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Kirbyyille Police Department 102 S. Margaret St Kirbyville, TX 75956 (409)423-6201 (409)423-7320 Fax Chief Paul Brister Press Release 05/30/2017 On Tuesday May 23", 2017 at app 5:00 PM I Paul Brister received a call at my residence from City of Kirbyville Mayor Frank George asking that I call Dr. Tommy Wallis, Superintendant of the Kirbyville Consolidated Independent School District. Mayor George stated that Dr. Wallis needed to talk to me in reference to a situat6ion at the High School involving Mr. Dennis Reeves the KCISD High School Principal. Mayor George said that Mr. Reeves had resigned his position as High School Principal and had been sitting in the parking lot of the school since leaving the meeting. I called Dr. ‘Wallis and was told that he and Assistant School Superintendant Georgia Sayers had been in a meeting with Mr. Reeves and that sometime during the meeting Mr. Reeves had resigned his position as High School a ‘Wallis stated that since leaving the meeting Mr. Reeves had Z ck for app. One hour. Dr. Wallis said that he knew Mr. ‘handgun carrier and that he was somewhat ‘we come to the area and check the situation. Safety purposes An ambulance 1 Ice was call showed no activity, led to the scene and acardiac stri; Justice of the Peac : # strip was ran which pronounce death eo udge Mike Smith was called to th The body was tran: ich time an autopsy was ordered b nn Wo Serie sported to the Jefferson Co. Medi 'y Judge Smith, ‘ont, Texas, ical Examiner’s Office in n Friday May 26", received statement from Dr. Tommy is, On Friday May 26", 2017 Wallis Asst. Superintendant Mrs. Georgia Sayers, and a copy of Mr, Reeves rs. rgia Sayers, Dr. Wallis statement reads as follows: On 05/23/2017 Georgia Sayers and I met with an employee of KCISD who claimed to have had an affair with Mr, Dennis Reeves, KHS principal while she was his secretary. She sstated the relationship began as a friendship and it turned into a romantic affair. She stated Mr. Reeves told her that if their relationship was unt look like an accider covered he would kill himself and that he would make it the insurance ‘would pay his family. went to KHS, At app. 4:00 ‘office. When in Mr. Reeves office, Tasked ‘affairwith the employee, to which he said no. I ‘considering the allegation, from the female placed on ‘administrative pending & district would need his school keys and computer. Mrs, Sayers hhis school phone: i echo investigation concluded that he was hen told Mr. Reeves that if that if the investigatiow™ , ’ ae about the allegation (affair), ia woul ie it hee ‘9 lace, he could resign without any oH y a taken as resigning in lieu of the investigation. Mr. Reeves tumed to hi stated Ne oe eer semputer and typed his resignation letter- tached. Letter of Resignation is al ———__eeEEE__”"— isibitity shaken, While signing bis is the resignation, he was visibility shal « mation Setter, Mrs. ae tends were skaking. When | foc gia his pickup a P- Sayers and 1 escorted him out of the buikding, He gos into ls PED fs 4:15 PM: He rured about 5 minutes later knocking on the owls Oo Mrs, Sayers and | opened the door and he sited tens Ot OG am welding shop. As he began walking off | is” and he walked off. not good twice.” Mrs. Sayers responded “I know Denni i school Around 4:30 PM the district Maintenance Director arrived at the high to change the locks to Mr. Reeves office, Mr. Reeves truck was still parked in the parking lot and he was inside, This made all three of us uncomfortable and | asked our M&O director to take Mrs. Sayers back to central office where the female employee was writing a statement of events, After hearing carlier that Mr. Reeves threatened to kill himself to the employee if the affair got out, I called the KCISD board president to inform him of what was going on. He had the police contact me. When the chief of police called, I informed him that Mr. Reeves had resigned and was still sitting in his truckand asked if the Kirbyville would come to the school and ask Mr. Reeves to leave. After seeing his truck outside for such an extended period and hearing the statement from the female employee, | felt Mr. Reeves was waiting on Mrs. Sayers and | and felt there was the possibility Mr. Reeves would confront us. ‘The police contact me and arrived around 5:00 PM. The chief of police he informed me that Mr. knocked on the door. When I opened the door, Reeves was dead and had shot himself and I was told to go back into the building until it was all clear. : End of Dr. Walis’ Mrs Georgia Sayers Statement is as follows: May 24,2017 Late Tuesday (May 23, 2017) aftemoon, Dr. Wallis and T took a statement x tated s tone Wh Strate supervision, Afterward Dr. Principal's office, Dy. Wallis ‘ and what the allegations were, Mr. Reeves said he would say that and that it was not true. Dp. Wallis told Mr, Reeves he Would be put on administrative leave while he conducted an investigation, Dr. Wallis told Dennis (Mr. Reeves) if he Was honest and admitted to the affair, Dennis would be allowed to resign. However, if after conducting the investigari is out Dennis was lying, he would be inated. it not Dr. Wallis then asked Dennis to Surrender his keys, ter, and badge. | him for his school phone. He told Dennis gain tat ithe wie truth, he would be allowed to resign; is out ied, he Would be Dr. Wallis asked him if Dr. found again if he (Dennis) hag had an affair with the female employee, Dennis Dr. Wallis told Dennis he Could type ‘up his resignation and give it to him, which he did, is Signed the Fesignation and gave it to Dr Walls, Some point, Dr. Wallis told Dennis they could make atrangements for him to Set his personal belongings Out of the Principal's office. Dy, Wallis and] walked with Mr. Reeves to the exit Nearest the Principal's Office, Mr. Reeves walked to his truck and Dr. Wallis and Ttumed ang walked down hall. 3 or 4 minutes Tati aed om Which Dennis had exited J tumed and realized it oe is. He had two meh a hi as nT Re de, Sea ‘are these’, me the bags. Dr cin en Som me and aay rely at OY were inset them up from the welding shop, He tumed to go toward hie and driver side doors were ‘open, ASI started to ¢ t0 the build . lose Dennis said, “Georgia ™ mot gaa sly 0 ep ai He sud, “I'm not good. I'm not gaan’ | said, “I know, Dennis ™ T ee ‘entered the building to walk with Dy Walls toward the reception degh