breath, and to fret out the water forced into his
His hat, which happened to he tied by a piece of thing to one of hit cast button-holes, he oftcn held up with his hand, as a lignal where he was. Jo& berme the boat came up to him hetegan to be taint, his eyes became dim, and he thought himielf on the verge of finking. This youth, who, by his prudence, hied himiell from drowning, mull,

at that ume, have been fpecifically lighter than

VI, An Inflame of the Gut Ikum, cut thro' a Knife, faceeftfully treated .0 Mr. Peter.

Traven, &Tenn, at Lifbon. Contstanacased &John Huxbam, MD. F.R.S.
rar A Ntonia Jofie da Cone, one of the
King's tneffthgcrs, was attacked by two men, and, after receiving two blows on the head, was llabbed with knife in the right hypo-


Linen, Ant& yr, 1756.

rafirk regice, about three fingers breadth above the os pubis; the extetnal wound being larger, as the knife was drawn obliquely towards the navel, and might be an inch and half in length, the perforation thro' the peritoneum about three quarters cf an inch ; the inteftine ileum hanging out about ten or twelve inches, and quite pierced thro', the wound in the go being large enough to admit my fore finger. After clearing the grurnoto blood with warm



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