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Midterm Assignment

[Student Name]



May 30, 2017

[Instructor Name]

1. Evaluate Al Sirrocos handling of the systems analyst problem. What would you have

done if you were the supervisor?

I think that Al Sirroco handled the situation very well. The rationale for his concealment

on the true facts about the incident involving the systems analyst and the female operator was

justified because he does not want the other persons involved, the operator and her father to be

embarrassed of the situation that could lead to their marginalization in the workplace. Moreover,

given the attitudes and the reactions of the co-workers that almost every one of them have acted

socially deviant in the workplace, and that the sexually harassing act of exposing himself to an

employee, makes it a very divisive issue. Some may agree with Al while others may not. It could

cause retaliation from the workplace about the analysts.

With his alibi in firing the system analyst, it appeared that the immediate dismissal of the

systems analysts and this was made for the benefit of all. In this way, no question was asked after

the said bogus explanation and it did not cause any distraction in the workplace. If I were in Als

place, I would have definitely did the same thing that he did. However, I would extend an extra

effort to ascertain that no such criminal and untoward workplace behavior would occur again in

the workplace. The employees, male and female would undergo psychiatric testing and would

participate in a gender sensitivity seminar but of course, without concealing the true reason for

such efforts. I commend the handling of the situation by Al Sirroco. After all, no one was harmed

because of his white lie that saved everyone, including the systems analyst who was the

perpetrator, from trouble and embarrassment.

2. What style of leadership do you prefer? Would you want a leader like Al? Discuss the

pros and cons?


Personally, if I were an employee, I would prefer a leadership style instituted like Al. This

is due to the fact that he prioritizes the welfare of the employees and he recognizes the need to

make a conducive working environment in the industry that they are in. The nature of the

industry can be very stressful and the different background among the employees posing

problems. His leadership was able to create a balance of work and life among the employees

most especially through his concept of E-time as well as the informal group meetings since the

employees became friends.

Most importantly, he improves the employees as a group and as individuals that creates a

conducive working environment. Such approach is very important since having close and

personal relationship with workmates could ease the burden of stress from working long hours

(Miner, 2005). After all, this is for the benefit of the company. However, there are disadvantages

of this kind of leadership because the employees may abuse his management style that they will

not take the job seriously (Montana & Bruce, 2008). He tends to improve the employees

individually and the latter may soon leave the organizations because they were so empowered.

Moreover, his approach may not be compatible with all of the individuals.

3. How could technology have played a role in this case?

The technology played minimal role in this case because it involves relationship between

individuals in the workplace. However, all of the employees under Als supervision are handling

technological tools particularly of computer. The particular involvement of technology in this

case is that Als leadership style and his efforts enabled the employees to acquire knowledge on

new technologies for the attainment of their works. He also encouraged the exchange of

technology with the other companies not only for the benefit of the company but also for the

advancement of the employees.