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found in their Oren: want of Deep, or frightful
drverw, afflieted Mole ; whik others quite lot' Raitvoice, or it became effeminate like that of eunuchs ; and other., we found, Runk extremely. AlecoR all of them, being defirous of concealing their difeeders, endeavoured to deceive us, by

alleging &lie excufes for the calks of their fora
and ulcers: the greater part of than pretended, that thc rats had atm off their toes, and that burns had called their ulcers. There were the figures, that
every where prefented to us.

to. We wan confirmed in our opinions by capeRenee, fupported by verbal procefs, that this was the

Rate of the difeafed ; that the diflemper could neither be the pox, nor the <flea of an inveterate one: that it had no fymptom of that difeafe ; but that it had every charader of what die ancients called lcprofy, elephantialis, or loch other names, as they war pleated to give it. So that we do not befitate to pronounce, that thole infeeled with this dithafe,
a we have deferibeel it, ought to be treated as leprous

perfons, and !abject to the ordinances, which his
majefly was pleated to iffue againft fuels perfons.

t. Again, we are well affured, from our obfervations, that the &temper is contagious, and hereditary ; and yet the contagion is not fo adlive, nor poifonous, as that of the plague, frnall.pox, nor even as the ring-worm, itch, feald, and other cutaneous diforders : for, if that were the cafe, the American colonies would be utterly deftroyed ; and thefe perions Ic infeEted, mixed as then arc in every habitation, would have already infeCted all the Negroes, whom they come oar. I g. We

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