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18-Year-Old Teen Entrepreneur Michael Gruen Encourages the Youth to Follow

Their Dreams

Serial Entrepreneur Michael Gruen takes his years of experience working in sports, music, and
entertainment to inspire the youth of today to Believe and Achieve.

New York, NY, May 30, 2017 --( Teenage media guru, sports mogul, and entrepreneur
Michael Gruen launches his company "Michael Gruen and Associates" to inspire the youth of today to
Believe and Achieve in their entrepreneurial aspirations and visions. Michael's goal is to not only
encourage young entrepreneurs, but to show the world that discrimination isn't only on race and sex, but
is also on age. Michael strongly believes that workforce experience and life's experience are what counts
when interviewing someone for a vocational position.

One may say that young entrepreneurs lack the mentorship and encouragement to pursue their dreams, so
Michael is working on creating a forum that would allow young entrepreneurs to interact. He is also
working on ways for teens to direct message other entrepreneurs that were once in their position and/or
understand the struggle so they can get the much needed guidance. Michael also plans to speak directly
with students and show them that it can be done.

Michael has worked in sports since he was 11-years-old, starting off volunteering for various athletes'
charities, writing articles, and interviewing celebrities. He went on to positions at CBS Radio's Play.It,
Twin America, GrayLine City Sightseeing New York, WorldWide Music Group, and his current role.
Michael has also been an investor/co-owner of many companies and co-founded an athlete marketing and
management company G-Men Management. In addition to his business ventures, he believes giving back
to the community is vital to his success. Michael has raised over $500,000 for charities with his clients,
consistently is involved with charitable ventures, and has spoken at symposiums such as Chapman Law
School's Sports Symposium.

Michael has worked with 50+ pro-athletes and his experiences expand daily. Here are some quotes from
people that have worked with Michael:

Michael is one of the most driven, devoted, generous, and loyal people I've ever met, both as a
businessman and friend. I'm constantly astounded by his drive and commitment. His charity work is as
important to him as his business. He's such a good guy. He might actually run the world some day. I hope
he does. - Cory Michael Smith, the Riddler on Fox's Gotham

Michael is capable of taking on large projects, on short notice, and producing top notch results. His
ability to create an event and see each detail through to its finish is impressive! - Jim Duquette, Former
Mets and Orioles General Manager and Michael's Mentor

Michael's Availability: Michael is available for interviews to discuss his career, the NBA draft, the
ins-and-outs of the recruiting process, the secrets behind being an agent, the importance of teenage
entrepreneurialism, and sports marketing. Please email Fred Paul ( to schedule.

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