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The faith of each and every citizen has been demolished.

The constitution which

have made supreme court cannot be above its mother.
Every one must have the right to say the truth and in no way that can be called
contempt of court. Time has come when use of contempt be restricted, almost all
if not all issues can be handled without contempt, judges too are one of us and
they too can have difference of opinions. Tell me at any time the higher judicia
ry has not tugged its collar while using contempt, contempt gives them ego rathe
r than tool for ensuring justice.Let me tell you what fear is circulating these
days ....
1. Is there democracy in judiciary means can anyone say what he thinks right, n
o. Give them freedom of tenure only if you think he is God not even second. They
sit and at their discretion dispose the cases. No matter how many cases are pen
ding, no matter why they have been given employment and money for doing arbitrat
ion, no matter what the people have been believing about the surity of justice.
let me tell you a case. a case was filed in high court with a sheer motive to ha
rass officials and that too before a nonsense judge, i bet an illiterate man wil
l give a better judgement than what he gives in any of the cases.He has been har
assing official not for doing and giving a chance to do duty but forcing persona
l appearnce or be ready for contempt of court, u know why because the motive is
not to do justice but to teach a lesson what a judge can do to an executive. i t
ell you why he is not giving any final verdict because he is enjoying the daily
nonsense questions he ask in coutroom,once the case is decided it will go out of
his hand to others and he will not do so.
2. if your phone rings it is contempt of court, should there not be jammer
3. if you are not obliging by greeting, he can force you to arrest, is judiciary
a new religion
4. if you hit by mistake a judge, be sure to land in jail or at his mercy should
not he be better in a courtroom where he cannot see anyone in a close box.
5. if you are a female u may be a peon, or mazdoor if a judge ask you for a lust
y service and you deny be sure to be fired, should not we all females should sur
render to judge for his mercy
6. is parliament not above executive, judiciary,and legislative itself, then lea
ve the matter to parliament and in name of granting freedom of tenure do not mak
e impeachment so difficult. do we impeach a prime minister, a cabinet secretary
similar democracy be maintained for all except for the highest authority of its
field. what do you think senior are better masters, isn't it better to give cont
empt of court to lower courts. They will do sometimes good many times bad, why d
ifference is there at higher judiciary.
sad to say i don't know whether karnan is right or not, but if we don't hear his
voice do we ever have whistleblower who will stand for truth looking what karna
n had been through. supreme court can't punish karnan as he himself is part of t
he same system that has led other apex judiciary judges through there, as all ar
e part of corrupt, full of nepotism and opaque piece of collegium system.
we need a different judiciary where justice is sought and given not where justic
e is proven by judiciary itself.