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Havanna Foster

[Street Ad] | [Winnetka, CA 91306] | [(818) 505-4956] | []

In the future, I plan on succeeding and achieving in doing one of the
many interests I have now. Working in the medical field as an
obstetrician, or as a veterinarian is something I want to see myself
doing. Because my other interests include modeling and dancing, I also
would like to see myself possibly doing that as a side job.

[Grover Cleveland High School, Reseda, CA]
Placed in honors classes a grade level ahead
Awarded for test scores and work at school
Took and passed eight classes freshman year

2015 2016
Rooks professional dance team | [CA, Chatsworth]

Having an interest in dance, I eventually felt that taking a step forward was the best answer for
me. I tried out for a professional dance team local to me. Making the team meant more doors
would open for me. I had the opportunity to work with professional choreographers, learned
much more challenging choreography, and had the opportunity to perform and compete at places
such as W.O.D and Vibe.

Awards & Acknowledgements

Won first place competing at several competitions
Was given awards for my achievements and work at school
Made captain of my dance team