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Counselling Letter

Counselling Date:- 19-Jun-2017 Counselling Time:- 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Candidate's Name:- ARCHANA KUMARI Date of Birth:- 10/02/1991

Course(s):- B.Ed.
Note :- ;fn vki fdlh dkj.k o'k~ vius Counselling Date ij ugha vkrs gSa] rks 4 fnu ds vanj vkdj Counselling djok ldrs
fiz; fon~;kFkhZ
vkidk Nk=o`fRr vkosn~u CCB }kjk Lohdkj dj fy;k x;k gSA vkidks lwfpr fd;k tkrk gS fd CCB ds Welfare Department }kjk
vk;ksftr Counselling and Admission Process 2017 ds fy, vkidks vkeaf=r fd;k x;k gSA ;g 20% lhV fcgkj ds
SC/ST/OBC/GEN/Minority/Financially back-ward Nk= ,oa Nk=kvksa ds fy, lqjf{kr gSA

bl Scheme fd eq[; ckrsa%&

* SC, ST, OBC, General vkSj Minority leqnk; ds Nk=ksa dks 70% Nk=o`fRr :i;s] 60,000-70,000 rd izfr o"kZ fn;k
* College Trust ls gj Students dh Scholarship izos'k ds le; ij gh eatqj gks tk,xhA Nk=o`fRr vkns'k i= izos'k ds le;
fn;k tk,xkA
* Nk=o`fRr dh jkf'k izos'k ds ckn Nk= ds dkWyst [kkrs esa tek fd;k tk,xkA Students ls dksbZ vfrfjDr 'kqYd dkWyst }kjk ugha fy;k
* bl ;kstuk ds rgr Students dks dkslZ vkSj mldh vof/k ds vk/kkj ij 1 yk[k ls 4 yk[k :i;s rd dk ykHk feyrk gSA
* Counselling Fee: Rupees 300/- (Non-refundable). Nk=ksa dks Counselling ls igys bl jkf'k dks dk;kZy; esa tek
djuk gksxkA
* Counselling ds le; fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks bl ;kstuk dh iqjh tkudkjh rFkk Courses, Colleges, Placements, Hostel, College
Location ,oa vU; tkudkjh foLr`r esa nh tk,xhA
* Counselling ds le; fo|kFkhZ Lo;a vius bPNk vuqlkj fn, x, College, Course ,o Branch dk Selection dj ldrs gSaA
* Counselling ds ckn fo|kFkhZ vius fy, ,d Seat dk Allotment/Booking Hkh djok ldrs gSA
* dkWyst esa izos'k ds fy, ;fn vki viuk Allotment djokuk pkgrs gSa rks 500 :i;s College Admission Fee Hkqxrku djuk
* CCB }kjk Nk=ksa ls Counselling Fee ds vfrfjDr dksbZ 'kqYd ugha fy;k tkrk gSA
* o|kFkhZ vius lqfo/kkuqlkj uhps fn;s x;s fdlh ,d irs ij vkdj Counselling djok ldrs gSaA

Counselling Address:-
Patna (Head Office): Combined Counselling Board, Near B.N. College, Opp: Bazar India, Ashok Rajpath,
Patna, Bihar-800004.
Muzaffarpur:Hotel Athithi Residency, Imli Chatti, Near Government Bus Stand, Muzaffarpur, Bihar-
Mob: 8581045293, 7367887876. E-Mail:, website:
Course & Eligibility
Courses Year Eligibility Percentage

10th Pass/Appearing 'or'

Polytechnic 3/2 Years 30%

12th Science
Engineering(B.Tech/B.E) 4 Years 45%

12th Sc./Arts/Com.
Hotel Management(HM) 3/4 Years 45%

12th Sc./Arts/Com.
BBA/BCA 3 Years 45%

MBA 2 Years 45%

MCA 3 Years 45%

12th Science(PCB)
B. Pharma 4 Years 45%

B.Ed 2 Years Graduation 50%

BDS (NEET Appearing

Students Only) (Not 12th Science(PCB)
5 Years 50%
unser scholarship Appearing/Pass
Students can choose any of the above courses and take admission in 2017 at CCB office under
scholarship program.
CCB has selected more than 100 colleges on the basis of infra-structure, laboratory, approval, campus,
safety & security, industrial exposure & placements. Students can choose any of the college from the
list provide by CCB at the time of counselling.
Wish you all the best for your future career.