and coming and submitted amass having in the blink of an eye the center
capability in the field of Vitality improvement Nitty gritty building cum DPR consultancy from
idea to dispatching all out power extend building/o&m benefits and investigating Configuration,
fabricate and supply of E&M gear for hydro control plants organization has assembled a solid ,
productive and talented group of committed specialists and controllers , who can now process all
angles and train of force era ,transmission ,circulation of on location and off-site extend
administration and single point arrangement supplier in hydro poer promotion .


Nestle was established on 1866, it is one of the share holders of L'Oreal, the world biggest
makeup organization. Nestle india is an energetic organization that give a shoppers in india with
results of worldwide gauges and is resolved to long haul practical development a share holder
fulfillment .the organization demands genuineness, honesty and reasonableness in all parts of its
business and expects the same in its connections . This has earned in the trust and regard of each
Stratum of society that it interacts with and will be and it's recognized among India's most
regarded organizations and among the top riches makers of India.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


It was established in 1902

Pepsicoco is the world chief shopper item organization, concentrated on helpful sustenances and
drinks. At Pepsico, they think being a capable corporate native is the correct thing to do, as well
as right thing to accomplish for their business. At PepsicoCo, they are not dedicated to making
business and budgetary progress while leaving a positive engraving on society delivering what
they call execution with reason. They are way to deal with unrivaled money related execution is
straight forward drive shareholder esteem .by tending to social and ecological issues, They are
likewise conveyed their motivation plan, which comprise of human, natural, and ability


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Case study

The Recruitment procedure as of now took after by the previously mentioned organizations.
Also, highlights the distinction if any in the significant arias of Recruitment process. In Vee
Technologies Recruitment is finished by a particular procedure and which is especially current .it
begins with the labor order and end with the meeting .and after that Vee Technologies gather
different sort of preparing and improvement program for the workers to build up their expertise
.in genuine sense Vee Technologies take after a created Recruitment process for selecting right
individuals in perfect place. Vee Technologies took after different systems for Recruitment thus,
labor planning and raising mrf, endorsement and opportunity creation on irec, sourcing of
applicant, screening in three level, formal meeting, offer and acknowledgment, foundation check
,competitor joining. They are finding a way to recruiting the right applicants in Recruitment


Develop a comprahencive Recruitment procedure planing.

Decide on the Recruitment procedure. Remembering the accompanying
Demand and supply variable
Geographical accessibility of the asset
Bench arrange channel of the occupation pitch

Step2: characterize the determination

This should be caught in labor order from which ought to point by point the accompanying:
title, number of vacancy level and grade, place of posting, nature of Recruitment
(transitory/changeless), and age restrict.

Instructive capability (wanted abilities, supervision by/directs whom, industry the

organization target, position to be filled, singular particular, mentality, encounter run, work


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Step3: actuating the Recruitment procedure by sourcing and screening the cvs of the
candidate originating from the distinctive channels.

A Vee Technologies utilizes channels for Recruitment like,

Recruitment advisors, seek accomplices, entryways, notice in print media, utilize referral,
internal sources, and campuses.

Step-4: selection process:- Goal is to 'select the correct individual the first run through'

Leve1: The dynamic TA does the qualification beware of the premise of Internal sources
strategy if there should arise an occurrence of Internal competitors. The dynamic TA Screen
every one of the profiles of the applicant who have connected in Vee Technologies Pvt. Ltd
site and employment entrances. Applicant who have connected through advisors and
representative referrals, their screening is finished by unit TA. (Screening is by and large in
light of utilizing Rehire strategy.)

Level 2: The line supervisor assist short list the applicants and give the list to unit TA with
meeting plan.

Level-3: This would be Appropriate just that profile that dynamic TA has sourced and the
line director advance shortlist the competitors and give the list to unit TA with meeting plan.

Talk with: Meeting is conduced just staff prepared ininteriviewing Methods. Such preparing
will Helped the unit HR inside and remotely as well. No less than two individuals talk with
one competitor. One of the questioners is from similar capacity

STEP-5: Making an information base of the shortlisted hopefuls and upgrade the status and
every stage and make the discover choice by utilizing the fitting instrument of determination.

STEP:- 6: making the pre-offer conventions and conclusion and arrangement letter sending.

Step-7: Back ground confirmation this is outsourced to an outside organization and they do
the reference check. Post employment, Criminal foundation checking and medicinal reports.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

STEP-8: The last shutting of the offer when the competitors acknowledge the offer.

Recruitment process in Accenture

The underneath specify data incorporates the way toward applying on the web for the external
applicant. initial step is presumably to audit this site to discover our identity, the sort of work we
do, the workplace our kin and who we Utilize you ought to likewise visit the professions pages
of the area where you are keen on attempting to comprehend what it resembles to work at
Accenture in that area in the event that you ought to hunt our Occupations database down
Accessible position. In the event that you feel you Fit the bill for An occupation, Tap on pursuit
employments and submit Resume. You can then peruse a full list of specifically either by
heading off to the get in touch with us choice of this site and presenting a Request or go will
discover data about how to contact spotters locally. When you present your resume/cvs on-line,
you will get an email compliance. An Recruitment specialist will contact u on the off chance that
we wish to talk about your resume/cvs in more point by point supplications understand that
because of the high volumes of resumes/CVs that an Accenture receive ,it is unrealistic to
contact each individual who present their resume. Positions in any areas or refine your hunt you
can likewise contact a recruiter.


The steps involved in the recruitment process in luminous. Like manpower requisition, getting
approval from director, selecting the sources of recruitment, telephonic interview

Recruitment policy

Luminous ETSs human resource team commits to contribute to the successful accomplishment
of the business plans for 20014-15 specifically and to the long term future of the organization by
providing an efficient and effective management of the human resources across all facilities of
the organization.

Recruitment procedure of the luminous

Campus recruitment (diploma, Graduate and PGS)


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Parallel recruitments based upon Specific skills sets

Focus on aptitude and attitude


Development of a level-wise skill matrix.

Skill mapping of all individuals.
Identification of skill Gap in present role and looking at future growth.
Preparation of training program according to skill Gap.
In house as well as external Trainers.
Client training.

Recruitment process in Booms India PVT LTD

Vacancy creation by the useful director

Approval from the HOD
Sourcing of the competitors
Screening of the competitors

Recruitment process

The Recruitment procedure in Booms India Pvt, Ltd begins with formation of opportunity by the
practical director. The made vacancy requires endorsement from the hod .once the opportunity is
affirmed the following level of Recruitment process is sourcing of applicants (by and large
referrals).then competitors are screened on the premise of their CV and JD. All the screened
hopefuls are then require showing up for the meeting. The organization lean towards reffferal
generally 10% of the candidate pool is from advisors, entrances (for larger amount profile) and
rest grounds. the hopefuls are screened on the premise of JD prerequisite and are shortlisted by
the HR the shortlisted competitors are lineup for meeting which is of three rounds HR(first round
).specialized round with line administrator executive (utilitarian round).


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


Recruitment process in nestle,

The Recruitment procedure in Nestle starts with vacancy creation. The recruiting chiefs of
various locales gives the affirmed JD to the advisors, give the sourced resume to the contracting
administrator the organization favors the vacancy to be filled through IJP (Internal job posting).
If not filled inside recorded then the organization lean towards outside sources Referrals (for
senior supervisor or more), Gateways (for underneath senior Administrator), Experts (for
beneath senior chief), Grounds (above senior director).

Recruitment process in Pepsicoco

Recruitment technique of the Pepsicoco

Raising of job requisition form (JRF)

HR approves the JRF
Vacancy appeared in IJP
Internal filling of the vacancy.
External sources (if not filled inside)
Shutting by cost and Advantage group.
The Recruitment procedure in Pepsicoco

The Recruitment procedure in Pepsico co. starts with ascending of Occupation Demand shape
(JRF).The HR endorses the JRF and instantly opportunity appeared in IJP and Interior filling of
the vacancy happens for the Internal applicant. Outside sources (if not filled inside) are utilized.
The procedure then continues with formal meeting. The last shutting is finished by cost and
advantage group. Once the hopeful is chosen and joined the association, then Recruitment for a
time of one week happens. The organization wants to fill the opportunity inside. If not filled


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

inside then the Organization lean towards the external sources like Contract break, Human site,
Worker re non domesticated entrances ( and specialists. The screening procedure is
distinctive for interior and external applicants. For interior competitors there are two levels of
meeting rounds line chief (first round).HOD (last round). For outside hopeful, HR shortlist the
applicant in light of the Jd, the line director does the second level of screening, the shortlisted
competitors are then line up for the meeting line supervisor (first round), SHL test (for all
hopeful), HR rounds, Interview with the HOD, the end of the offer done by the cost and
advantage group.

Key discoveries

While every best in class benchmark organizations has an recruitment procedure custom fitted to
their business surroundings, culture, and methodologies', all share the accompanying center
Recruitment steps:

1.Planning :planning incorporates both workforce planning and individual recruitment planning
.workforce planning ordinarily concentrates on for throwing staff and aptitude holes in the most
business basic positions, while singular Recruitment planning concentrates on sourcing and
screening methodologies' for particular vacancy .

2. Sourcing: sourcing concentrates on exercises to pull in both positive and dynamic competitors
.basic procedures' incorporate promoting ,showcasing at select school and association
,overseeing worker referral software engineers ,and cross advertising new positions to earlier

3. Screening: screening concentrates on making a pool of possibility to impart to the contracting

chief. Normal exercises incorporate resume/application audits for select capabilities
.supplemental polls, and formal testing.

4. Meeting: meeting incorporates into individual surveys intended to choose a last applicants.
Normal procedures incorporate associate meetings, board interviews, and thee utilize
behaviorally-based meeting systems.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

5. Recruiting: employing concentrates on convincing the chose possibility to join the association.
Normal exercises incorporate making the occupation offer, planning terms and states of work,
and all pre-and post start on boarding.

6. Reporting: reporting incorporates all post hire information gathering, observing, and
reporting. Basic exercises incorporates studying applicant and employing director , gathering and
dissecting candidate stream information, and reporting execution measure and handling
measurements .

Recruitment metrics

Best in class benchmark organizations utilizes an extensive variety of execution measure and
different measurements to assess the adequacy of their Recruitment program. By and large, the
most well-known measurements fall into one of the accompanying classifications: Nature of
contract: procuring director satisifaction and new contract maintenance are the most widely
recognized strategy for measuring nature of contract.

Organizations' Vee Technologies, Accenture, Boomindia Pvt, Ltd Luminous ETS, Pepsico,
Nestle all direct some type of post hire manager satisifaction survey .inquiries and rating scale
differ between organizations. Organizations Vee Technologies, Accenture Luminous ETS
measure post procure maintenance (considering both deliberate divisions). Most organizations
measure following one year, with some concentrating particularly on external contracts.

While these organizations communicated enthusiasm for or arrangements to gauge new contract
productivities none had built up an attractive technique to gather and break down such
information. One organization noticed that new contract profitability is hard to precisely quantify
until a few year until a few year after an arrangement, and thusly and hard to utilizes as a
continuous selecting execution measure.

Candidate satisifaction: candidate's satisifaction impacts both organizations capacity to secure

their favored competitors and their notoriety with other forthcoming applicant. Organizations
utilized a scope of candidate reviews with shifted inquiries and rating scales.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Organization Vee Technologies, Accenture, Luminous ETS, Boomindia Pvt. Ltd, Nestle, Pepsico
all play out some type of utilization satisifaction overview .inquiries and rating scales shift
between organizations.

Organization Vee Technologies which has a focal recruiting program that backings singular hr
workplaces that perform other staffing capacities concentrates on estimation of satisifaction with
its web based posting, inquiry, and application administrations.
Organization Accenture utilizes the net promoter metric, a measure of how likely applicants are
to prescribed the organizations taking after their encounters.

Organization Luminous ETS is a review instrument that measures the nature of the competitors
general experience, whether they were approached with deference, and their impression of the
determination procedure.

Candidate source degree of profitability

Organizations measure both the quantity of contracts per source, and the cost per procure for
every source.

Organization Vee Technologies, Accenture, Luminous ETS, Boomindia Pvt,ldt. nestle, and
Pepsicoco, all lead some shape candidate source return for capital invested examination for the
most part measure return on initial capital investment after some time, and adjust their list of
essential sources as needs be.

Organization Vee Technologies which as of late received a facilitated Recruitment posting and
application framework, particularly measures the cost of the new administration against earlier
publicizing costs.

Organization Accenture, and Pepsico which verifiably has needed to recruit out of state,
particularly measures the quantity of accomplishment of contracts from focused school and

Time to fill


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Time to fill is a measure of recruitment preparing time starting with accommodation of the
demand. While a few organizations report utilizing this metric, there are huge contrasts in how
far out every organizations measures.

Organization Vee Technologies, Accenture, luminous ETS, Nestle, Boomindia Pvt, Ltd and
Pepsico all measure time to recruit.

Organization Vee Technologies and Accenture both measure to when a screened applicant pool
is the recruiting supervisor.

Organization Luminous ETs and Booms India Pvt, Ltd and Pepsico measure to when an offer is
made to the chose applicant. Organization Nestle measure to when they chose competitor starts


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Theoretical concept



Recruitment intends to assess the accessible vacancy and make appropriate game plans for their
choice and arrangement .recruitment is comprehended as the way toward hunting down and
getting applicant for the occupations, from among whom the right individuals can be chosen .a
formal definition states," it is the way toward finding and pulling in able applicant for the
businesses .the procedure starts when newcomers are looked for and closes when their applicant
are submitted. The outcome is a trick of applicant from whom new workers are chosen". In
choice. In recruitment, data is gathered from intrigued contender for logical distinctive source,
for example, news paper notice, livelihood trades, inside promotion; and so on .are utilized as a
part of the Recruitment .a pool of qualified and intrigued hopeful is made for determination of
most reasonable applicants. Recruitment speaks to the main contact that an organization makes
with potential representatives.

As indicated by Edwin plippo "Recruitment is the way toward hunting down imminent workers
and reenacting them to apply for occupations in the association"

Sources of recruitment used in Vee Technologies

Internal sources utilized as a part of Vee Technologies

Internal warning
Former representatives
Miscellaneous external sources


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

External sources utilized as a part of Vee Technologies

Campus Recruitment
Press promotion
Management consultancy benefit &private vocation trades
Deputation of faculty or exchange starting with one undertaking then onto the next
Management preparing plans
Walk ins, compose ins, talk-ins

The wellsprings of Recruitment of the Vee Technologies can be extensively ordered into Internal
and external sources

Internal recruitment: inner Recruitment looks for applicant for positions from inside the
organization. The different inside sources include:

Promotion and transfer:

Promotion is a powerful means utilizing work posting and faculty records work posting requires
advising empty position by posting sees, circling distributions are declaring at workforce
gathering and welcoming representatives.

Worker's referral:

Workers can grow great prospects for their families and companions by familiarizing them with
the upsides of a vocation with the organization selection representatives, especially,

Previous workers:

These incorporate resigned representatives why should willing work on low maintenance
premise, person who left work and will return for higher pay.

Outside Recruitment


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

External recruitments looks for applicant for positions from sources outside the organization
.they have dwarfed the interior strategies .the different external sources incorporates

Expert or exchange affiliations:

Numerous affiliations gives arrangement administrations to its individuals .it comprise of

ordering occupation seekers list and giving access to part amid provincial and national traditions.


It is a mainstream strategy for looking for recruited people, the same number of spotters lean
toward promotions as a result of their wide reach.

Work trade:

Work trade has been setup everywhere throughout the nation in yielding to the arrangement of
the vocation trades.

Grounds Recruitment: College's colleges inquire about research facilities, sports fields and
establishments are fruitful ground for the foundations.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Discussions and comparisons

Best practices

Best in class organizations shared a few recruitment systems and practices that they feel drive
their outcomes. While a few techniques are extraordinary to individual association and their
business surroundings, the accompanying procedures and practices are shared by the dominant

Building a strong partnership between the recruiter and hiring manager.

Top employers increase the quality of hire by improving the communication and trust between
hiring managers and recruiters. They work together to set shared expectations, and educate each
other about business needs. Recruiters are often assigned to specific business units where they
learn the culture and staffing needs of those units.

Companies Vee technologies, booms, luminous ets, nestle and Pepsico all focus on
building partnerships between hiring managers and recruiters.

Company Vee Technologies uses a competency model for recruitment staff that emphasizes
communication and relationship building skills.

Company booms pairs recruiters with individual hiring managers so that the recruiters
develop intimate knowledge of those managers business arias. Recruiters and hiring manager
review applications together and jointly select which applicant to interview. Company booms is also adding a hiring manager portal to their automated applicant tracking system to
improve the communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

Company Accenture assigns the recruiters by business units. Recruiters are expected to spend
time learning how those units operate so that they can easily identify successful applicant
.recruiters meet with hiring manager on each recruitment to develop a recruitment plan , establish
a process , clarity roles , discuss potential snags ,and set timelines . These expectations are


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

documented in a service level agreement. if the hiring manager has a complaint , they review the
documented mutually agreed upon expectations.

Company luminous ets emphasizes building a recruiter business acumen. common

development activities include spending time with and shadowing hiring managers. Recruiters
are expected to know what is happening in the field and understand the business units they

Company nestles and Pepsico, uses a group hiring philosophy .ownership of the hiring process
is shared between hr and the hiring manager .hr staff are expected to assert their options and
influence the hiring manager. And take responsibility for hiring managing discipline,
termination, and exit strategies if the wrong person is hired.

Marketing employer reputation.

Top employers actively manage and market the engagement of current employees to attract
applicant. They build and maintain a reputation as a great place to work by gathering employee
feedback and implementing new engagement strategies. While specific employee experiences
and achievements may be include in organizational marketing materials and job advertisement,
the primary focus is on how employee represents the employer to both passive and active job

Company Vee Technologies, Accenture, booms, luminous ets, and nestle and Pepsico all
use their reputation as a job marketing tool.

Company Vee Technologies maintains a community reputation as an employer of choice with

competitive wages. They conduct an annual survey in which employees are asked if they would
recommend the city as an employer to friends, with agreements ratings consistently around 90%.
Survey results and experiences are published in community news letters, on the city website, and
other venues.

Company Accenture markets the success of their new hire support system, which includes a
mentorship program and support for national board certification. They continue to receive


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

accolades at the state, regional, and national levels for being an employer - of choice, and market
their reputation in broachers and other venues.

Company luminous ets has a strong coustomer brand reputation, and consistently makes the
fortune 500 best places to work list. Being an attractive industry and brand name makes why
should I want to work here? a given. Company luminous hr program works directly with its
marketing department to sync company and employer branding strategies, create job
advertisement that leverage companys reputation, and attract applicant who fit the companys

Company booms and Pepsico relies heavily on employee referrals as part of their
recruitment process, and employees are encouraged to share their work experiences and what its
like to work for the company. To ensure a employee experience, each new employee is
interviewed after 90 days to assess how they are doing and whether they are having any
challenges. Company booms also surveys all employees every two years. Feedback is
channeled back in to new on boarding and employee engagement strategies.

Focusing on high return on investment sourcing channels

Top employers increase the number and quality of applicant by focusing on sourcing channels
that generate the best applicant at the lowest cost. This involves profiling high value employees,
evaluating how well applicant sources generate applicant who meet the target profile, and
deploying recruitment resources to the most productive channels.

Companies Vee Technologies, Accenture, booms, luminous ets, and nestle all analyze and
strategically select high value sourcing channels.

Company Vee Technologies uses their automated applicant tracking system (ATS) to monitor
and analyze sourcing channel ROI. ATS reports information on both costs and hires, including
the relative return of their own career website ROI data are allowed them to dramatically reduce
expenditures on low return advertising.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Company Accenture, which primarily recruits recent graduates, analyzes the cost and hires from
targeted colleges and universities. ROI data has allowed them to focus relationship- building
with high return out- of - state schools.

Company luminous ETS analyze the number of starts per source. Segmentation of the data
allows it to see which business areas are benefitting from different sourcing channels. Company
luminous analysis also reveals a higher ROI from the college space which generates more long
term successful employees.

Company booms system has a dedicated sourcing team that focuses on passive applicant.
Internal metric assess both the efficiency of individual staff and sourcing channels, which allows
them to redeploy staff and other resources more efficiently.

Company nestle and Pepsico which tends to hire more mid career professionals , analyze the
success of new hires to determine which employers, organizations, and staffing firms generate
the highest caliber applicants. Recruiting strategies and resources are then targeted at the richest
sources. Company nestle analysis also reflects that hires made from employees referrals tend to
say longer and fit better in to their organizational culture. As a result, company nestle has
directed more resources towards their employee referral bonus program.

Actively managing the entire candidate experience

Companies increase the percentage of successful job offers by using the entire recruitment
process to market the organization. Recruiters maintain regular, personal communication with
each applicant at every stage. Application and screening requirements are used to educate
applicants about what the employer values. Interviews are used to market the organization
culture by exposing applicant to other employees and potential career paths. High potential non
selected applicant are provided direct feedback, and redirected to other job opportunities.

Companies Vee Technologies, booms system, luminous ETS, nestle, and Accenture all actively
manage the entire candidate experience.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Both companys Vee Technologies and Accenture escort short list candidate through a series of
interviews where they get to meet colleagues, customers, managers, and other share holders.

Company booms system focuses on regular, open, and candid communication with applicant,
particularly during dead time in the recruitment and selection process. Specific attention is
placed on sharing information about compensation, job requirements, the team, and the
organization. Recruiters also develop long term and the organization. Recruiters also develop
long term relationships with individual applicant, ensuring that they return to apply for other

Company nestle emphasizes frequent communication with job seekers , and not letting applicant
sit around during dead time in the process .

Screening for knowledge and skills , and interviewing for behaviors

Top employers regoursly screen for knowledge and skills, and then interview for cultural fit
knowledge, skill and behavioral requirements are established as part of the planning process.
Applicants are screened against high qualification standards, and only those few that meet or
exceed the desired qualifications are referred to the hiring manager. Interviews focus on
behavioral attributes critical to organizational culture and business strategy.

Companys Vee Technologies, Accenture, booms system, luminous ETS, and nestle all conduct
rigorous pre screening for knowledge, skills, followed by interviews that target cultural and
behavioral fit.

Company Vee Technologies has eliminated comprehensive multiple choice tests in favor of
pared down training and education examinations that focus in on key knowledge and skills.

Company Accenture uses behavioral and performance - based interviews to uncover each
candidates communication and work style and determine cultural fit.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Company nestle using a set of success competencies that describe key knowledge and skills.
Competencies were developed and are regularly reviewed by company Nestls organizational
development program.

Company luminous HR staff screen applicant against knowledge and skills requirements set by
the hiring manager. Successful candidate go through a rigorous interview process to determine
cultural fit .where they are evaluated by the manager, the manager supervisor, co workers, HR
staff, and several lateral managers who would be internal coustomer. Applicant for managerial
position is also subject to further personality assessments and tools that identify managerial
traits. All selected applicant undergo a thorough background and reference check that validate
people/team skills, as well as education and experience.

Company Pepsico hr staff screen resumes for minimum skills and forward them to department
managers, who select the interview pool. A cross sectional team of peers interviews the
selected applicant for fit with company boom system culture.

Reducing administrative effort

Top employers reduce the processing time and expenses by eliminating labor- intensive
administrative process. Common strategies include: eliminating generic applicant testing
process, automating application and tracking processes, removing clerical and technical tasks
from professionals recruiters and reassigning them to administrative staff, and using
Technologies to communicate with applicants and hiring managers.

Company Vee Technologies eliminated the use of multiple choice examinations in favor of
training and education examinations. T&E examinations are scored by the hiring agency, which
is responsible for developing and administering any further tests.

Company Pepsico has an all clear path program that allows hiring managers to view candidates
information in the ATS and select interviewee without an HR pre screen. The ATS also
confirms candidates active licensures, so HR can verify within few minutes whether applicant
meet standards.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

Company Accenture ATS allows hiring managers to immediately review interviewer feedback
electronically. If feedback indicates that early interviews are going poorly, a candidate can be
excused from remaining interviews. Additionally, a new hiring manager portal under
development will improve communication between the recruiter and hiring manager. Company
Accenture is also stripping out administrative work and delegating it to support staff, so that
recruiters can focus on sourcing and other professional level recruiting duties.

The table showing the percentage (%) given to comparison of best practices followed by
different companies, which company is best and which is least

Best practices Accenture Luminous Booms pvt Pepsico Nestle

(%) (%) ltd (%) (%) (%)
Building a strong relationship between the 90 87 78 82 80
recruiter and hiring manager
Marketing employer reputation 95 90 85 75 70
Focusing on high return on investment (ROI) 85 86 78 88 91
sourcing channels
Actively managing the entire candidate 91 80 67 75 93
Screening for knowledge and skills ,and 96 93 90 91 95
interviewing for behavior
Reducing administrative effort 90 75 79 86 88


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process

40 accenture
20 booms Pvt.Ltd
0 luminous ETS


A benchmarking study and best practices of Vee Technologies, booms Pvt, Ltd, luminous ETS,
Accenture, nestle and Pepsico with the help of the analysis the best practices of Accenture are
better than Booms Pvt, Ltd, luminous ETS, nestle and Pepsico.

It is concluded from the study the benchmarking of recruitment process in above mentioned
company. The Vee Technologies should follow and adopt the best practices of the Accenture.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


It was s great experience for me to be a part of Vee Technologies as I have completed my one
month training in the Vee Technologies ,Bangalore, I discovered every one of the general
people I have met here warm and supportive there are very few obstacles for me inside the
association yet as my venture is an open air visit contextual analysis ,I found the greatest
obstacle was getting an arrangement from the HR chief of the organization I went to likewise it
was difficult to get the reply of a portion of the inquiries which they for the most part don't
release to others . time was likewise limitation in consummation, and I gathered the data through
the poll were open finished inquiries it was not prone to apply a test to look at and arriving at a
conclusion all the six organizations from whom the information has been gathered be in the
correct place to various mechanical division, in this manner was contrasting the outcome was
confused. Furthermore, i gathered information by connecting with the Mr. Hairprasad and
sharmila to know the recruitment procedure of various modern Sectors and benchmarking the
procedure by taking the few favored organizations. It gives me an awesome delight to express
my appreciation to thanks every one of the general population who have helped me with respect
to this contextual investigation my industry manage for her significant direction and time in
demonstrating to me the immense bearing. I am expressing gratitude toward full to Vee
promotions to give me an awesome open doors.


Benchmarking Study Of Recruitment Process


Books referred

Recruitment and selection process, - poul R. sparrow