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Bursting at
THE SEAMS Family-owned company
lays down specific
guidelines for growth
and customer service
dedication Page 12

On the Road
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In the Shop
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What are these guys watching?
Well, for one thing, they’re watching profits
go up. They’re replacing a home sewer lateral
trenchlessly with a pipebursting system made by
TRIC Tools, Inc., the company that started it all.
For more info visit www.trictools.com or call 888.883.8742
CONTENTS June 2017

8 From the Editor:
Is the Time Right?
Knowing when to expand a business can be tough,
no matter how experienced you are.
- By Cory Dellenbach

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12 Profile:
Bursting at the Seams
Family-owned company lays down specific guide-
lines for growth and customer service dedication.
- By Marian Bond

18 Industry Insider:
Looking at the Inventory
Contractor evaluates equipment purchases at all of
his company’s locations every year and has a plan
when it comes to buying.
- By Marian Bond

20 On The Road:
On-Site Productivity

Portable pipe-threading device keeps this outfit’s
technicians primed for maximum efficiency.
- By Ken Wysocky

22 Smart Business:
Charging for Emergencies
Plumbers take different strategies when setting
after-hour charges based on several factors.
- By MaryBeth Matzek
In the SHOP

Practice Makes Perfect 24 First Responders:
Maximum Effort
A good in-house training facility can help Pipe bursting enables a Louisiana contractor to
ensure your employees run into fewer replace a blocked sewer lateral after a failed
surprises out in the field. directional boring attempt.
- Scottie Dayton
By Kyle Rogers
32 2017 Plumber Buyer’s Guide

Exclusively serving plumbing contractors and franchisees | plumbermag.com June 2017

On the Cover
70 Product News:
Product Spotlight: Viega ball valves
Shelton Plumbing technician Denny Kelley uses a fit for potable water systems
a RIDGID SeeSnake while performing a home
- By Craig Mandli
inspection in the city of Lower Burrell, Pennsylva-
page 32

nia. The inspection is required on all homes before

Bursting at
being sold, and it involves a camera inspection
and dye test of all interior drains and where they 72 Industry News

connect to the city sewer. Shelton Plumbing, locat-
74 Product Focus:
Family-owned company
lays down specific

ed in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, services an
guidelines for growth

Fixtures, Tools and Supplies
and customer service
dedication Page 12

area 25 miles around its headquarters with typical
On the Road
MAXIMIZES EFFICIENCY plumbing services and relining. - By Craig Mandli
Page 20

In the Shop

Photography by James Robinson
Page 28

Coming Next Month - Hydronic Heating Systems
Smart Businesses: Will cyber insurance save you from devastating losses?
In the Shop: Getting More Out of Your Jetter
Plumber Profile: Schefer Radiant (Santa Rosa, California)


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Cory Dellenbach

Is the Time Right?
Knowing when to expand a business can be tough,
no matter how experienced you are

reaming of owning a huge company and get- his operation in 2012. Since then, he has added four more
ting to that point can be two different stories. plumbing companies to his roster and has a letter of intent
D Growing a company can be stressful and a lot to buy a fifth.
of work. Growth can also generate a whole Spencer’s employee base has grown to 150, and in addi-
new set of problems that most business owners don’t want tion to plumbing and drain cleaning services, his compa-
to deal with. nies provide HVAC, excavation, pipe bursting, relining,
That is what happened to Shelton Plumbing, profiled CCTV and hydroexcavation.
in this issue. Company founder John Shelton started his
operation and quickly grew it up to 20 employees. Then
he discovered he didn’t enjoy working in that dynamic and Growing a company can be stressful and
scaled down to just himself.
Now, he and his son, Josh, who owns the company, are
a lot of work. Growth can also generate
looking at expanding again. They’ve already added ser- a whole new set of problems that most
vices and are exploring new ways to advertise.
How do you know when the time is right to kick the
business owners don’t want to deal with.
business into a higher gear? Here are some indicators:
• New regulations create opportunities. With Penn-
sylvania mandating reductions in inflow and infil- One of the first things Spencer does when expanding
tration into sewers to limit wet-weather flows to is to look at equipment purchases. What does the current
wastewater treatment plants, Josh Shelton decided operation already have and what does it need to succeed.
it was time to add pipe lining. “Equipment is not typically foremost in the mind of
• You can no longer fulfill customer needs in a people in terms of continuing the business,” Spencer says.
timely manner. If customers are going to your com- “When we purchase equipment we do it to expand and to
petitor because you are “too busy,” then the time provide for employee opportunity. So this is obviously a
has come to do something. major component of every decision we make.”
• You’re losing the competitive battle. If competi-
tors are expanding and taking business from you HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR DECISIONS
because of it, you should at least evaluate an expan- Have you expanded your plumbing operation or are
sion of your own. you considering doing so? How do you decide the time is
One company that has expanded successfully is Jim right? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. You can email
Dandy Sewer and Plumbing in Seattle. Owner Scott Spen- me at editor@plumbermag.com or 800/257-7222.
cer, highlighted in the Industry Insider feature, purchased Enjoy this issue!
plumbermag.com | June 2017 9
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Navigating the Different
Client Types Takes Skill
OVERHEARD Have you ever had the feeling that
you’re not alone on a job, turn
ONLINE around and find the customer’s
“There’s no substitute entire family silently watching
you? Or maybe you’ve done a job
for being a personable while simultaneously fielding a
leader. Get to know continuous stream of questions?
You don’t ever want to be rude to
your employees a little clients, but sometimes they get a
bit. Mingle with them, little more involved than you’d
like while you’re trying to get your
ask about their kids or work done. Here are ideas for
just chew the fat. Make approaches to take with five types
of curious customers.
yourself accessible to
them, and don’t always
focus on work stuff.”
— How to Improve Employee MULTITASKING
Morale — Without Pay Raises Make Your Time Behind
plumbermag.com/featured the Wheel More Productive
How much of your day do you spend in your
work truck driving from one job to another?
It’s probably a sizeable enough chunk that it
would be worthwhile to get more value out of
it. One way to do that is by listening to business podcasts. A business owner
discusses the podcast that is her go-to for her time behind the wheel and how it
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Millennials Require a Different Recruitment Approach
As the baby boomers retire in droves and Generation X is mostly entrenched in solid
jobs and careers, it is likely the next employee you hire will be a millennial. Not all
members of a generation are alike, but understanding the general characteristics that
define millennials can help as you target more of your recruitment and retention
efforts at this generation. Keep these 10 tips in mind. plumbermag.com/featured

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Bursting at
Shelton Plumbing, New Kensington, Pennsylvania

OWNER Josh Shelton
SERVICES Plumbing, relining
SERVICE AREA 25 miles around New Kensington
WEBSITE www.johnsheltonplumbing.com

ooking at the history of Shelton Plumbing is

L a bit like looking at a roller coaster with its
ups and downs. At one time the company had
up to 20 employees, but owner John Shelton
discovered he didn’t enjoy working in that dynamic and
scaled down to just himself.
In 2005, John’s son, Josh, joined the company and a
new growth mentality took hold. “We wanted to grow,”
says Josh Shelton, who is now CEO and president of the
company based in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. “Times
had changed, and advertising was very different.”
The company used to advertise in the newspaper or
depend on word-of-mouth, but Josh noticed it was get-
ting harder to stay busy. “I wanted to grow this business
and just keep up with the times,” Shelton says.
That meant embracing all the various ways compa-
nies reach customers in the internet age, as well as being
open to adding new services like relining. “We looked for
ways to stay in contact with customers, and to provide
more options and better service, and it started to grow,”
Shelton says.

At first, the company remained only Shelton and his
father. The workload eventually increased to an amount
the two couldn’t handle alone, so in 2008, Shelton’s sister,
Sarah Kimmel, came aboard to handle payroll and account-
ing, as well as answer calls and coordinate schedules.
Shelton’s brother-in-law, Denny Kelley, a licensed
plumber, also came on board. The company now has seven
employees, with five of them being either licensed plumb-
ers or apprentices. The customer base is primarily residen-
Family-owned company lays down tial, with a small amount of commercial. Service and repair
specific guidelines for growth and make up most of the workload in a 25-mile area near Pitts-
customer service dedication burgh. Shelton Plumbing currently operates on leased
property with several buildings and storage areas, but is
By Marian Bond considering purchasing its own site as the business grows.
Photography by James Robinson

The staff of Shelton Plumbing, from left, Jake Graft, Denny Kelley,
Josh Shelton, John Shelton, Sarah Kimmel, Aaron Dray and
Caleb Graff.

Assistant Caleb Graft, left, and plumber Denny Kelley locate where
the home sewer line connects to the mainline using a RIDGID

plumbermag.com | June 2017 13
Technician Denny
Kelley uses the
camera line while
performing a
home inspection.

“ Not everyone is going to want to
spend the money to get into relining.
Because of my father’s reputation, we
have a network of other plumbing Pennsylvania imposing mandates on municipalities about
companies who will want to use us reducing I&I and limiting the amount of water ending up
in treatment plants, he saw an opportunity.
when they need this technology.” “Our cities are handling the systems and when it
Josh Shelton comes to an individual wanting to sell their home, exca-
vation to replace or repair is very challenging, as well as
expensive,” Shelton says. “Relining saves time, liability
and money. This is a way to solve the problem by sealing
The service fleet includes an Isuzu with a Hackney a system and stopping root infiltration as well. It can do
body, a Chevrolet box truck, and a Ford pickup truck. A some amazing things.”
Kubota backhoe is used for minor excavations, and out- Shelton admits that when he started thinking about the
side help is brought in for any major excavations. Shelton technology it was intimidating, and would be a huge
Plumbing maintains some parts inventory, in particular investment. The Pittsburgh area is one of the busiest regions
fixtures from Delta Faucet, a line that has been reliable for for lining because of the age of the infrastructure, homes
the company. Shelton says the parts can be easily repaired and other buildings.
or installed. The company also has cameras and drain “I found it fascinating and wanted to get into it,”
cleaning equipment from RIDGID. Shelton says.
He did his research and settled on a system from Perma-
BRANCHING OUT Liner Industries. The company was in the relining business
In early 2016, Shelton began researching relining as by June 2016. Shelton Plumbing also purchased an 18-foot
an additional service the company could offer. With trailer from Perma-Liner called the Turn-Key Trailer.

“This trailer has everything needed to go onto a
job site,” Shelton says. “We do not have to put in any
extra tools and are able to take it on the job site and
complete the job with no hassle.”

From the beginning, Shelton realized that relin-
ing would pay off if the company made its services
available to other plumbing operations in the region.
“Not everyone is going to want to spend the money
to get into relining,” Shelton says. “Because of my
father’s reputation, we have a network of other plumb-
ing companies who will want to use us when they
need this technology.”
Plumber Denny Kelley draws a map of a home for an inspection. The
Having the relining service has been a benefit to
drawing is required in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, to show where the home
the company’s success. Financially it has contributed connects to the city’s sewer system.
to healthy sales figures, going from $500,000 in 2015
to over $800,000 in 2016. Caleb Graft measures the distance from where the home’s sewer
“We are doing one or two relining jobs a week, connects to the mainline.

and have worked for other plumbing firms in the
region, either as a subcontractor or as a contractor,”
Shelton says. “We always work with the assurance that
we do not want to take customers away from a plumb-
ing competitor. In our area we network with many
other plumbing firms and help each other out when-
ever there are problems and we can be helpful.”

Having a focus on its employees has always been
a hallmark of Shelton Plumbing. Because of that, the
company doesn’t offer 24/7 services. The company is
open five days a week and, in extreme situations, they
will go out during off-hours to help a client, or they
refer the call to one of the other firms they work with
in the area.
“We just don’t jump to every emergency because
we are a small company and we want to honor our-
selves and employees with a weekend for family activ-
ities,” Shelton says.
Shelton admits that there is a risk they might lose
a customer by not doing the 24/7 emergency services.
He stresses that the goal has never been to have a large
company, but to focus on quality service, and improv-
ing the lives and welfare of the staff, their families and
the customer.
“Our customers will wait for us,” Shelton says.
“We know it is a competitive world out there and there
are big companies in our area.”
Shelton says finding plumbing technicians is always
a challenge. He wants to find dedicated employees
who will stick around for more than a few years, and
that’s why aiming to grow but not constantly being
on call for emergency service has helped.

plumbermag.com | June 2017 15
“ I work with my guys to prove we are a team
and nobody is above the other. We work like a
machine and hold each other together.”
Josh Shelton

“Plumbing is not easy and we deal with all the
elements. It is a messy job,” Shelton says. “People don’t
often want to be dirty. This job can wear you out, which
is another reason that our decision to have the weekend
free for our employees and ourselves has been a benefit
Caleb Graft puts equipment away in the company shop after
for all.”
returning from a job.

Shelton took ownership of the company in 2014, as his Featured Equipment
father plans to retire in the near future. He says he didn’t
anticipate becoming a plumber, but having worked in some Delta Faucet Co. Perma-Liner Industries, LLC
“dead end” jobs, he realized there was a lot of job security 800/345-3358 866/336-2568
in the plumbing industry. www.deltafaucet.com www.perma-liner.com
Ad on page 80
He found that running the company is a lot different Hackney
than being an employee. 252/946-6521 RIDGID
“I wear a lot of hats,” Shelton says. “I work with my www.hackneyservice.com 800/769-7743
Ad on page 53
guys to prove we are a team and nobody is above the other. www.ridgid.com
Ad on page 31
We work like a machine and hold each other together. We Isuzu Commercial Truck
are not looking to grow a massive company, and we’ve of America, Inc.
gotten busy focusing on quality customer service.”

Coming to the aid of others with other plumbing firms for volunteers who did not have
proper facilities.
“Living a life of service is something we can take pride
If there is one thing Josh Shelton has carried on from in,” Shelton says. “We gain the trust of people by just doing
his father when he owned Shelton Plumbing, it was being the best we can. We help out in many ways whenever we
charitable and always lending a hand. can.”
“Over the years my dad has helped out in many Shelton Plumbing also went to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi,
charitable ways,” says Shelton, owner of the company following Hurricane Katrina to help in rebuilding of homes.
based in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. “We support In 2010, after a massive earthquake in Haiti, Shelton
local charities, but have been active by sending members Plumbing sent some of its crew there to help supply over
of our team on disaster relief mission trips in the United 200 students with water filtration systems, food, school
States and around the world.” supplies, medical supplies, and conduct school repairs.
When a tornado hit Henryville, Indiana, in 2012, “I have paid a lot of attention to my father over the
Shelton Plumbing joined with other members of a local years, and have been led by his example,” Shelton says.
plumbing firm and spent weeks clearing and helping the He also gave credit to his Christian faith, saying he isn’t
community recover. In 2011, when a tornado hit Rainsville, who he is without that. “Feast or famine, we give him
Alabama, the company helped install showers in conjunction praise for it all.”

MaxLiner offers everything required for successful
CIPP installations, including precision equipment, high
performing resins, and quality Cured-in-Place liners that
accommodate changes in diameter, easily negotiate
bends and resist unwanted longitudinal stretch. But that
is just the beginning. We support you from beginning
to end with unrivaled in-the-field training and the best
customer support in the industry. MaxLinerUSA.com

T 877.426.5948

Smart On the
Looking at the Inventory

Contractor evaluates equipment purchases at all of his company’s
locations every year and has a plan when it comes to buying
Marian Bond

hen Scott Spencer purchased Jim Dandy Sewer Equipment is not typically foremost in the mind of peo-
and Plumbing in 2012, he invested over $200,000 ple in terms of continuing the business. When we purchase
in equipment and tools to help his Seattle-based equipment we do it to expand and to provide for employee
company grow.
Product opportunity. So this is obviously a major component of every
Since then, Spencer has added three more plumbing decision we make.
operations to his collection — Affordable Plumbing and
Heating in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado, and Q: Did you budget the $200,000 or did it
Marv’s Plumbing and Heating in Cheyenne, Wyoming. just cost that much to do what you wanted?
His employee base has grown to 150, and in addition SCOTT: The first year at Jim Dandy we knew what we were
to plumbing and drain cleaning services, they also provide going to update and what we would have to spend. I do bud-
HVAC, excavation, pipe bursting, relining, CCTV and get each year, and put some aside for emergency items. You
hydroexcavation. might say we will spend $150,000 this year, but we also have
$15,000 in reserve for emergencies.

every asset you purchase, you Q: Do you buy used or new when it comes to the equipment?
SCOTT: I don’t lease or rent. I buy up to 80 percent of my
look and see if you are using that equipment used. We buy at the auctions primarily. On equip-
equipment to full capacity. ment, tools, we don’t buy anything older than seven years.
With vehicles we don’t buy anything over 100,000 miles.
If purchasing equipment, what is the We budget for capital expenditures every year and purchase
with cash accordingly.
return on investment at that point. I just have a tough time buying new because I know
There is a process for any kind of you lose so much of the value when you drive off the lot. We
just picked up a Vactor truck for $25,000 with less than
capital expenditure.” 40,000 miles on it at an auction. It was a 1998 and came
from a Northern California municipality. It was in great
Scott Spencer
shape. We got it for a steal.

Q: When you bought Jim Dandy, Q: How does buying used equipment at auction
how did that fit into your plan? or otherwise benefit you?
SCOTT: Three things that I base everything on. First thing is SCOTT: This past year we spent over $500,000 on used
employees. We value our employees. Every decision we make equipment for all four locations. Section 179 of the IRS
is going to be good for the employees. The second decision code allows you to purchase up to $500,000 in used equip-
is equipment, and the third is expansion. These three things ment and accelerate the depreciation. Expense it all of
drive my company. Plumbing companies are always in need that year.
of replacing and updating equipment.

Q: Did your past experience working for Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing owner Scott Spencer stands
outside of his company located in Seattle. Spencer also owns
a major franchise benefit you in this regard? three other plumbing operations throughout the country.
SCOTT: Absolutely. With every asset you purchase, you look (Photography by Mark Mulligan)
and see if you are using that equipment to full capacity. If
purchasing equipment, what is the return on investment at
that point. There is a process for any kind of capital expen-
diture. You always calculate your return on investment. This Q: What do you do as far as
includes all types of equipment. Any expense over $2,500 inventory in the four locations?
for us goes through that process. I give my general manag- SCOTT: We try to keep it consistent throughout the locations.
ers the authority to approve up to $2,500. One example would be HammerHead for pipe bursting. We
want to use the economies of scale and let people know that
Q: When did you begin to acquire the other shops? if we chose you as our vendor there will be more to come.
SCOTT: We purchased Affordable Plumbing and Drain in For cameras we use RIDGID.
Colorado Springs in August 2014, Bel Air (now Affordable
Plumbing and Drain) in Denver in 2015, and Marv’s Plumb- Q: When you purchase another company, how much
ing and Heating in June 2016. We actually have a letter of attention must you give to the existing inventory?
intent with another in Florida. SCOTT: Nine times out of 10 when I purchase, the previous
owner has no idea what he has in inventory. We’ll go through
Q: What was the first consideration for it. I have to put a cap on every acquisition. I’ll buy up to
equipment when looking at a new entity? $25,000 in additional inventory. There is often more than
SCOTT: I have my mechanic in Seattle, Adam Forbes, who is what was on the books.
travels to each location. We then sit down and rank the
needs of the operation. We do a budget to see where we feel
we will be and when we can purchase equipment. That is
kind of how it works.

plumbermag.com | June 2017 19
n the ROAD

On-Site Productivity
Portable pipe-threading device keeps this outfit’s technicians
primed for maximum efficiency By Ken Wysocky

bout five years ago, Dave Jones Inc., a
plumbing company in Madison,
Wisconsin, bought its first Sidekick
pipe-threading machine, manufactured by
Wheeler-Rex. These days the company owns
nearly three-dozen of the devices.
“All our guys who do gas piping have a Sidekick
threader on their service van,” says Alan Strong,
a master plumber who’s currently the quality
assurance manager at Dave Jones, which primarily
does service work and installations throughout
southern Wisconsin. “It’s a very compact, efficient
and well-designed little machine.”
Now called the Sidekick II, the unit’s size —
it weighs 58 pounds and measures roughly 1 foot
square (15 by 11 by 12 inches) — offers a key
productivity advantage. To understand why, Dave Jones, Inc. technician Delano Croft stands near one of the company’s
consider that years ago, technicians relied on a Sidekick II portable pipe-threading machines equipped on all of the
company’s service vans. (Photo courtesy of Dave Jones Inc.)
larger pipe-threading machine stored in the
company’s shop because it was too big to fit into
service vehicles. into an older heat-pump water heater or has to convert a
heater from electric power to natural gas. And if technicians
don’t have to make that extra round trip, customer satisfaction

increases because technicians can complete jobs faster,
Now that we have the option to add a Strong says.
basic pipe threader to our service vans, “Customers think you’re there to replace a water heater,
so the last thing they want is you running back to the shop
it lets us provide better customer service.” to thread a pipe,” he explains. “It used to be tough to have
a plumbing van set up correctly and still have enough room
Alan Strong to fit a giant threader in there. But now that we have the
option to add a basic pipe threader to our service vans, it
lets us provide better customer service.”
But the Sidekick easily fits inside the company’s service The Sidekick threads pipe from 1/4 to 1 inch in diameter.
vans, eliminating the need to make time-wasting trips back It features a 400-watt electric motor that generates free
to the shop when technicians unexpectedly need to thread speed of 55 rpm, an automatic die-head lubrication system,
pipe. A good example is replacing water heaters, which is front and rear chucks, a foot-operated switch, a one-blade
usually a pretty cut-and-dried job, until a technician runs reamer (deburring tool) and automatic safety shutoff.

During the course of a large gas-piping job that involves
a decent amount of pipe, the built-in reamer and auto-
release function probably saves technicians an hour or so
Madison, WI of installation time, compared to manual releases and
manual deburring, Strong estimates. “Like they always say,
COMPANY Dave Jones Inc. time is money,” he says.
LOCATION Madison, Wisconsin One of Strong’s favorite features is also its simplest
attribute: the unit’s handle. With the aid of lock buttons, it
MACHINE Sidekick II portable easily swings out of the way when threading pipe, then
pipe-threading machine
snaps back into place for easy transport. The feature may
FUNCTION Convenient on-site threading be decidedly low-tech, but it’s another example of the
of 1/4- to 1-inch-diameter pipe Sidekick’s clever design, Strong says.
FEATURES Auto-open, notch-type die “The ability to do on-site pipe threading in general is a
head; 400-watt electric value both to us and our customers, and the Sidekick makes
motor; built-in deburring tool; it easy to do,” Strong concludes. “I have nothing but good
automatic die-head lubrica-
tion system; front and rear things to say about its operation.”
chucks; foot-operated switch;
automatic safety shutoff;
built-in carrying handle;
weighs 58 pounds; measures
15 by 11 by 12 inches

COST About $2,000

WEBSITE www.davejonesinc.com

Squeezing all those features into one unit represents some
innovative engineering, he says.
“Switching the die heads to accommodate different-
size pipes is super simple,” Strong points out. “With some
threaders out there, you have to use hand tools or untighten
and tighten wing nuts to adjust from one size of pipe to
another. With the Sidekick, you use just one finger to flick
it to the pipe setting you want.”
Two other features also increase efficiency: The automatic-
release (shutoff) function, which automatically disengages
the dies when threading is complete instead of having to
do it manually, and a built-in deburring blade, which
removes the small inside-diameter lip that’s created when
technicians cut pipe to length. The reamer deburrs the pipe
before threading begins, he notes.
“The auto-release function eliminates any guesswork
and improves consistency,” Strong says. “In addition, you
don’t have to stand there and watch it the whole time it’s
threading. With other machines, you might get distracted
by a phone call, for instance, and end up putting twice
Call Toll-Free Nationwide • 1-800-746-7464
as much thread on a pipe than you really need.” The
built-in deburring tool works faster than manual deburring,
he adds.

plumbermag.com | June 2017 21
Smart On the


Charging for Emergencies

Plumbers take different strategies when setting after-hour
charges based on several factors By MaryBeth Matzek

hen there is a plumbing emergency at night provides an estimate on the service cost. That fee increases
or on the weekend and fixing it can’t wait, to $110 on nights and weekends.
homeowners and business owners pick up the “We are trying to be fair. People really don’t want to
phone, knowing they will likely pay more for any work call at night or on the weekends,” Berndt says. “Our tech-
that needs to be done. nician will come out and do an estimate, and share that
Plumbers want to make sure their costs are covered with the customer before doing any work.”
Case pay for the employee (which includes
— think overtime That means the cost to replace a water heater on a Sun-
transportation time) and transportation costs. day is the same except for the difference between the ser-
vice rate calls. “It’s only $60 more. We used to do time
CHARGING OVERTIME RATES and a half on the weekends, but it can be challenging since
“Most plumbing companies in this area just charge you’re trying to price a job over the phone,” Berndt says.
an overtime rate, which is just time and a

half for the time worked with an added one-
hour travel time,” says Kevin Walker, drains We know how overwhelming and stressful it can be to
division manager with O’Connor Plumbing
& Heating in Germantown, Maryland.
have a plumbing problem occur, especially when it is
Equipment and part costs are also often unexpected and during inconvenient circumstances.”
added to the final bill.
Walker, however, took a different route. Jeff Moody
He set his rates after looking at what three
competitors charged.
“I used that as a base rate, then added what I thought “You don’t really know what you are walking into, and
was a fair number onto it,” says Walker, adding his final then if the final price is higher than the estimate, custom-
fee is about $35 more per hour than his competitors. ers get mad.”
He went with the higher price — even though O’Con- Berndt rotates the on-call duties among five plumb-
nor Plumbing was just starting its drains division — since ers, with each one taking a week. “We probably only aver-
Walker felt the company’s plumbing reputation warranted age one after-hour call a month,” he says. “They are not
it. “People don’t mind paying that more expensive rate too common.”
since they know our service is better,” he says.
GOING WITH A FLAT RATE While most plumbing contractors charge extra for
Jeff Berndt, owner of Best Plumbing/Best Bath in Mar- providing off-hour service, others opt to charge the same
ion, Iowa, decided to charge a flat service call rate for after- rate whenever the work needs to be done. bluefrog Plumb-
hours calls. For example, he charges $40.95 during the ing + Drain, for example, uses one fee scale no matter
day when a technician comes out to a residence and then when the call comes in.

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“We know how overwhelming and stressful it can be
to have a plumbing problem occur, especially when it is
unexpected and during inconvenient circumstances,” and
the company does not want to add to that by charging
extra fees, says Jeff Moody, president and chief operating
officer for bluefrog, which is headquartered in Phoenix,
Arizona, but has several franchises across the country. Trelleborg/NPC Pipe Seals DeNeef Chemical Grouting
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Maximum Effort
Pipe bursting enables a Louisiana contractor to replace a blocked sewer
lateral after a failed directional boring attempt By Scottie Dayton

or more than 25 years, blockages and backups were
a way of life for the owners of a two-story pier-and-
beam house in Shreveport, Louisiana. In 2011, local
Shreveport, LA
plumbing contractor Pioneer Comfort Systems began
responding to emergencies.
“Service calls took two to three hours because the COMPANY Pioneer Comfort Systems
blockages were so difficult to remove, even when using our
RIDGID K-60 cable machine,” says operations manager OWNERS Michael and Travis Smith
Michael Smith. “Massive root intrusion in the 4-inch clay
tile lateral caused bathroom tissue stoppages. We removed
LOCATION Shreveport, Louisiana
tons of it.” SERVICE OFFERED Plumbing, plumbing
The lateral ran through a concrete stormwater vault in maintenance, heating,
the neighbor’s driveway, then 15 feet across her yard to an cooling, pipe bursting
abandoned 12-inch clay sewer discharging to a manhole WEBSITE pioneercomfortsystems.com
in the street in front of the property. As the only lateral
tied to the capped sewer, and
with no flow from upstream
to help wash away the client’s
solids, blockages occurred
when solids built up in the
sewer and dammed the lateral.
On Smith’s last service call
— only six months after a

“The boring contractor said the
grade was going to be close, but he
saw no problems. Boy, was he wrong.”
Michael Smith

The 6- by 6- by 5-foot entry
pit was 6 feet upstream from
the square stormwater vault with
two 36-inch concrete drains
(Photos courtesy of Pioneer
Comfort Systems)

previous visit — he used a RIDGID SeeSnake
to inspect all 230 feet of the clogged line, then
cleaned it with a Cam Spray cart-mounted
jetter. The amount of the bill, with no guarantee
of how long the lateral would remain open,
convinced the owners to replace the pipe.

The home, built more than 50 years ago
at the bottom of a hill, has two laterals. One
runs from the front of the house and connects
with the second lateral from the laundry room
and full bath. The pipe passes through the
30-inch-deep vault, then turns 45 degrees
shortly before a wye connects it to the sewer.
Both fittings are under the neighbor’s flower
beds. Developers would never obtain building
permits for the site today.
“Our initial plan was to directional drill
a replacement lateral from the customer’s
backyard, under the square vault with two
36-inch concrete storm drains, and straight
out to the manhole,” says Smith. “The boring The TRIC C20 pipe bursting system, rated for 8,000 psi, sits at the bottom of the
contractor said the grade was going to be close, 8-foot-deep pulling pit and next to the water main. Smith used a Sharp Shooter
drain spade to cut crisp, straight walls against which to position the resistance plate.
but he saw no problems. Boy, was he wrong.”
When Smith’s crew excavated beside the Matt Holtz and Brian Hester from Pioneer Comfort Systems notice that the bursting
manhole, they uncovered a water main crossing head looks a little strange as it emerges through the resistance plate. A 4-inch cast
iron check valve is wrapped around the head.
the path where the bore bit would enter the
structure. Their alternative solution was to
excavate upstream from the manhole to expose
the old sewer, then bore to it and cap the
downstream end of the main. With the city’s
approval, the team trenched 15 feet back from
the manhole following the sewer, then dug
the bore pit.
Both sewer excavations were in the
neighbor’s front yard. At some point, the
deteriorating main had created a large void
under her house, causing the city to abandon
the line and reroute it alongside her driveway.
“She understood what our customer was going
through and cooperated fully,” says Smith.
“We are indebted to her.”

The boring contractor arrived the next
morning. On his first attempt, the bit deflected
off a 12- to 18-inch-thick concrete mass beneath the vault “We fought the problem for six hours, then the operator
and dove straight down. The operator changed the machine’s packed up and went home,” says Smith. “That left pipe
location three times to find a route under the obstruction, bursting and the possibility of destroying the rest of the
but there wasn’t enough distance for the bit to regain neighbor’s front lawn. I talked to her again and she gave
sufficient fall before reaching the exposed sewer. us permission to continue.”

plumbermag.com | June 2017 25

On the third day, the crew burst the laterals. Smith’s wreck,” says Smith. “We’d never pushed the machine that
major concern was lodging the 6-inch O.D. bursting head hard before and had no idea how the equipment would
in the vault or downstream fittings. To avoid problems react.” Once the head entered the sewer, the pressure
in the vault, they cut out the section of lateral running returned to 3,500 psi.
through it, then enlarged the entry and exit holes with a When workers extracted the head, they found a 4-inch
hammer drill. INSIDER cast iron check valve wrapped around it. “We were amazed,”
Workers dug a 6- by 6- by 5-foot entry pit 6 feet upstream says Smith. “The ram had pulled that valve 20 feet through
from the vault and enlarged the sewer excavation to create the lateral, then through the two fittings and 60 feet to the
a 6-foot-wide by 8-foot-deep pulling pit. Wishing to use exit pit.”
the main as a sleeve for the 4-inch HDPE pipe, Smith set
the C20 pipe bursting system (TRIC Tools) as low as
possible, enabling the lateral to rest on the bottom of the
pipe. The ram is rated for 8,000 psi or 19.24 tons of pull.

“ I was a nervous wreck. We’d never pushed
the machine that hard before and had no
idea how the equipment would react.”
Michael Smith

It took 60 minutes to send the rodder through the
lateral and pull back the 3/4-inch swage cable attached to
the bursting head, erect shoring and the resistance plate, The 4-inch HDPE pipe advances through the enlarged holes in
and set the pulley and ram. Meanwhile, other workers the concrete stormwater vault. Behind the pipe are two 36-inch-
diameter concrete drains. The original clay tile lateral switched to
fused two 40-foot sticks of HDPE pipe in the customer’s cast iron at this point.
backyard, then snaked it through a gate to the entry pit.
“We painted a green mark on the HDPE pipe to indicate
when the bursting head had passed through the wye,” says While two laborers moved the ram to a hand-dug 4-
Smith. “Once the mark disappeared into the pit, we knew by 4- by 2.5-foot pit in the customer’s backyard, another
we’d be home free.” person butt-fused a 20-foot stick of HDPE pipe to connect
the new lateral to the manhole, then sealed the
HITCHIN’ A RIDE sewer opening.
The first pull was 80 feet from the entry pit to the
pulling pit. Smith stationed himself at the stormwater BUBBLE TROUBLE
vault to make sure the head passed through it uneventfully, The second pull, 130 feet from the entry pit to the
then he controlled the ram and monitored the hydraulic backyard, replaced the house lateral. It was uneventful.
pressure. Pressures for a normal pipe burst on this machine The crew backfilled on the fourth day and spent a few hours
run 2,000 to 3,000 psi (5 to 7 tons of pulling force), and laying sod on the fifth. When Smith returned a few days
sometimes reach 3,500 psi (8.5 tons of pull). They will hit later to check on the sod, the customer’s wife ran out to
6,000 psi (14 to 15 tons of pull) when going through a meet him.
45-degree elbow. “On a service call, I’d noticed water and soap suds
As soon as the head entered the vault’s downstream around the floor drain in the laundry room,” says Smith.
side, the pressure jumped to 6,500 psi, then hovered between “The owner assured me the drain had always worked that
6,800 to 7,200 psi (17 tons of pull) for 30 minutes. Twice, way. His wife was as excited as she could be because the
the needle hit 7,800 psi (19 tons of pull). “I was a nervous wash water was no longer bubbling out.”



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Practice Makes Perfect
A good in-house training facility can help ensure your employees
run into fewer surprises out in the field By Kyle Rogers

hen a Minnick’s plumber responds
to a service call, odds are that the
problem — and therefore the
proper solution — will be pretty familiar. That’s
because the company’s techs spend a lot of
their training time back at the home office
practicing the exact situations they’ll most
likely encounter in the field.
“We know what we run into every day,
so we set up our training just like that,” says
Rob Minnick, part of the third generation
of the family-run company operating in the
Washington, D.C., area. “You set up the same
scenarios that you run into 80 percent of
the time.”
Setting up an in-house training facility
can take many forms. It could be nothing more
than a corner of your shop with a few water
heaters and a setup of different faucets. Maybe
Having an area to train can be beneficial to your technicians so they
you have enough space available to recreate aren’t damaging something in a customer’s home. (Photos courtesy
multiple types of kitchen and bathroom configurations. of Randy Lorge)
Whatever your in-house training may look like, the benefit
Even if you don’t have a lot of room, set up a wall with some fixtures
is clear.
attached for training purposes.
“We’re setting our guys up for success because when
they’re going out on a job, they’re not being trained in front
of the customer and being concerned about doing something
wrong in the customer’s house,” Minnick says. “They’re
trained here in our training center and are able to show that
they know how to do something before actually seeing it on
a job for the first time.”
“It’s definitely something that I think is well worth the
investment,” adds Randy Lorge, an instructor for the plumbing
apprenticeship program at Fox Valley Technical College in
Appleton, Wisconsin. “You want to send competent people
out on jobs and you want them to feel confident when they’re
out there. And the quicker they can problem-solve and fix
the problem, the happier the customer is going to be. That’s
repeat service plus word-of-mouth that’s going to spread.”

Water heaters are set up
in a training facility at the
Fox Valley Technical
College in Appleton,
Wisconsin. Plumbing
companies can set up
training areas for their
employees to help them
for when they get called
to a job. Even in just a
small corner of a shop.

rule that Minnick’s operates under comes into play — try

We’re setting our guys up for success
when they’re going out on a
to have training facilities that address 80 percent of the
service calls you receive.
“You don’t do 100 percent, because then you need a
huge training center, and you’re still not going to be able
job, they’re not being trained in front to cover everything. Plus, with the more complicated
of the customer and being concerned problems you may run into, it’s going to be different every
time and you can’t really train for it,” Minnick says. “You
about doing something wrong in the just have to make sure you cover your most common,
basic stuff.”
customer’s house.” As a starting point, he recommends at least having
Rob Minnick bathroom and kitchen setups. Take into account the access
you might have in an actual customer’s home and set up
the areas in the same way.
Do you want to do more with some in-house training “You don’t need to make it very big,” says Minnick.
but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some tips. “You can make it 6 feet by 8 feet. Just build another platform
over top of it, and that way you can have two setups for
COVER THE BASICS different scenarios.”
Minnick’s has a fairly extensive training center. Along Also factor in the various toilets, sinks and fixtures
with areas that cater to training on boiler and water heater you might come across.
service, and different kitchen and bathroom setups for “Look at your big players — your Deltas, your Kohlers,”
simulating various scenarios, the company has an entire Lorge says. “You can only have so many installed in your
townhouse at its disposal. training area, so from there utilize the internet and run
“We do different trainings in there because we do a lot through different scenarios — here’s the faucet, here’s the
with home performance as well,” says Minnick. “So we’re situation. What part would I need to replace if this was
able to crawl around the attic and basement and everything.” acting up?”
But you don’t necessarily need an elaborate setup for Lorge agrees with the principle of applying an 80/20
effective in-house training, he says. That’s where the 80/20 rule.

plumbermag.com | June 2017 29
In the SHOP
Setting up a kitchen example is a way to train your technicians for any scenarios they might run into on
a job site.

“ Focus on giving
them the big picture
of what’s going on
when they walk into
a job the best that
you can.”
Randy Lorge

“What are most of your
calls about? If it’s a particular
water heater or a particular
faucet, have your guys well
versed in those products and
procedures. You’re always
going to run into that odd one
where you scratch your head and have to make a phone Adds Lorge, “Tell them what you’re doing, that you’re
call or do some research, but at minimum it comes down doing an in-house training and would love to have their
to what are you mostly getting called out for,” Lorge says. product to show your guys. You try to sell your program
to the people who are selling the products.”
In Lorge’s role, he works with two major training START SOMEWHERE
facilities — Fox Valley Tech’s and a site in Kaukauna, Whatever vision you may have for an in-house training
Wisconsin, run by a local plumbers’ union. With the focus setup, just get started, advises Minnick.
being on training apprentices, training areas are set up “Something is better than nothing,” he says. “If you
with a behind-the-scenes perspective in mind. There are don’t have a lot of space, then work with what you’ve got.
water softeners that are clear so that students can better One scenario I was looking at until our current office
understand how they function and actually see the softener space became available was to get a shed. Put the pipes
moving through the cycles. In the various kitchen and in there and don’t worry about heating it. Maybe have it
bath mockups, wall interiors are exposed so that all the to where you can just hook up a hose to it. Just start and
drain and water piping can be seen. Lorge says it’s also a you’ll figure it out along the way. Don’t try to do too much
good approach to take for an in-house training area. at the very beginning.”
“Especially for newer people coming into the trade, Between the two sites Lorge works with, training areas
they may not know what’s going on behind the wall. Focus include everything from a restaurant kitchen setup with
on giving them the big picture of what’s going on when a soda dispenser and a commercial-grade dishwasher to a
they walk into a job the best that you can,” Lorge says. mockup of the type of stainless steel fixtures you’d find in
an institutional environment.
ASK YOUR VENDORS “Of course, we’re able to have larger areas because we’re
One way to bolster your in-house training area is to a training program for apprentices and we have hundreds
get your vendors involved. That’s a method Minnick’s has of apprentices come through. We have to have ample space
used to add items for techs to practice on. “If you need to spread them out,” Lorge says. “But I think you can make
something, all you have to do is ask,” he says. “They want do with whatever it is you have. It’s going to be really
to get their product out there and get their name shown individualized. If you’re a three-man shop, you might only
to people.” have a little corner in the back.”

©2016, RIDGID, Inc. The RIDGID logo is a registered trademark of RIDGID, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.


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K Nu Flow Technologies
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Source One Environmental
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We worked very closely with HammerHead Trenchless Equipment in the
development of their new 100XT static pipe bursting system, and we couldn’t
be happier with the final result. It’s fast, reliable, and backed by customer
support that has always been quick to respond when we have a question.
Municipalities are catching on to the advantages of pipe bursting,
and our 100XT positions us to take advantage of pipe bursting’s
growing popularity.”

Owner, D & D Water & Sewer, Canton MI

HammerHead Equipment products and
expertise take the guesswork out of pipe
bursting. And legendary factory support puts
even the toughest pipe bursting jobs within your

Find your local dealer at
or call 800-331-6653


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Malibu, CA SEWAGE PLANT, AK Disinfected Effluent
Four 3G UV Units Parallel/Series Little Diomede Island Discharges Directly Into
Array Disinfects Effluent Salcor 3G UV Unit with River Tributary.
Discharging into Lifewater Engineering
Pacific Ocean Beach Sand. Discharges into Bering Strait.
Protect 2 UV Units in
Series with an
Your Health and UV Activated Sludge Plant
Environment & Light
Prevent Deadly
“Super Bug”
MRSA EBOLA 30-Day Underwater
Test Demonstrates Replaces Need
“FLOODPROOF” For Chlorination
Underground Operation Chamber

n Commercial/Residential Uses to 100,000+ GPD
n Modular “Building Block” Reliable Design/
Easy Expandable Arrays Reduce Spare Parts
SALCOR n Most Independently Tested and Approved:
UL Certified “Floodproof” NEMA 6P (30-days)
9,000 GPD Easy Install/ NSF/WA State Fecal/Coliform Tests, 6-Mo Each,
O&M in Ground (21 ATU’s); Universities

or n Low Cost <30 Watts/Unit Easy Install and O&M

DESIGN Pump Tank n “Revolutionary” Fouling-Resistant Teflon® Barrier
n 2-Year Warranty, Unit & “Long Life” Lamp

Single & Cluster Homes, Small Sewage Plants, Schools, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Churches,
Restaurants, Mobile Home Parks, Campgrounds, Nurseries/Cut Flowers, Houseboats, Etc.
100,000+ GPD Made in
the USA
Since 1978
F: 760.731.2405
Bacteria - Grease Source One Environmental
Davison, MI
Statewide Supply info@s1eonline.com
Electric Eel Mfg. www.s1eonline.com
Dane, WI
Springfield, OH
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Chemicals - Cleaning www.rootrat.net
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www.envirosight.com Redmond, OR
Pipeline Renewal Technologies
Randolph, NJ
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176


You work hard enough. So why not let the professionals at Western Drain Supply, a Certified Ridgid® dealership,

tackle the down and dirty task of providing those hard to find parts? We are an official pressing calibration center and

have all the plumbing, drain cleaning equipment, materials, biological maintenance products and supplies you need.

Our repair team is also standing by to lend a hand when your equipment doesn’t work as hard as you do. Whether you

purchase online or in our store, we are your one-stop shop. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you determine

the best products and solutions at the most competitive prices anywhere around. Call or click today to place your order!

888.861.9440 westerndrainsupply.com
Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd.
Zanesville, OH
Pipe Lining Supply, Inc.
Anaheim, CA Coatings/Linings/
800-348-0020 • 740-453-9387 • Fax: 740-453-8622
888-354-6464 • 714-296-5226 • Fax: 714-630-6026
www.flow-liner.com www.pipeliningsupply.com
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Lancaster, NY info@flow-liner.com
800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486
Formadrain, Inc. www.flow-liner.com
Montreal, QC
www.powrmole.com HammerHead Trenchless Equipment
888-337-6764 • 514-352-6911 • Fax: 514-352-0167 Lake Mills, WI
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www.formadrain.com www.hammerheadmole.com
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HammerHead Trenchless Equipment Infrastructure Repair Systems
St. Petersburg, FL
Lake Mills, WI
877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118
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www.hammerheadmole.com PrimeLine Products, Inc.
Ad on page 37 Altamonte Springs, FL
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I.S.T. Services, Inc. sales@primelineproducts.com
San Diego, CA www.primelineproducts.com
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www.shopistamerica.com Source One Environmental Clearwater, FL
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Trelleborg Pipe Seals
MaxLiner USA Milford, NH
Martinsville, VA 800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352
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info@maxlinerusa.com www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals
Picote Solutions
www.maxlinerusa.com Anderson, SC
Ad on page 17 Western Drain Supply 219-440-1404
Anaheim, CA sales@picotesolutions.com
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Nu Flow Technologies
info@westerndrain.com Ad on page 47
Oshawa, ON
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Pipe Lining Supply, Inc.
800-834-9597 • 905-433-5510 Anaheim, CA
info@nuflowtechnologies.com 888-354-6464 • 714-296-5226 • Fax: 714-630-6026
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Clamps linda@pipeliningsupply.com
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Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Grand Prairie, TX
800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488
Perma-Liner Industries, LLC www.dallasspecialty.com
Clearwater, FL
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www.perma-liner.com Clothing/Workwear
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Pacific Emblem Company, Inc PrimeLine Products, Inc.
El Cajon, CA Altamonte Springs, FL
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Anderson, SC
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sales@picotesolutions.com Davison, MI
www.picotesolutions.com 877-450-3701
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800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
Trelleborg Pipe Seals ThermOmegaTech
Milford, NH
800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352
SALCOR Warminster, PA
donna.gunter@trelleborg.com UV DISINFECTION valves@thermomegatech.com
www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals SALCOR, Inc. www.thermomegatech.com
Fallbrook, CA
Zoeller Pump Company
Commercial Onsite 760-731-0745 • Fax: 760-731-2405
Louisville, KY
800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731
Treatment Systems Ad on page 39 www.zoellerpumps.com

Norweco, Inc. Consulting/Engineering Couplings - Pipe
Norwalk, OH
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email@norweco.com Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Davison, MI Grand Prairie, TX
www.norweco.com 877-450-3701 800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488
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www.s1eonline.com www.dallasspecialty.com

Presby Environmental
Whitefield, NH
Controls Cranes/Hoists
800-473-5298 • Fax: 603-837-9864
info@presbyeco.com REHAU, Building Solutions Division SpitzLift Manufacturing
www.presbyeco.com Leesburg, VA Poway, CA
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rehau.mailbox@rehau.com info@spitzlift.com
www.na.rehau.com www.spitzlift.com
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Dealer/Distributor Drains Ductwork
The Home Depot Central Oklahoma Winnelson Picote Solutions
Atlanta, GA Oklahoma City, OK Anderson, SC
800-466-3337 • Fax: 770-384-2356 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 219-440-1404
www.homedepot.com krjones@winnelson.com sales@picotesolutions.com
Ad on page 11 www.centralwinnelson.com www.picotesolutions.com
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Decals/Magnets/ Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.

Grand Prairie, TX
800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488
www.dallasspecialty.com Enz USA, Inc.
Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. Aurora, IL
Arlington Heights, IL Endura Separation Technologies (IPEX USA LLC) 877-369-8721 • 630-692-7880 • Fax: 630-692-7885
800-499-8450 • Fax: 800-596-3057 Denver, CO sales@enzusainc.com
sales@kolbipipemarkers.com 800-463-9572 • 303-373-1918 • Fax: 303-737-1923 www.enzusainc.com
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Pacific Emblem Company, Inc MaxLiner USA
El Cajon, CA Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. Martinsville, VA
800-872-8778 • 619-281-6688 • Fax: 619-281-6687 Zanesville, OH 877-426-5948 • Fax: 276-656-0419
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www.pacificemblem.com info@flow-liner.com www.maxlinerusa.com
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Disinfection Equipment/
Systems Formadrain, Inc.
Montreal, QC
Norweco, Inc. Canada
Norwalk, OH 888-337-6764 • 514-352-6911 • Fax: 514-352-0167
800-667-9326 • 419-668-4471 • Fax: 419-663-5440 bruce@formadrain.com PrimeLine Products, Inc.
email@norweco.com www.formadrain.com Altamonte Springs, FL
www.norweco.com Ad on page 69 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
SALCOR Ad on page 23

UV DISINFECTION Picote Solutions Source One Environmental
Davison, MI
SALCOR, Inc. Anderson, SC
Fallbrook, CA 219-440-1404
760-731-0745 • Fax: 760-731-2405 sales@picotesolutions.com
jscruver@aol.com www.picotesolutions.com
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Pipe Lining Supply, Inc. Excavating Equipment
Anaheim, CA
Drainfield Components 888-354-6464 • 714-296-5226 • Fax: 714-630-6026 3T Equipment Co. Inc.
linda@pipeliningsupply.com Santa Rosa, CA
www.pipeliningsupply.com 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
Arcan Enterprises
Clarksville, TN Ad on page 79 tk3tequip@aol.com
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Drip Systems Soil Surgeon, Inc.
Laguna Niguel, CA
Ad on page 77 949-363-1401 • Fax: 714-434-9998
Norweco, Inc. bbain@calhaz.com
Norwalk, OH www.soilsurgeoninc.com
800-667-9326 • 419-668-4471 • Fax: 419-663-5440
Presby Environmental www.norweco.com
Whitefield, NH
800-473-5298 • Fax: 603-837-9864

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Faucets Simple Solutions Distributing
West Milford, NJ
Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment
Dixon, IL
866-667-8465 • 973-846-7817 • Fax: 973-858-0219 877-735-4640
Central Oklahoma Winnelson sales@industrialodorcontrol.com sales@mongoosejetters.com
Oklahoma City, OK www.IndustrialOdorControl.com www.mongoosejetters.com
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REHAU, Building Solutions Division
krjones@winnelson.com Leesburg, VA
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Fittings 800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255
Fisher Mfg. Co. www.na.rehau.com
Tulare, CA
Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK
800-421-6162 • 559-685-5200 • Fax: 800-832-8238
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Fixtures - Plumbing
The Home Depot Ad on page 57
Atlanta, GA
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Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Grand Prairie, TX
800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488
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www.dallasspecialty.com Outdoor Shower Co.
Filtration Equipment/ Endura Separation Technologies (IPEX USA LLC) Dallas, GA
866-746-9371 • 678-363-3939 • Fax: 678-363-8391
Systems Denver, CO
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Norweco, Inc. www.enduragreasemanagement.com The Home Depot
Norwalk, OH Atlanta, GA
Fisher Mfg. Co.
800-667-9326 • 419-668-4471 • Fax: 419-663-5440 800-466-3337 • Fax: 770-384-2356
Tulare, CA
email@norweco.com www.homedepot.com
800-421-6162 • 559-685-5200 • Fax: 800-832-8238
www.norweco.com Ad on page 11

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Warminster, PA Grease Interceptors Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd.
Sussex Corner, NB
877-379-8258 Canada
valves@thermomegatech.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson 800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443
www.thermomegatech.com Oklahoma City, OK sales@easykleen.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 www.easykleen.com
Flanges krjones@winnelson.com
U.S. Boiler Co. - Burnham Brand Boilers
Lancaster, PA
Ad on page 57 717-397-4701 • Fax: 717-481-8478
Central Oklahoma Winnelson info@usboiler.net
Oklahoma City, OK
Endura Separation Technologies (IPEX USA LLC)
Denver, CO www.usboiler.net
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
800-463-9572 • 303-373-1918 • Fax: 303-737-1923
Hose - High Pressure
Ad on page 57
Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Grand Prairie, TX Hand Tools 3T Equipment Co. Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA
800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
mike@dalspc.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson tk3tequip@aol.com
www.dallasspecialty.com Oklahoma City, OK www.3tequipco.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 American Jetter
Franchises krjones@winnelson.com
Knoxville, TN
866-944-3569 • 865-524-4647 • Fax: 865-247-5105
Ad on page 57 andy@americanjetter.com
PowerMate/L P International Inc. www.americanjetter.com
Brantford, ON Ad on page 76
Canada Electric Eel Mfg.
Formadrain, Inc. 800-697-6283 • 519-759-3292 • Fax: 519-759-3298 Springfield, OH
Montreal, QC info@powermate.info 800-833-1212 • 937-323-4644 • Fax: 937-323-3767
Canada www.powermate.info info@electriceel.com
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bruce@formadrain.com Ad on page 51
www.formadrain.com RIDGID
Ad on page 69 Elyria, OH Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 Dixon, IL
Gauges www.RIDGID.com
Ad on page 31 www.mongoosejetters.com
Central Oklahoma Winnelson The Home Depot NozzTeq Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK Atlanta, GA Clearwater, FL
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 800-466-3337 • Fax: 770-384-2356 866-620-5915 • 727-223-4979 • Fax: 603-413-6744
krjones@winnelson.com www.homedepot.com info@nozzteq.com
www.centralwinnelson.com Ad on page 11 www.nozzteq.com
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Western Drain Supply Root Rat
Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE Anaheim, CA Bolivar, OH
Lake Mary, FL 888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448
800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274 info@westerndrain.com chempure@gmail.com
sales@watercannon.com www.westerndrainsupply.com www.rootrat.net
www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx Ad on page 43 Ad on page 61
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Wheeler-Rex Suttner America Company
Ashtabula, OH Dubuque, IA
Geothermal Heating 800-321-7950 • Fax: 440-992-2925
800-831-0660 • 563-556-3212
Flexcon Industries Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE
Randolph, MA Heaters - Water Lake Mary, FL
800-527-0030 • 781-986-2424 • Fax: 781-986-2029 800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274
www.flexconind.com sales@watercannon.com
Central Oklahoma Winnelson www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx
REHAU, Building Solutions Division Oklahoma City, OK
Ad on page 7
Leesburg, VA 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255 krjones@winnelson.com Western Drain Supply
rehau.mailbox@rehau.com www.centralwinnelson.com Anaheim, CA
www.na.rehau.com Ad on page 57 888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
Ad on page 43

800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
Hose Reels Hydrants Enz USA, Inc.
Aurora, IL
877-369-8721 • 630-692-7880 • Fax: 630-692-7885
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Central Oklahoma Winnelson sales@enzusainc.com
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK www.enzusainc.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Ad on page 23
krjones@winnelson.com krjones@winnelson.com
Hot Jet USA
www.centralwinnelson.com www.centralwinnelson.com
Riverton, UT
Ad on page 57 Ad on page 57 800-624-8186 • 801-545-0777
Infrastructure Repair Systems sales@hotjetusa.com
St. Petersburg, FL
877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118
Hydroexcavation www.hotjetusa.com
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asadusky@irsi.net Equipment Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment
Dixon, IL
Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment 3T Equipment Co. Inc. 877-735-4640
Dixon, IL Santa Rosa, CA sales@mongoosejetters.com
877-735-4640 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558 www.mongoosejetters.com
sales@mongoosejetters.com tk3tequip@aol.com NozzTeq Inc.
www.mongoosejetters.com www.3tequipco.com Clearwater, FL
Source One Environmental Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd. 866-620-5915 • 727-223-4979 • Fax: 603-413-6744
Davison, MI Sussex Corner, NB info@nozzteq.com
877-450-3701 Canada www.nozzteq.com
info@s1eonline.com 800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443 Soil Surgeon, Inc.
www.s1eonline.com sales@easykleen.com Laguna Niguel, CA
www.easykleen.com 949-363-1401 • Fax: 714-434-9998
Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE
Lake Mary, FL bbain@calhaz.com
800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274 www.soilsurgeoninc.com
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Suttner America Company RIDGID
Dubuque, IA Elyria, OH
800-831-0660 • 563-556-3212 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862
www.suttner.com RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com
General Pipe Cleaners www.RIDGID.com
Hydronic Heating McKees Rocks, PA
800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300
Ad on page 31
Source One Environmental
www.drainbrain.com Davison, MI
REHAU, Building Solutions Division 877-450-3701
Leesburg, VA Ad on page 2
800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255 Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc. www.s1eonline.com
rehau.mailbox@rehau.com Santa Fe Springs, CA
www.na.rehau.com 877-446-7548 • 562-944-3060 • Fax: 562-944-7630
U.S. Boiler Co. - Burnham Brand Boilers sales@gorlitz.com
Lancaster, PA www.gorlitz.com
717-397-4701 • Fax: 717-481-8478
info@usboiler.net I.S.T. Services, Inc.
www.usboiler.net San Diego, CA SINCE 1943

858-997-0004 • Fax: 702-446-8665
Inspection - Drainline info@istamerica.com
Spartan Tool
Mendota, IL
Ad on page 69 800-435-3866
Alpine Equipment Funding CustomerService@SpartanTool.com
Newport Beach, CA Nu Flow Technologies www.SpartanTool.com
800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764 Oshawa, ON Ad on page 5
bill@alpinefunding.us Canada
www.alpineequipmentfunding.com 800-834-9597 • 905-433-5510 Superior Signal Company LLC
info@nuflowtechnologies.com Spotswood, NJ
Central Oklahoma Winnelson 800-945-8378 • 732-251-0800 • Fax: 732-251-9442
Oklahoma City, OK www.nuflowtechnologies.com
Ad on page 35 info@superiorsignal.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
krjones@winnelson.com Perma-Liner Industries, LLC Ad on page 76
www.centralwinnelson.com Clearwater, FL
Ad on page 57 866-336-2568 • 727-507-9749 • Fax: 727-507-9849
Vivax-Metrotech Corp.
Santa Clara, CA
Ad on page 80 800-446-3392 • 408-734-1400
Pipeline Renewal Technologies info@vxmt.com
CUES Randolph, NJ www.vxmt.com
Orlando, FL 866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176 Ad on page 55
800-327-7791 • 407-849-0190 • Fax: 407-425-1569 mail@pipelinert.com
salesinfo@cuesinc.com www.pipelinert.com Western Drain Supply
www.cuesinc.com Anaheim, CA
Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions 888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
Lancaster, NY info@westerndrain.com
800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486 www.westerndrainsupply.com
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Electric Eel Mfg. www.powrmole.com
Springfield, OH
800-833-1212 • 937-323-4644 • Fax: 937-323-3767
PrimeLine Products, Inc.
Altamonte Springs, FL Inspection - Lateral
info@electriceel.com 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
www.electriceel.com sales@primelineproducts.com
Ad on page 51 www.primelineproducts.com
Envirosight Ad on page 23
Randolph, NJ Radiodetection Corporation
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
Perma-Liner Industries, LLC
Raymond, ME Clearwater, FL
office@envirosight.com 877-247-3797 • 207-655-8525 • Fax: 207-655-8535 866-336-2568 • 727-507-9749 • Fax: 727-507-9849
www.envirosight.com rd.sales.us@spx.com www.perma-liner.com
Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. www.spx.com/en/radiodetection Ad on page 80
Zanesville, OH Ratech Electronics, Ltd.
800-348-0020 • 740-453-9387 • Fax: 740-453-8622 Concord, ON
info@flow-liner.com Canada
www.flow-liner.com 800-461-9200 • 905-660-7072 • Fax: 905-660-1519

800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
Envirosight Ratech Electronics, Ltd.
Randolph, NJ Concord, ON
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176 Canada
office@envirosight.com 800-461-9200 • 905-660-7072 • Fax: 905-660-1519
Vivax-Metrotech Corp. www.envirosight.com sales@ratech-electronics.com
Santa Clara, CA www.ratech-electronics.com
800-446-3392 • 408-734-1400 Raleigh, NC RIDGID
info@vxmt.com 877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199 Elyria, OH
www.vxmt.com info@flologic.com 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862
Ad on page 55 www.flologic.com RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com

Inspection - Water Lines I.S.T. Services, Inc.
San Diego, CA
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858-997-0004 • Fax: 702-446-8665 Vivax-Metrotech Corp.
info@istamerica.com Santa Clara, CA
Central Oklahoma Winnelson www.shopistamerica.com 800-446-3392 • 408-734-1400
Oklahoma City, OK
Ad on page 69 info@vxmt.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Pipeline Renewal Technologies Ad on page 55
Ad on page 57 Randolph, NJ
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
mail@pipelinert.com Jetters - Portable
Radiodetection Corporation 3T Equipment Co. Inc.
CUES Raymond, ME Santa Rosa, CA
Orlando, FL 877-247-3797 • 207-655-8525 • Fax: 207-655-8535 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
800-327-7791 • 407-849-0190 • Fax: 407-425-1569 rd.sales.us@spx.com tk3tequip@aol.com
salesinfo@cuesinc.com www.spx.com/en/radiodetection www.3tequipco.com

ace 2 ™

» One-touch USB recording » On-screen footage counter
» 5.4" LCD monitor » Wheel kit for easy transport
and maneuverability
» 200’ of Kevlar braided
½" dia. push cable » Reel brake
» 1.68" dia. color camera » Centering skid
» 512 Hz Sonde

Toll-Free: 1.800.833.1212

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American Jetter Hot Jet USA
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RIDGID Cam Spray
Elyria, OH Iowa Falls, IA
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 800-648-5011 • 641-648-5011 • Fax: 641-648-5013
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Cam Spray
Iowa Falls, IA Root Rat Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd.
800-648-5011 • 641-648-5011 • Fax: 641-648-5013 Bolivar, OH Sussex Corner, NB
sales@camspray.com 800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448 Canada
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Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK Enz USA, Inc.
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General Pipe Cleaners
Spartan Tool McKees Rocks, PA
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sales@easykleen.com Ad on page 5
www.easykleen.com Giant Industries
Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE Toledo, OH
Electric Eel Mfg.
Lake Mary, FL 800-633-4565 • 419-531-4600 • Fax: 419-531-6836
Springfield, OH
800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274 sales@giantpumps.com
800-833-1212 • 937-323-4644 • Fax: 937-323-3767
sales@watercannon.com www.giantpumps.com
www.electriceel.com www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx Hot Jet USA
Ad on page 51 Ad on page 7 Riverton, UT
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Enz USA, Inc. Western Drain Supply
Aurora, IL Anaheim, CA
877-369-8721 • 630-692-7880 • Fax: 630-692-7885 888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
info@westerndrain.com Ad on page 78
www.enzusainc.com www.westerndrainsupply.com Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment
Ad on page 23 Ad on page 43 Dixon, IL
Jetters - Truck & Trailer sales@mongoosejetters.com
Root Rat
General Pipe Cleaners 3T Equipment Co. Inc. Bolivar, OH
McKees Rocks, PA Santa Rosa, CA
800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448
800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
info@drainbrain.com tk3tequip@aol.com
www.drainbrain.com www.3tequipco.com
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Ad on page 2 Alpine Equipment Funding
Giant Industries Newport Beach, CA
Toledo, OH 800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764
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sales@giantpumps.com www.alpineequipmentfunding.com

800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
Lift Stations/Wet Wells Zoeller Pump Company
Louisville, KY
800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731
Central Oklahoma Winnelson www.zoellerpumps.com
Oklahoma City, OK
SINCE 1943
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Spartan Tool www.centralwinnelson.com
Mendota, IL Ad on page 57 PowerMate/L P International Inc.
800-435-3866 Brantford, ON
Enz USA, Inc. Canada
Aurora, IL 800-697-6283 • 519-759-3292 • Fax: 519-759-3298
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sales@enzusainc.com www.powermate.info
Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE Ad on page 77
Ad on page 23
Lake Mary, FL
800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274
PrimeLine Products, Inc.
Altamonte Springs, FL
Locators - Electronic
www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
Ad on page 7 sales@primelineproducts.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson
www.primelineproducts.com Oklahoma City, OK
Leasing/Financing Ad on page 23
Webtrol Pumps
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
St. Louis, MO
Alpine Equipment Funding 800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738 Ad on page 57
Newport Beach, CA customerservice@webtrol.com Electric Eel Mfg.
800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764 www.webtrol.com Springfield, OH
800-833-1212 • 937-323-4644 • Fax: 937-323-3767
Ad on page 51

Lightweight, easy to install, and
adjustable to maximize your truck
inventory. Van packages targeting
plumbing, HVAC, electrical and gen-
eral service trucks are modeled for easy
end-user installation, factory installation
or ship thru.

Complement your shelving with optional tray
and felt packages.

plumbermag.com | June 2017 53
General Pipe Cleaners FloLogic Central Oklahoma Winnelson
McKees Rocks, PA Raleigh, NC Oklahoma City, OK
800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300 877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
info@drainbrain.com info@flologic.com krjones@winnelson.com
www.drainbrain.com www.flologic.com www.centralwinnelson.com
Ad on page 2 Ad on page 57
General Pipe Cleaners
Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions McKees Rocks, PA FloLogic
Lancaster, NY 800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300 Raleigh, NC
800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486 info@drainbrain.com 877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199
brian@powrmole.com www.drainbrain.com info@flologic.com
www.powrmole.com Ad on page 2 www.flologic.com
Radiodetection Corporation Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions PrimeLine Products, Inc.
Raymond, ME Lancaster, NY Altamonte Springs, FL
877-247-3797 • 207-655-8525 • Fax: 207-655-8535 800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
rd.sales.us@spx.com brian@powrmole.com sales@primelineproducts.com
www.spx.com/en/radiodetection www.powrmole.com www.primelineproducts.com
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Ratech Electronics, Ltd. Radiodetection Corporation
Concord, ON Raymond, ME
Canada 877-247-3797 • 207-655-8525 • Fax: 207-655-8535
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sales@ratech-electronics.com www.spx.com/en/radiodetection
www.ratech-electronics.com Superior Signal Company LLC
Ratech Electronics, Ltd.
RIDGID Concord, ON Spotswood, NJ
Elyria, OH Canada 800-945-8378 • 732-251-0800 • Fax: 732-251-9442
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 800-461-9200 • 905-660-7072 • Fax: 905-660-1519 info@superiorsignal.com
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www.RIDGID.com www.ratech-electronics.com Ad on page 76
Ad on page 31
Spartan Tool Elyria, OH
Mendota, IL 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862
800-435-3866 RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com TURBO FOG -
CustomerService@SpartanTool.com www.RIDGID.com
Division of Kingscote Chemicals
www.SpartanTool.com Ad on page 31 Miamisburg, OH
Ad on page 5 800-394-0678 • 937-886-9100 • Fax: 937-886-9300
Superior Signal Company LLC
Spotswood, NJ sales@kingscotechemicals.com
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info@superiorsignal.com Ad on page 69
Vivax-Metrotech Corp.
Santa Clara, CA
Ad on page 76
Nozzles - High Pressure
Western Drain Supply
800-446-3392 • 408-734-1400 Anaheim, CA
info@vxmt.com 3T Equipment Co. Inc.
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
www.vxmt.com Santa Rosa, CA
Ad on page 55 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
Ad on page 43 www.3tequipco.com
Western Drain Supply
Anaheim, CA
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 Locators - Smoke/Dye Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd.
Sussex Corner, NB
info@westerndrain.com Canada
www.westerndrainsupply.com 800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443
Ad on page 43 sales@easykleen.com
Locators - Pipe/Leak/ Electric Eel Mfg.
Springfield, OH
Valve/Sewer Division of Kingscote Chemicals 800-833-1212 • 937-323-4644 • Fax: 937-323-3767
Miamisburg, OH
Central Oklahoma Winnelson 800-394-0678 • 937-886-9100 • Fax: 937-886-9300
sales@kingscotechemicals.com Ad on page 51
Oklahoma City, OK
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 www.brightdyes.com
krjones@winnelson.com Ad on page 77
Ad on page 57

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Hot Jet USA
Riverton, UT
800-624-8186 • 801-545-0777
Enz USA, Inc. www.hotjetusa.com
Aurora, IL Ad on page 78
877-369-8721 • 630-692-7880 • Fax: 630-692-7885
SINCE 1943

Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment
sales@enzusainc.com Dixon, IL Spartan Tool
www.enzusainc.com 877-735-4640 Mendota, IL
Ad on page 23 sales@mongoosejetters.com 800-435-3866
www.mongoosejetters.com CustomerService@SpartanTool.com
General Pipe Cleaners www.SpartanTool.com
McKees Rocks, PA
Ad on page 5
800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300
www.drainbrain.com Suttner America Company
NozzTeq Inc. Dubuque, IA
Ad on page 2
Clearwater, FL 800-831-0660 • 563-556-3212
Giant Industries 866-620-5915 • 727-223-4979 • Fax: 603-413-6744 www.suttner.com
Toledo, OH info@nozzteq.com
800-633-4565 • 419-531-4600 • Fax: 419-531-6836 Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE
www.nozzteq.com Lake Mary, FL
www.giantpumps.com 800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274
PrimeLine Products, Inc. sales@watercannon.com
Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc. Altamonte Springs, FL www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx
Santa Fe Springs, CA 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131 Ad on page 7
877-446-7548 • 562-944-3060 • Fax: 562-944-7630 sales@primelineproducts.com
sales@gorlitz.com www.primelineproducts.com Western Drain Supply
www.gorlitz.com Anaheim, CA
Ad on page 23
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
Ad on page 43

plumbermag.com | June 2017 55
Odor Control Products/ Pipe - Iron Pipe Bursting
Equipment Central Oklahoma Winnelson FloLogic
Oklahoma City, OK Raleigh, NC
Arcan Enterprises 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199
Clarksville, TN krjones@winnelson.com info@flologic.com
888-352-7226 • Fax: 931-368-1904 www.centralwinnelson.com www.flologic.com
arcan@charter.net Ad on page 57
www.arcan.com Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.
Santa Fe Springs, CA
Ad on page 77
Helix Laboratories, Inc.
Pipe - PEX 877-446-7548 • 562-944-3060 • Fax: 562-944-7630
Corpus Christi, TX www.gorlitz.com
877-444-3549 • 361-657-0536 REHAU, Building Solutions Division
info@helixlabs.com Leesburg, VA HammerHead Trenchless Equipment
www.drainscrub.com 800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255 Lake Mills, WI
rehau.mailbox@rehau.com 800-331-6653 • 920-648-4848
Simple Solutions Distributing www.na.rehau.com www.hammerheadmole.com
West Milford, NJ Ad on page 37
866-667-8465 • 973-846-7817 • Fax: 973-858-0219
sales@industrialodorcontrol.com Pipe - Polyethylene Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions
Lancaster, NY
Ad on page 77 800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486
Central Oklahoma Winnelson brian@powrmole.com
Statewide Supply Oklahoma City, OK www.powrmole.com
Dane, WI 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
800-553-5573 • 608-850-5555 • Fax: 608-850-5558 krjones@winnelson.com RODDIE, Inc.
scott@bio-clean.com www.centralwinnelson.com Columbia Falls, MT
www.statewidesupply.com Ad on page 57 888-406-3821 • 408-224-7777 • Fax: 888-406-8282
Ad on page 49
Superior Signal Company LLC Pipe - PVC Ad on page 9
Spotswood, NJ
800-945-8378 • 732-251-0800 • Fax: 732-251-9442
Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Ad on page 76 krjones@winnelson.com
Onsite Septic Systems Ad on page 57 SINCE 1943

Endura Separation Technologies (IPEX USA LLC) Spartan Tool
Presby Environmental Denver, CO Mendota, IL
Whitefield, NH 800-463-9572 • 303-373-1918 • Fax: 303-737-1923 800-435-3866
800-473-5298 • Fax: 603-837-9864 sales@ipexamerica.com CustomerService@SpartanTool.com
info@presbyeco.com www.enduragreasemanagement.com www.SpartanTool.com
www.presbyeco.com Ad on page 5
Pipe - Stainless
Alameda, CA
UV DISINFECTION Outdoor Shower Co. 888-883-8742 • 510-629-4167 • Fax: 510-217-9493
Dallas, GA john.rafferty@trictools.com
866-746-9371 • 678-363-3939 • Fax: 678-363-8391 www.trictools.com
Fallbrook, CA
connie@outdoorshowerco.com Ad on page 3
760-731-0745 • Fax: 760-731-2405
Ad on page 39
Pipe - Supports Pipe Cutters
Pipe - Copper Envirosight
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Randolph, NJ
Oklahoma City, OK 866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
Central Oklahoma Winnelson 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Oklahoma City, OK office@envirosight.com
krjones@winnelson.com www.envirosight.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
krjones@winnelson.com Pipeline Renewal Technologies
Ad on page 57
www.centralwinnelson.com Randolph, NJ
Ad on page 57 866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176

800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
RIDGID Spartan Tool Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Elyria, OH Mendota, IL Oklahoma City, OK
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 800-435-3866 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com CustomerService@SpartanTool.com krjones@winnelson.com
www.RIDGID.com www.SpartanTool.com www.centralwinnelson.com
Ad on page 31 Ad on page 5 Ad on page 57
Western Drain Supply NozzTeq Inc.
Anaheim, CA
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
Pipe Parts - Fittings & Clearwater, FL
866-620-5915 • 727-223-4979 • Fax: 603-413-6744
info@westerndrain.com Components info@nozzteq.com
www.westerndrainsupply.com www.nozzteq.com
Ad on page 43
Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Wheeler-Rex Oklahoma City, OK PrimeLine Products, Inc.
Ashtabula, OH 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Altamonte Springs, FL
800-321-7950 • Fax: 440-992-2925 krjones@winnelson.com 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
wheeler@wheelerrex.com www.centralwinnelson.com sales@primelineproducts.com
Ad on page 57 www.primelineproducts.com
Ad on page 23
Pipe Fusion
Pipe Plugs Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Milford, NH
Oklahoma City, OK 3T Equipment Co. Inc. 800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Santa Rosa, CA donna.gunter@trelleborg.com
krjones@winnelson.com 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558 www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals
www.centralwinnelson.com tk3tequip@aol.com
Ad on page 57 www.3tequipco.com
Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions
Lancaster, NY
800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486


CS6 Digital
Recording Monitor Longer lease rates also available. Call Keith for details.
CS10 Digital
Recording Monitor
with Flash Drive

LT1000 Laptop
Interface System CALL US FOR

MAX rM200
Camera System – Call Evenings and Weekends
SeeSnake® Compact 2
Camera Reel microDrain Reel Keith: 405-602-9155

5037 NW 10th
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

TOLL FREE: www.centralwinnelson.com
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Pipe Thawing FloLogic
Raleigh, NC
877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199
Central Oklahoma Winnelson info@flologic.com
Oklahoma City, OK www.flologic.com Perma-Liner Industries, LLC
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Clearwater, FL
krjones@winnelson.com 866-336-2568 • 727-507-9749 • Fax: 727-507-9849
www.centralwinnelson.com www.perma-liner.com
Ad on page 57 Ad on page 80

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd.
Sussex Corner, NB Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd.
Canada Zanesville, OH
800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443 800-348-0020 • 740-453-9387 • Fax: 740-453-8622
sales@easykleen.com info@flow-liner.com Picote Solutions
www.easykleen.com www.flow-liner.com Anderson, SC
FloLogic sales@picotesolutions.com
Raleigh, NC www.picotesolutions.com
877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199 Ad on page 47
info@flologic.com Formadrain, Inc.
www.flologic.com Montreal, QC Pipe Lining Supply, Inc.
Canada Anaheim, CA
General Pipe Cleaners 888-354-6464 • 714-296-5226 • Fax: 714-630-6026
McKees Rocks, PA 888-337-6764 • 514-352-6911 • Fax: 514-352-0167
bruce@formadrain.com linda@pipeliningsupply.com
800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300 www.pipeliningsupply.com
info@drainbrain.com www.formadrain.com
Ad on page 69 Ad on page 79
Ad on page 2 HammerHead Trenchless Equipment Pipeline Renewal Technologies
Lake Mills, WI Randolph, NJ
Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE 866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
Lake Mary, FL 800-331-6653 • 920-648-4848
www.hammerheadmole.com mail@pipelinert.com
800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274 www.pipelinert.com
sales@watercannon.com Ad on page 37
www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions
Ad on page 7 I.S.T. Services, Inc. Lancaster, NY
San Diego, CA 800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486
Pipeline Rehabilitation/ 858-997-0004 • Fax: 702-446-8665
info@istamerica.com www.powrmole.com

Lining www.shopistamerica.com
Ad on page 69

3T Equipment Co. Inc. Infrastructure Repair Systems
Santa Rosa, CA St. Petersburg, FL
707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558 877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118
tk3tequip@aol.com asadusky@irsi.net
www.3tequipco.com www.irsi.net
Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd. PrimeLine Products, Inc.
Sussex Corner, NB Altamonte Springs, FL
Canada 877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443 MaxLiner USA sales@primelineproducts.com
sales@easykleen.com Martinsville, VA www.primelineproducts.com
www.easykleen.com 877-426-5948 • Fax: 276-656-0419 Ad on page 23
www.maxlinerusa.com Ratech Electronics, Ltd.
Ad on page 17 Concord, ON
Emagineered Solutions, Inc. 800-461-9200 • 905-660-7072 • Fax: 905-660-1519
Redmond, OR Nu Flow Technologies sales@ratech-electronics.com
541-504-0416 Oshawa, ON www.ratech-electronics.com
ray.i@emagineered.com Canada
www.theshootercipp.com 800-834-9597 • 905-433-5510 Source One Environmental
info@nuflowtechnologies.com Davison, MI
Envirosight 877-450-3701
Randolph, NJ info@s1eonline.com
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176 Ad on page 35

800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
Spartan Tool
Mendota, IL Plumbing Products FloLogic
Raleigh, NC
800-435-3866 877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199
CustomerService@SpartanTool.com Arcan Enterprises info@flologic.com
www.SpartanTool.com Clarksville, TN www.flologic.com
Ad on page 5 888-352-7226 • Fax: 931-368-1904 General Pipe Cleaners
Trelleborg Pipe Seals arcan@charter.net McKees Rocks, PA
Milford, NH www.arcan.com 800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300
800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352 Ad on page 77 info@drainbrain.com
donna.gunter@trelleborg.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson www.drainbrain.com
www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals Oklahoma City, OK Ad on page 2
TRIC Tools, Inc. 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Alameda, CA krjones@winnelson.com I.S.T. Services, Inc.
888-883-8742 • 510-629-4167 • Fax: 510-217-9493 www.centralwinnelson.com San Diego, CA
john.rafferty@trictools.com Ad on page 57 858-997-0004 • Fax: 702-446-8665
www.trictools.com info@istamerica.com
Ad on page 3 www.shopistamerica.com
Ad on page 69
Western Drain Supply
Anaheim, CA REHAU, Building Solutions Division
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co. Leesburg, VA
info@westerndrain.com Grand Prairie, TX 800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255
www.westerndrainsupply.com 800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488 rehau.mailbox@rehau.com
Ad on page 43 mike@dalspc.com www.na.rehau.com
Endura Separation Technologies (IPEX USA LLC) Elyria, OH
Denver, CO 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862
800-463-9572 • 303-373-1918 • Fax: 303-737-1923 RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com
sales@ipexamerica.com www.RIDGID.com
www.enduragreasemanagement.com Ad on page 31

plumbermag.com | June 2017 59
Source One Environmental Root Rat Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd.
Davison, MI Bolivar, OH Sussex Corner, NB
877-450-3701 800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448 Canada
info@s1eonline.com chempure@gmail.com 800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443
www.s1eonline.com www.rootrat.net sales@easykleen.com
Ad on page 61 www.easykleen.com
Warminster, PA Spartan Tool Giant Industries
877-379-8258 Mendota, IL Toledo, OH
valves@thermomegatech.com 800-435-3866 800-633-4565 • 419-531-4600 • Fax: 419-531-6836
www.thermomegatech.com CustomerService@SpartanTool.com sales@giantpumps.com
www.SpartanTool.com www.giantpumps.com
Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Milford, NH Ad on page 5 Liberty Pumps
800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352 ThermOmegaTech Bergen, NY
donna.gunter@trelleborg.com Warminster, PA 800-543-2550 • 585-494-1817 • Fax: 585-494-1839
www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals 877-379-8258 laurie.pfaff@libertypumps.com
valves@thermomegatech.com www.libertypumps.com
Western Drain Supply
www.thermomegatech.com Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment
Anaheim, CA
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE Dixon, IL
info@westerndrain.com Lake Mary, FL 877-735-4640
www.westerndrainsupply.com 800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274 sales@mongoosejetters.com
Ad on page 43 sales@watercannon.com www.mongoosejetters.com
www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx Root Rat
Pressure Washers Ad on page 7 Bolivar, OH
800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448
and Sprayers Pump Control Panels chempure@gmail.com
Ad on page 61
Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Lake Mary, FL
krjones@winnelson.com 800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274
www.centralwinnelson.com sales@watercannon.com
Ad on page 57 www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx
Cam Spray Ad on page 7
Iowa Falls, IA Liberty Pumps
800-648-5011 • 641-648-5011 • Fax: 641-648-5013
Bergen, NY
800-543-2550 • 585-494-1817 • Fax: 585-494-1839 Pump Repair/Services
www.camspray.com laurie.pfaff@libertypumps.com
Ad on page 71 www.libertypumps.com 3T Equipment Co. Inc.
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Sump Alarm, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA
Oklahoma City, OK St. Louis, MO 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 314-787-8059 tk3tequip@aol.com
krjones@winnelson.com customerservice@SumpAlarm.com www.3tequipco.com
www.centralwinnelson.com www.SumpAlarm.com PumpTrax Well Pump Puller
Ad on page 57 Ad on page 77 Elkridge, MD
Zoeller Pump Company 443-364-8754
Louisville, KY rross@rhrproducts.com
800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731 www.rhrproducts.com
www.zoellerpumps.com Ad on page 23
Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd.
Sussex Corner, NB Root Rat
800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443
Pump Parts/Components Bolivar, OH
800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448
sales@easykleen.com chempure@gmail.com
www.easykleen.com 3T Equipment Co. Inc. www.rootrat.net
Santa Rosa, CA Ad on page 61
Giant Industries 707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
Toledo, OH tk3tequip@aol.com
800-633-4565 • 419-531-4600 • Fax: 419-531-6836
www.3tequipco.com Pumps - Aeration
www.giantpumps.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK Norweco, Inc.
Hot Jet USA 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Norwalk, OH
Riverton, UT krjones@winnelson.com 800-667-9326 • 419-668-4471 • Fax: 419-663-5440
800-624-8186 • 801-545-0777 www.centralwinnelson.com email@norweco.com
sales@hotjetusa.com www.norweco.com
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Pumps - Circulating Pumps - Grinder
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Liberty Pumps Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK Bergen, NY Oklahoma City, OK
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 800-543-2550 • 585-494-1817 • Fax: 585-494-1839 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
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www.centralwinnelson.com www.libertypumps.com www.centralwinnelson.com
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ThermOmegaTech Elyria, OH
Warminster, PA 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862
877-379-8258 RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com
valves@thermomegatech.com www.RIDGID.com Liberty Pumps
www.thermomegatech.com Ad on page 31 Bergen, NY
Webtrol Pumps Webtrol Pumps 800-543-2550 • 585-494-1817 • Fax: 585-494-1839
St. Louis, MO St. Louis, MO laurie.pfaff@libertypumps.com
800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738 800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738 www.libertypumps.com
customerservice@webtrol.com customerservice@webtrol.com RIDGID
www.webtrol.com www.webtrol.com Elyria, OH
Wheeler-Rex 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862
Pumps - Effluent/ Ashtabula, OH RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com
800-321-7950 • Fax: 440-992-2925
Sewage/Sump wheeler@wheelerrex.com Ad on page 31

Zoeller Pump Company Webtrol Pumps
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Louisville, KY St. Louis, MO
Oklahoma City, OK 800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731 800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 www.zoellerpumps.com customerservice@webtrol.com
krjones@winnelson.com www.webtrol.com
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This Is The Nozzle You’ve Been Waiting For

3/4 -1"
40-160 gpm/
1500-4000 psi

1/2" 3/8"

7-35 gpm/1500-10,000 psi “The Root Rat is 3-10 gpm/2000-7500 psi
the easiest and
most versatile
Root Rat root cutter nozzle Custom Built
Combo Kit I have ever used. Jetters
3/4" - 1" The Root Rat Hot or cold
root rat works where other water jetters
combo kit. nozzles fail.” from 4 gpm at
Tim Jones, owner 4000 psi to 12 gpm at 4000
Use a reducer adapter to go of Eastern Sewer Jetting
from 1" to 3/4 ". psi, skid or cart frames or
small trailer systems.

W e S ell P artS , P umPS ,
u nloaderS , H oSeS ,
J et t iPS , etc . 1-800-288-7873 • 330.874.4300
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx Accepted www.rootrat.net

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Zoeller Pump Company
Louisville, KY Pumps - Submersible Push Rod & Reel
800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731
www.zoellerpumps.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson Infrastructure Repair Systems
Oklahoma City, OK St. Petersburg, FL
Pumps - High Pressure 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118
Water www.centralwinnelson.com
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Central Oklahoma Winnelson Liberty Pumps Radiant Heating
Oklahoma City, OK Bergen, NY
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 800-543-2550 • 585-494-1817 • Fax: 585-494-1839
laurie.pfaff@libertypumps.com REHAU, Building Solutions Division
krjones@winnelson.com Leesburg, VA
www.centralwinnelson.com www.libertypumps.com
800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255
Ad on page 57 Pow-r Mole Trenchless Solutions rehau.mailbox@rehau.com
Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd. Lancaster, NY www.na.rehau.com
Sussex Corner, NB 800-344-6653 • 716-683-2486
brian@powrmole.com U.S. Boiler Co. - Burnham Brand Boilers
Canada Lancaster, PA
800-315-5533 • 506-433-3393 • Fax: 506-433-2443 www.powrmole.com
717-397-4701 • Fax: 717-481-8478
sales@easykleen.com Webtrol Pumps info@usboiler.net
www.easykleen.com St. Louis, MO www.usboiler.net
Giant Industries 800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738
Toledo, OH
800-633-4565 • 419-531-4600 • Fax: 419-531-6836
www.webtrol.com Reinstatement Cutters
sales@giantpumps.com Zoeller Pump Company
www.giantpumps.com Louisville, KY
800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731
Hot Jet USA
Riverton, UT CUES
800-624-8186 • 801-545-0777 Orlando, FL
Pumps - Turbine 800-327-7791 • 407-849-0190 • Fax: 407-425-1569
Ad on page 78 www.cuesinc.com
Webtrol Pumps
Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment St. Louis, MO Envirosight
Dixon, IL 800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738 Randolph, NJ
877-735-4640 customerservice@webtrol.com 866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
sales@mongoosejetters.com www.webtrol.com office@envirosight.com
www.mongoosejetters.com www.envirosight.com
Root Rat
Bolivar, OH
Pumps - Water Enz USA, Inc.
Aurora, IL
800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448 877-369-8721 • 630-692-7880 • Fax: 630-692-7885
chempure@gmail.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson sales@enzusainc.com
www.rootrat.net Oklahoma City, OK www.enzusainc.com
Ad on page 61 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Ad on page 23
Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE www.centralwinnelson.com Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd.
Lake Mary, FL Ad on page 57 Zanesville, OH
800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274 800-348-0020 • 740-453-9387 • Fax: 740-453-8622
sales@watercannon.com Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE info@flow-liner.com
www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx Lake Mary, FL www.flow-liner.com
Ad on page 7 800-333-9274 • 321-800-5763 • Fax: 888-928-9274
Webtrol Pumps www.watercannon.com/catalogrequest.aspx I.S.T. Services, Inc.
St. Louis, MO Ad on page 7 San Diego, CA
800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738 858-997-0004 • Fax: 702-446-8665
customerservice@webtrol.com Webtrol Pumps info@istamerica.com
www.webtrol.com St. Louis, MO www.shopistamerica.com
800-769-7867 • 314-631-9200 • Fax: 314-631-3738 Ad on page 69
Pumps - Hydrostatic customerservice@webtrol.com
www.webtrol.com Nu Flow Technologies
Zoeller Pump Company Oshawa, ON
Wheeler-Rex Louisville, KY Canada
Ashtabula, OH 800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731 800-834-9597 • 905-433-5510
800-321-7950 • Fax: 440-992-2925 www.zoellerpumps.com info@nuflowtechnologies.com
wheeler@wheelerrex.com www.nuflowtechnologies.com
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Rental Equipment
NozzTeq Inc.
Perma-Liner Industries, LLC Clearwater, FL
Clearwater, FL 866-620-5915 • 727-223-4979 • Fax: 603-413-6744
866-336-2568 • 727-507-9749 • Fax: 727-507-9849 info@nozzteq.com
www.perma-liner.com RootX
www.nozzteq.com Salem, OR
Ad on page 80
800-844-4974 • 503-364-2999 • Fax: 503-485-5229
Repair/Rebuilding rootx@rootx.com
Equipment Ad on page 41

Picote Solutions
Anderson, SC
Western Drain Supply
Anaheim, CA
Root Control - Mechanical
219-440-1404 888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447
sales@picotesolutions.com info@westerndrain.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson
www.picotesolutions.com www.westerndrainsupply.com Oklahoma City, OK
Ad on page 47 Ad on page 43 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Pipe Lining Supply, Inc. krjones@winnelson.com
Anaheim, CA
888-354-6464 • 714-296-5226 • Fax: 714-630-6026
Rodding Machines www.centralwinnelson.com
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www.pipeliningsupply.com 3T Equipment Co. Inc.
Ad on page 79 Santa Rosa, CA
707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558
Pipeline Renewal Technologies tk3tequip@aol.com
Randolph, NJ Enz USA, Inc.
www.3tequipco.com Aurora, IL
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
mail@pipelinert.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson 877-369-8721 • 630-692-7880 • Fax: 630-692-7885
www.pipelinert.com Oklahoma City, OK sales@enzusainc.com
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 www.enzusainc.com
krjones@winnelson.com Ad on page 23
www.centralwinnelson.com Infrastructure Repair Systems
Ad on page 57 St. Petersburg, FL
General Pipe Cleaners 877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118
McKees Rocks, PA asadusky@irsi.net
800-245-6200 • 412-771-6300 www.irsi.net
PrimeLine Products, Inc. www.drainbrain.com
Altamonte Springs, FL Ad on page 2
877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
sales@primelineproducts.com Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment NozzTeq Inc.
www.primelineproducts.com Dixon, IL Clearwater, FL
Ad on page 23 877-735-4640 866-620-5915 • 727-223-4979 • Fax: 603-413-6744
sales@mongoosejetters.com info@nozzteq.com
Source One Environmental www.mongoosejetters.com www.nozzteq.com
Davison, MI RIDGID
877-450-3701 Elyria, OH Nu Flow Technologies
info@s1eonline.com 800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 Oshawa, ON
www.s1eonline.com RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com Canada
Trelleborg Pipe Seals www.RIDGID.com 800-834-9597 • 905-433-5510
Milford, NH Ad on page 31 info@nuflowtechnologies.com
800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352 www.nuflowtechnologies.com
Root Control - Chemical Ad on page 35
Picote Solutions
Western Drain Supply Anderson, SC
Picote Solutions 219-440-1404
Anaheim, CA Anderson, SC
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 sales@picotesolutions.com
219-440-1404 www.picotesolutions.com
info@westerndrain.com sales@picotesolutions.com
www.westerndrainsupply.com Ad on page 47
Ad on page 43 Ad on page 47

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Pipe Lining Supply, Inc.
Anaheim, CA Safety Training
888-354-6464 • 714-296-5226 • Fax: 714-630-6026
linda@pipeliningsupply.com PowerMate/L P International Inc. Ranger Design
www.pipeliningsupply.com Brantford, ON Montreal, QC
Ad on page 79 Canada Canada
800-697-6283 • 519-759-3292 • Fax: 519-759-3298 800-565-5321
PrimeLine Products, Inc. info@rangerdesigninc.com
Altamonte Springs, FL
www.powermate.info www.rangerdesign.com
877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131
Ad on page 77 Ad on page 27
Ad on page 23 Septic System Shelving & Bins
Root Rat
Bolivar, OH
Components Hackney
800-288-7873 • 330-874-4300 • Fax: 330-874-4448 Washington, NC
chempure@gmail.com Arcan Enterprises 800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
www.rootrat.net Clarksville, TN www.vthackney.com
Ad on page 61 888-352-7226 • Fax: 931-368-1904 Ad on page 53
Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Milford, NH
800-626-2180 • 603-672-1352 Ad on page 77
donna.gunter@trelleborg.com Norweco, Inc.
www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals Norwalk, OH
800-667-9326 • 419-668-4471 • Fax: 419-663-5440
Ranger Design
Montreal, QC
Safety Equipment/ email@norweco.com
Personal Protection info@rangerdesigninc.com
Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment Ad on page 27
Dixon, IL
Presby Environmental
Whitefield, NH
800-473-5298 • Fax: 603-837-9864 Shoring Equipment
www.presbyeco.com Ultra Shore
PowerMate/L P International Inc. Atlanta, GA

Brantford, ON 800-746-7464 • 404-505-0510 • Fax: 404-505-0506
Canada info@shoring.com
800-697-6283 • 519-759-3292 • Fax: 519-759-3298
UV DISINFECTION www.shoring.com
Ad on page 21
www.powermate.info SALCOR, Inc.
Ad on page 77 Fallbrook, CA
PrimeLine Products, Inc.
760-731-0745 • Fax: 760-731-2405
Altamonte Springs, FL Ad on page 39
877-409-7888 • 407-772-8131 • Fax: 407-786-8131 Central Oklahoma Winnelson
sales@primelineproducts.com Oklahoma City, OK
www.primelineproducts.com Septic Tank Poly 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Ad on page 23 krjones@winnelson.com
SpitzLift Manufacturing Den Hartog Industries, Inc. Ad on page 57
Poway, CA Hospers, IA
619-713-5061 800-342-3408 • 712-752-8432
info@spitzlift.com sales@denhartogindustries.com
www.spitzlift.com www.denhartogindustries.com
Ad on page 61 Ad on page 59
Warminster, PA
Service Vans Outdoor Shower Co.
Dallas, GA
valves@thermomegatech.com 866-746-9371 • 678-363-3939 • Fax: 678-363-8391
www.thermomegatech.com Alpine Equipment Funding
Newport Beach, CA connie@outdoorshowerco.com
Western Drain Supply 800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764 www.outdoorshowerco.com
Anaheim, CA bill@alpinefunding.us
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 www.alpineequipmentfunding.com
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Sinks Steam Bath Generators
Central Oklahoma Winnelson Amerec Steam and Sauna
Oklahoma City, OK CUES Woodinville, WA
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 Orlando, FL 800-331-0349 • 425-951-1120 • Fax: 425-951-1130
krjones@winnelson.com 800-327-7791 • 407-849-0190 • Fax: 407-425-1569 jgunderson@amerec.com
www.centralwinnelson.com salesinfo@cuesinc.com www.amerec.com
Ad on page 57 www.cuesinc.com
Envirosight Tanks - Storage
Software - Business Randolph, NJ
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176
office@envirosight.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson
www.envirosight.com Oklahoma City, OK
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Pipeline Renewal Technologies krjones@winnelson.com
Randolph, NJ www.centralwinnelson.com
866-936-8476 • 973-252-6700 • Fax: 973-252-1176 Ad on page 57
www.pipelinert.com Den Hartog Industries, Inc.
Hospers, IA
PipeLogix 800-342-3408 • 712-752-8432
Palm Desert, CA sales@denhartogindustries.com
866-299-3150 • Fax: 760-406-6023 www.denhartogindustries.com
support@pipelogix.com Ad on page 59
FastEST Flexcon Industries
Wichita, KS Ratech Electronics, Ltd. Randolph, MA
800-828-7108 • Fax: 316-618-1064 Concord, ON 800-527-0030 • 781-986-2424 • Fax: 781-986-2029
sales@fastest-inc.com Canada www.flexconind.com
www.fastest-inc.com 800-461-9200 • 905-660-7072 • Fax: 905-660-1519
Ad on page 77 sales@ratech-electronics.com
www.ratech-electronics.com Tanks - Wastewater
Elyria, OH Norweco, Inc.
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 Norwalk, OH
RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com 800-667-9326 • 419-668-4471 • Fax: 419-663-5440
www.RIDGID.com email@norweco.com
Ad on page 31 www.norweco.com
Source One Environmental
McCormick Systems Davison, MI Toilets
Chandler, AZ 877-450-3701
800-444-4890 • 480-831-8914 • Fax: 480-820-2422 info@s1eonline.com
sales@mccormicksys.com www.s1eonline.com Alpine Equipment Funding
Newport Beach, CA
800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764
RIDGID www.alpineequipmentfunding.com
Elyria, OH
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 Zoeller Pump Company
Vivax-Metrotech Corp. Louisville, KY
Santa Clara, CA 800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731
800-446-3392 • 408-734-1400 www.zoellerpumps.com
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Software - Inspection/
Ad on page 55 Tools - Power
Mapping Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Stainless Materials Oklahoma City, OK
3T Equipment Co. Inc. 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
Santa Rosa, CA krjones@winnelson.com
Outdoor Shower Co. www.centralwinnelson.com
707-543-8555 • Fax: 707-543-8558 Dallas, GA
tk3tequip@aol.com Ad on page 57
866-746-9371 • 678-363-3939 • Fax: 678-363-8391
www.3tequipco.com connie@outdoorshowerco.com

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PowerMate/L P International Inc.
Brantford, ON
Washington, NC Trucks - Heavy Duty
Canada 800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
800-697-6283 • 519-759-3292 • Fax: 519-759-3298 www.vthackney.com Alpine Equipment Funding
info@powermate.info Ad on page 53 Newport Beach, CA
www.powermate.info 800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764
Ad on page 77 Infrastructure Repair Systems
St. Petersburg, FL
RIDGID 877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118
Elyria, OH asadusky@irsi.net Hackney
800-769-7743 • 440-323-5581 • Fax: 440-329-4862 www.irsi.net Washington, NC
RIDGIDinfo@emerson.com 800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
Ad on page 31 Traps www.vthackney.com
Ad on page 53
SpitzLift Manufacturing
Poway, CA
Endura Separation Technologies (IPEX USA LLC)
Denver, CO Trucks - Light Duty
800-463-9572 • 303-373-1918 • Fax: 303-737-1923
sales@ipexamerica.com Alpine Equipment Funding
www.enduragreasemanagement.com Newport Beach, CA
Ad on page 61
800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA Trenchless Point/ bill@alpinefunding.us
800-466-3337 • Fax: 770-384-2356
Spot Repair Hackney
Ad on page 11 Washington, NC
Infrastructure Repair Systems 800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
Western Drain Supply St. Petersburg, FL www.vthackney.com
Anaheim, CA 877-327-4216 • Fax: 727-327-4118 Ad on page 53
888-861-9440 • 714-632-0447 asadusky@irsi.net
www.irsi.net Trucks - Medium Duty
Ad on page 43
Truck Bodies Alpine Equipment Funding
Ashtabula, OH Newport Beach, CA
800-321-7950 • Fax: 440-992-2925 Hackney 800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764
wheeler@wheelerrex.com Washington, NC bill@alpinefunding.us
800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340 www.alpineequipmentfunding.com

Trailer Parts and www.vthackney.com
Ad on page 53
Washington, NC
Accessories 800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
Truck Parts/Accessories www.vthackney.com
Ad on page 53
Washington, NC
800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
Washington, NC Tubing
www.vthackney.com 800-763-0700 • 252-946-6521 • Fax: 252-975-8340
Ad on page 53 www.vthackney.com Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd.
Ad on page 53 Zanesville, OH
Trailers 800-348-0020 • 740-453-9387 • Fax: 740-453-8622
Alpine Equipment Funding
Newport Beach, CA Ranger Design REHAU, Building Solutions Division
800-640-8660 • Fax: 949-706-9764 Montreal, QC Canada Leesburg, VA
bill@alpinefunding.us 800-565-5321 800-247-9445 • 703-777-5255
www.alpineequipmentfunding.com info@rangerdesigninc.com rehau.mailbox@rehau.com
www.rangerdesign.com www.na.rehau.com
Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. Ad on page 27
Zanesville, OH
800-348-0020 • 740-453-9387 • Fax: 740-453-8622 SpitzLift Manufacturing
Poway, CA
www.flow-liner.com 619-713-5061
info@spitzlift.com ThermOmegaTech
www.spitzlift.com Warminster, PA
Ad on page 61 877-379-8258

800-257-7222 or 715-546-3346 | www.plumbermag.com
Valve Boxes/Components Valves - Backflow Valves - Water and Gas
Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Prevention/Check/Float Fisher Mfg. Co.
Grand Prairie, TX Tulare, CA
800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488 Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co. 800-421-6162 • 559-685-5200 • Fax: 800-832-8238
mike@dalspc.com Grand Prairie, TX info1@fisher-mfg.com
www.dallasspecialty.com 800-222-5644 • 972-641-8444 • Fax: 972-641-8488 www.fisher-mfg.com

Valves www.dallasspecialty.com
Suttner America Company
Vent Pipe Filters
Dubuque, IA
Central Oklahoma Winnelson 800-831-0660 • 563-556-3212 Simple Solutions Distributing
Oklahoma City, OK www.suttner.com West Milford, NJ
888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934 866-667-8465 • 973-846-7817 • Fax: 973-858-0219
www.centralwinnelson.com Valves - Ball sales@industrialodorcontrol.com
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FloLogic Bonomi North America
Raleigh, NC
877-356-5644 • 919-878-1808 • Fax: 919-878-8199
Charlotte, NC
704-412-9031 • Fax: 704-412-9032
Water Conditioners
info@flologic.com sales@bonominorthamerica.com
www.flologic.com www.bonominorthamerica.com Central Oklahoma Winnelson
Oklahoma City, OK
Giant Industries
Toledo, OH Valves - Butterfly 888-947-8761 • 405-947-8761 • Fax: 405-947-1934
800-633-4565 • 419-531-4600 • Fax: 419-531-6836 www.centralwinnelson.com
sales@giantpumps.com Ad on page 57
Bonomi North America
Charlotte, NC
Outdoor Shower Co. 704-412-9031 • Fax: 704-412-9032
Dallas, GA sales@bonominorthamerica.com
866-746-9371 • 678-363-3939 • Fax: 678-363-8391 www.bonominorthamerica.com
Valves - Pressure
Warminster, PA Regulating
Suttner America Company
Dubuque, IA
Zoeller Pump Company 800-831-0660 • 563-556-3212
Louisville, KY www.suttner.com
800-928-7867 • 502-778-2731

Valves - Actuators/
Bonomi North America
Charlotte, NC
704-412-9031 • Fax: 704-412-9032

Valves - Air Relief
Suttner America Company
Dubuque, IA
800-831-0660 • 563-556-3212

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Product Spotlight
Viega ball
Case valves a fit for potable water systems
By Craig Mandli

n 2014, law changes took effect nationwide, designed
to get the lead out of plumbing fixtures. As existing
potable water systems are replaced and new commercial
structures are built, lead-free, easy-to-install systems have
increased in demand. Viega, a leading producer of lead-
free fittings, introduced its line of ProPress Zero Lead
Ball Valves for copper fittings especially for that purpose.
“This valve is made of our Zero Lead silicon bronze
alloy, which was developed specifically with pressing in
mind,” says Kate Lee, product manager at Viega. “It also
employs our Smart Connect feature, a design of the press
connection which indicates any unpressed joints. This
provides installers with added confidence in their
The bronze ball valves are full-port and designed for
potable water applications. They are available in 1/2- and
3/4-inch press sizes and 3/4-inch hose sizes. They include
a lockable metal handle, stainless steel ball and EPDM
sealing element.
“A full-port press X hose ball valve provides the same
benefits as our standard ball valves, such as the full-port
ball, quarter-turn operation, ease of installation and a
dezincification-resistant Zero Lead bronze alloy developed
specifically for pressing,” says Lee. “The hose end makes Viega ProPress, introduced in 1999, is the original
this valve ideal for system draining, filling and purging press pipe joining system for copper tubing. The system
systems, and hooking up temporary connections to a system. joins copper tubing in seconds without flame or heavy
This particular valve is suitable for a variety of applications equipment. It can be customized to suit nearly any
including potable water, chilled water and ethanol.” residential, commercial, industrial or marine application
The Viega ProPress for copper systems itself is available from potable water to natural gas.
in more than 600 fitting configurations, in copper tube “Press pipe joining is a good fit for most applications,
sizes ranging from 1/2 to 4 inches. The Smart Connect including potable water, because it saves time and labor,”
feature provides installers with added confidence in their says Lee. “ProPress fittings are fast and easy to install.
ability to ensure the integrity of connections. There is no flux that needs to be flushed out. They can be
“The ProPress system, including valves, is used in a installed while the system is wet and even under slight
variety of applications,” says Lee. “It has been tested both pressure, making them ideal for repairs with very little
internally and by certifying agencies for hundreds of downtime. Because no soldering is required, fire watches
applications and has been installed in schools, hotels, and hot work permits aren’t necessary.” 800/976-9819;
museums, hospitals, airports, stadiums, breweries, printing, www.viega.us.
painting, power plants and other industries.”

Dodge ProMaster van RIDGID digital recording monitors
shelving from Hackney The SeeSnake CS6x and CS6x-
Hackney’s aluminum Pak digital recording monitors from
shelving line for Dodge RIDGID feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
ProMaster van models has connectivity for quick viewing of
standard kits for quick deliv- drainline conditions. The monitors
ery and installation, but mod- stream and record inspections to a
ifications can be requested to designated iOS or Android phone or tablet using the free
adapt as necessary. The shelving is lightweight with adjust- HQx Live companion app. Each monitor has a water-resis-
able shelves for Hackney’s storage trays or tools. Driver- tant keyboard for direct control of camera and monitor
and passenger-side kits are available separately or as one functions to provide for uninterrupted work in tough con-
package with top-shelf storage for ladders and pipe. Other ditions. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.
packages provide open areas for bulky items, like hot-
water heaters. 252/946-6521; www.hackneyservice.com.
Send us your plumbing product news: Email new plumbing product news, photos,
Whisper Wash and videos to editor@plumbermag.com.
from Water Cannon
Whisper Wash Professional
Rotary Spray Systems can be used
with conventional hot or cold
pressure washers from 2,000 to
5,000 psi. The Classic comes with re
der Pressu
Well Un
oversized self-lubricating twin Working

thrust bearings, balanced spray
bar and portable breakaway han-
dles for ease of transport and storage. The Big Guy model
has an oversized 28-inch housing that covers large surfaces
and is crafted with Xenoy, stainless steel and aircraft-grade
aluminum for long life. The Platinum Series offers a one- Hot and Cold
piece unitized swivel cartridge, 5,000 psi maximum work- Trailer Models
Up to 7000 psi
ing pressure and 212 degrees F maximum working
Flows up to 40 gpm
temperature. 800/333-9274; www.watercannon.com.
Powered Reels
Diesel Powered Models
Picote Smart
Spider PVC
pipe cleaner
Picote’s Smart Skid and truck
Spider cleans all mount models
types of pipes and is safe to use in PVC pipes. The unit is up to 7000 psi
designed for pipes where the invert or other pipe sections
are missing, and navigates around 90-degree bends. It is Portable Hot
available for use in pipe diameters of 4, 6 and 8 inches. The and Cold Water
Smart Spider is connected to the miller machine shaft using Diesel Powered
a sleeve bearing and, once attached, rotates clockwise to Models
clean the pipe at a maximum of 1,000 rpm. 219/440-1404;
www.picotesolutions.com. We will custom build to your specifications
www.camspray.com 800-648-5011

plumbermag.com | June 2017 71
Source One Environmental announces
partnership with Vortex Infrastructure
Source One Environmental announced its partnership
with Vortex Infrastructure as an exclusive distributor of
Pipe-Robo-Tec USA.

Weil-McLain launches training program
Weil-McLain announced its 2017 School of Better Heat-
ing training program. The one- to three-day sessions fea-
ture classes ranging from basic heat loss and boiler sizing
to troubleshooting a multiple-boiler, three-temperature
system. The training kicked off in Philadelphia March 28,
and will continue through October at various locations in
the eastern and central regions of the country.

This is what it would look like if we printed PlumberMag.com JLG wins 2017 EquipmentWatch awards
– thousands of stories, products and ideas. JLG Industries announced their engine-powered artic-
ulating boom lifts, engine-powered scissor lifts and Sky-
Trak telehandlers were awarded in the 2017 EquipmentWatch
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www.Plumbermag.com bluefrog Plumbing + Drain
launches Louisiana franchise
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain has opened its first Lou-
isiana location in Belle Chasse. It will be owned and oper-

Buying Something?
ated by president and GM Manny Mitten, a 15-year
plumbing veteran.

Selling Something? Fujitsu General
names director of
looking for Something? product management
Kal Osman has been
appointed the director of
product management by
Fujitsu General America.
We have He previously served for
somethings several years as the compa-
and more ny’s commercial product
manager. Osman has a bach-
in the elor’s degree in engineering
and has more than 20 years’

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experience in the HVAC industry.

Dallas Specialty launches new website
Dallas Specialty and Manufacturing announced the
Plumber magazine or go to launch of its new website, www.dallasspecialty.com. It
www.plumbermag.com/classifieds works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices and has
high-definition pictures, spec sheets and flyers.

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ProductTools and Supplies
By Craig Mandli

Battery-Operated/Hand Tools Cutter
Milwaukee Tool TRAPSNAKE General Pipe Cleaners
The TRAPSNAKE porcelain auger system AutoCut
from Milwaukee Tool can be used for unclog- The AutoCut from General
ging toilets, urinals and floor traps. The heart of Pipe Cleaners slices copper tub-
the system is the M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver that ing in tight spots — even with
delivers power and speed to work through tough less than 1 inch of clearance from
clogs in tight traps, while protecting the delicate a wall when doing stub-out work.
fixture from damage. With optimized electron- The compact tool fits in the palm
ics that deliver low rpm and low torque, the user of your hand. Just snap it onto
is able to feel when the head is engaged with a the tube, close the gate and turn. The hardened steel cutting
blockage to retrieve it with control. Users can wheel automatically tightens as you twist with no knobs to
choose between a 6-foot toilet auger and 4-foot turn. It is available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes. The spring-
urinal auger extension for the work at hand. All loaded cutting wheel provides constant pressure, so you’ll
attachments feature a telescoping cable lock that never accidentally crimp the tubing. When there’s not enough
holds the cable in place for easy telescoping extension, a fixed room around the tube for your hand, the optional Ratchet
rubber boot for maximum porcelain protection, and replace- Turning Handle for the 1/2- and 3/4-inch models provides
able cables. 800/729-3878; www.milwaukeetool.com. extra leverage. 800/245-6200; www.drainbrain.com.

Battery PEX Tool
The PEX-One 12V
Battery PEX Tool from
RIDGID is designed for Blanco America Atura
one-handed use, for easy The Atura pull-down faucet
and accurate press con- from Blanco America has a high
nections anywhere on the arc and aesthetically pleasing
job. With the battery and dies, the entire tool weighs 6 organic style that fits any kitchen.
pounds. Ideal for overhead connections and accessing tight It offers a high-performance dual
spaces, the tool provides full power through more than 150 spray and is available in a stan-
presses per charge with a five-second crimp cycle. It is pur- dard 2.2 gpm as well as a 1.5
pose-built to press 1/2- through 1-inch PEX tubing, and has CALGreen water-saving model.
interchangeable dies with a quick-change system to allow 888/668-6201; www.blancoamerica.com.
users to rapidly connect different-size PEX tubing. It is com-
patible with ASTM F1807 copper crimp ring fittings and
Viega PureFlow fittings. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.

Delta Faucet Co. HydroRain models include high-performance MagnaFlush technology,
Two-in-One Shower Head 2-inch glazed trapway, 3-inch flush valve and pilot-oper-
With the option to use the ated anti-siphon fill valve. Colors include white, biscuit and
raincan shower, the fixed bone. 877/850-3060; www.mansfieldplumbing.com.
shower head or both showers
simultaneously, the Hydro-
Rain Two-in-One Shower
Head system from Delta Faucet Co. offers complete shower
Pipe Fitting Tools
control and increased bathing flexibility. The raincan pivots
40 degrees for broadened coverage, which can be used on its Hannay Reels 700 Series
own or together with the fixed shower head. Settings include The 700 Series of spring-rewind
full spray, massage spray, full spray with massage, shampoo reels from Hannay Reels are designed
rinsing spray and pause. Designed to fit a standard shower for 1/4- and 1/2-inch I.D. hoses for use
arm, the shower head can be installed in minutes. It is Water- with lubrication, air, water, assembly
Sense labeled and flows at a rate of 2 gpm, providing 20 per- operations, washdown, air tools and
cent water savings when compared to industry standards. general industrial applications. With
800/345-3358; www.deltafaucet.com. a roll-formed channel frame and a
nonsparking ratchet assembly, they are
Franke Kitchen Systems ideal for heavy-duty applications. A
Bern Pulldown Faucet declutching arbor is included to prevent damage from reverse
The Bern Pulldown Faucet from winding. The reels handle pressures from 3,000 to 10,000
Franke Kitchen Systems is lead-free, psi upon request. 877/467-3357; www.hannay.com.
made of stainless steel and has Fast-In
installation technology to make reno- ScreenCo Systems
vation simple. The faucet attaches to Handle-Tech Hose Handles
the sink above the countertop in a few Handle-Tech Hose Han-
quick steps: simply insert the faucet dles, distributed by ScreenCo
base into the sink, locate the two mounting screws, and Systems, enable technicians to
tighten with a Phillips screwdriver. The two mounting cleats safely clamp onto hose or pipe
will emerge from the base and rise until they connect with and easily grip, torque and
the sink for a secure fit. The faucet’s high arch and modern, release it single-handed ly
single-handle design is durable and aesthetically pleasing, through a natural movement.
and its nylon hose has a 20-inch reach to clean every cor- Through mud, cold, rain or sleet, the handles’ design allows
ner of the kitchen sink. 800/626-5771; www.franke.us. workers to safely and efficiently manipulate hoses and pipes
in any climate. They are ideal for drilling, mud suction hose,
tanker hose, pneumatic truck hose, aircraft refueling hose,
Fixtures frac pipe, drill pipe, welding poly pipe and other rigid pipes.
Sizes range from 1 1/2 to 6 inches, with an 8-inch version
coming soon. Handles are manufactured with long-glass
Mansfield Plumbing Aegean nylon that enhances the thermal insulation properties. They
The one-piece Aegean toilet are strong, nonconductive and wear-resistant in tempera-
from Mansfield Plumbing has a tures from minus 40 to 150 degrees F to withstand steam
molded base and tank for easier blasting w it h deicing equipment. 208/790 -8770;
cleaning and installation, elon- www.screencosystems.com.
gated front bowl, and color-match
SmartClose seat. Model 705NS
offers 1.6 gpf, while the ADA Model
708 delivers 1.28 gpf and has a 16
5/8-inch SmartHeight bowl. Both

plumbermag.com | June 2017 75

Power Tools Find Leaks &
Sources of Odor
Product Lenox Bi-Metal Fast • Inexpensive • Easy
NEWS Reciprocating Saw Blades A Simple Solution for
Bi-Metal Reciprocating
Saw Blades with Power Blast
Slippery PVC Pipe -
Technology from Lenox are
Superior 5E Electric Smoker
The Right Wheels
designed with a high-speed blasting process to add strength We now resurface all makes
and increase durability to the blade, allowing trade profes- of steel transport wheels
sionals to perform more cuts without stopping to change
blades. The Power Blast process is commonly used in the Smoke Candles SealPacs CALL JERRY AT 714-697-8697
aerospace and automotive industries to add a layer of com-
Case SuperiorSignal.com/Plumber www.cuaclaws.com
pressive stress to the surface of the metal to prevent cracks.
In addition, high-speed blasting along the cutting edge
strengthens the blade to reduce breaks and increase dura- Let Us Build Your
bility and blade life. T2 Technology reduces cutting forces JETTER
on each tooth and optimizes chip removal to allow efficient
cutting in a wide range of materials. The blades come in
four types, including LAZER, Demolition, Wood Cutting
and Metal Cutting. 800/628-8810; www.lenoxtools.com.





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76 www.colepublishing.com

A Broad and Economical Range of Odor Control Solutions
Certified to

Used by More
Professional Pumpers to
Increase Their Business
Pictured: Super Wolverine 8# Unit n Backed By Science n
Patent # US 8,273,162 n Proven with Experience n
• Manhole Odor Inserts n Many Satisfied Homeowners n
• Pollution Control Barrels
• Activated Carbon
• Vapor Phase Adsorbers
DYE Septic-Scrub™ is a superior
product for the maintenance
• Septic Vent Filters
• Custom Solutions TRACERS and restoration of septic system
drainfields. Customers appreciate
that it is environmentally safe, M-45 Thermal Aerosol
contains no organic chemicals Smoke Generator:
Solutions for: and does not produce any toxic n Safe
Makers of the Wolverine Brand of Odor Control Solutions • Infiltration by-products. Most importantly, n Cost Effective
866-NO-STINK (866-667-8465) • Septic Systems Septic-Scrub works. It breaks n Versatile
973-846-7817 in NJ • Cross Connection down sulfide buildup in the n Light Weight
• Leaks and more... biomat and soil to allow for n Create Dense Smoke
better water absorption. Learn
more about Septic-Scrub at
For information on increasing sales

and providing a valuable service to
your customers, call Arcan Enter-
prises at 888-35ARCAN (352-7226) Since 1977
Division of Kingscote Chemicals
www.brightdyes.com www.turbo-fog.com
1-800-394-0678 P.O. Box 31057 • Clarksville, TN 37040

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