Small little things Small little things! You say to me. Shake me up, Wake me up! Small little things!

Hidden in the Attic of your little head; Make me think! Ah! My love, My refrain Of space and time! Ah! My darling, My refrain Of forever mine! Of the years, Of the people in our lives, Of the journeys and sojourns Yet, my love, Space and time Do no damage to love. Decades of dust, Could not rust The memories of times! Separations and bitter words, Could not stymie our tryst! The treasured tattered memories, You carry in your little head. The fragrances of flowers, Of hidden smiles, Of stolen glances, Of cherished dates, That made you wait, The treasured tattered love-hate ode That still illumines your life!

Your unspoken feelings, My love me or leave me demeanour. My brash, belligerent Experimental self ²healings! Ah! My love! Our love beats space and time! It·s eternal There is no yours There is no mine Ah! Let·s not define! It is there To cherish and treasure, To warm our hearts, Way beyond the twilight! It is there To lighten the burdens of life, To give us strength Way beyond any plight. It surpasses us, The You·s and I·s, It blesses us, nurtures us, It gives us eternal life. Shyam

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