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/ an economy that works for everyone / protecting our environment

/ membership of the eu / our nhs and public services / education for all
/ our promise to young people / a place to call home / a safer world
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to you
The Green Party has big, bold ideas to This is what Green MPs promise to do for
create a confident and caring Britain that you and the people and places that you
we can all be proud of. We arent afraid love.
to hope for a better future or to be honest
about how we get there. We believe in zz We will campaign for your right to
being brave, in speaking our minds, and vote on the final terms of the Brexit
in standing up for what matters. We are deal, including an option to stay in
proud to do politics differently. the EU.

Imagine a government that trusts in our zz We will push for genuinely affordable,
common humanity and our capacity to warm homes for everyone and a
govern ourselves. Imagine a government public health system free for all.
that believes that the best way forward
is by working with each other, rather zz We will fight for equality, and for a
than against each other. Imagine a society where nobody is left behind.
government that prioritises the rights of
citizens and the environment over those zz We will always act strongly on
of corporations. Imagine a government climate change and to protect the
that gives everyone a chance and leaves natural world we love.
nobody behind in a confident and caring
Britain. Thats the kind of government we We will stand up for what matters.
would work for. This is our Green Guarantee to you.
Green party manifesto / 2










Green party manifesto / 4

A green
The Green Party believes that our zz Use the government-owned Royal
economy should be innovative, Bank of Scotland to create a network
collaborative, forward facing and for of local peoples banks for every city
the benefit of communities and the and region, obliged to lend locally
environment. and provide cheap basic banking
The economy is all of us: our work, our
creativity, what we buy, how we spend zz Ensure that everyone pays their
our time. It should allow us to lead happy fair share of tax and there is a
and fulfilled lives. A Green economy crackdown on tax dodging.
would replace the exploitation of people
and resources with decent, meaningful zz Reform taxation to include a wealth
work. It would create over 1 million tax on the top 1% of earners,
jobs through our programme of green investing in more staff at HMRC
investment and restoring the public so they can work more effectively,
sector. and reinstate the higher level of
corporation tax for large businesses.
Our policies: zz A Robin Hood tax on high value
transactions in the finance sector,
zz Take steps towards the introduction and inheritance taxed according to
of a universal basic income, including the wealth of the recipient.
a government sponsored pilot
scheme, as a means to increase zz A phased in abolition of the cap on
security and avoid the poverty trap. employees national insurance so
that the wealthiest pay more.
zz Phase in a 4 day working week (a
maximum of 35 hours) and abolish zz Support and promote small
exploitative zero hours contracts. businesses, co-operatives and
mutuals, and the roll out of high
zz Reduce the gap between the highest speed broadband.
and lowest paid, and increase the
minimum wage to reach a genuine zz Support start-ups and creative
living wage of 10 an hour by 2020. enterprises through community credit
and green investment, to provide
zz End the gender pay gap, and require opportunities for young people to be
a minimum 40% of all members of creative and innovative.
public company and public sector
boards to be women.
A confident and caring Britain / 5
Green party manifesto / 6

You can trust the Green Party to put the zz Active ongoing cooperation with
environment at the heart of everything businesses and other countries to
we do. limit global temperature increases to
well below 2 degrees and aiming for
Our economic prosperity depends on 1.5 degrees.
the health of our environment. It is the
ultimate source of everything we make zz Replacing fracking, coal power
and use - from food and materials, to the stations, subsidies to fossil fuels and
air we breathe. The Green Party would nuclear with the clean green efficient
set an inspiring vision for the natural renewable energy of the future,
world, both on land and at sea, with and investing in community owned
thriving species, healthy habitats, and energy.
ensuring the environment is top of the
political agenda. zz Introduce a one-off fine on car
manufacturers who cheated the
A thriving environment means a healthy emissions testing regime and create
future for you, your children and a new Clean Air Act, expanding and
generations to come. funding a mandatory clean air zone
Our policies: zz Strong protection for the Green Belt,
National Parks, SSSIs and Areas of
zz An Environmental Protection Act Outstanding Natural Beauty.
to safeguard and restore our
environment, protect and enhance zz A wider, more effective network of
biodiversity, promote sustainable marine protected areas around our
food and farming, and ensure animal coasts, including fully protected no
protection. take zones.
zz A public works programme of zz Tough action to reduce plastic
insulation to make every home warm and other waste, including the
and investing in flood defences and introduction of Deposit Return
natural flood management to make Schemes, with a zero waste target.
every community safer.

zz Equality of access to nature and

green spaces, to enhance leisure,
health and wellbeing.

A confident and caring Britain / 7

Green party manifesto / 8

The Green Party supported the Remain
campaign and continue to believe that
membership of the EU makes our future
more hopeful and secure.

We will demand that the terms of the

final deal are closely scrutinised. We do
not accept that either a hard Brexit
or an exit from the EU without a deal
is in the interests of the British people.
We will be actively campaigning to
safeguard jobs, uphold basic rights and
put environmental protection at the heart
of any future trade deals.

Our policies:
zz A referendum on the detail of
whatever deal is negotiated for
Britains departure from the EU, with
the option to reject the deal and
remain in the EU.

zz Protect freedom of movement, press

for remaining within the single
market, and safeguard vital rights for
people and the environment.

zz Immediately guarantee the rights

of EU citizens to remain in the
UK and urgently seek reciprocal
arrangements for UK citizens in the

A confident and caring Britain / 9

Green party manifesto / 10

We pay for public services, we use them, hospitals can run properly, and staff
we own them. Its time they belonged to are fairly paid.
all of us.
zz Major investment in social care for
From our hospitals to our railways and the elderly and all those who need it.
schools, the Green Party will campaign
for public services that are run by the zz Bring energy, water, railways,
people for the people. These services buses, the Royal Mail and care work
will be properly resourced and future- back into public ownership to give
facing to meet your needs now and in the communities real control of the
future, not struggling to keep pace with public services that has been lost
demand. We will stand up for the NHS - over the past 30 years.
we want it to be protected not privatised.
zz Increase funding for local authorities
so they can provide good quality
Our policies: public services and invest in our
communities, creating thousands of
zz Roll back privatisation of the NHS jobs. A single budget covering health
to ensure that all health and dental and social services, to make life
services are always publicly provided easier for people who need to access
and funded, and free at the point of several types of service.
access, via the introduction of an
NHS Reinstatement Act. Scrap NHS zz We will review the effectiveness of
Sustainability and Transformation how public services are structured,
Plans. sensitive to the needs of all people,
including assessment of how care is
zz Bring mental health care in line provided at the transition age of 18.
with physical health care and
ensure people experiencing mental zz Redress pension injustice, with a
health crises are supported close to pensions system for everyone and
their home and support networks. action to enable older people to
Introduce mental health awareness continue to be active members of
training within the public sector and society.
encourage a more open dialogue on
the issue in wider society. zz Redress benefits injustice with a
social security system that gives
zz Close the NHS spending gap and everyone confidence they will get
provide an immediate cash injection, support when they need it, including
to ensure everyone can access a GP, disabled people.

A confident and caring Britain / 11

Green party manifesto / 12

Education transforms lives. The Green zz Address the crisis of teacher
Party believes that education is a right, workload, with measures such as
and should therefore be available to abolishing Ofsted, and reforming the
people of all ages. curriculum so that it is
pupil-centred, freeing up teachers to
We stand firmly alongside teachers, teach.
parents, and young people in calling for
the end of privatisation in education. zz Ensuring that every child with Special
We should trust our teachers to teach, Educational Needs or Disability has
instead of burdening them and our access to a mainstream education, in
children with endless and stressful accordance with the UN Convention
exams and inspections. for Persons with Disabilities.

Our policies:
zz Properly fund our schools so real
term spending per pupil increases
and is protected.

zz Bring Academies and Free Schools

into the local authority system,
abolish SATS and reduce class sizes.

zz Scrap university tuition fees, fund

full student grants and greater public
investment in further and higher

zz Restore Education Maintenance

Allowance and enable
apprenticeships to all qualified young
people aged 16-25.

zz Free universal early education and

childcare for all children, with formal
education starting at age 7.

A confident and caring Britain / 13

Green party manifesto / 14

We want to build a better, more positive zz Reject the xenophobic Prevent
future for everyone and in particular for strategy and pursue community-led
young people. We want that future to collaborative approaches to tackling
be safer, happier, more equal and more all forms of extremism instead.
zz Improve young peoples access
Our promise to young people, written by to basic but vital health needs, by
young people, is that we will invest in providing more funding for sexual
education and opportunities, alongside health awareness campaigns,
lowering the voting age, protecting the providing greater access to free
environment, tackling the housing crisis condoms and sexual health clinics;
and building a strong economy. removing VAT from sanitary products
and ensuring that they are provided
free of charge to those in extreme
Our policies: financial need.
zz Protect young peoples housing zz Enable every young person to take an
needs by reinstating housing benefit active role in democracy, introducing
for under-21s, stop Local Authorities non-biased political education and
declaring young people intentionally promoting active citizenship, as well
homeless, and invest in community as lowering the voting age to 16.
house-building projects to provide
affordable, secure housing options
for young people.

zz Create a fairer working world for

young people by scrapping age-
related wage bands and raising the
national minimum wage to living
wage levels for all.

zz Protect opportunities for young

people in work and education by
relieving students of the burden
of debt, scrapping tuition fees and
restoring living grants. Guarantee the
rights of young people to study, work,
live and travel in the EU, including
through schemes like Erasmus.

A confident and caring Britain / 15

Green party manifesto / 16

We should all have a safe, affordable, zz Protect young peoples housing
secure and warm place to call home. The needs by reinstating housing benefit
Green Party will tackle the causes of the for under 21s and reverse housing
housing crisis: giving renters a fair deal, benefits cuts.
making social housing widely available
and bringing the housing market under zz Stop declaring people as
control. intentionally homeless and give
Local Authorities the same duties
towards single people and childless
Our policies: couples as to families.
zz A living rent for all through rent zz Help first-time buyers by aiming
controls and more secure tenancies for house price stability - axing
for private renters, an end to buy-to-let tax breaks, and backing
letting fees and the introduction of community-led approaches to
mandatory licensing for all landlords. building affordable homes.
zz Giving tenants a voice by supporting zz Significantly improve housing choice
the development of renters unions. for D/deaf, disabled and older
people by requiring all councils to
zz A major programme to build appropriately plan for their housing
affordable, zero carbon homes, needs and significantly increase the
including 100,000 social rented numbers of homes built to lifetime
homes each year by 2022. home and mobility standards over
the next 5 years.
zz End mass council house sales and
scrap Right to Buy at discounted

zz Abolish the cruel and unfair bedroom


zz Action on empty homes to bring them

back into use and a trial of a Land
Value Tax to encourage the use of
vacant land and reduce speculation.

A confident and caring Britain / 17

Green party manifesto / 18

The Green Party will work for a caring zz Trade rules that respect human
and confident Britain that uses its rights, labour standards,
influence wisely, to build peace and environmental standards and climate
protect the environment, and to offer commitments with mechanisms for
sanctuary to those at risk. individuals, groups and communities
to bring grievances.
We would co-operate with our
neighbours on the shared challenges that zz Strengthen the global deal on climate
face us all from tackling terrorism and change, including by delivering
preventing climate change, to reducing climate justice and promoting
inequality. We would work towards an ecologically sustainable development
outward-facing Britain that has the so that poorer countries can cope
confidence and resilience to welcome with the impacts of climate change.
zz Increase the overseas aid budget
from 0.7% of GDP to 1.0% of GDP.
Our policies:
zz Cancel Trident replacement, saving
at least 110 billion over the next 30

zz A humane immigration and asylum

system that recognises and takes
responsibility for Britains ongoing
role in causing the flow of migrants

zz Implement a UK-wide strategy

to tackle gender based violence,
including domestic violence,
rape and sexual abuse, FGM and

zz An ethical foreign policy that builds

capacity for conflict resolution, and
ends support for aggressive wars of
intervention. No more arms sales to
oppressive regimes.

A confident and caring Britain / 19

Green party manifesto / 20

The Green Party believes that politics zz Action to tackle racism and
should be done by people not to them. discrimination on the basis of faith or
disability, real equality for LGBTIQA+
We want everyone to have a voice, people, equal rights for mixed gender
not just those who have the loudest couples to have a Civil Partnership.
voices, the deepest pockets or the most
powerful friends. We will work for a zz Give power to local communities
fair voting system in which every vote by allowing for 40% of the local
counts and to make sure that decisions electorate to secure a referendum
made nationally and locally are based on local government decisions or to
upon genuine consultation, negotiation recall their MP.
and accountability. We believe fairness
matters online and in the media too. We zz End the sale of personal data,
think the internet should be free of state such as health or tax records, for
and corporate surveillance, with our commercial or other ends.
rights and freedoms protected.
zz Protect the BBC and tighten the rules
on media ownership so no individual
Our policies: or company owns more than 20% of
a media market, protecting against
zz Introduce proportional representation anyone having too much influence or
(PR) for parliamentary and local undermining democracy.
elections, and votes at 16.
zz Give Parliament a vote on any new
zz Increase diversity in representative trade deals.
politics, with job-shares, a 50/50
Parliament, and replacing the House zz Revive the role of democratic trade
of Lords with an elected second unions.
zz Enable every young person to take an
zz Defend the Human Rights Act and active role in democracy, introducing
UK membership of the European non-biased political education and
Convention on Human Rights, and promoting active citizenship.
reinstate funding for the Equality and
Human Rights Commission.

A confident and caring Britain / 21

Green party manifesto / 22

The Green Party will work to increase zz Invest in low traffic neighbourhoods
public investment in the railways, trams, and safe, convenient networks
ferries and buses, as well as to make our of routes for walking and cycling,
streets and roads safer for everyone. including safe places for learning to
cycle, so people of all ages and those
Clean, safe, accessible public transport with disabilities can choose to make
and more walking and cycling could local trips on foot, by bike or mobility
make us all healthier and happier. We scooter.
need a public transport system that takes
us where we need to go, affordably and zz Help end the public health crisis
reliably. It should be easy to choose to caused by air pollution by increasing
leave the car at home - or not have one incentives to take diesel vehicles off
at all. the roads.

Our policies:
zz Return the railways to public
ownership and re-regulate buses,
investing in increased bus services
especially in rural and other poorly
served areas.

zz All public transport should be fully

accessible and step-free with
a phase-in of free local public
transport for young people, students,
people with disabilities, and older

zz Invest in regional rail links and

electrification of existing rail lines,
especially in the South West and
North of England, rather than wasting
money on HS2 and the national
major roads programme.

zz Cancel all airport expansion and end

subsidies on airline fuel.

A confident and caring Britain / 23

Green party manifesto / 24
Final note: A number of policy areas discussed in this document are
devolved to the Welsh Assembly. Where this applies, the policy
set out here will only apply to England.


Published by Judy Maciejowska on behalf of the Green Party of England and Wales, both at The Biscuit Factory,
Unit 201 A Block, 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG.