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&troll of a Letter of J. Wan, M. D.
to the Rev. Dr. Lyttelton, Dean of Exeter, and F.R.S. concerning I& good Efeth of Malverne Waters in Worcerfhire.
Wortellet, Dee. 21. 1,756. s I R, HE Malrerne Watcr much de-

,ferret encouragement, feveral Very extraordinary cures having been done by it lately. I

propok to make colledion of the principal, and publilb them, as an appendix to my little treatife. Ansongft other remarkable inflances of their great
effeas are the following, which have happened this year. A poor woman, foro..serly .patient in our infirmary for a fiftulous ulcer In the htp, and another in the 'groin, which penetrated the abdomen, has received her cure there, tho' the was reduced to Co great a degree, as to be thought incurable, and Cent

into the country on a milk-dler, Cc. as the lafl
rcfource. The difcharge from the forcs was prodigioufly great, and fo offenfive, that The could hardly be bmne in a roam. The water took off the ill linen almoftinftantly the difcbarge loon leaned,

and grew thick and well-conditioned; her hedic lyna-

ram went off in proportion ; and, by continuing the ufe of the water for fire ce fix -months, fhe is

A woman with a phagedenic ulcer in the chcck,

throat, and nofe, from an ozzna in the hollow of the cheek-bone, received great relief this year, in five or lix weeks time ; thc external ulcer, which

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