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Birkenthal, S. (2011). Human trafficking: a human rights abuse with global dimensions.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law. Retrieved from Opposing Viewpoints

Resource Center database.

This source answers the general question of what human slavery looks like today. The

Academic Journal helps readers understand the transatlantic problem at hand, and the

fact that nations must work together to put an end to human trafficking. This source is

one of the most broad sources I could find on this topic, so I could get the overall

understanding of what slavery looks like today in society. The article seems to be

extremely valid, because it was written and published within the last 5 years. Also, the

sources the author uses are listed, and credible as well. This source is different from

every other source, because it gives me the basic information I need on the topic.

Henderson, Cathy (n.d.). [E-mail interview by the author].

I have yet to send out the email with my questions on them, but when I do I will put the

responses here. An interview with an expert is important, so I can have an understanding

of the realities of human trafficking on a more educated scale. Someone who dedicates

their life to the topic is a good source for information on the topic. This source will be

extremely credible, because they are direct words from a person that can not be twisted or

replicated. This is different from any other source, because I will get answers to exact

questions I have regarding human trafficking.

My interview questions are

1. What does human trafficking look like in todays society?

2. What are you doing to help people out of slavery?

3. How do you raise awareness in the states about the work you do in Thailand?

Horsnby, K. (Producer). (2017). In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking [Motion picture]. USA:


The Youtube documentary that I watched showed the perspective of human trafficking

from not only metro police workers, but a victim of human trafficking herself. It

follows Tanya Street and her story on how she was lured into the world of human

trafficking. This documentary is credible, because it has professional interviews with

real police and real people. It is different from any other source, because it is a filmed


Jesionka, N. (n.d.). Whats Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking? [Newsgroup post].

Retrieved from The Muse website:

This online news article shows what is currently being done to combat Human

trafficking. It allows readers, and people researching the topic, to become aware that

there are movements being done to stop this evil. It also gives a bias from the normal

person viewpoint instead of a government/big business viewpoint. The article is

credible, because there are lots of laws, acts, and dates spread throughout the article

that are real and give good data on the topic. This article is different than any other

source, because it shows how normal people can fight this evil and give back to the

Sold into sex slavery: Lawmakers work to end underground sex trafficking. (2014, May 21).

CNN. Retrieved from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database.

This article does a perfect job of showing the reality of sex trafficking. By forcing a

child into a sex ring, they are forcing her to be a slave. Slavery comes in all different

forms, and sex slavery might be one of the present day, most gruesome type. A story

directly from the mother of a victim is a perfect way of showing the cruelties of sex

slavery. This article is valid, because CNN is a credible news station. The only thing

that could be iffy is the bias that CNN leans on politically. Also, the article was

written and published only 3 years ago. This source is special, because it shows a real

life perspective of a real story.

Survivors Present Recommendations On How To End Human Trafficking. (n.d.). All Things

Considered. Retrieved from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database.

This interview with an actual human that was put into slavery shows that there is so

much we dont know about our own society. Not only do we used women as sex

slaves, but children are being brought into the US to be slaves. This was definently eye

opening to me, because I did not realize this type of slavery was still around today.

This source is credible, because it isnt biased or false detailed. It is an interview

straight from a girl who was human trafficked. This source gives us a specific

viewpoint about slavery that is unknown to people that havent been through it