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Business Requirement

As soon as employee puts leave, it should go to line manager for approval. After
line manager it should go to HRBS (Human Resource Business Support). For one
CC, there can be many HRBS people. HRBS data is stored in some other system.
Data can be accessed directly from EBS database. Data is not stored in
Transaction Roles.

Below solution considers using table type to fetch HRBS and fetch in AME.


xx_hr_ame_utils_body.txt xx_hr_ame_utils_spec.txt ekg_sshr_uae_ame_process_pkg.pck

Approval Group:

Query of Approver Group:

SELECT 'person_id:'||person_id

from table(ekg_sshr_uae_ame_process_pkg.unpaid_leave_hrbs(:transactionId))
Create Rule:

Run Test Case 2: