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Oracle Financials Cloud

Modern Finance
Modern Finance

Technology is fueling a
change in finance.
Cloud computing is a vision that is turning into a reality
for companies, both big and small. Visionary finance leaders
view applications and technology as a service. The service
must be secure, reliable, scalable, and available from any
device and at any time all while it lowers costs and
minimizes integration complexity.

Oracle has leveraged its vast applications experience to

simplify and optimize the finance user experience, while
making it easier to control and analyze your business in real-
time. Todays finance organization is expected to be a key
strategic player in decision making and therefore requires
access to more information across the enterprise, greater
analytical acuity, and real-time reporting that results in better
business decisions.
The Oracle Financial Suite

Receivables Assets
Accounts Cash
Payable Management
Procurement Planning and

Social Mobile Integration Analytics

General Ledger Reporting and

Oracle is committed to helping customers optimize their

financial business processes
with a comprehensive cloud solution that is designed to automate and streamline an organizations financial management
processes end-to-end.

You need solutions that work seamlessly and
simplify your existing business process flows.

Oracle has created a modern user experience where

processes and tasks are simplified for all users by
leveraging intuitive user interfaces, robust integration,
embedded intelligence within the applications, and
collaborative features that support your work flows.



Simplify | 2
Oracle delivers an intuitive user interface that provides
real-time information about common financial activities,
pinpoints issues that require attention, and helps you
prioritize your day-to-day activities.

Simple configuration allows your users to focus on

strategic initiatives and offer insights into the internal
and external business environment.

Users can easily identify underperforming lines of

businesses, areas with excessive expenses, and
perform cash flow projections to help them expand
into new geographies or lines of business.

Pages are configurable and support easy drilldowns

to underlying transactions, reports, and application
functions that quickly help you gain additional insight
and resolve problems.

Simplify | 3
Supplier invoice entry should be completely touchless.
You can scan invoices with intelligent document recognition,
which are then completed, matched, approved, paid, and
posted to the general ledger without any user intervention.

This allows you to:

 educe transaction processing costs and data entry errors by
eliminating paper

 avemoney by taking advantage of early pay discounts and
avoiding penalties

the need for costly third-party solutions that require
custom integration

 xpediteinvoice approvals and audits by being able to access
the invoice image throughout the invoices lifecycle With Oracle, we process
600,000 monthly commis-
sion payments 5x faster,
increased our capacity
 aximize productivity with an automated workflow to innovate by 50% and
reduced system manage-
ment costs by 29%.


IT Manager, Australian Finance Group Ltd.

Companies are pressured to analyze and deliver results more
quickly and accurately than ever before. Oracles unique
reporting platform provides accurate and timely information
to help you make better business decisions.

Your balances are multidimensional. When you post

transactions, your balances are aggregated at every possible
point of summarization across your date-effective hierarchies,
ensuring immediate access to financial data and eliminating
the need for an external data warehouse.

Oracle provides us with a complete

solution with integrated components
and excellent transactional and report-
Multidimensional ing capabilities that fully address our
business requirements. The Oracle Cloud
Scalable solution also ensures that we can scale
cost-effectively to meet scheduled busi-
Immediate ness growth, and offers the lowest total

cost of ownership over five years.

Khaleefa Butti Bin Omair Group


Analyze | 2
Large quantities of data can be accessed and analyzed rapidly
on any device. Financial statements are both boardroom ready
and highly interactive.

The Sunburst reporting tool allows you to analyze account

balances across business dimensions and easily visualize
trends represented by size and color.

Oracle Financials Cloud reporting gives you the industrys

best tools to analyze your data in real-time, anywhere,
and on any device.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud really

helped modernize our business. We now have a
360-degree view of our entire organization and
have greatly expanded our reporting capabili-
tiesall with the convenience, reliability, and

scalability of Oracles cloud-based platform.


CFO, The Rancon Group

You want solutions that adapt to the way your organization and
its people work. Oracle Financials Cloud provides standardized
business processes tailored to industry needs and business
process flows.

Shared Services
Oracles approach to shared services is to standardize business
processes across global operations, centralize and consolidate
functions and systems, and automate everywhere to reduce
rework and errors. Centralized payments in Payables and
Receivables allows a single business unit to consolidate supplier
or customer payments for multiple business units thereby
reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Global Support
Oracle Cloud Applications support 24 languages in more
than 50 countries. Oracles globalization support enables you
to process and retrieve data in native languages. Database
utilities, error messages, date, time, and monetary conventions
automatically adapt to any native language and locale.

Optimize | 2
Whether its tracking your procurement operations or managing
sales, Oracle offers end-to-end automation to connect the
many business functions required to optimize and streamline
your business.

Complete Process Management

For companies that are process-oriented and global in nature,
optimizing the global supply chain is a priority. The integration
between Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud and Oracle
Financials Cloud ensures accurate accounting of orders,
inventory, manufacturing and fulfillment activities. The integrated
solution supports direct material processes across demand and
supply planning, forecasting, purchasing, production, inventory,
receiving, shipping, and invoice processingto complete the full
order to cash, procure to pay and plan to produce cycles.

Spreadsheet Integration
Oracle offers extensive spreadsheet integration across
business processes to allow accountants to work in the
environment they prefer. You can enter journals, invoices,
expense reports, assets data, report and analyze financial
results, and more all from a spreadsheet.

Optimize | 3
Industry Tailored Solutions
Oracle delivers effective solutions to meet your industry
specific requirements.

Public Sector, Higher Education, and Research

Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting enables
organizations to control spending at any budget level or time
interval. Operational users who enter transactions can easily
observe the status of budget checks and reservations online.
Intuitive error messages and warnings enable them to quickly
identify and resolve exceptions. Budget managers can easily
monitor consumption rates and view budget, commitment,
obligation, expenditure, and funds available balances and
supporting transactions in a single view. Oracle ERP Cloud stood out as a mature,
reliable cloud solution. We are eager to
experience the many benefits, including
greater agility to adapt to the changing

dynamics in higher education.


Associate Vice President of Finance and
Administration, Boise State University

Expenditure Commitment


Optimize | 4 7-10 days TO

Technology and Communications
Organizations need the confidence that reported revenue is
materially accurate. Oracles Revenue Management Cloud
1-2 days to billing
Service simplifies revenue accounting with robust automation,
audit, and control capabilities for compliance with the latest
revenue recognition accounting standards.
Frontera was growing fast, and we were pursuing
global expansion. So we needed things like intercom-
pany billing, multi-currency, global analytics, and
Financial Services
service lines. But we were still doing manual billing.
For Financial Services industries that require average balance With the Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud,
sheets to meet regulatory requirements, General Ledger weve been able to spend less on billing. We now
provides the ability to track average and end-of-day balances, spend more time analyzing the business and having
strategic conversations about the data. The statistics
report average balance sheets, and create custom reports using are really amazing. Time to billing used to take 7-10
both standard and average balances. Both standard and average days; it now takes 1-2 days. Weve freed up one
balances are stored in the multidimensional data model that is person entirely to better support sales operations.
Also expanding to new regions is exponentially easier
automatically synchronized to allow you to quickly analyze and
because we dont need a new country-specific

report on average balances daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. instance of the software for currency and resources.

Founding Partner, Frontera Consulting

Optimize | 5
Professional Services
Companies that are project-centric, such as professional
services, will benefit from the integration between Oracle
Financials Cloud and Project Portfolio Management Cloud.
Project delivery is accelerated and profitability is increased
through standardized project cost control, integrated time
and expense capture, streamlined project contract compliance,
revenue recognition and timely project billing.

Control is a critical element of any financial solution. Not only
do you need to control your costs, but you also need to control
your financial processes and security to manage risk and
validate that your internal controls are robust. Oracle Financials
Cloud helps ensure strong internal controls and enhances risk
management in multiple ways

Controlling who can access specific functions and data is
critical for any software deployment. Unauthorized access can
lead to deliberate or inadvertent fraud. Oracle Financials Cloud
delivers a robust security model that is pervasive across all
levels: the application, middleware, and database levels.
All delivered job roles leverage role-based access control
combined with segregation of duty policies that determine
which functions and data a job role can access.

Control | 2
Cash Management
Controlling cash balances and accurately forecasting cash positions
is made simple with Cash Management. The cash management
dashboard pinpoints issues related to bank account balances,
missing bank statements, unreconciled statement lines and
transactions, and cash forecasts. You can anticipate short-term cash
requirements and reduce liquidity risk by viewing the 5-day cash
forecast across all your legal entities. You can also transfer balances
between banks to take immediate action to address any shortfall.

Asset Management

Oracle Assets simplifies fixed asset accounting with automated Bringing in advanced technology,
asset management. Standard management tasks, such as asset such as Oracle Financials Cloud,
additions, asset transfers, disposals, reclassifications, financial will not only make us more profitable,
it will accelerate the business cycle.
adjustments, impairments, revaluations, retirements, and legacy
We can create asset portfolios faster,
data conversions can be streamlined with automated business and we have the data that carriers
flows. You can also take physical counts of your asset inventory and require at our fingertips. We are a
load them in a spreadsheet; the system then reconciles the results much stronger organization with
of this file against the actual data and recommends the necessary
actions to ensure the accuracy and control of your fixed assets.
Oracle Financials Cloud.


CFO, Tower Ventures LLC

Control | 3
Staying on top of overdue invoices can make or break
profitability for many organizations. Oracle Advanced
Collections metrics provide the ability to measure
and view the performance of your collections activities
at various levels. It uses industry standard formulas
to measure and calculate these metrics current and
historical performance.

Risk Management
Achieving the right balance of control and agility starts with
laying a foundation of audit-ready Financials Cloud processes
and configurations. It then comes to life when you activate
Oracles integrated Risk Management Cloud. Automate
and streamline the labor-intensive process of documenting
and assessing business practices to satisfy your financial
reporting compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley
and equivalent laws worldwide. Then add advanced financial
controls that automatically identify unusual transactions,
help you predict unanticipated risks, and demonstrate
control effectiveness.

Control | 4
Planning and Budgeting
Proactively monitoring and controlling spending requires
discipline and strong processes. Oracle Planning and
Budgeting Cloud is integrated with Oracle Financials Cloud to
provide a complete solution to enforce closed-loop processes
for planning, budgeting, transacting, and measuring budget
versus actual results. You can load high volumes of budget
and planning data from legacy or third-party applications to
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service and then report
on budgets versus actual balances from there or in Oracle
Financials Cloud.

ERP Analytics
Creating visibility into direct and indirect spending across
Oracle Planning and Budgeting
Cloud Service reduces our
reliance on spreadsheets and
puts critical information into the
global accounts helps identify opportunities for consolidation
hands of critical decision-makers.
and cost reduction. Oracle Financials Cloud integrates with It provides us with in-depth
ERP Analytics Cloud and Spend Analytics to help provide holistic data from all parts of the
transparency and better decision making across finance, business, allowing us to stream-
line our operational planning
operations and procurement. process without sacrificing visibil-

ity into key operational metrics.

Chief Financial Officer,
Edgewater Technology, Inc.

You can access real-time financial results any time,
anywhere, from your mobile device or desktop with
the Financial Reporting Center.

All financial reports have embedded collaboration that

allows you to open up communications to discuss the
contents of a report and add annotations, promoting
teamwork during the financial reporting review process.

Mobilize | 2
The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile Application
Designer empowers business users to easily create
interactive analytical apps that can be shared with
any mobile device. The responsive Web engine of the
BI Mobile App Designer detects the device screen size
and automatically adjusts the app display, so the same
app can be opened on any device.

The Mobile Application Designer allows you to effortlessly

drag-and-drop app components to pixel-perfect positioning
with flexibility to meet unique needs. Filtering, searching,
and navigating through data relationships can be done quickly
on mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Mobilize | 3
You can quickly enter and submit expenses directly from
your iPhone and Android devices with Oracle Expenses
mobile applications.

Oracle Mobile Expenses is a comprehensive solution that

supports common features such as photo capture of receipts,
voice capture to record expenses, supporting multi-currency
and mileage tracking based on your GPS location. Other
innovative features use your contacts and calendar on your
smartphone to select attendees for a meal or other expense
while capturing the receipt on the spot.

Additionally, managers can review all approvals pending

their action and quickly approve each one with a single swipe.
They can drill down to each report and view all expenses and
policy violations.

Oracle Financials Cloud offers robust, standardized business
processes that are highly automated, but what happens
when exceptions occur and you need immediate
assistance? Email is not effective when you need to
resolve issues quickly.

Oracle Financials Cloud provides embedded collaboration

throughout all business processes within the context of a
specific transaction or report. Collaboration with approvers
of supplier invoices, expense reports, journals, etc. to
expedite approvals is made simple. You can communicate
with your finance team in real-time from your desktop
or mobile device to resolve close issues during the
time-sensitive close process.

Embedded collaboration makes it easy to involve the right

people in the right decisions at the right time to resolve Collaborate Inform Share
exceptions in real-time. Oracle Finance Cloud Discuss the contents Produce and review
offers real-time of a report or trans- critical content in a
collaboration anytime, action and promote shared environment
anywhere. teamwork during the with powerful web-
review process. based document
viewing and annotation.

Oracle Financials Cloud provides seamless integration across
business processes, but you may have the need to integrate
with your existing systems or extend Oracle Financials
Cloud to suit your needs.

External web services allow you to load data from external

sources and third-party applications using pre-defined
templates to load data files into the application tables in
Oracle Financials Cloud.

Oracle Financials Cloud can also be extended to work with

the business applications and professional services
offered on Oracle Cloud Marketplaces online store.
All of the applications and services delivered are created
Five years ago we were a $100M company. Now we are
$1b+ in revenue. Our 200 employees have grown to 2000.
We went from no mergers and acquisitions to three this
by expert Oracle Partners and approved by Oracle. year. Were trying to go global, while staying focused on
scaling the business and setting the foundation for the
future. Our past environment had 10-15 fragmented sys-
tems with a lot of manual effort, a lot of different vendor
relationships, and a lot of integration points. I wanted
to move to an environment that could do everything we
needed today and scale with us into the future. I wanted to
provide management information and data on a much fast-
er basis, versus cobbling together Excel reports with view

lookups. This was a key driver for us in picking Oracle ERP.

VP Finance Controller,
Pandora Media
Why Oracle

Why Oracle?

Complete Modern Proven

Most complete, best of breed Contemporary user experience Momentum across numerous
financial functionality focuses on simplifying your industries, languages, geographies
business processes and company sizes
Deep global and industry capabilities
Immersive mobile experience that Adoption by new customers,
integrated with Oracle Human allows you to access information upgraded customers and companies
Capital Management (HCM) and anytime and anywhere coexisting in cloud and on-premise
Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) solutions Visualization and intuitive analytics Live and referenceable customers

Vibrant Cloud Marketplace that Embedded social collaboration to

includes system integrators and involve the right people in the right
independent software vendors decisions at the right time
that interoperate with Oracle
Financials Cloud
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