Transportation agency is urged for tourism area

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Transportation agency is urged
for tourism area
By Allison Schaefers
Posted May 30, 2017
May 30, 2017

The City Council will consider a proposal to allow a Waikiki nonprofit group to set
parking fees, oversee freight and passenger deliveries, and make other transportation
rules in the state’s No. 1 tourist destination.

Councilman Trevor Ozawa is slated to introduce two bills June 7 that would allow the
city to create a nonprofit transportation management association. If approved, the
measures are not likely to be advanced in time to prevent the city from increasing
Waikiki parking rates under Bill 12, which goes to a final vote June 7.

However, if Bill 12 is passed, a “transportation management association would give us
better ability to manage it and provide some relief from its impacts on residents,” said
Rick Egged, president of the Waikiki Improvement Association, which supports the

Egged said a transportation stakeholders group was created in 2015 to respond to a
city-commissioned traffic and parking study that recommended making all 1,017 street
parking spaces in Waikiki paid, as well as metering commercial loading zones. A Waikiki
transportation management association could adjust parking prices to demand, he
said. A paid permit system also could be created to give residents cost breaks and
schedule loading and unloading for commercial users, Egged said.


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Transportation agency is urged for tourism area

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“We could even consider offering lower rates during surfing hours,” he said.

Waikiki Neighborhood Board Chairman Bob Finley said Egged will provide a briefing
about the proposed transportation district during the board’s June 13 meeting, which
starts at 7 p.m. at the Waikiki Community Center. Finley, who is a member of the
transportation stakeholders group, supports the measure.

“Hopefully, we’ll get something done and rapidly implemented. I think it will be a
win-win for Waikiki and the city,” he said.

Waikiki Neighborhood Board Vice Chairman Lou Erteschik said he is undecided but
that his initial reaction is skeptical.

“I’m not sure why you need this transportation management association. Doesn’t the
city already have the authority to differentiate?”

Jon Nouchi, deputy director of the city Department of Transportation Services, said the
city administration is evaluating the proposals.

Ozawa said the concept would “allow the epicenter of our state’s tourism industry to
operate more efficiently and effectively in managing the various transportation-related
issues that are present in Waikiki.”

If approved, it would take at least four to six months to become active, he said.
Meanwhile, Ozawa said that he is open to continued dialogue on Bill 12, which has
garnered mixed reviews from constituents.

“Bill 12 is a starting point, and like many bills it’s intended to encourage debate and
highlight issues, concerns and ways to improve the current system,” he said.

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