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LY TU TRONG Test Of English As A Foreign Language

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Times : 45 minutes

Name : Marks
Class :

I. Listen the text carefully then fill in each blank with ONE word you hear. (You will hear twice
not pause)(1m)
If you live in a (an) (1)_________________ zone, you should take some time to look around your
house. Place heavy books on the bottom shelf of your bookshelves. Block the rollers on your
fridge and washing machine to (2) ________________ them from moving. Put hanging potted
plants in the plastic containers. Check the mirrors in your bathroom and bedroom. Make sure they
cant move. Dont put your bed next to a window. Planning where you are going to be (3)
_____________ an earthquake is very important. The first thing to (4)_______________ is to
stay inside. Then you should sit under strong table or doorway, or stand in the corner of a room.
II. Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases given in the box. (2 ms)

but - closed - turn off to travel who a funnel which suck up

1. A tornado is type of storm that looks like ___________________.

2. Tomorrow we'll go to Noi Bai airport to meet Mary, _______________ comes from England.
3. I would like __________________ mountainous area like Sa Pa this summer vacation.
4. We are very hungry _____________________ we can't eat anything
5. I can't hear what you are saying. Can you ______________________ the radio?
6. Tornadoes can _______________________ anything that is in their part.
7. The market will be _____________ and no food will be available when the typhoon comes.
8. Air, ___________________we breath, is made up of many gases.
III. Supply the correct tense form of the verbs in brackets : (1m)
1. He will tell you the truth if you _______________________ (ask) him.
2. Some families here __________________ (live) in this area since 1995.
3. It ____________________ (take) me 5 minutes to walk to school this morning.
4. It ____________________(not stop) raining yet.
IV. Read the paragraph carefully, then answer the following questions(3ms)
Ninety percent of earthquakes occur around the Pacific Rim, which is known as the Ring of Fire.
In 1995, a huge earthquake struck the city of Kobe in Japan. A large number of people were killed when
homes, office blocks and highways collapsed.
Tidal waves:
Tidal waves are the result of an abrupt shift in the underwater movement of the earth. In the
1960s, a huge tidal wave hit Anchorage, Alaska. The tidal wave traveled from Alaska to California!
When a tropical storm reaches 120 kilometers per hour, it is called a hurricane in North and South
America, a cyclone in Australia, and a typhoon in Asia. The word typhoon comes from China: tai
means big and fengmeans wind, so the word typhoon means big wind.
We can usually predict when volcano will erupt. Mount Pinatubo, which is a volcano in the
Philippines, erupted in 1991. It was the worlds largest volcanic eruption in more than 50 years.
Hundreds of people died, but thousands were saved because scientists had warned them about the
1. Answer True or False T/ F (1m)
a. ____ Earthquakes, Tidal waves, Typhoons and Volcanoes arent the natural disasters.
b. ____ The majority of the Earthquakes in the world happen in the Ring of Fire.

2. Answer the questions(2ms)

a. When did the huge earthquakes strike the city of Kobe in Japan?
b. What happened to Anchorage in the 1960s?
c. What does the word tai feng mean?
d. When did the Mount Pinatubo erupt?
V. Rewrite sentences (3 ms)
1. Ann is very friendly. She lives next door.
Ann, _______________________________________________________________________
2. There are some words. They are very difficult to translate into Vietnamese.
There are some words _________________________________________________________
3. They will punish the boys who broke the window.
The boys who _______________________________________________________________
4. Lets use the showers instead of using bath.
I suggest ____________________________________________________________________
5. We love corresponding the letters with others although we have phone numbers.
 We are _____________________________________________________________________
6. Minh gets good grades because he works hard.
 Minh ___________________________ , so _______________________________________

- The end