IV. An Account of tbe Garland Mineral Water; in Bohemia: In a Letter to the

.Right Honourable the Earl of MaccleffooM, Prefident of she R. S. ly the Rea Jeremiah Miller, D. D. F. R. S.
My LOrd, R.4

R. Watfon having favoured the

[Vi. Society with an Account of Dr.

Sprengskkla treadle on the Carlibad waters, I have

taken the liberty to fubmit to your Lordfhip fume obfervatiom on the fame fubjed, which I made during my flay in that place r together with fame
fperimens of diffezent fons of incruftations, which formed by thofe vratm. Carlibad is a fmall town, flub:Jed on the confines of Bohemia, at the dillance of 54 German, or 28 French, kagues well of Prague. It is remarkable for irs warm mineral fprings, which are laid to have

been accidentally dikovesed, in the year 1370, by the Emperor Charles the 'WI), as he was hunting from whom they received their preirnr name of Carlfbad, or Charksa bani. Their waters loon growing into repute, occafioned the building of afmall neat town, confilling chielly of hooks calc&ated fur the accomtnodation of the company, who frequent this place in the femme, time. There are two warm fringr, which rife in the middle of the town, very near elch

other t and the they are fuppoled to be of the lune

Von, so.


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