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Oracle iRecruitment (iRec) External Candidate (Site Visitor) Configuration - Login


Oracle iRecruitment (iRec) External Candidate (Site Visitor) Configuration &

Login Steps
1. Make sure that you are using seeded iRecruitment External candidate

2. Set the SSO Profile settings with the values.

Applications SSO Login Types - Both

Applications SSO Type - SSWA
Applications SSO User Creation and Updation Allowed - Enabled
Application SSO LDAP Synchronization - Enabled

3. Schedule the following concurrent processes:

iRecruitment Index Synchronization
This ensures the job posting and document indexes are kept up to date and should be
scheduled to run as follows:
Online index rebuild to run every 5 minutes
Full index rebuild to run each night

Synchronize WF Roles

4. Check the IRC: Registration Business Group profile pointing to a correct business
group for the iRecruitment External candidate Responsibility.

5. Add site visitor responsibilities to your Guest user

Assign the iRecruitment Employee Site Visitor and iRecruitment External Site Visitor
responsibilities to your guest user (identified by the Guest User Password profile option).
This step is required to allow
access to the site visitor screens without logging in to the application.

6. Also, download IrcVisitor.jsp page from the server and open the page in text editor
and check if the Responsibility ID of 'iRecruitment Site Visitor' login page pointing to
upon login. Pointing to a correct responsibility and this responsibility should be pointing
in the login jsp page.

7. Set up proxy server

Use the following profiles to set up your proxy server:

Applications Server Side Proxy Host and Domain

Applications Proxy Bypass Domain
IRC: Proxy Authorization Password
IRC: Proxy Authorization User Name

8. Configure and Freeze your flexfields

Configure and Freeze all flexfields used in iRecruitment. This stops error messages
appearing on the screen telling you that your flexfields have not been frozen.

9. Check the login URL for iRecruitment users

The URL for connecting to the iRecruitment system varies according to the user group.
For example, the internal site visitor URL is different from the external site visitor URL.
For external site visitors, you access the IrcVisitor.jsp. The location of this jsp will
depend on your applications server, however, it is of the form:
For internal site visitors, you access the IrcEmpVisitor.jsp. The location of this jsp also
depends on your applications server, however, it is of the form:
You should replace the http://hostname:port/OA_HTML part of the URL with the URL of
the html directory on your applications server.
Note: If you have installed other languages, you activate iRecruitment in the required
language by adding the following suffix to the login URLs:
?L=<language code>
For example,
http://hostname:port/OA_HTML/IrcVisitor.jsp?L=F would activate the French language
The language codes are available in the table FND_INSTALLED_LANGUAGES.
If you do not specify a language code, the default (US) is used

10. Configure the web pages for iRecruitment

You configure the web page layout using the Personalization Framework. If applicable,
configure flexfields, instructions and tips, and the delivered logos.