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Remnant Christian Colleges-Palawan

Study and Thinking Skills

Final Examination (RETAKE)

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________ Score: _____________

Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer before the
1. ___________ is the section in the library where fiction and nonfiction books are located.
a. Reserve b. Reference c. Circulation d. Periodical
2. ___________________________ is made up of only one sentence with term, genus, and differentia.
a. Dictionary definition c. Extended definition
b. Logical sentence definition d. Computer definition

3. My seatmate has some grey hair.

a. Fact b. Opinion

4. I believe not all should be firefighters.

a. Fact b. Opinion

For numbers 5-9, identify the correct chronological order of the sentences based on the
paragraph given below. Write 1-5 before the statement that happened first up to the last.

In the fifth night, he came home very late. She had already finished eating her supper and was
saying novena for the repose of the departed souls of her twins by the light of an oil lamp when he
came up noiselessly. After she had finished praying, she removed the oil lamp from her little altar
and put it on the floor. Then she laid his supper. After he had eaten, he rose to get a drink of water
and she washed the plates. Then she returned to her corner. He lighted a home-rolled cigar from
the light of the lamp and began to inhale the smoke into his lungs.

5. _____ She laid his supper.

6. _____ The wife ate her supper.

7. _____ The husband came home.

8. _____ Her rose to get a drink of water.

9. _____ She finished praying.

10. Identify the meaning of the underlined word: If youre weary, resort to reading, an antidote to
a. alternative b. remedy c. antithesis d. analogy

11. ________ is something already verified and proven to be true.

a. Fact b. Suggestion c. Opinion d. Data

12. True or False: Coherence in a paragraph means holding together using transitional devices
or connectives.

13. Herbert is the son of a former basketball player.

a. Fact b. opinion

14. The word paragraph comes from a Greek word para and graphien. What does para
a. beside b. to write c. to scribble d. to type

15. Minerva would like to read the book entitled Philippines: Then and Now. Where in the library
should he go to?
a. Circulation b. Periodical c. Reference d. Filipiniana

16. This entails a thought or discourse process when events are presented according to a time
a. chronology b. order of importance c. comparison/contrast d. spatial order

17. Jollibee is way better than McDonalds in terms of service.

a. Fact b. opinion

18. Study the graph above. How many homes were there on 1982?
a. 3,250,000 b. 3,000,000 c. 5,500,000 d. 4,250,000

19. The following are qualities of a good paragraph, EXCEPT;

a. emphasis b. coherence c. unity d. order

20. The following are different types of notes, EXCEPT;

a. summary notes b. quotation notes c. personal comment notes d. freehand notes

21. Treasure finding is completely hilarious.

a. Fact b. Opinion

22. A blister on his feet makes him cry. What is the meaning of the underlined word?
a. scar b. swelling c. shrinkage d. blot

23. ____ is present in a whole table, characterized by crossed lines to form rows and columns.
a. graph b. table c. chart d. grid

24. True or False: In a paragraph, the conclusion is the restatement of the main idea.

25. The plane just took off.

a. Fact b. Opinion

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